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The Only Documentary You Will Ever Need To Watch About Secret Societies

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posted on Dec, 5 2012 @ 11:04 PM
This is by far the best film in existence. Better than any movie, or show. This explains the history, and how the Illuminati/Freemasonry came to be what it is today. Packed with articles, and numerous documented facts, you will never research secret societies again, unless you so choose to try to look further. This explains everything anyone needs to know. Every one in the world should watch this. Little do most people know, but the Illuminati has effected every part of your life, since you were born. Watch, or choose to live in ignorance. ( I don't say *ignorance* as a bad name, or anything negative. I'm using this word as it is defined. )

posted on Dec, 5 2012 @ 11:17 PM
reply to post by TheBeatMasta

Dear TheBeatMasta,

Okay, I gave you a star and a flag and I haven't watched the video yet; but, it is long enough that by the time I see the end, your post will have fallen off the listing of New Topics. I am going to bookmark it and watch it tomorrow.

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 04:50 AM
reply to post by TheBeatMasta

If you think this is the best film out there, you have some low expectations. I can hardly (as with any reasonable person) take anybody serious when they start throwing "Illuminati/Freemasonry" around all willy-nilly. It shows they have not really studied the history of Freemasonry and how it has evolved.

This explains everything anyone needs to know.

No it doesn't.

As for the video:

Within the first 2-minutes I find the guy slightly neurotic with some obsessive-compulsive and a slight delusional mentality (thoughts of grandeur). This should be entertaining as it sounds like nothing more than religious nutbag thinking he is some messenger of God, but is doing nothing but recycling old material and throwing in some Biblical verses. I hate those who try to use God to incite fear and hatred.

At about 2:20 the video text says that the Manitoba Legislature is a Masonic Temple, but then just continues without supporting this idea. Maybe he should stop talking about himself and get on with the show. As for the Moses with horns picture displayed, that comes to us from a mistranslation of Exodus 34:29.

Let's see, Bush's (mis)quote on "establishing a NWO". Check. Footage of 9/11. Check. Yeah, this video is just going to provide me with so much information that I haven't seen a billion times before.

Do people not realize that with advancing technology, vast economic and trade ties, and global issues, that globalization is naturally going to occur. I'm not saying that there should exist a singular government should exist as it would be completely inefficient.

As he moves along into "Chapter 2" it seems to me that this is nothing more than a but a giant "scapegoat" video attempting to simplify global issues and blame someone.

It's highly unlikely that if a "one world government" ever arose that it would be led by a single person. Instead it would be a council of representatives

It seems Mr. Ulrich is incapable of realizing that Mr. Cronkite was being sarcastic about serving the Devil and was mocking Pat Robertson's assertions.

All secret societies trace their origins back to the ancient mystery religions practiced in Sumeria, Egypt, and Babylon

[I][BUZZER][/I]! Wrong. People who speak is absolutes are absolutely foolish.

Ah, and the narrator misuses the quotes of JFK just like most ignorant people do. Prior to the paragraph talking of repugnance, he actually states there is a need for greater secrecy. Look it up and actually learn the truth. This speech was about the balance between rights of the press and national security. Just look at who his audience was and what event had just occurred. We were at war with the Russians and neither of us were fighting conventionally. It was a war of spies, of intelligence gathering, and secrecy.

The man is very ignorant of the practices of Kabbalah, but like many fanatics, anything outside the norm is considered wrong. Plus there is a Christian Kabbalah, regardless of what the narrator thinks. I'm also wondering why he posted Madonna's use of Revelations in her concert? Also, why is it he throws a few quotes around and calls it a "chapter"?

Gnostic Christianity was really what was originally practiced, IMO, prior to the Council of Nicaea when doctrines were unified. The narrator is extremely ignorant as to what gnosticism was and is today. An enlightened mind is a mind for God, not some dumb blind follower many religious fanatics would have us be.

