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Orange's with extra sections? Cover up?

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posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 07:15 PM
I eat allot of citrus fruit, oranges being my favorite. You name it blood, Navel, Valencia... I love them all. I have eaten them all my life. About 7 or so years ago I started to notice that all types of oranges wear growing extra sections. A "normal" orange has 8 sections but these new oranges have any where from 14-18 different sections. 8 sections being large and the extra sections are smaller. I remember finding a article about monstantos wanting to GMO oranges to "fix" the new section problems.

So have oranges all ways been like this? I do not remember them being like this.
Does any one have any info on what is causing this? I did a google ("oranges extra sections", Oranges extra slices ect) search and to my surprise I found ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! Witch is VERY strange, you would think their would be at least one example. Witch leads me to believe their is a cover up of some sorts.
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posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 07:37 PM
You got me hungry for an orange.
I'm going to grab one from the fridge.

posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 07:40 PM
I agree that extra sections are happening more and more...
which it's logarithmic curve fits about perfectly with the ever degrading taste value of oranges.


posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 07:43 PM
I suspect it is something to do with cross polination from differing varieties to gain a sweeter taste.

posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 07:50 PM
reply to post by Infi8nity

According to wikki a normal orange has ten segments but can have more

There are usually ten segments in an orange, but sometimes there are more.

so seeing extra segments in an orange is perfectly normal ...... no conspiracy here

posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 08:02 PM
If thats strange, what would you think about splitting an orange open to find what looks like a baby orange growing in the middle without the peel. I've seen that a bunch,I don't think I've seen a normal looking one with double the sections.

posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 09:04 PM
reply to post by geldib

The baby oranges grown inside a larger orange are produced by the navel orange

Navel oranges are characterized by the growth of a second fruit at the apex, which protrudes slightly and resembles a human navel

the propagation through cutting and grafting is what causes the second smaller orange to grow inside the first

The mutation caused the orange to develop a second fruit at its base, opposite the stem, as a conjoined twin in a set of smaller segments embedded within the peel of the primary orange.[

due to the cutting and grafting of the tree that has caused mutations of the navel orange , they have become seedless, therefore it is no longer possible to plant new trees , all navel oranges are now grown by the cutting grafting method

and this is why you get a smaller orange inside the bigger orange

posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 11:31 PM
Orange you glad you read the thread? I am! Thank you for giving me a craving for oranges!

*grabs squeezer* Do these mutant oranges produce more juice?

Time to rock the Jack La Lanne's Power Juicer!

posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 11:34 PM
reply to post by geldib

I have had that with Bell Peppers, cutting one open to find another, smaller, slightly scary clone Bell Pepper growing inside

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 03:13 AM
I don't know if it will make more juice than a regular orange but that baby mutant orange does taste better. I think I would freak out finding a baby mutant bell pepper..
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