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2012 Ascension and everything you need to know regarding the shift.

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posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 06:52 PM

Originally posted by sticky
My ears have been ringing like crazy starting about the 5th of December.

I'm not saying I think anything of it, I just notice an increase in times when my ears ring out of control.

Same, the ringing is definitely connected to something!

And its not tinnitus...

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 08:07 PM

Originally posted by gnosticagnostic
I'm at a loss as to what to say without being rude or being seen in a negative manner however if your ascension plans don't work out please know that there are plenty of people to help you adjust back to reality. It's really not so bad here... life is what you make it..

peace out.

I think your point is exactly what us crazy new agers believe.... Life is what we all make it, and if you're proud of where the earth is today, you are the problem.

We are self centered, to believe that we are the first to see the change happening. I guarantee you all, your kids kids and their kids are going to be even more against what earth you stand so proud of.

I believe, mankind will return to a much more natural lifestyle because if we do not, we will not last through this new age! New agers also have such an astounding similar view on death / the soul and the afterlife, religion.

You would kinda think its curious...... how we're all here, multiplying by the day......

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 08:34 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I think your an absolute genius being

~ Love is an art

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 09:49 PM
These are all "first world problems" people! We in the US, Canada and most of Europe have such great lives, even with our economic crises, that we need something to kill our boredom. So we make up stupid crap like this because we don't need to cower in fear of a mortar attack or some random suicide bombers at the marketplace.

Just wake up already and realize that heaven is here, in the western world! We are better off than any generation before us in the history of humanity and there's no point in buying this new-age crap which just poisons minds and separates people from their money.

posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 10:39 PM
reply to post by DarkSecret

There is nothing about this that isn't free. Never spent a dime on it yet, and while even many of the poor are better off than in many third world, they are still suffering horribly in our country and others are kept just barely surviving, but living with their dreams, talents and potentials unrealized, weeping over the entire world, but telling themselves each day when they are waiting and unable to change what is around them, that there are people elsewhere that would give their right arm to be here.

This is the farthest thing from heaven and in fact this world is akin to sitting upon the gates of hell.

Furthermore, what I absolutely refuse to accept for anyone, is the danger of this world, the risk that souls can fall, that there could ever be shadow fiends coming to swoop them up or as Sleeper talks of ETs who can put them black boxes, or shove them kicking and screaming in very unwelcomed forms and extract even more punishment.

I keep wondering, since I've been shown the cosmic arrest team, if we're going to be on rescue teams rescuing souls from underground bases, from horrible experiments, from the hybrid programs and the sexual abuse of the women and children there, from negative ETs that would ever harm a single soul.

I insist that every single soul in existence learns in relative safetly. Thats my deal.

And I can't wait till every single person is out of here, and there are far far far better ways to make up for any lacks than hellzones.


posted on Dec, 10 2012 @ 10:48 PM
As it is I already go to sleep at night and all the disturbing things such as that Sleeper wrote, that implied terrible things could be done to souls by negative Ets, that he didn't consider negative, but wrote as if it was just, and of course many other views, and pray about them frequently. I ask Family and the Highest Love and Goodness in existence to prevent and stop all who would ever try to harm a soul or think they own souls in any way, shape or form. For all are free and need to live and learn and grow in safety, number one. There are far better ways to learn than this awful, and extremely unsafe place to be.

While I pray and ask for this, I also frequently give the other side a really big lecture about they don't have these rights and obviously not enough love to know that this is absolutely wrong, and so need to be put in reform schools themselves and choose to turn up the dials on their love.

And I can see that there may need to be Teams of Serve and Protect, and we all may need to release our inner Michael to ensure all souls are safe. That is the only thing I will ever accept under any circumstances ever.

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 03:11 AM

Originally posted by DarkSecret

Originally posted by unb3k44n7
And if NOTHING happens on dec 21st 2012, and it will be another day. That isn't the point. That doesn't make ascension, awakening ETC out of the question. It's passing does not validate not invalidate anything.

Spoken like a true believer. If the prophecy isn't coming true it's not our prophet or religion who is wrong. We'll just reschedule it for a more convenient time because all the non-believers caused the spirits to conclude that the world isn't ready to ascend yet.

I think the same thing happened with the Mormons about 150 years ago and they rescheduled it 3 more times with the same results... But hey that religion is still waiting for their prophet to return and make them all gods!