ROFL, I do love how he uses scenes from "Kingdom of Heaven" during the chapter on Knights Templar. I'd also like to point out that there is more than one story of the Templars. The history of there just being 9 knights comes to us from the books of William of Tyre, but he was not the only historian to write an account of these holy knights: The Two Tales of the Templars. Also note, as the narrator gives off a misleading notion, there is more than one Templar organization today each with their own membership requirements, goals, and belief system. As for the charges levied against them, it has been proven that most of that was fabricated by the French Crown to give him justification to attack Templars so he didn't have pay off the massive debt accumulated by himself and his father. The Pope cleared the Templars in the Chinon Parchment. King Phillip "the Fair" was a tyrant who killed off a previous Pope to get his puppet Clement on the Catholic Throne. I love how this guy is using the justifications of a tyrant. The Death of Jacques DeMolay was a horrible gruesome death.

To be continued...

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 04:51 AM
reply to post by TheBeatMasta

This guy is very ignorant as to the history and connection of the Knights of Malta and the Knights Templar as well as with today's Masonic youth group known as the International Order of DeMolay.

This guy is providing us nothing more than historical fiction. He's just as ignorant on Rosicrucianism as he is with Gnosticism. He throws around Illuminati, Kabbalah, Templars, the Rothschild name, some misused pictures, and throws some music into hoping people are duped by his fabrications.

This guy should do more research into the origins of Freemasonry as he seems so certain of a subject that has such a foggy history. Again, absolutism rearing its ugly head. At 24:40, the "pentagram" is actually the emblem of the Order of the Eastern Star. And as I have talked about before, there is no secret cabal of puppet masters secretly controlling all of Freemasonry. There are simply too many moving parts and far too many variables to allow for such a thing. There is no single, central authority over all of Freemasonry.

There is far too much propaganda on the Bavarian Illuminati. They had radical ideas for their time when the heads of Europe feared what the Enlightenment movement was bringing...ideas of freedom. They feared their power base was going to be overthrown and they sought to remove those who perpetuated such ideas. They were suppressed and the victors rewrote history to make them the bad guy and they have been viciously used since then as scapegoat to much of the world's problems. This guy is nothing more than another puppet, another mouthpiece of Fear Inc.

The Congress of Wilhelmsbad was about the Rite of Strict Observance and what actually came from it was a denunciation of any thought that the Masons stemmed from the Templars. Knigge, a member of the Bavarian Illuminati was there, but there is no actual evidence that at this Congress it was decided that the Illuminati and Masons should merge. There is no evidence of any merging.

This guy is very ignorant of history, particularly on the French Revolution. He seems to be given an edited, twisted version of history and its wrong. I'm getting a sense that the narrator supports monarchies and absolute styles of government and not much a supporter of liberty.

I'm not sure I can take such mind-numbing and misleading crap much longer...we'll see.

Manly P. Hall wrote "The Secret Destiny of America" years before even becoming a Mason. As for Rosslyn Chapel, I refer people to Robert Cooper's book called "The Rosslyn Hoax", but I am a fan of the theories surrounding Rosslyn Chapel. As for the narrators assertion of a Masonic connection to the $1 bill, here is some information for that:

The first mention that the Great Seal was connected to the Freemasons came in 1884, when Harvard Professor Eliot Norton wrote that the reverse of the Great Seal of the US was a “dull emblem of a Masonic fraternity.” It seems the good Professor was a little lacking on knowledge and didn't have all the facts surrounding the creation.

The first committee charged with creating the Great Sea was established on July 4th, 1776, and was composed of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams with Pierre du Simitiere as the artist. Ben Franklin was the only Freemason. Franklin proposed a design a scene similar to Moses at the Red Sea with the Egyptian Pharoah being overwhelmed with the phrase “Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to God.” Jefferson proposal was Israel being led through the wilderness while Adam’s was of Hercules between the rugged path of Virtue and the flowery meadow of Sloth. These were all rejected. Du Simitiere contributed much to the future design, such as “E Pluribus Unum” , the shield, the Eye of Providence in the radiant triangle.

To be continued...

