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Politics and UFOs: A Growing Movement

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posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 08:18 PM

Originally posted by FooScience
reply to post by The Shrike

I find this sentence intriguing.

No one on earth has any information that isn't already known, with the exception of government methods for acquiring the data which is what you usually see blacked out of documents. Disclosure is just a poor bs effort and will never happen.

So you believe no one has answers other than governmental sources? Yet you don't support FOIA watchdogs who want to track down further information? Is this just because you don't think they'll find anything? As far as I am concerned disclosure has already happened. The majority of documents are in the public domain. The main question in my mind is now what do we do?

I'm 74 and I'm fortunate to have had a few solid sightings so UFOs are real for me.

Sounds like a long life, well lived.
Have you posted your story here on ATS? I would be curious to read it.

Thank you for sharing your experienced point of view,

I spent 4 years in the Air Force (1955-59) and while in Morocco I retrieved Secret documents (mostly twixes) from one office to deliver to my boss, the Base Commander. I do not accept any claims, especially by the unexperienced conspiracists, that our government or any government knew anything about UFOs and their possible occupants. I don't accept that even a single UFO crashed and whole UFOs were recovered and taken to Area 51 or any other area to be back-engineered, or that debris was acquired, or that occupants were acquired whether still alive or dead. All of that belongs in the "romantic" side of UFOlogy.

It doesn't matter how Top Secret Beyond Human Touch any documents are classified, not a single one will contain any of the alleged alien knowledge. They're just secret info that if it fell into the wrong hands could damage world peace because the documents would only reveal what we have on our earthly enemies and the methods used to acquire the info.

No one has "answers", period! Of course I support FOIA attempts and I was there in 1984 when the book "CLEAR INTENT" was published and I went to a lecture by the authors Lawrence Fawcett and Barry Greenwood. Possibly the first researchers to publish documents acquired through FOIA. They were "heroes"!
But they still didn't find anything out of the ordinary.

"Disclosure" is just an attempt to coax the government to reveal what conspiracists think exist connected with secrect information about UFOs and aliens and these people are just fooling themselves while those directly connected with the "movement" are getting famous and making dough. Why not? The gullible have always been the best customers for flim-flam.

I haven't posted my "life" on ATS but I've posted my sightings and if you're curious, see these old threads and just scroll for me then known as Skeptical Ed. I changed my name 'cause I was being given a lot of heat by some undesirable members.
UFOs Disguising As Stars!

How To Photograph/Videotape UFOs - A Primer

And I have a ton of other interesting threads that reflects part of my interesting life.

Thanks for asking.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 08:50 PM
I think the greatest mystery is that there truly seems like a civilization is indeed under the surface of mars.
Most people can't even fathom that. I can, just based on the tube photos, the organic - biological sprayer:

Organic sprayer:

Also the testimonies of: Gary Wilcox and based on his conversations with two martians and their mode of dress. Head to toe uniforms and also Lonnie Zamora the police officer seeing what seems to be the same craft and the same size beings on the day with similar colored uniforms. Aug. 24th, 1964. Also in the same year, Donald Shrum incredible testimony. Check out George Knapp's coast ot coast interview with Aliens in the Forest authors and Donald Shrums testimony (notice the similarities). Truly one of the best interviews George Knapp has ever done.

Lonnie Zamora
Gary Wilcox I think is one of the most important testimonies in all of ufology bar none, though it was recorded in 1964.
Plus, Ernest Norman's telepathic testimony of being in contact with Nur El, a leader of the martians civilization.
"The Truth About Mars" book.

I think when you add that up and the TONS of other artifacts, buildings, plants, water (though limited), structures by the tons and tons, buildings by the tons etc. in leaked nasa, jpl and malin images etc.

There is a GROWING knowledge and understanding that there is indeed a living civilization under the surface of mars (methane

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 10:28 PM
reply to post by The Shrike

I do not accept any claims, especially by the unexperienced conspiracists, that our government or any government knew anything about UFOs and their possible occupants.
"Disclosure" is just an attempt to coax the government to reveal what conspiracists think exist connected with secrect information about UFOs and aliens...