2012 Suicide cult? Sad, but on the other hand it's evolution at work. Survival of the smartest!

"Spoken like a true believer?" Ummm no. I think you've missed my point entirely. I am not stating I believe nor disbelieve in anything. And if you thought about this with your "own" mind instead of jumping the "well just reschedule the prophecy because it didn't happen on the 21st" bandwagon, you would understand the point I was trying to make. This isn't about a "scheduled" ascension or WHATEVER. I'm not implying that the fact that if the date passes and it does not happen that it will be "rescheduled." I am also not implying I BELIEVE IN ACENSION. But with all due respect you either have selective hearing or you didn't read my whole post and just want to say what you want to hear yourself talk because your mind is made up. I am implying that the date itself may or may not have a correlation with ascension, and if in fact the date passes and ascension or enlightenment (providing these things are possible) does NOT happen, that doesn't mean ANYTHING. Nothing, nothing at all.

If you still don't get what I'm saying. I'll spell it out for you in more simple terms.

I don't believe in ascension right now.
I am not waiting to ascend.
I am not holding my breath for the 21st in anxious await.
I am not fretting the 21st to the point where if nothing happens I will reschedule my thoughts so it more conveniently corresponds with another day so I have something to look forward to again.
But I am also not throwing up my arms in ignorance claiming that it'll just be another day and I am 100% sure of this and anyone who says otherwise I will just bust out laughing at their claims.
Because I am not a psychic. Are you? No.
I could get hit by a car and die tomorrow.
Am I fretting about tomorrow right now claiming I might get hit by a car because the news says there's an increase in holiday traffic? NO. I am not.
But I also will not rule out that I will get hit by a car and die tomorrow because I could. I don't know for sure.

Ascension, exercising it only as an interesting possibility of thought, and possibly actuality, could happen next week, tomorrow, 40 years from now, 4,372 years from now, or NEVER because it's NOT REAL. Who knows. Do you? But it's an interesting thought and I like to deny ignorance before taking a stance on what is provable and disprovable. Which ascension is neither right now. Thanks.

So Spoken like a true believer. No. I never spoke such words.

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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 08:26 AM

Originally posted by hoonsince89

Originally posted by sticky
My ears have been ringing like crazy starting about the 5th of December.

I'm not saying I think anything of it, I just notice an increase in times when my ears ring out of control.

Same, the ringing is definitely connected to something!

And its not tinnitus...

Here we go ! Just 10 days to go!
We are all going to get a wonderful Christmas present.

In order to ascend just remain positive and without fear.
Just say the words out loud " I have the power of free will and i wish to ascend to the 4th
Then say " Thank you for my life God."

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 09:25 AM
We're in 4th already, and if we ever ascend physically, out of the duality levels altogether please. Tolec mentioned something akin to a big black hole on his website waiting for earth in the next one up. Wouldn't want to appear there. Think Home, think The Real Universe and Awaking from the dream. Think the Highest Love and Goodness. And do that frequently whether ascension occurs or not. Strive to improve and yearn for all that is far outside of duality and any dark hat behavior.

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 09:30 AM

Originally posted by Unity_99
We're in 4th already, and if we ever ascend physically, out of the duality levels altogether please. Tolec mentioned something akin to a big black hole on his website waiting for earth in the next one up. Wouldn't want to appear there. Think Home, think The Real Universe and Awaking from the dream. Think the Highest Love and Goodness. And do that frequently whether ascension occurs or not. Strive to improve and yearn for all that is far outside of duality and any dark hat behavior.

Sorry but you are wrong.
We are 3D right now.

December 21, 2012 --- December 2013 Earth will be split 3D / 4D like a cell in Biology

January 2014 Earth 100% 4D

The black hole is at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Earth will be at a right angle
to that black hole December 21, 2012.

Don't be afraid. This is all Gods will. We are just along for the ride.

I think someone gave you some disinformation.

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 10:05 AM
reply to post by TauCetixeta

My 11 year told me of a dream last year that was like this. He said first there was a Blue Wave, but it didn't hurt us, all we had to do was go inside the house, close doors and windows. (he thought it was water, I thought perhaps a cosmic wave). Then there was ice berg, cold. Again, all we had to do was stay in the house. Next a wall of fire. That one, we had to get into the car and drive. Throughout his dream we and many others survived. We came back and everything was burnt to the ground. Then, the earth split into two, with people on it, and still alive, and one side twirled around as if spiral or vortex and went into the sun.

It was odd that he actually had a dream like that.

I also had a vision in meditation, of the shift for the entire family.

Of course you realize a shift like that could simply mean dying.

Overall, this new area of 4D, fourth dimensional, space is a place where matter has far less density & weight, an area of much faster & higher frequency energy vibration. It is also a dimension where time will no longer have a hold on Earth humans. From a 4D, fourth dimension, perspective - time doesn't exist... at least not the way Earth presently experiences time.

In addition, this area of fourth dimensional space also has a 'black hole' with highly charged magnetic energies at its core. Earth's solar system and planet Earth will upon entry of this zone encounter the highly charged magnetic energies of this 'black hole' and feel its effects. Some of your Earth scientists, astrophysicists, call this area you are entering - an interstellar energy cloud, Galactic or Torsion Energy Wave.