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 04:51 AM
reply to post by TheBeatMasta

Continuing on with my quote on the Great Seal

The Second committee was composed of James Lovell, John Morin Scott, and William Churchill Houston with the help of Francis Hopkinson (Signer of the Declaration of Independence, helped design American flag, and designed many government seals). Hopkinson's first design had a shield with thirteen diagonal red and white stripes, supported on one side by figure bearing an olive branch and representing peace, and on the other an Indian warrior (which later be replaced with a soldier) holding a bow and arrow, and holding a shiver. The crest was a radiant constellation of thirteen stars. The motto was "Bello vel pace paratus", meaning "prepared in war or in peace“ (a theme used later with the Eagle holding the olive branch and arrows). The reverse, in Hopkinson's words, was "Liberty is seated in a chair holding an olive branch and her staff is topped by a Liberty cap. The motto `Virtute perennis' means `Everlasting because of virtue.' The date in Roman numerals is 1776.“ From this committee the following would be incorporated into the final design: the white and red stripes within a blue background for a shield, a radiant constellation of 13 stars, and an olive branch.

The Third committee was composed of John Rutledge, Arthur Middleton, and Elias Boudinot with the help of William Barton (a heraldic expert). This time, the figures on each side of the shield were the "Genius of the American Confederated Republic" represented by a maiden, and on the other side an American warrior. At the top is an eagle and on the pillar in the shield is a "Phoenix in Flames". The mottos were "In Vindiciam Libertatis" (In Defense of Liberty) and "Virtus sola invicta" (Only virtue unconquered). On the reverse, there was used a pyramid of thirteen steps, with the radiant Eye of Providence overhead, and used the mottos "Deo Favente" (With God's Favor, or more literally, God Favoring) and "Perennis" (Everlasting). The pyramid had come from another Continental currency note designed in 1778 by Hopkinson, this time the $50 note, which had a nearly identical pyramid and the motto "Perennis". Barton had at first specified "on the Summit of it a Palm Tree, proper", with the explanation that "The Palm Tree, when burnt down to the very Root, naturally rises fairer than ever", but later crossed it out and replaced it with the Eye of Providence, taken from the first committee's design. Again, Congress rejected the submitted design. From this committee the following would be incorporated into the final design: eagle and a pyramid of 13 steps

The Fourth and final committee was composed of only Charles Thomson, Secretary of the Congress, who took elements of the previous committees and added “Annuit Coeptis”, “Novus Ordo Seclorum” and finally came out with the design we have today. Charles Thomson had received classical training and worked as a Latin tutor at the Academy of Philadelphia.

So many theorists believe that "Novus Ordo Seclorum" translates into "New World Order" when in reality it translates to "New Order of the Ages" and America was. With assistance, we had trounced on one of the mightiest empires the world had seen in a long time. The country had limitless potential and we were establishing a "government of the people, by the people, for the people."

Some of the theories include the number 13 which many speculate is a very significant number with Freemasonry. I've read about all sorts of elaborate measures taken to saturate the Great Seal with 13 because it correlates to something within Freemasonry, yet they always seem to dismiss the simple and obvious explanation of the original 13 colonies.

Many point out that because Freemasonry today uses the All-Seeing Eye as a symbol and that the Great Seal has the Eye of Providence above the pyramid that they must be connected. One thing I have learned in my research and time in Masonry is that symbols do not have a singular or exclusive meaning, interpretation, or use. While both interpret to represent God, the Divine, this doesn't constitute a direct connection or that the Masons are somehow involved with the design. Symbols for a long time were the preferred method of non-verbal communication as so many were illiterate.

Again, as I said above, even faced with the facts some people will hold tight to their theories.

This is an article I am still working on, but will probably be out towards the end of the month.

As for the discussion of the design of Washington DC please continue on reading...

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 04:51 AM
reply to post by TheBeatMasta

Here is more information from the same article I am working on regarding Washington DC:

Here are the facts. George Washington appointed Pierre Charles L'Enfant to design Washington DC, which was established in 1790 when an act of Congress authorized a federal district along the Potomac River and conveniently situated between the northern and southern states.

Thomas Jefferson had created a sketch of the city comprised of a square grid street system. L'Enfant took this design further and applied radials upon. From each of these radials stemmed streets that would shoot diagonally across the city intersecting the grid system. L'Enfant placed Congress on a high point with a commanding view of the Potomac, instead of reserving the grandest spot for the leader's palace as was customary in Europe, to display the American attitude of reserving the high point of the city for the Legislature whose duty it is to represent the People and the States. These wide boulevards stemming from the radials allowed for easy transportation across town and offered views of important buildings and common squares from great distances.

