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The Infinite Spongy Universe and my ATS disclaimer

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posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 11:30 AM
The Universe, Infinity, Life, and Eternal Intent 
Including how to invoke EI and what to expect (or what not to expect):

QWC, my model of the physical universe, involves the foundational medium and the conservation of wave energy traversing the medium, including the presence of matter and gravity, without regard to any consciousness that emerges from it. QWC can be thought of as the host platform that perpetually presents the hospitable environments and the conditions necessary for the generation and evolution of life in the ISU.

Where QWC leaves off, the generation of life from the non-living elements and the environment takes over, and given the finite number of combinations of elements and natural environmental changes over time, combined with an iterative process of chemical combinations, eventually the living molecule emerges, capable of replication and subject to evolution. To the extent that those habitable environments are existent for a sufficient duration as in any arena in my model, the living molecule evolves and adapts to potentially fill all of the available life hosting niches in the environment; and here we are, apparently at the higher end of evolution where our minds can discover and invoke Eternal Intent.

When you then think of a highly evolved living being in the context of the ISU, you are thinking of a coherent being, meaning something that retains its living presence in the foundational medium. In terms of QWC we are each a set of standing waves internal to the particles that are bonded in aggregate and are organized into a living being with consciousness and with senses and with the ability of thought and the motivation for action. Our senses are the benchmarks of life within the foundational medium and from that context of living senses comes what individuals perceive as reality.

Without life there is no perception or acknowledgement of reality, of color or heat, feel or touch, taste or smell or sound. Without life the ISU is simply Quantum Wave Cosmology characterized by the eternal motion of compression waves traversing the potentially infinite foundational medium. It takes living beings to quantify any aspect of the physical universe. We can say fundamentally that the universe exists, hosts conscious and contemplative life that thinks and exercises freewill, and that is characterized by individuals that interact with their environment and with other such beings based on individual sets of values and tolerances; a self evident reality that is axiomatic.

Let's say that you want to invoke the concept of EI in your life by seeking some worthy acknowledgement from beyond the boundary of known science. You would have to acknowledge that you do so by going beyond the boundary of known science and into the realm of the as yet unknown natural laws that govern consciousness and thought. That gets you to the starting place. From there it is easy.

Just do it. Say, "I seek an acknowledgement from beyond the boundary that would take the form of ..." and describe the outcome that you desire.

I don't predict much success if you start by seeking unearned wealth or undeserved rewards, but the arbiter of what is earned or deserved starts with you so who am I to judge what success you may have; my conclusion is that it could be related to your individual set of spheres of action that I have defined earlier. I maintain that the nature of your spheres of action needs to be compatible with the equations that represent the natural laws, and not knowing those natural laws or equations, we cannot know the necessary nature of our spheres of action that would trigger the desired natural response. Yours could be as good or better than mine.

Minimally it starts as a process of trial and error, and ultimately can lead to self analysis and a remake of your self image before you begin to feel that the feedback you get from your requests is meaningful. But if you start minimally, and if what you seek is worthy in the context of the natural laws, something that only the results can confirm, then favorable responses could begin immediately. If you insist that wealth or fame is your rightful destiny, then favorable outcomes might require some degree of self reflection and causative action over time, but if you just want to feel that you are being acknowledged every time you see a butterfly, then keep your eyes open and you may be rewarded by realizing that you are seeing more butterflies.
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posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 11:22 AM
Contemplating the mysteries of life

If I were to list what to me are the biggest mysteries of life I would include:

1) the explanation for the existence of the universe.

2) the origin of life.

3) the mystery of the purpose of life.

4) the grasp of the infinities of space, time, and energy.

5) the Supernatural; the existence of and nature of God.

My contemplations have focused on those mysteries and I have come to my own conclusions on all of them.

My conclusion on the explanation for the existence of the universe is that the universe has always existed.

My conclusion on the origin of life is that it is generated from non-living matter in hospitable environments through an iterative process that eventually produces a molecule that replicates itself and evolves to conscious beings.

My conclusion on the purpose of life is that individuals who seek purpose will find/define their own.

My conclusion on grasping the infinities is that anything finite is almost nothing, almost nowhere, almost never relative to the infinite. 