Saying "disclosure has already happened" doesn't mean an alien presence has been confirmed. When I said "disclosure has happened," I meant most if not all of the documents the United States has on UFOs have more than likely already been released to the public. Disclosure in the same sense as if I were obligated to disclose my finances to the IRS. The conspiratorial "Greer / Bassett" usage of "disclosure" is an unknown. For all intents and purposes it appears most of the data on UFOs is fubar. Witness testimony only goes so far. Government paper trails are often self-contradicting. And tangible data is nearly nonexistent. So it's anyone's guess; and that all depends on who you want to believe.

reply to post by something wicked

The conference on ET life you mention at the top of your post was part of a week long series of talks/debates. There was a live stream on ATS at the time. It had nothing to do with the UN and was a philosophical debate - no assertions were made that ET life is known.

I am not sure how someone would interpret that being prepared, by having a representative or an ambassador for such an outcome, or that the simple discussion of the possibility of extraterrestrial contact in an open forum like the Royal Society's Kavli Conference Centre, would by extension mean there is extraterrestrial life.

The fragment people should be paying attention to in the conference summary is this: "With a mix of invited talks and panel debates, we particularly look into the detection of life, the communication with potential extra-terrestrial civilizations, the implications for the future of humanity, and the political processes that are required."

It is this closing aspect of the paragraph that I was commenting on when I wrote,

"Looking to the future, political news commentators point out that the UFO subject is serious enough that the United Nations through the Office for Outer Space Affairs has appointed an Earth contact for alien communications.[37][38] Signaling to space enthusiasts, futurists, and politicians alike that exopolitics is an inevitable outgrowth of continued space exploration."

However it would appear now given the new information--thanks to you
--it could be more correctly worded,

"Looking to the future, political news commentators point out that the UFO subject is serious enough that the United Nations through the Office for Outer Space Affairs has begun to engage the wider political and scientific community on the ever-looming possibility of alien communication.[37][38][39] Signaling to space enthusiasts, futurists, and politicians alike that exopolitics is an inevitable outgrowth of continued space exploration."

Or do you think that's too much of a mouthful?

Please don't think this is criticism, it's not, I applaud your work, it's just the 'UN has a first contact ambassador' angle was a media invention and like so many others, it just clouds the facts.

You provided exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. So, please, there is nothing to apologize for. As I hinted at in an earlier post this thread is just a trial run to get feedback for a larger project.

Thank you for the nice comment!

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posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 10:49 PM

Originally posted by FooScience
reply to post by The Shrike


The problem with the whole subject is the assumption that beings, other than humans, exist and are traveling vast distances and are fooling with us by being unapproachable. I don't buy it.

We have UFOs, no doubt. But no one knows if said UFOs are craft and if they are do they hold beings. Since no human has any inkling as to the answer, from my "closed-mind" POV, there are possibilities.

One possibility is that UFOs are ROV and the operators have to be somewhere and there must be a purpose to their presence-without-contact. To this end, the possibility of other dimensions can be considered since we ourselves accept that there are more dimensions than the ones we experience, discovered with instruments. There are very interesting photos on the Internet that show "things" that were not seen by the photographer.

Due to the variety of UFOs, is there also a variety of beings or is it like a kid that builds many different models of aircraft models and flies them with a remote control, but still one operator?

Appointing humans to represent the human race should a landing occur is about as silly as it gets for no one knows if it's going to be a corporeal entity, a "robot", etc. Considering that whatever steps out of a landed craft just has to be superior in all aspects to a human, mind-reading could turn out to be a problem for the earthling ambassador for no one can predict what the ambassador will think when the event becomes real.

I also don't think that whatever decides to contact humans for whatever reason will necessarily pick on a particular government or government representative. Most likely "they" will prefer a mind that is unfettered with political or religious garbage.

To serve man!

posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 07:51 AM
In my Humble opinion I do not think aliens, as far as intelligent life, exists. If they do they have no clue we are out here, and if they know we exist they are staying far far away from us. We are like a plague, we destroy, we are a cancer. If any intelligent life sees us they would probably just get rid of us in order to keep us from spreading. That is my two cents

posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 11:46 AM
I like to add this for people who have not had the opportunity to listen previously....

