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Israel Prepares To Duck And Cover

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posted on Oct, 21 2012 @ 11:16 PM

Originally posted by dontreally

Of course. Go by the website and see for yourself. The Jewish National Fund bought plots of land for well above their actual value from Arab effendis living in Damascus.

Here you Go

I'm not in the mood to go into a whole long post about this. Suffice to say, they bought land, declared a state in 1948 based in an area roughly equivalent to the area purchased, which had a very slim Arab population. The Arabs could have let them have it - as they should have, since they bought the land. No, the warred on them, and lost more land.

And now fast forward to today, and raving egomaniacal ignoramuses - like yourself - pretend as if Israel "stole" the land.

Sure, all is well as long as you can prove that Israel is sticking to the boundaries of the land purchased. Dare to venture they are?

Also, if the land was purchased, why did other countries have to be there so make sure it was secured?

That's the thing about Israel. The country has never been able to cover it's own back without the help of others.

posted on Oct, 21 2012 @ 11:34 PM

posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 12:28 AM
This concerns us all. Do not think for one moment the entire world will not be affected. we are affected every day by the free will of others in every corner of this planet, from the simplest to the grandest of decisions. This would fall under the heading of grandest.

Here is an analogy for you:

Every day my mother packs me a lunch and puts me on the bus to school dressed the way she wants to dress me. I am forced to deal with the bullies on the bus the whole way there, when I get to school the same bullies corner me in the bathroom, give me a wedgie and steal my lunch leaving me crying on the floor. This happens every day the entire year. Finally, one day I grow 5 inches, start to dress myself and go to school on the same bus. The same bullies know who I am, but they don't pick on me anymore, why? Because one day, I followed one of them off the bus and kicked his ass in front of all the other bullies.

If you get pushed enough eventually it comes down to evening the playing field. You have to strike first and hard when being bullied in order for them to get the message to leave you alone. Israel has been bullied for many years and they have evened the playing field. I do not condone war of any kind, much less, killing period, unless in self-defense or to protect innocent people from imminent danger.

Who is the one to judge this?

We will all be affected by a war that includes biological or nuclear weapons. Period. Just how long it takes for us to feel these effects is at question. The region, is a different story, they will feel those effects immediately. I don't think it is a simple as saying Iran and Israel want to knock each other off the face of this Earth before the other one does, and we sit back and say, Oh hell I'm tired of this crap, have at it. NO. Stand up and be heard, tell your congress that you want them to do everything in their power to prevent this. If, you are from one of the Middle Eastern states tell your government to stop this from escalating.

But like the bully, who I tried to reason with, eventually you may have to punch them in the mouth to get the point across. I did not enjoy that at all, but they stopped bullying me. I didn't bring a gun or knife and try to kill him though.

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posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 06:13 PM
I do not know why they think that a war will begin between Israel and Iran, Israel will not attack Iran because then Iran will not sit and watch it ! as kissinger said once that big cat get cornered it will bite !
and Iran will not attack Israel, because it has no reason to do that ! war is destructive and with no outcome.
maybe Israel has a reason to get rid of a country that does not recognize Israel as an independent country but it is not beneficial for Iran to start such a destructive war at all !
the main problems of Israel are it's neighbours, they are offended from Israel, leveling Iran can not save Israel and it can not solve it's problems with it's neighbours.
indeed some jews are living in Israel but for God sake, is Israel's regime a jew regime !!! give me one of Torah's expressions that Israel regime is committed to !

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