My conclusion on the Supernatural and the nature of God is that God and the universe are one and the same, infinite and eternal and characterized by living conscious individuals that act and react with freewill based on their learned values, consciences, and tolerances. That means to me that nature is completely compatible with the concept of God and God is completely compatible with the invariant laws of nature; anything that seems Supernatural has natural causes based on laws that we do not yet understand. I suspect and have faith that the mysteries of those unknown natural laws are activated by the process of seeking and receiving guidance and acknowledgements from beyond the boundary of science; the equivalent to prayer utilized by organized religions and individuals alike. I attempt to define myself with a set of values and tolerances that I call my spheres of action that I try to live by, and to the extent that I live by them and make good choices in my actions and interactions, I have faith that the connection with the Eternal Intent of the universe surrounds me and enables me to take what comes in stride with common sense and grace.

Some points worth elaboration in that statement:

In regard to the learned values, consciences and tolerances; we are responsibility to our children in that regard. We must teach values and tolerances both by education and example. We must enable parents to get help in teaching values to their children if they seek help with that as many do, and those parents should have a full understanding of what values will be taught through Eternal Intent. My view is that the teachings of Eternal Intent in the education of children would have common ground that could be seen as productive and helpful to many parents within and without organized religions. I'm not proposing a government program; I'm wishing that EI was widely understood and that there was some way to implement a program that was widely accepted and supported and that taught values that are common among all religions. 

In regard to the nature of God; In Eternal Intent, God is the sum of our natural environment and of the actions and interactions of living free-willed individuals, and so the concepts that God is Love and God is Good are the highest hopes and expectations that we might wish that all people would emulate, but we know by experience that not all individuals live by the highest virtues at all times. Therefore the religious representation of God and my representation are different, and though my view has a supposed foundation in the invariant natural laws, and my representation does not carry the religious doctrines that characterize the organized religions, I have no desire to refute the view of God as Love and Good. However, I oppose the view of "my God is better than your God", and "my religion teaches our children that our version of God is the only true path in life and death", and I do desire to refute religious versions of God in those respects. Not all organized religions can be right, and my view is that Eternal Intent is the best common ground among all religions that convey a God concept. EI can be right in spite of all the other views because no religion is excluded from the realm of Eternal Intent, while most religions exclude the view of many other religions.

posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 12:54 PM
The Foundational Medium

Space could be thought of as empty, but in my model it is filled with the foundational medium. Space is not the medium, it is where the medium exists. The reason for making that distinction is that space has no characteristics except volume and it is potentially infinite in volume in three dimensions. However, the medium that fills it has to have certain characteristics in addition to volume, starting with the following:

1) It has to carry waves so I refer to it as a fluid. 

2) The waves it carries represent energy and since energy has to be conserved, the medium must be a perfect fluid that waves can traverse frictionlessly.

3) Wave energy works at both the macro and micro levels because the quantum waves and quantum action in the medium are active at a level below the fundamental particle level of quantum physics. In that unobservable quantum realm where the natural laws seem to currently be interpreted as various forms of quantum weirdness, the foundational medium replaces both spacetime and quantum weirdness with an actual physical continuum of wave interaction in the foundational medium.

4) The medium has a presence that is more substantial than empty space and its presence exerts a pressure equally in all directions which causes it to remain disbursed, filling all available space. I have found it futile to try to equate the perfect fluid with anything that is observable from our macro level perspective; considering it ethereal works for me in the absence of any science to quantify and describe it. It must be there in my model just like spacetime must be a fact in the current General Relativity model.

5) To help clarify the nature of the pressure of the medium, any patch of space contains a corresponding volume of the medium. If you keep all of the medium and reduce the space it occupies, the pressure increases, so the equation for the pressure exerted by a perfect gas comes to mind. The pressure of the medium assures that the medium is equally distributed throughout that patch of space.

6) Pressure in a patch of medium can be increased by flowing wave energy into the space. The pressure of a patch of medium equates to the wave energy density of that patch of medium because waves carry energy and as more waves occupy the medium the pressure increases.

7) In my model space is potentially infinite and the pressure of the medium that fills all space has a positive value stated in terms of a pressure constant meaning that there is a potentially infinite amount of the perfect fluid that exerts a constant pressure at all points in the medium.  

8) In an infinite waveless medium there would be a single pressure constant across all space, and in the wave filled medium that I invoke, there is a universal average constant pressure.

9) There is a huge range of pressures possible in the medium and there are huge arenas of high pressure and huge corridors of low pressure patches of medium across the greater universe.

10) A single wave in the medium propagates spherically and the space within the sphere is continually equalizing across the entire volume of medium within the sphere. The pressure of the medium at the crest is always higher than the pressure in the volume of medium within the sphere behind the crest.