Sid Roth - L.A. Marzulli interview link

L.A. Marzulli says that he knows a doctor that removes and investigates implants that aliens put in people . Listen starting around 2:30-3:00 minute timeframe.
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posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 01:06 PM
Good thread. The way I look at it is this, either the people in the know don't really have a handle on the answers as to who, why and where they come from, or they know all too well why they are here and won't devulge the information for fear of mass panic.

I suspect that at some point all of this will come out, either by visitors landing and making their intentions known, or by the sheer numbers of people who continue to put pressure on the powers that be to come clean with what they know. I only hope I'm around when that day comes.

posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 04:50 PM
Ok, here it goes:
As far as a 'representative' discussed in the video (Mazlan Othan) being selected amongst the human population on Earth to speak fOr other humans on Earth; ETs would decide this Not one human or another. From what "I" understand, most ETs (interdimensioanl and physical) as well as Angels (interdimensional) are concerned, they see Right through the mind and heart of man via telepathy so a human can not fool these entities. Should seem reasonable, even laughable though quite true.

As for Rockefeller forming a commission to 'investigate' the phenomena is hilarious just like expecting Bloomberg to serve as lead plaintiff on a class action lawsuit. Talk about shaking the Wrong tree and out of season; no fruit folks, none at all. How many times has one seen one ufo community or one organization of/for the people to be infiltrated and compromised for the agenda of some tower that be figures? Southern poverty law center, ADL, rogue CIA, mossad and others are Infamous for this. Please people, please! Think. If anyone would be in the know about the UFO phenomenon it would be Rockefeller and Rothschild and others. Both are members of MJ12 and have been since inception so that theory is out the window. They run/operate the federal reserve, central banks of the world, EDB, World Bank, IMF, BIS etc. that which FUNDS the space program as well as the DUMB shelters (cog continuity of govt.) established throughout the world. These underground bases established in the mountains of the world (as anchors in the Earth's crust) are far advanced in technology, including free energy than that which is found on earth. The precession of the equinox is upon you so naturally there would be those that would 'assume' it's in their better interest to protect themselves from the current/pending/future geological issues (earthquakes, volcanism, tsunamis etc).

Now a large part of the reason behind the lack of disclosure of such 'activites' is due to subsequent disclosure as to where the 'funds' came from to finance it. This is one, among many others why the federal reserve and central banks never get audited and appear to have 'federal autonomy' for these banks don't represent one country or another, rather they 'extract' fiat funds, encourage 'credit' (to keep the inflating currencies floating and bloating) from all countries with the ultimate goal to finance wars, further indebting those countries as well as providing slush funds with no auditing/accountability for where those funds are really invested. The end game is a one world digital currency further enslaving/controlling the folked in folkland with an advanced and thorough control grid (echelon, fusion centers etc.) A good majority of those funds are invested in black projects such as the space program and deep underground military bases around the world.

All of these DUMB shelters are found in the mountains throughout the world. They are enclosed within barbed wire/electric fences with high security both on ground and above, some utilizing motion detecting and laser based early warning intrusion/detection of any pesky humans poking there noses around where they have been instructed they don't belong for reasons already stated above. Some tower that be folks have become so estranged from humanity that they no longer act human and suffer for this daily as they will never find satisfaction of which only comes from being humane, loving, understanding, nurturing and acknowledging the Soul many have been deceived/manipulated into assuming is non-existent. Oh, it's existent alright though perhaps finite with Intent though that's out of my way-grade. I don't 'judge' though I do what I can help of which is expected of me and my pleasure.