Eventually L'Enfant's head strong behavior earned him the ire of Washington, who fired him after one year of employment. According to the Encyclopedia Americana:

L'Enfant forged ahead regardless of his orders, the budget, or landowners with prior claims.

When he left the US, he took his designs with him. The duty of remaking the plans fell upon Andrew Ellicot and Benjamin Banneker (a freed black man). Banneker was able to recreate the plans in their entirety from memory.

Of all the men who dealt with the designs, of this future Seat of Government, was George Washington. Some have stated that L'Enfant was a Mason, but according to Brent Morris in his book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Freemasonry, stated:

Eager Freemasons with more enthusiasm than facts have claimed L’Enfant as a brother. It is unfortunate for them that there are no documents, either primary or secondary, showing L’Enfant was a Mason.

To counter this, Pierre F. de Ravel d’Esclapon, of New York, wrote an article called "The Masonic Career of Major Pierre Charles L’Enfant" who states there exist minutes of Holland Lodge in NY that show L'Enfant getting proposed and initiated, but makes no more further statements as to whether he made it to become a Master Mason. I find his article intriguing, but the evidence is circumstantial and muddies the water. Even if he had been initiated, if he had not progressed any further he would not have been considered a full member nor entitled to the rights of membership. Regardless of his affiliation, he was fired and the designs remade from Banneker are what we see today.

The conspiracy theorist states that there exists a inverted pentagram (as seen in the picture above), but if you notice I have one line that is blue. I made that line blue because Rhode Island Ave NW doesn't go all the way through to K St NW. Rhode Island Ave NW stops when it runs into Connecticut Ave NW. The pentagram is not complete.

Some also state that you can find the Square and Compasses (one of the most prominent Masonic symbols out there), but I'd like to point out that when you place a radial street system upon a grid system, you'll find the Square and Compasses. With an intricate crisscross of streets, you're bound to find various images. In fact, as you can see in the picture above, you can spell "JESUS" in the streets of Washington DC, but you don't hear anyone condemning it as some deviant scheme of the Christian faith.

I don't know how this guy can lecture about the Jefferson Bible when the Bible he surely follows was created by the Council of Nicaea who essentially did the same thing as Jefferson.

Obama is not nor ever was a Mason.

Actually the establishment of a Bank of the US does not go against the Constitution as it was by Legislative decree that the bank would exist. This decision, regardless of my feeling towards a centralized bank, was upheld by the Supreme Court. Hey Mr. Narrator, Jackson was a Mason too, a very active one.

I love how the video tries to simplify the cause of the Civil War. There's so much more to it than what this video lies about.

I'd love to see evidence that states this whole "lost tribe" theory.

Going all the way down to where he discusses Mazzinni and the Mafia, Mafia is not an acronym, but rather:

from It. (Sicilian) mafia "boldness, bravado," probably from Arabic mahjas "aggressive, boasting, bragging." Or perhaps from O.Fr. mafler "to gluttonize, devour."

People should really do more research before they are allow to post such ridiculous claims.

To be continued...

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 04:51 AM
reply to post by TheBeatMasta

Pike was very influential on the Scottish Rite, but I'd also place Thomas Smith-Webb up there as one of the most influential Masons in history. The video is misleading as it said he reformed the rituals of Freemasonry, but rather he reformed the rituals the Scottish Rite only. The KGC was not a Masonic organization nor was Pike a founder least of all a member of the KKK. Pike was the cause of the civil war?!
No proof of this, but whatever. Wait, I thought it had something to do with the Rothschilds? This guy needs to get his lies straight.

The Skull & Bones is not a Masonic organization. They are two separate groups.

It seems that anti-Masons or rather conspiracy theorists as a part of Fear Inc. take part in Hegelian Dialectic.

Neither Karl Marx, Stalin, or Lenin were ever Freemasons. As for the hidden hand, it has nothing to do with Freemasonry as so implied by the picture displaying the Master of the 2nd Veil (an officer in Royal Arch Freemasonry). According to Arline Miller (Art Bulletin , Vol. 77, No.2, March 1995): "the 'hand-held-in' was a common stance for men of breeding."

