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Could Being Politically Correct Cause Psychological Damage and Mental Retardation?

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posted on Nov, 26 2012 @ 05:39 PM

Originally posted by Honor93
reply to post by MisterMarbles

I have resorted to not using any form of holiday greeting and that seems to be the method that causes the least amount of social trouble.
and that ^^^ in a nutshell is exactly what PC was designed to do

Despite my current holiday greeting/goodbye phrase policy. I don't feel like the PC have won. It wouldn't bother me, if no one said Merry Christmas or whatever because it's trite and unnecessary thing to say anyway.

posted on Nov, 27 2012 @ 04:48 AM
End of Oct we do not say “happy holidays”, 3rd week of Nov we do not say “happy holidays”, and Jan 1 we do not say “happy holdays”.

Happy Holidays used during Dec is a very politically correct know how so many would get offended if someone actually said “Merry Christmas”. To say “F# off” is ok though…go figure

posted on Nov, 27 2012 @ 10:38 AM

Originally posted by Juggernog
reply to post by lee anoma

Schools are now doing the same thing, suspending students for doing something completely off campus, hell sometimes not even on a school day.
If I got suspended every time I got in trouble off campus, I wouldve been suspended every day of the year.

This is an honest question ...

Can someone actually tell me when this hasn't been the case? That parts of societies allegedly agreed on rules haven't had effects like this? Used to be that parents who were divorced or not following a Christian or Catholic doctrine were frowned on, and the children were seen as different or discouraged from being in schools.

Off campus behaviour has regularly been scrutinized. I don't believe there has been a time where this hasn't been the case. In fact I think children get away with ten times more these days.

Originally posted by Juggernog
BS. When the PC crowd wants the public to fall in line with their beliefs, first theyll try and shame you into supporting a cause, then they use peer pressure to try and force you, else become an outcast, then theyll try to force you by law by enacting some kind of hate laws to make it illegal to call someone a fag or whatever.

Originally posted by Juggernog
However, you agree with homosexuality because you are a free thinker and go against the grain, even though polls show a 51 to 48% in favor of it?
I bet the book "My two daddies/mommies" was required reading in your elementary school

As opposed to how say 'conservatives' shun people whose opinion is allegedly inferior to their own as you're doing now? Telling people that they are making decisions that will result in the downfall of humanity or any other sort of hyperbole. That's not peer pressure?

This is more an investigation into how people believe their stances are superior than anything else.

Persons want free speech and their opinion respected, but don't want to be called bigots by hideously mentally retarded liberals with their 'my two daddies' ABC book.

^ Notice how it cancels itself. (Sorry to single you out, just exagerating to make a point but no this isn't your words)

Some opinions are just frankly offensive. You can't get around it. Telling someone they're un-natural or immoral is offensive. As is being called a bigot. You call it political correctness gone wild, but there is no difference between pressuring someone that they are encouraging rampant animal sex and damaging children and pressuring people that they are harming gay people from a simplified perspective.

I guess a lot of people suffering from chilling effects. The idea that 'hate crime laws exist, therefore white people are prosecuted a lot'. The fact is these laws are not actually enacted that often at least where I'm from. The irony is also, the first person charged with hate crimes here was a black woman.

Yet if I ask half the persons around here they watch TV when a white person is assaulted saying ... it would be different if it was a group of white people beating up a black person. They would call it a hate crime.

I'd have to look into it in other areas but frankly if white Christians were being rounded up off the streets under hate crime legislation for saying naughty words where I'm from there would be protests on the street.

For the record, I think hate crime laws don't work. I'm not sure exactly if I'm a 'liberal' and I honestly don't meet these 'liberal extreme' persons amongst my friends very often that complain when ever anyone says something rude.

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