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Americans/Brits - GROW UP! Make gun ownership mandatory.

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posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 11:03 AM
I've seen dozens of posts on here relating to the Sandy Hook shootings, and lots of these have been childish, petty attacks on people's nationality. To anyone doing that I say: GROW UP!

I'll explain why...

I have my feet planted firmly on both sides of the "pond". I don't consider myself "British", "American" or any other nationality, but I do spend almost all of my time in Britain or America (I was born in one of those two, but it's irrelevant as to which one).

There seem to be lots of posts on here of people from both nations (and some from others) complaining and moaning about the guns and right to own guns in America.

I hate guns - I always have. I do not like the idea of owning a gun, or even being within a thousand feet of one. So, I have a little sympathy with people who say that guns should be banned.


In the UK the only people that seem to be able to easily get guns, are the police and the criminals. The ordinary civilians are unable to own handguns (without first going through some immensely complicated legal processes).

This raises two problems in my mind, on a logical level.

1) The crooks and the police own guns.

2) The civilian population have no way of defending themselves.

I put this to anyone who has ever decided that it would be a good idea to ban guns (remember I hate guns too).

If you or your wife/husband/children/parents are faced with intruders in the house, who have guns, how will you defend them? If you're out shopping, and there's a gunman in the shopping area, how will any of you defend yourselves? What if a police officer loses the plot (unlikely I know, but still possible), and goes on a shooting rampage, who's going to defend you?

Again, I don't like guns, I never have. The idea that my children could one day own guns appals me. Yet, there are criminals and bent police out there who would shoot you without thinking about it.

Imagine a place like Switzerland where gun ownership is very high. Their gun crimes are very low. Ask yourself why. They have also not been invaded or attacked in DECADES... ask yourself why. Take the UK, where handguns are banned, yet gun crimes are relatively high. The US where gun ownership is getting more complicated, the gun crimes are rising.

It isn't right that a government denies a citizen the right to own a weapon for defence.

If a gunman entered the school my children were in, I'd want to know why the teachers weren't carrying guns too. Imagine how long this gunman would have lasted in the Sandy Hook school if the teachers there could have carried guns. Sure, it would have been traumatic for the pupils, but it would have saved more lives. Imagine all the other school/university shootings. The killers target places like that because everyone is unarmed. Think about it!

The logic is undeniable. Deny someone his right to defend himself, and you deny him his life when faced with a superior adversary.

I recall a case some years ago (here) where a woman in the street was attacked and raped. If she'd been able to carry a gun in her purse/bag/pocket, it could have been a different story - certainly those boys would have thought twice about attacking anyone, especially knowing there exists a potential to be shot.

Or a case in the UK again, here, where an old lady was attacked and murdered in her own home. Had there existed a possibility this lady could have owned any sort of defensive weapon, her attacker might have thought twice about doing what he did.

If we ban guns, only two groups of people will have them, the police and the criminals.

This and this (!) are why I don't like the police having access to guns.

So, look at it this way... you'll let the police have guns, and the criminals, but want to ban them from everyone else... That's priceless.

Worse, it has to come down to nationalities. As I said before, I have my feet firmly planted on both sides of the pond, the people I interact with on a daily basis don't bother with nationalities, they deal with right and wrong.

What's 'wrong' is the idea of taking away someone's right to defend themselves - I cannot stress this enough.

Again, I hate guns, I wish they'd never been invented, but they were, and it's time to level the playing field. If the police can have guns, and the criminals can have guns, we should all have guns.

I for one, firmly believe that the gun crime rates would rise initially, but once it settled in with crooks the world over, overall crime would drop...

So, lets not make this a row about who comes from where - that's just petty and childish.

Finally, before anyone decides to say that there are places like Iceland and Japan, who have strict gun laws and low crime rates, just think about "democide". In the 20th Century alone 262 million people had been killed by their governments. Lots of these were in countries with gun controls in place.

People exist out there that are not nice. The rest of us have a duty to defend against them. Lets not tie our hands now. It's a thought I don't like - owning/using a gun - but it might come to it to protect your family.

Don't rush to any action until you've carefully weighed ALL the facts. Think, reflect, listen, take your time, do it all again, then act.

posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 11:16 AM
reply to post by dampnickers

I totally agree with you and Switzerland is a great example.

I am a brit and personally hate the idea of guns near me in the wrong hands, people in this country do need better methods of protection, relying on the police is not working and too many crims have guns or machetes and all over manor of weapons.

Mandatory guns though that would be crazy, unless we add it to the education system and educate people that it is just a tool.

posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 11:17 AM
Like you OP I do not like guns, but I'm soon to be a gun owner, Why? Because we live in a violent world. Because I am a single woman and only 5'2" tall and weigh about 130 lbs. There is no way in hell that I could defend myself against any intruder unless they were a little person and even then it's debatable.

I don't understand why you say Mandate. You say you have both feet in the pond, then you should know that there is very little we the people can do to influence our laws, it's all decided by the politicians, corporations and lobbyists if that was not the case they'd be a little substance that I can't speak about legal already.

I want the right to defend myself in anyway that I can and I believe that should trump any law on the books when it comes right down to it. When backed into a corner and facing death one should not be held vulnerable due by a law.


posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 11:24 AM

Originally posted by RAY1990
reply to post by dampnickers

Mandatory guns though that would be crazy, unless we add it to the education system and educate people that it is just a tool.

You are right! Mandatory would be crazy. People just like you and me who don't like guns would be very reluctant to the idea. I know I am. But imagine for a moment what the criminals would be thinking....

Imagine what overly egotistical police men/women would be thinking. It would give crooks pause for thought before they committed another crime.

posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 05:47 PM
Another gun lobbyist agenda, trying to be tricky dickey.
The UK's crime record on gun related crime is tiny, only a fraction of a percent. The vast majority of crime in the UK, including Northern Ireland is robbery, petty crime, and vandalism, while both of the latter can include the use of guns of any smaller type, but mostly low powered or imitation, (Imitation can also apply to robbery).
It is obvious to me then, that you just don't get it, people here don't want guns, have never had guns on a grand scale. you are fear mongering on the back of recent tragedy, where guns were used.

posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 10:01 PM
reply to post by smurfy

I think not.

What I've said are fact. I hate guns, I don't see the need for them to have ever been invented. I'm a pacifist, but where one has them, all should have them. Level the playing field. I'm not surprised you can't see it.

Here's an interesting little ditty from 2007 that backs up what I mean - murder free for 25 years!!! Link

posted on Dec, 21 2012 @ 12:50 PM
reply to post by dampnickers

There is so much Hate in this world.


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