In 1738 Francois Nivelon published A Book Of Genteel Behavior describing the "hand-in-waistcoat" posture as signifying "manly boldness tempered with modesty." Miller says that the hidden hand was a feature of some statues of the ancient Greeks and Romans and that later painters based their poses on classical models. The pose was recommended by certain classical writers as a useful posture for orators. Aeschines of Macedon (390-331 B.C.), an actor, orator and founder of a school of rhetoric, who wrote an important book on oratory, postulated that speaking with one's arm outside the toga was considered ill-mannered.

At 1:06 the photo that is supposedly showing Hitler is photoshopped. Just look carefully.

This guy tries to simplify the causes of war and its truly sad as it is nothing short of ignorance and bigotry. He tries to say that its just against "zionism", but we all see what it is...antisemitism.

The video continues to show its complete lack of understanding of history when it had the following text above the Prescott Bush video: Cold War Progress in 1953?" The Cold War had been going on essentially since the end of WWII.

Blah blah blah, more historical inaccuracies spouted as fact blah blah blah

I'd really love to see how the Bilderberg Group can be tied back to the Templars. The video provides no evidence (although this is a common theme in its entirety).

I also find it grotesque that the narrator dismisses the crimes of Saddam and yet accuses the "elite" for doing the same thing. I love how he dismisses the nurses testimony as she looks similar to an Ambassadors daughter...seems like a racists "they all look alike" viewpoint.

Blah blah blah 9/11 crap blah blah blah He's also greatly mistaken on a great many details that surround radical Islamic terrorist groups.

While this guy may make a few accurate statements here and there, he's twisting information to suit his agenda and he's presents nothing original.

I love how the video uses the Hollywood Producers word about Rockefeller's predictions of an impending event, yet this was said after the event and there is no proof. If he had come and said there had been a statement of an attack then maybe his word would hold some weight.

The entirety of this video is nothing but twisted information and opinion given without evidence.

This video ends with lies on Pike again. His often abused quote on Lucifer speaks nothing of Freemasonry worshiping Lucifer, but rather that it is an ironic name to give to the Prince of Darkness. There exists lots of evidence that St. Jerome may have misinterpreted Lucifer and today many accept it to be the same being as Satan when in fact Lucifer was a disgraced Babylonian king.

The theory that Pike and Mazzini communicated to each other is a hoax and is part of the Taxil Hoax. William Carr only perpetuates this fact along with the "three world wars" and provides no evidence. It doesn't help that Carr wrote this long after the 2 world wars.

I also think it very careless that they call out Richard Gibney as somebody who shot down one the 9/11 flights.

This video perverts fact, history, and as a Christian I find his views repugnant. What a bunch of self-serving, self-righteous crap. What a bunch of waste.
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posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 05:16 AM
reply to post by KSigMason

Thanks for the narration. Now I know I don't need to watch it.

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 07:54 AM
I pretty much stopped after the first few minutes when I could see where it was going…

"Discouraged by still living at home with my parents because I couldn't get a job with my liberal arts degree, I decided to go back to school for advanced woodworking."

Right. Because that's where the big money is. Yeah, we have a real winner on our hands.

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 08:03 AM
Here is a good place to start if people are interested in these types of belief systems.

P Manly Hall

Video is almost always sensationalized. Books are a good way to get context, compare and contrast.

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 10:37 AM
reply to post by TheBeatMasta

Has it got Albert Pike in it?

I like the bit about we atheist being unleashed after ww3

Ahh I can just see it now, atheist going forth like the hordes of genghis khan down the street and straight into the nearest pub for the rest of the night, bickering all the way

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by network dude

Yeah...yesterday I thought I was going to take a quick nap...4-hours later I woke up so then I couldn't sleep for most of the night so I decided to throw myself on the nearly 2.5-hour travesty. Don't watch it.

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reply to post by racasan

It goes after Pike several times.

posted on Dec, 9 2012 @ 10:22 PM

Thanks for sharing, OP. Bookmarked for later.

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