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Sandy Hook Chorus to Sing at Super Bowl

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posted on Feb, 4 2013 @ 08:31 PM

Originally posted by SunnyDee

Originally posted by spacedog1973
We've had many singing events aimed to draw attention to tragedies and keep it in the public consciousness. Don't assume that because people here are reminded of it everyday thats its that same for everyone else. The issue is an ongoing one and the children here represent not just those that were killed at Sandy hook, but are symbols of other children who have likewise been affected by gun violence everyday.

So, it makes perfect sense to you to use a giant football game to remind the world that kids and adults were somehow killed recently?

Yes, why wouldn't they use a highly watched sport to refreshen the incident in people's minds; those who's attention has moved onto the next tragedy. Its the Sandy Hook incident which has been the catalyst for these reviews of firearms legislation. Sandy Hook kids, any kids for that matter evoke paternal and maternal instincts in us - we want to protect them.

The facts are that we live in a media world as you know. News remains news until the next news overthrows it. Momentum can slow. I'm sure disaster relief contributions from the public for example, spike most when reminded. Adverts do work.

Maybe we should have singers from the families that were affected by hurrican Sandy also, while we're at it, and maybe from all the devastated farmers of drought from's propaganda!

Firearms aren't forces of nature, we can prepare for forces of nature and there are agencies staffed specifically to do that around the world on multiple levels of expertise and power. Planning for the worst that could happen we have learned, is the most effective method of reducing the overall effect of the disaster. Discussion in this regard to firearms is likewise preparing for the worst with the aim of having a plan/s that can minimize the overall effect of the disaster. I don't see the problem in discussing ways of reducing the risk of children being killed by firearms.

If the people in power really cared, they'd not do this, but televise the details of the investigation into what happened for us all. They would be open and honest, not just keep us in the dark and play sad songs for us!

There is nothing wrong with a published account of what occurred. But, as with everything else, if you ask a question and you already think you know the answer to it, its a waste of time asking. An inquiring mind is an open mind.

posted on Feb, 4 2013 @ 08:37 PM
So...many of you, it would seem, choose to believe that certain negative events shouldn't be repetitively put in the spot light.

What do you think about Remembrance Day? (It's a day of remembering the dead and the horror that was WW1-2) Your way of thinking suggests that this is a holiday that we could do without?

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posted on Feb, 4 2013 @ 09:51 PM
reply to post by canucks555

There is a time a place for everything and the super bowl was not the place. Rememberance day was for WW1. It was the war to end all wars at the time. To remember the dead and not to do it again. Now it is a commemoration of war and all who have fallen. How many months or years will Sandy Hook be forgotten. Columbine is pretty much forgotten. People have a need to forget and move on so they will have some sort of mental health. War vets have a problem because they can't forget and move past the horror.(ptsd). Dont forget the parents having to hear all this constantly on the news too day after day for over a month it doesnt allow them to move past it. It is ok for you,you were not effected.

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