There have been ET's visiting Earth for eons as evident from the ancient sites, artwork, pictographs, heiroglyphs and the like recorded in ancient history to present. I would estimate around 90-95% of all UFOs seen are man-made though reversed engineered. Your very computer is from 'out of this world tech'. There were some ET assistance as well though some against their will. I suppose this is where some of the Fear comes from and why most satellites in space are looking OUTward rather than inward. This began during WW2 with Hitler who acquired this technology through his many ventures throughout the ancient sites of antiquity. He discovered ancient technology and his scientists applied it towards the creation of the first man-made ufos. There has been much discussion on this topic on ats so no need to reiterate. These are huge topics in and of themselves. There was to be a fake alien invasion during the London Olymics though it was compromised just in time though no prosecutions took place. There were several dangerous episodes of nuclear retaliation that were compromised by ET folks as suggested in the past due to the UFO (unidentified, not human) intervening and at times threatening a fire fight, most likely laser or electromagnetic pulse weaponry/technologies.


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posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 05:12 PM
I've had an 'odd' background/training, some opsec/infosec as well as some unusual Xperiences to say the least including 'contact' from some physical ET folks of which reminds myself of the movie "Knowing". That was very similar to the experience I had in 2008 in Cancun, Mexico.

Ahh, might as well get it out now.
I was on my farm in central america late at night. It was the night before I was to leave back to the States. I felt the 'urge' to go there late at night for some 'strange' reason. I hopped on my atv and stopped at an acquaintances house and asked if she'd join me. Her mother said it was too late, hehe though her Brother wanted to go so he jumped on back and we headed out to the mountains about 3 miles from the highway.....where the farm is located deep in the jungle. We went to the top of a hill where I was to build a house in the future. It had been cleared by bulldozer, minus the hardwood and fruit trees providing shade/shelter from the elements. It was a nice view, a clear night. All the sudden my buddy pointed into the sky, approximately 2 kilometers to my West at a ufo in clear sight.

It had varying neon colors rotating around it's midsection and was in the form of a typical saucer shape though was narrow with the top half the same diameter as the bottom with no intrusions that I could gather. The ufo appeared to have been surveying a site, perhaps ancient on the ground with a high powered yellow search light or beam. It maneuvered in a 'star of david' pausing at each point for 5 seconds as if was surveying something on the ground achieving the exact coordinates similar to acquiring a gps waypoint using 3 or more satellites to increase the accuracy of the waypoint/gps point target. After watching the craft for around 15 minutes, my buddy shined his flashlight towards it's direction and the craft paused for around a minute and then shot off into the stratosphere out O sight, silently as if maneuvering electro-magnetically.

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posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 06:02 PM
After the ufo shot into the night sky we left a few hours later after attempting to explain what we had witnessed.

The next day I was scheduled to begin my trip back to the States. It began via bus north through yucatan in Mexico onto Cancun. We were to take a flight to MIA the next day. My Mother happened to be with me on this trip as she wanted to visit the land/farm. We stayed at a hotel in downtown Cancun about 20 miles from the 'strip' of Cancun (the long isle where all the action is). I took a bus to the strip to hang out, have a brew and watch the ladies. Whooee, there's some hotties down there and know how to ~shake~ it on stage. Went to a well known and loud outside bar along the strip with ladies dancing on the stage. Was married at the time so kept my hands to myself though, wow, what a sight, (red faced fo-sure). Hormones raging.

Had a few beers, though have never had too many to where I passed out. I keep it under control.
This time something was different as if something just 'knocked' me out. I lost two hours of time. I gained conciousness the second the car door opened at my hotel I was staying at. I had no receipt of the hotel, the key had no description though somehow these entities knew exactly where I was staying among the hundreds of hotels in Cancun. It was a long black limousine type vehicle. When they door opened, I 'snapped' into consciousness. Three large beings (around 6' 4" compared to my 5' 11") all the same height, in humanoid shells/containers , (from what I understand), assisted me out the door, and escorted me 'through' the 4 guards at the entrance of the hotel almost as if these beings were invisible as the guards asked no questions, payed no attention to those with me, though clearly saw myself and opened the door.

Now this is the strangest part. As I was being escorted from the car, through the lobby and up the stairs, I could Not look at these beings in the face. I couldn't turn my head in their direction though I felt no harm, no fear though rather the opposite as if I was in Good hands. It was my impression these beings were Angelic in origin. Though the hotel manager apparently saw myself with these beings, and followed me up the stairs and paused at the top of the stairs to ensure I made it safe to the room. It was my understanding they made themselves seen by this particular person, the manager, I assume to assure my Mother that all was fine. The beings knocked on the door, Mother answers, they say not a word and she tells me they had a peaceful though serious look on their faces. They then left.

