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Has anyone ever experienced Telepathic communication!

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posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 12:06 AM
reply to post by dayve

I know its fanastic to believe, and if id heard the story from someone else i wouldnt believe it either. There is stands.

posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 07:10 AM

Originally posted by AthlonSavage

reply to post by nothingwrong

Another time was with my wife, we were laying on our backs on the bed looking at the ceiling so we couldn't see each other. We had a whole chat about something, then one of us realised we had not said a word the whole time. This freaked us both out totally.

I have read about the idea of collective dreaming where two people fall asleep unknowingly where it appears to them they are still awake, and occupy the same dream and talk in it just like they were awake. Might be an explanation to this interesting event experienced.

That is interesting, more so because I didn't tell everything about this experience. But the rules on not posting stories about taking drugs prohibit me from saying anything more about it. We were talking about the pig we could both see galloping across the ceiling. It was odd enough that we were having the same vision. but to chat about it telepathically was seriously freaky. We learned a lot that day.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 01:21 AM
This happens between me and my friend alot, we think we heard the other say something when neither of us did, we came to the conclusion that usually we hear the other thinking especially when its about each other!

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 01:53 AM
OP, the "red ball" UFO you mentioned seeing, my father saw one of those about 18 years ago in Kentucky.
We were having an unusually bad series of summer electrical storms. Some trees got knocked down by what was almost a tornado in the middle of Central Park in Ashland, KY, near the Ohio river. Signs were damaged all over town, and in our region of the state (about 50 minutes SE I think), we were having a lot of lightning.

I remember standing outside on the porch watching the storm with my father. Lightning was coming at the rate of one or two strikes per second. The air looked like some crazy static reel from an old moviehouse. The lightning was coming so fast, we couldn't believe it. Things like the garbage cans and the trees in front of our house left afterimages on our eyes, like the flash of a camera. It was very intense. After a while, the noise was stressful and the kids and mom decided to go back inside. Dad kept watching the storm, because he just liked that kind of thing and realized the opportunity was rare.

Well, he started calling out and hollering out on the porch, but by the time we reached Dad, he said "it was gone". We asked him what it was he saw, and he said under the cloud cover (which was completely BLACK), a bright pink glowing cloud had quickly moved from one end of the sky to the other. He used the term "Hauling Ass" to describe the speed of the object or light.

To me, this was either ball lightning, some kind of electrical disturbance shining through the clouds from above, or god forbid, some type of laser looking thing. I don't think he believed he saw a craft -- just a very reddish-pink glowing cloud that was independent of the cloud dome above it and moving faster than the local winds (which were already very high).


Some people don't get clear pictures. Some people don't get complete thoughts, or even complete words.
Sometimes you get an impression so faint that it takes your entire education to assemble it again into something that makes sense to others. Sometimes messages take the form of revisited history.
Sometimes they are as simple as "I smell smoke" and the next day there's a fire.
In my case, I end up writing an OP ED or a historical expose about social events or unrest, and soon after the article, there is a real world event.

For example, this year I knew something was going to happen on Carl Jung's death date. I didn't know what would happen. We ended up having a Venus transit of the sun and Ray Bradbury's death on that day. Creepy.

Here's another one: Black Madonna. I kept writing about the ideal biblical marriage, the women who ministered to Jesus, Gihon Spring (where she washed Jesus' clothes), etc. Well, this year we had Madonna the singer dressed in black with guns on stage making a fool of herself. We also had Leonardo da Vinci's Magdalene rediscovered in a Scottish farmhouse this summer. A cistern was discovered under Jerusalem after that near Gihon Spring, and right before that was announced, it was the "Gospel of Jesus' Wife" on that papyrys scrap the week before, lol.

Around the end of January, here is a good one: I could not stop thinking about the Astor Place Riot and football hooliganism. The next day was the Port Said Riot in Egypt, the worst EVER football stadium disaster.

I wrote an article about a burning house and sycamore trees of Greece the day before they started burning banks in protests in Athens. They also had a football stadium fire there too...

Last year before the London occupy protests and the London fires of summer 2011, I wrote about the Great London Fire of 1666 a few weeks before people tried to torch it again.

I also predicted that Nabucco pipeline + Arab spring = WW3 even though the Kuril Islands looked like a good place to start that too. Something "Showed" me the Nabucco issue when Obama was still campaigning. I also got a whole lot of information about a very famous person who lives fairly close to me without trying very hard. Within two years of my information campaign regarding this person, Alex Jones started doing exposes on him too based on some of that research. I thought that was the most rewarding body of work, although some of the other predictions were much more impressive.

I think the one that would maybe "knock your psychic socks off" is the following:
last year, 2011, in May, when Osama was allegedly "killed" and buried at sea, I was inspired to make an image collage. In the middle of this very very large image, you can see the ArcMittal Orbit and the Olympic stad. You can see Voldemort's face two inches below the Stadium. To the right is a temple that looks either muslim or sikh, and below that is a swastika. the most amazing part of the image is the Venus transit symbol between those scenes, and a reference to Magdalene and Song of Solomon between those.

I consider this image oracular and full of "time markers" to make easy.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 02:44 AM
We all have telepathic communication. We are just unaware of it most of the time. Telepathic communication with aliens is extremely fun - getting a different perspective than humans. If you want you can learn to channel but I suggest you be at your happiest vibe! ^_^

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 04:59 PM

Originally posted by arpgme
We all have telepathic communication. We are just unaware of it most of the time. Telepathic communication with aliens is extremely fun - getting a different perspective than humans. If you want you can learn to channel but I suggest you be at your happiest vibe! ^_^
I think you are right, the problem is most people (like me!) have emotional baggage that prevents meaningful interaction with others.
You can see examples of emotional re-routing in our culture -- like advertising and propaganda.
Thought control is really emotional control. We become pre-occupied with thoughts not our own.

Telepathy is far less complicated to think about and discuss than influencing the WAY others think.
Even if you yell at someone else, or send them a thought telepathically, it doesn't guarantee that their free will won't filter you out or keep them from reacting.

Our culture of mind control through evocative images is very sick! It keeps people from growing inside.
Then again it does force us to confront ourselves and grow.

A bad environment helps define the needs of the self. Telepathy might be one of humanity's weapons against bad environments that we have the power to change.

LOL this is complicated XD

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 11:35 PM
reply to post by arpgme

Are you saying your yourself are able to and are channeling thought exchange with Aliens?
Which Aliens?
How are you doing this, can you explain the mechanism?

Probing questions i know, its the curiosity of understanding whats going on here.

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