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Sci Fi story

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posted on Dec, 20 2012 @ 08:18 PM
I am working on a sci fi story which i am writing scene by scene. This is first open scene. I wont describe the plot because its still evolving. It needs a bit of editing and work on grammar so raw still in places.

The beach was wide and sandy and the sky a brilliant blue which was a perfect setting for the lone character walking along the beach. He crouched down and falling to lay on the beach pondering the recent events.

Major Henadial Smith a rising star in the Brass, and soon to be promoted Colonel if only things had gone as planned. Since when was ever life that straight forward, and even more difficult when being responsible for the well being of the men and woman under his command. The thoughts faded away and he focused on the horizion, peering and searching for any signs of land or activity.

A voice called from behind Henadial, Sir! its nearly noon i have prepared food for your lunch. The figure speaking to him was a man with black curely hair of hispanic looking appearance who would not been older than mid thirties from his look. The figures definitive and proportional features to his face gave him the appearance of a person with essence of nobility in his ancestory, though of course lookings can be deceiving.

Henadial lazily replied "Yeh....thanks AI......what would i do if i didnt have you to feed me" Henadial then, jumped to his feet and spun him self to face AI. "You know what AI"... " your the best pal a guy could ever have".

AIs response to these words couldnt of been more dramatic, a glowing aura suddenly enveloped his body. As if like watching a chamelon changes his colour on the rocks, AIs appearance become different. The casual but pristine shiny looking one piece fabric AI was wearing only a moment ago was gone; and replaced with alternating arrangement of blue and white bands which rose hortizontally in a sequential order of concentric rings wrapped around his frame. Their appearance and colour seemed similar with the skins of deep aquatic life, such as with the amobea or octopus.

Henadial leant over and pushed AI back with his palm of his hand. "Thats better" I like a little bit of room to operate in" . The feels of AI body on Henadials hand was the feeling of a rubber shock absorbing padding.
Henadial leant over and pushed AI back with his palm of his hand. "Thats better" I like a little bit of room to operate in" . The feels of AI body on Henadials hand was the feeling of a rubber shock absorbing padding. The pupils had become firely red and the whites of the eyes a dark hue. The eye brows were gone.

Henadial formed a defensive posture and with an elevated volume in his voice as use to in his command said to AI..."Program Begin"

Hendadial watched closely the every twitch of AIs movement which seemed to follow a rythmic pattern as if probing for opening weakness to exploit. The twitches would cause images to flash up in Hendadials mind of trophies he had won in amature martial arts tournaments. He had at one point even made the state championships being the runner up winner, athough a good decade had past since his prime of his mid thirties.
This sobering thought snapped Henadial attention back into focus and at exactly the same time AI lunged forward with a palm punch at Henadials chest. Henadial defense was too launch a intercepting fist which deflected the force but causing him to be pushed back off balance.

AI retracted his punch and quickley moved himself to different vantage position around Henadial, to achieve a more vulnerable strike postion. Then again delivering a assault and and Henadial incepting the attack to be pushed to a new position.

Hendadial called out in voice " drop attach 50%, increase defence 50%". AIs frequency of attacks immediately dropped back and his posture become more defensive. AI was no longer trying to kite Hendadial and was now only stepping from side to side in front Henadial, but still probing for a weakness.

AI intelligence was incrementally responding to Hendadials command because thats how he had been constructed. He was an Android made to serve and fulfil specific functions of his programing. In AIs case he was general category of droid made for general household and maintenance duties, and with additional add ons for home security, of which one of these included self defence training.

Henadial looked for signs of tiring in AI but AI was an android who did not fatigue, or if he did it was at substantially slower rate than a human being. This had been the tactic he had used in amature tournments fights, get them tired and slow the opponent down so they can no longer defend attack. This would not be the case with AI, and another weakness would need to be found. The thoughts of desparation raced through
Henadials head "How!..Where is his weakness?"

This had been a fight scene played out over and over again on the beach by Henadial and AI, ever since that fateful day he arrived in this cursed place.

posted on Dec, 21 2012 @ 05:25 AM
The surrounding terrain of the beach front was a heavy forrest of ferns and vines, and populated by a fauna which included small rodents and deer. Besides the animal life there was also variety of insects and one of which included a exotic but aggressive strain of wasps which Henadial had learnt could give qive quite nasty bites. Indeed the potency of the wasp bite could make a man sick, and several bites render him inactive with paralysis. Henadial knew this was not an absurd idea as he had on one occassion seen a full grown deer rendered immobile by the effects of the wasps bites, and a swarm quickley converging on the deer and devouring it at remarkable rate.
The wasps were certainly indigenous to region he was in, and certainly there was nothing comparable to them he knew of; except to say of possibly the most ferious strain of ants known to exist deep with the Amazon.

Henadial knew also there was other things deeper in the forrest more malevolent than the wasps. In the earlier arrival he had carried out survey of the region through binoculars, and doing so from a vantage point of a tree which allowed him to climb up and peer out through the tree top foligae; and across the region landscape.