The whole time I was being escorted from the car to the room, these beings were communicating with me telepathically. No joke folks; I'm being absolutely honest and forthcoming and as accurate as I can remember as to the chronology of events as they transpired. These beings communicated in/with Visions. It was amazing what they were able to communicate in such a short amount of time with these 'visions' like getting a degree in minutes. I later hit the computer hard when I came back and this was when I first discovered ATS and joined under another user name. I wanted to confirm, on the internet some things I had seen, explore some topics I had never had an interest in before though at the same time, disclose that which I had learned through the experience.

Since this experience, I have seen over 5 ufos in two countries though with 'permission' or acknowledgement that they're still around as I seemed to perceive they were there before I saw them. Very strange to explain folks though this is the absolute truth. On two of these occasions there were others with me and they saw them as well. I still get these 'visions' time to time and they're later confirmed to be quite accurate as to the content as with the 'intent'; a well meaning one. From what "I" understand, their origin is from the Pleiades.

Anyhow, it's good to get it out.....'here' of all places, lOl. Everything is for a reason I suppose and I suspect my genetic background may have something to do with this as was seemingly alluded to me through these beings. Funny thing is, they gave me a compliment, were very pleased I had planted over 1500 hardwood trees and 1500 coconust trees along the streams, roads and hillsides on the land, intermixed in the same locations.

Well, "That's all folks", for now though I imagine it's not over till it's over.
Interesting times indeed. Whooohooo!

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posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 08:14 PM
Press Pray.
.....For those in the unmarked graves.
Look Up folks.
This is for Real.
The world is but your stage.

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posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 10:55 PM
One more time.
Close your eyes and keep your mind on the ball.
As a deaf man written/seen from above.
(He was deaf then.)
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posted on Oct, 6 2012 @ 12:46 AM
Does anyone know the t.v. special that was one history channel a few years back. It was about the alien agenda, it wasnt an episode of Ancient Aliens. It was a special that talked about all the different things aliens have done thru history and what it ultimately points too. All the abductions, cattle mutilations, forced impregnations then stolen babies, etc. At the end it put all the evidence together and said they are most likely trying to introduce hybrids into our planet and assimilate with us. Would really like to know what the program was or if anyone can help me figure it out? Thanks!!

posted on Oct, 6 2012 @ 01:38 AM
reply to post by SolarSinCaned

Remember, if 'aliens' or 'ET's wanted to destroy mankind here on Earth they could in seconds. I can promise you that. ET's are not suppose to intervene with human affairs here on Earth and if they do there is a price to pay and they pay with death most likely; less by force. If by force, ETs are entrapped or enslaved for the will of another, the human perpetrators pay by death as they have.

On the other hand, Right one, if human beings mean to perform an ignorant act in agression towards another where the Earth is in jeapardy (ie. nuclear) ETs are to intervene for obvious reasons as they have in the past and will continue to do so in the future. You are 'all' under observation though with positive intent. Create as only you can; or suffer/perish as a useless subject/slave unto another with no benefit unto yourself or the Creator. Freewill is a choice.