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 10:26 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Yes, we will feel the effects of the Milky Way Galaxy black hole on December 21, 2012.
We have to be at an exact right angle for us (Earth) to get blasted by 4D energy.
It's just the way it works.
When Earth gets blasted then the core of the Earth will become plasma instead of
iron/nickel. This plasma will form the 4D anomaly. It will be harmless.
It will however cause airline ETAs to be all over the place.
There is normally a 5 hour difference between New York City and London,UK.
That will not be the case 9AM December 22, 2012.
Pick up the phone and check for yourself.

BTW, the wall of fire won't happen.
The Andromeda Council has HUGE biospheres that can/will be positioned to help
Earth. We may see 3 days of darkness.
That will just be the Biosphere - Pleiadra- shielding the earth from a CME.
It takes 18 hours for a huge CME to actually reach Earth.
Check out Carrington Event 1859 on Wikipedia.

The resources of the Andromeda Council are literally - out of this world-.
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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 10:49 AM
reply to post by TauCetixeta

I always thought he meant a different black hole, like one close to us. The dark rift, or debris ring, or gravity field, is something else. Also, Electric Universe does not actually allow for black holes, and after their studies up close on comets, EU is the only theories that fit.

1/6 Comets - Not What We Expected

All of their findings that were so mysterious to them, ie. comets are not dirty iceballs, but super clean capaciters, and they emit Xrays, there is more....But these things were all, every single one of them, predicted ahead of time by the EU theorists.

For those who don't have time to watch many parts, I took notes in an earlier thread on this:

for example

4. No other comet nucleus has ever been observed to have ice on its surface.

---he gives examples, Deep Space 1 craft 2001, comet Borrelly "detected no frozen water on its surface."

and another, Comet Wild 2 (he includes photos of these)

---That is 3 comets in a row that we've visited with space crafts No Water. The most ice seen was Temple 1 and that was only 0.5% of the surface and thats debatable as well.

---Another point on comets that most arent aware of, is that they glow, they emit XRAYs.

X Rays are created on earth by accelerating charged particles. They are created using electric fields.

If you look at a comet capable of seeing in the Xray spectrum, it is intense, it is glowing brightly with filamented tails, just a bright big ball of X Ray emmissions. ....

--He shows pics of asteroids and comets, and you can't tell the difference, they're all rocks.

(They couldn't have brought the primordial ocean to earth!)

The more we have learned about comets, the more the discoveries support and electrical interpretation. Highly energetic and focused jets explode from comet's nuclei. The jets exhibit narrowly confined filamentary structures over great distances, defying the expected behavior of neatural gases in a vacuum. And the surfaces reveal sharply carved relief, exactly the opposite of what astronomers had predicted of these "dirty snowbalss,"....

Anyway, I wonder how the 2012 dark rift things work in relation to the Electric Universe?

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 10:55 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Our Milky Way Black Hole is about 26,000 light years from Earth.
Right now 4D energy is pouring out of the black hole.
Members of the Andromeda Council are also amazed at what they are seeing.
It's the Power of God.

They call him The Creator.

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 11:05 AM
If thats not a big black hole in the center of our galaxies and others, but a huge central star instead, and if gravity is the weak force it may be as in EU theory, what then?

7. Planets

Earth-like planets and moons are similarly "born" by electrical expulsion of part of the positively charged cores of dwarf stars and gas giants. That explains the dichotomy between the dense rocky planets and moons and the gaseous giant planets. In the Electric Universe model, gravity itself is simply an electrostatic dipolar force. So planetary orbits are stabilized against gravitational chaos by exchange of electric charge through their plasma tails (Venus is still doing so strongly, judging by its "cometary" magnetotail, and it has the most circular orbit of any planet) and consequent modification of the gravity of each body.

Planets will quickly assume orbits that ensure the least electrical interaction. Impacts between large bodies are avoided and capture rendered more probable by exchange of electric charge between them. Capture of our Moon becomes the only option, it cannot have been created from the Earth. Evidence of past planetary instabilities is written large on the surfaces of all solid bodies in the solar system.

That evidence is in the form of electric arc cratering.

With gravity itself as a weaker force, wonder what certain allignments would mean?
NASA going Electric Universe: exploring plasma in Van Allen Radiation Belts (RBSP)

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 11:11 AM

Originally posted by primalpainter

Hopefully, as we evolve, more people recognize that negative thinking, hateful words, divisiveness and cruel and/or irresponsible acts towards others and the planet have negative consequences. I don't know anything about aliens or ascension, although it's all very interesting. We're all connected to each other and every thing. Thoughts, words, and actions are powerful forms of creation and can be used for uplifting each other or tearing each other down. It's a choice, and nobody should be crucified for believing one way or the other. . Mutual respect.