He remembered the intensity of that moment filled with his hope of a discerning feature revealling itself with befit and distinguishable to that as seen inside a village of civilised men.
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posted on Dec, 22 2012 @ 07:54 PM
Perhaps a rooftop or a pattern of smoke something to give hope that he wasnt the only person who had fallen trapped in this region. A trap it certainly was as on arrival to the new land he had journeyed weeks along the beach front, and with no success as not to be able to find any change in its curvature; or the topology of the forrest jungle which encroached heavily on its shore line.

His journey only came an abrupt halt when one day he came across remenants of a campfire and human bones inside its ashey perimeter. To describe it as a campfire is mabey misleading as the ashes and bones were piled inside a dugout pit. There were also granite cobble stones along the tapered edge of the dugout. The fire pit gave the appearance of having been deserted for sometime, although it was unclear how much of its residue was due to natural weathering. The charred human bones were certainly physical signs the fires was use as a crematorium but for what purpose.
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posted on Dec, 25 2012 @ 12:55 AM
A cremotirium for Eulogy or did it have a a much more sinister purpose. He recalled how he buried himself in some near by foliage to sleep the night; but only to be awoken to freeze in a deathly silence as he heard in the distance what he thought was a human voice. He remembered the barely audiable tone of the voice and at times it being convoluted by the cresendo excitment of multiple speaking tongues. The language was unfamilar at which time he attributed due to attenuation affects of the forest foliage. At one point his courage overtook his fear of the unknown and he slowly but cautiously started to walk slowly towards the source. He brought himself however to a frozen halt when hearing the scream of a man, and so wretched it in its effect to render him into a fetal cradle postion from which allowing him only to listen and observe. He could now hear more clearly the voices and the language being spoken was not english and definitely not any version of european or asianatic that he had been broadly exposed to in his travels as a career military officer. The voices to the best description he could think of were like them of the aboriginal or pigmy tribes. He remembered the incredible grip of fear that struck him in that moment, brought on by the thought of Cannibals feeding on their human prey.
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posted on Dec, 26 2012 @ 11:04 PM
Some several months had passed since that night of terror, and he tried to lighten his mind by thinking back to his last post as the Major commander on the Neutroic Project. A Miltary controlled project which in terms of its significance to the advancement of human knowledge, discovery or revolutionary break through in science and technology was no less than the contemporary benchmark achievements of the Atom bomb and Moonlandings. The Neutroic project has born out of a civilian research funded study of the Nazca lines; a series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca located in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. The use of ground penetrating radar by the civilian researchers was carried out at survey positions where magnetic anomalies had been mapped across the plane. The research team were expecting to find subsurface cavities or deposits of ferromagnetic material such as iron or nickle. If they were lucky perhaps may even reveal sites of buried ancient ornaments and tools. The ground penetrating software was powerful enough; and with the use of a imaging software, allowing for the taking of elaborately detailed mosaics images down to a depth of several metres.
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posted on Dec, 27 2012 @ 09:20 PM
The surveying using the ground penetrating radar was a laborious and repetitious task. Certainly for the civilian researchers toiling with the equipment, and they took the routine to fulfil an obligation for their academic curriculum be offset with several months of field work. Where the true enthuasiasm lied was in hoping a site would be discovered filled with artistical inscripted artifacts of ancient antiquity. Such sites often yielded gifts which were highly valued in the university museum. Henadial mused in thought of the doctural student he had met 'Fernandez' whose research dissertation had been hanging off in the hope of discovering a find. The student in question was quite aware a good discovery would fair well within caviar circle of the Anthropological school of Archeology and become the true measure for his advancement within their elite quo.
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posted on Jan, 19 2013 @ 09:23 PM
A smell whispered in the air the scent of smoke; a fire was burning from somewhere. Henadial set forth up a tree griping and climbing its viney branches one by one in succession until his head was able to break though the tree top canopy. He peered out across the canopy of jungle and sighted a black plume rising some distance away. He estimated its distance to be half away between himself and the point of over the horizion. He thought quitely to himself perhaps two days travelling distance through the dense jungle growth.

Henadial asked AI who had followed up the tree to hand him the binoculars and which had a x 20 zoom capability. Henadial took grasp of the device in his hand and stretched his neck up through the tree top to scan the plume intensely. The view through the device startled him nearly to lose his balance as he beheld in view a white structure protruding at the base of the plume. He immersed himself in thought thinking what it could be....perhaps the aerofoil of a plane......... or even an ancient obelisk rising through the tree layer. He spent a few more minutes scanning the wreckage, and then adjusted his position to let AI up to have a look.

AI's construction included an ability to be able link electronically with compatible techology interfaces. AI grasped the Binoculars with with his fingers which were imbuded with micro cavities with a vesicular type texture. AI reached his arm up over the foliage; the device in his fingers and being used like the eye piece of a submarine persicope to view across an ocean range.
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