11) A single wave scenario in an otherwise still medium the high pressure wave front carries the wave energy and will potentially expand forever (or until it is interrupted by intersection with opposing waves in a multiple wave scenario), introducing the concept of the infinite reach of wave energy across the medium.

12) The wave energy density of the medium determines the speed that waves traverse it. A single wave traverses an otherwise waveless medium at the speed of light in a vacuum. As the wave energy density of the medium increases, a single wave traverses it more slowly; the reduction in speed is proportional to the increase in the wave density, i.e pressure of the medium.

Continued in next post ...

posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 01:01 PM
... Continued from last post

13) From a grand perspective of multiple wave energy density environments in the medium which characterizes the multiple big bang arena environment of my model, the speed of light is variable based on the wave density, i.e. the pressure of the medium through which it passes. That applies to light in its wave state that traverses the wave energy density of space.

14) The pressure of space through which light passes also affects the rate at which particles in that space function since in my model particles of matter are also composed of wave energy traversing the foundational medium; the inflowing and out flowing wave energy components of the standing wave patterns that establish and maintain the presence of matter in the medium. So in my model, though light really does slow down as it traverses higher wave energy density space, the standing waves of the particles of matter slow down correspondingly as the pressure due to the wave energy density of the medium increases. The particles of the measuring devices and everything else, including your body, are composed of matter that is composed of wave energy that is traversing the same density medium that the light we are measuring is traversing. Due to that mutual slowing of wave action relative to the density/pressure of the local medium, our measurements of the speed of light are invariant, through we recognize that the density of the medium affects the speed of light relative to its velocity in a vacuum.

15) All waves traverse the medium at the speed of light, and at the same time the speed of light is variable relative to the wave energy density of the foundational medium. This means that clocks will slow down as they are accelerated, people who are accelerated will age more slowly, gravitational time dilation is measurable, and the speed of light and gravity are dependant on the pressure of the medium through which their waves pass.

OK, you probably find the medium hard to accept, but you might also find it hard to accept the consensus alternative that empty space can be warped by the presence of matter if there is no medium. It is also hard to reconcile the consensus spacetime theory of General Relativity with quantum level mechanics, and so in my model I invoke the perfect fluid that enables action at a distance with a time delay as waves traverse it.

Our Hubble view observes a portion of a our big bang arena which is an expanding high pressure energy environment. Our big bang arena is surrounded by lower energy density and lower pressure medium, and the larger patch of space called an "arena vicinity" includes our big bang arena and the remnants of the parent big bang arenas whose collision spawned our arena. Our arena vicinity as a whole is surrounded by still lower energy density corridors remaining from the remnants of an infinite history of arena action. There are a potentially infinite number of arenas that form and play out in an entropy defeating perpetual process called arena action. The potentially infinite universe is composed of active arenas and arena remnants that, though in a constant state of change, have appeared essentially the same on a grand scale across all time and space, and I therefore invoke the Perfect Cosmological Principle in my model.
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posted on Oct, 26 2012 @ 10:28 AM
Description of waves in my model

The nature of a waves and wave interactions in the foundational medium is not entirely intuitive, and I will describe them from the perspective of my model and point out what is not intuitive, in this post.

We must also acknowledge that I invoke infinities and in a universe that has always existed and complies with the perfect cosmological principle, the medium has never been in a state of wavelessness. I mention that because in my model waves beget waves, but there was no First Wave.

With no First Wave, there is no singular event that I can describe that causes waves. In my model the only cause of a new wave is the collision of existing waves. For example, our big bang was the result of a collision of parent big bang arenas that themselves formed from similar collisions and started expanding through the medium.

I use the arena wave as my first example because it is the highest pressure wave in my model. It trumps any other wave that it encounters. Tiny waves that an expanding arena encounters every instant during its expansion are simply incorporated into it as it traverses the surrounding low pressure medium left behind by the parent arenas.

Specifically, that low pressure surrounding our arena wave is the remnant pressure of the parent arenas and to state it clearly, the new arena is intruding into the pressure zone left behind by the parent arenas. Those parent arenas are significantly expanded and so their pressure is significantly reduced and are much lower than the pressure of our new arena.

Our arena and the remnants of our parent arenas make up what I call the arena vicinity. But to take that concept one generation further, there are the remnants of the grandparent arenas which will have been much more expanded and will represent a much lower pressure surrounding the current arena vicinity. You should be able to envision lower and lower levels of arena pressure as you view larger and large arena vicinities and arena generations until those large vicinities interact. 