All human beings are under 'observation' since the dawn of birth though for the purpose of Creativity rather than ulterior motives such as that of the neo-con nwo folk who's days are numbered. Though their fate may be sealed in their end; how many subjects/slaves are to perish in between? That is a choice; freewill is a blessing and a curse depending on what you Do with it.
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posted on Oct, 6 2012 @ 06:35 PM
reply to post by FooScience
As more of the world's peoples accept that aliens and ufos are real, the more they will manifest themselves on the and in outer space as well. They will soon "land" with their leader and make slaves of us. They want to strip all of us of our bodies so that no more humans will exist on the earth after the Next nuclear war. That way Satan the leader will win the war with God. On television soon the "Beast" with two little Greys standing beside him will proclaim World Peace . John the Apostle wrote about this deception which is taking place now(Book of Revelation). We have been fooled by these ufos(which are quite real) and we will have to deal with them now, now that we've let them in from the "other side". Whenever you see one, run away and shout:"begone Satan, in the Name of Jesus Christ" as was said by Dr. Marzulli recently. That way, you can't be abducted and drawn into the alien ufo by anti-gravity or electromagnetic forces they use to steal cattle and humans with. The aliens have some hang up about us in human bodies-since they are forbidden by God to have a physical body. They want a body too. so, they try to get into ours'. The aliens can't manufacture bodies like humans can. So that's why they are messing around human and animal reproductive body parts( Satan has no flesh and blood body, but can find or build somebody he can work like a puppet).Satan and his demons(called Jinn ) can make dead bodies walk and talk( numerous best selling novels of fiction like "Frankenstein" have been inspired directly from Satan- the Prince of the Power of the Air.). Not only can Satan broadcast his nature through the air (telepathy), he can appear as numerous, fantastic ufos quickly darting about in the sky against all laws of Physics. The concepts of Evolution and Probabilities are all inspired by Satan the Devil .

posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 01:56 AM
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posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 03:42 PM

Originally posted by Kandinsky
reply to post by FooScience
It's good to see a thread in this forum with so much content and so many links. S&F

I'm not sure that political ufology or disclosure advocates represent a 'growing movement.' From a historical perspective, it's possible their day has been and gone and the 'movement' is now more of a fractured collection of groups and proponents without any actual consensus.

Originally posted by schuyler
reply to post by Kandinsky

I agree. I don't really see any growth to this movement. In fact, it's pretty stagnant.

Even though I provided my own personal observations . I'm happy to report I recently discovered there is an objective way to measure the growing popularity of a particular subject thanks to Google Book's Ngram Viewer ...

The Google Ngram Viewer is a phrase-usage graphing tool which charts the yearly count of selected n-grams (letter combinations),[n] words, or phrases,[1][2] as found in over 5.2 million books digitized by Google Inc (up to 2008).[3][4] The words or phrases (or ngrams) are matched by case-sensitive spelling, comparing exact uppercase letters,[2] and plotted on the graph if found in 40 or more books.[5] The Ngram tool was released in mid-December 2010.[1][3]

It looks like SETI has seen a bit of a dip. Whereas unidentified flying object, ufo, ufos, and space alien have all seen a small jump. The word extraterrestrial is by far the most popular.

I would love to see something like this applied to newspapers and journals.

So perhaps I should have titled the thread 'UFOs and Politics: A Slowly Growing Movement'

More seriously perhaps ...

'UFOs and Politics: The Birth of a Movement'


'UFOs and Politics: The Beginning of a Movement'

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posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 04:03 PM
I should have paid more careful attention ...

The keywords are case sensitive!

posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 06:26 AM

Originally posted by FooScience
Are there any political initiatives, legal actions, and/or future lobbying efforts that people feel go unexpressed in the OP?

Do people feel the primary 'movement' surrounding UFOs is to press for disclosure? Is there even a movement at this point? Or do those of you on ATS, feel Stephen Bassett's Paradigm Research Group (PRG) and Greer's Disclosure initiative have finally been cut off at the knees?

What other sources talk about this topic in relation to space policy?

First of all I have to admit that your threads are always very accurate and it is a pleasure to read them. To answer your questions, my personal view is that the scientific community as well as the government should join their forces to study the phenomena representing the 5% of unsolved (or unsolvable) sightings cases. Having said that, I also think that FOIA does not imply the release of "eyes only" classified documentation, which is more up to date than the documents that could be accessed, therefore it has sense to assert that it shall be more interesting to study that material.
I insist that an independent, apolitical scientific team should supervise the study, following scientific principles and criteria.
Sadly, mine is an irrational hope, history tells us that a vast percentage of scientific studies of the last century (from the Atomic Bomb to the moon rush missions with US and URSS as main opponents) presented a vast political component and were driven by political, military or monetary interests.
Therefore one shall ask himself if it could ever be possible to have a scientific independent and apolitical team studying ufos phenomena. I am sorry to answer to your questions with another question, my friend.
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