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On Page Now! New Osama Tape. al jazeera

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posted on Oct, 30 2004 @ 10:27 AM
you know it just dawned on me that the fact that there are so many conspiracies around 9/11 , and the idea that its some power or group within America, may be some form of fear management??? I know there are tons of unanswered questions around 9/11, like the video clip of the explosion or sound of a demolition just BEFORE the first plane hit etc. but what is actually worse do you think??? that a group operating in secret did it to get more power (like hitler and the reichstag) or that Bin Laden is FOR REAL, and WILL NOT stop untill he is strung up?? either way the victim or those being oppressed are the American people!!!! what would you choose between the 2 evils?? bin laden is for real has no link with America or it IS some MASSIVE conspiracy??? if it is some massive conspiracy its not the first one in America or the last, like what "they" did to JFK etc.

Bin laden is like a freedom fighter in the eyes of many muslims now, America just made a bad situation worse by going for Iraqi. the only way that this will be dealt with would be if bin laden was found and put on trial or executed.
There is NO CLOSURE on this...millions of people suffered mass trauma on 9/11 watching innocent people, the best of the west burnt alive in some form of sacrifice and now that very event is being used for a tiny % of people to gain more control and power over the majority.

And let me tell all Americans a MASSIVE secret!! IGNORE FOX and CNN, your life is NOT at risk due to terrorism. terrorism may contribute to weaking the American nation but all they can do are specific individual attacks. the irony is however that because of the knock on effect of 9/11 America has gone saber rattliling in Afghanistan and Iraqi and has strengthened her enemies..and YES America HAS enemies, not just some arabs in the desert but entire countries and the two big ones are still CHINA and RUSSIA!!! America should NOT send its troops all over the world , its making itself weak for a fullscale attack. now your thinking the thought of another country invading and attacking America exists only in the realm of madness BUT walk two steps forward for a second please, IF America (for what ever reason) attacks another nation (like Syria or Iran) other nations will start to really get serious on their defense and view America as an AGRESSOR. Follow the logic through, today its exporting democracy to Islamic states or states ruled by despots, would that spread in the future to spreading "freedom" to other nations with other ideologies, like say communism?? surely you can see how what america is doing is a threat to China?? what America is doing now is what ALL Americans feared Russia would do in the cold war, agressively spread their ideology. the cold war relationships between the muslim states and communism must still be intact in some ways, just like the israeli / american links???

i need your input people what do you think?

posted on Oct, 30 2004 @ 10:31 AM
New Bin Laden Tape hey?......Stuff it.....I am sick of hearing the crap that guy and the buggers like the kidnappers of the CARE worker have to say.

We get the day I just hope we get the chance to deliver him and his lord on high mates one of our own.

I'm getting sick of it all being treated as infotainment

posted on Oct, 30 2004 @ 10:48 AM
I believe 'state' in the context provided, just means country, government etc. I'd imagine it's an akwardness due to translation.

As an aside, I'm curious that the transcript here:

isn't exactly the one here:

or the one here:

But what I get out of this is that it's about US policy. It's not something personal about Bush or anyone else, except as in how he administrates policy.

He's telling us that we, the people (no pun intended), have the power to change policy. In some regards, it's an acknowledgement of the freedoms we do have here in the US.

We've known all along that his big complaint was that we've been meddling about in middle eastern affairs.

posted on Oct, 30 2004 @ 11:25 AM

Originally posted by TruthStrgnrThanFiction
your life is NOT at risk due to terrorism. terrorism may contribute to weaking the American nation but all they can do are specific individual attacks.

How then are we not at risk if you believe they can do specific attacks? Would you like to be in the McDonalds that goes boom?

YES America HAS enemies, not just some arabs in the desert but entire countries and the two big ones are still CHINA and RUSSIA!!!

If China is such a big enemy why do we import 70% of our goods from them even though they have tried many times to undervalue our dollar? The focus has been taken off of Russai ever since George got cozy to Putin 'pretending' to be his pal. You'll notice that happened right after 911 that Putin not only visited and became VERY freindly but maintained that friendship for some time to get what he wanted. Have a barbeque with president Bush and your 'ok in his book' never mind mass slaughter, or the fact that the soviet union is selling nukes and is a sworn enemy of the U.S.

I've got to say looking at the light of the evidence we have today and what president Bush has done to this country he has got to be the worst president we have had in history. It follows his complete track record in life of being a failure in everything he did and having dad bail him out of everything, including criminal activity of selling worthless stock shares.

Marhta Stewart gets 18 months for making $45,000 while ol' George sold off hundreds of thousands of worthless stock. Hell at least Martha's stock had value. The SEC investigated but the son of presidents do not go to jail for stock fraud.

It's a perfect example how a rich kid just like Edsel Ford can really f&#k up our nation and become extremely wealthy doing it. President Bush will have to look back on these years and know that his administration used and abused him and I'm sure he will console himself by rolling around in all that oil money.

Meanwhile he's super wealthy and we have to pay for the superdick gigantic bill, the largest in history, he has slapped on us and our kids. All I can say is I'm totally pissed to sit here taking it in the back end by some texan playboy who has never had to worry about paying for a damn bill in his life while he sucks the life blood out of our country.

Any of you out there that vote for Bush, you not only enjoy getting reamed but you have got to be the most ignorant people on the planet esepecially when you use the term 'moral,' or 'integrity' to describe President Bush. It is quite obvious that anyone who uses these terms to describe the president simply do not know what the words mean.

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