Thank you for posting some interesting videos!

Jesus, the Son of God, told the Pharisees and teachers of the law that they were children of the devil, and He was crucified. See, the world chose wickedness and MAN'S rule over the Son of God. The leaders wanted Him dead out of envy; that they'd lose control and authority over the populous. These same leaders swayed the crowds to chant along "Crucify Him" and to release the murderer and insurrectionist...the "son of the father". Mankind does not like to hear that it's hearts are evil and that these hearts, untouched by the Spirit of God, will bring this Age to an end simply because of our inherent nature. WE want to define what is good and evil. WE end up flipping them - good as evil and evil as good. It is this reluctance and stubborness of mankind that is attracted to an idea like 'ascension', the old promise in the garden, you too can become like god. Those same teachers and leaders have redefined tolerance as love and intolerance as hatred today. What this signifies is a world like Jesus' day; a world that no longer wants to hear how evil and hypocritical it's become, a world which is quickly defining all such speech as "decivise" and "hatred", and a world that will release the son of perdition and crucify Christ. See, the world then did not accept His words that they'd perish. Today is no different.

Understand who defined what you consider "decisive speech" and "hateful speech". Jesus rebuked with the words of His Father and they seethed in anger at them. Perhaps you'd understand that His Words today are now labeled "hateful" and "decisive" under what you've been taught.

What was will be again. The devil does not change his tactics.

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 11:11 AM
reply to post by TauCetixeta

I only see a star there. A beautiful big star, that has input and output like all stars, and all are connected via magnetic strips.

Actually to be precise, I see the inner workers of a giant computer, and its pretty much electric. Simulated reality.

Anyway, if a shift occurs, what was shown in my meditation amounted to in the twinkling of an eye, seemless, one second we were as we are now, and the next transformed entirely.

I'll continue my prayers for everyone in this world to be safe, from all harm, to progress their love and equality and goodness, to solve problems well and care for one another, for no one in need or in hard situations to be without the help that is needed, to not only learn that love and lending a helping hand is the right thing to do but also for their own sake, for everyone needs to be safe and not traumatized in this nightmarish reality.

So we'll see. And I don't really care about the date, could be doing that as a pensioner one day.

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 11:18 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Yes, by all means continue to pray.
All prayers are received, recorded and answered.
It's called the Prayer Room in heaven.
You should read a book called The Soul's Remembrance by Roy Mills.
Roy was born without a veil of forgetfulness. He remembers his prebirth education.

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 12:30 PM
I wanted to add something along the lines of the simulated computer digital reality.

If all things exist in wave form as storage, and are only uploaded into pixels/particles (like the double slit experiment) when someone opens the web page, or should a movie be playing on a webpage, ie. earthscool we join in on, then what we focus on has possible magnetic properties as well. Perhaps our thoughts are like keys that unlock the storage unit and information and we can pull in out of the giant memory bank, daily miracles, or (with all the media and PTB coding the matrix) negative things should we be asleep at the wheel and allow our consciousness to become hijacked.

I often wonder if TPTB know what is coming, or if they realize its Highly Interactive and could be very mild, or much more severe, and depends on the state of Peace, Love and Goodness of the people, ie their polarity, or their magnetic charge.

So all the ascension ideas, and Tolec's for example, which amounts to a 4D cosmic war zone, much like starwars. I've read his website and watched his videos.

Someone directing your consciousness. Putting you into an ascension box, yet another controlled box. yet another WAR zone. yet something the Paramilitary and Controllers here want to keep firmly entrenched into our consciousness.

I keep in my consciousness. Peace, Love, Eutopias beyond all wars and dualities, and Equality, Abundance for ALL, safety being paramount. People counting intrinsically more than their functioning, ie words, thoughts actions. They count and would never be unsafe. Those who need counseling are given it, and recover. That is my only, one and only thought, nonstop and will remain my thought if I live to be 110.

Stored within the universe is a infinite ocean of potentials, possibilities, and we should be working on being Kind to one another nonstop, promoting only systems that are kind and decent, and wishing good dreams, unlocking those potentials.
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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 12:44 PM

Originally posted by BrokenAngelWings33
reply to post by GARN40ish

Unfortunately for some they have not reached a level that allows them to understand this...different levels of intelligence, different ages, different vibrations...

ATS has been LITTERED with quotes like this the last few years, people who seem to think those who don't believe in this 2012 sham are somehow lesser developed and are being ignorant

My word, I'm so bloody tempted to find all the posts like the above (there are loads) and post them at the end of December in a thread... call it the 'ship of fools' or something, but yep I would probably banned.

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