That vicinity scale view of the pressure of arena waves might include 4 grandparent waves, two parent waves, and our child arena wave; at total of 7 arena waves and maybe 25 different major pressure zones where various stages of overlap of those 7 waves have occurred.

There is a process going on in each of those zones where the pressure is continually declining as the spheres continue to expand, and one can imagine that our expansion into the older zones will accelerate. This acceleration of wave expansion intruding into older lower pressure zones as the pressure of those zones decrease is a corollary to the twelfth characteristic of the medium from my last post:

The corollary would read, 12.1) As the wave energy density of the medium decreases, a single wave traverses it more rapidly (never to exceed the speed of light of course); the increase in the rate of expansion is proportional to the decrease in the pressure into which the wave is intruding.

This concept can help us understand the cause of the observed accelerating rate of separation of the galaxies in our arena.

This arena action wave scenario also applies to the action taking place in the quantum realm where the process is called quantum action. To put it into perspective, a 7 wave, 25 pressure zone patch of space at the arena level may be, say, three trillion light years across for a wild ass guess. In the quantum realm, the same 7 wave patch of space will have many more tiny pressure zones because there are maybe a trillion tiny quantum waves in a single proton, and the distance across that 7 wave patch of space inside a proton may correspond to less than a single Planck length for a wild ass guess.

It is not intuitive that waves are expanding pressure zones. It is not intuitive that there is a process of pressure equalization caused by the nature of the foundation medium to equalize across interacting pressure zones. It is not intuitive that our observable universe is only one big bang arena in a potentially infinite arena landscape. It is not intuitive that the waves at the quantum level are smaller than the Planck length. It is not intuitive that arena expansion will accelerate as they intrude in the ever declining pressure zones of their parent arenas. It is perhaps intuitive that I could be so deluded, lol. 

posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 07:43 AM
Saturday morning thinking

It is interesting for me to observe that when I am thinking about the arena level, everything that applies in terms of arenas also then applies to the quantum scale waves and wave interactions. For example the pressure zones in my last post at the arena level can equate to quantum wave interactions within a particle, i.e. the 7 arenas vs. the 7 quantum waves I used in the last post.

Correspondingly, the aspect of big crunches / big bangs (crunch/bangs) at the arena level equates to the high density wave overlaps I have called high density spots in the past at the quantum level. Both produce a spherical out flowing wave; the new big bang arena from the parent arenas at the arena level, and the new quantum wave that emerges from the high density spots within the particle.

At the arena level the time from the point of intersection of two parent arenas to the crunch/bang  is lengthy and requires the "critical capacity" to be reached, while at the quantum level the overlap seems instantaneous and becomes an expanding quantum wave within one quantum period. That makes the crunch/bang time delay and the quantum period equate to each other, and that leads to another means of comparison of the mechanics between the two levels. Galaxies composed of particles composed of contained standing wave energy accumulating around the center of gravity in the arena overlap space are characteristics of the arena crunch/bang period, and energy density equalization of overlapping quantum waves is the corresponding characteristic of the quantum period.

There seems to be an inverted association between the two scales. All of the particles of the crunch/bang beget arena waves at the arena level, and quantized standing waves beget particles at the quantum level. This is to say that all of the matter in the galaxies, etc. at the arena level that enter the crunch and then emerge from the crunch as dense state wave energy would equate to all of the inflowing wave energy at the quantum level that gets synchronized as standing waves to produce particles at the quantum level, and that is exactly how entropy is defeated in my model. The mutually opposite processes of arena action and quantum action negate particles into wave energy and then rebuild particles out of wave energy.

Now that I have defined wave energy as pressure zones at both levels, arena pressure waves are created by gravity defeating the particle structure, and particles are created by synchronization of pressure waves creating the particle structure.

posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 09:46 AM
Description of Particles in my Model

Particles in my model are disturbed patches of the foundational medium composed of wave energy traversing the foundational medium within the particle in the form of expanding pressure waves traveling at a relative velocity determined by the pressure of the medium that occupies the particle space.

That internal velocity is slow relative to the velocity of a wave arriving to a particle as an inflowing wave. The inflowing wave will travel at the velocity permitted by the density/pressure of the medium filling the space between the source of that wave and the particle. Wave energy emerging from the particle as an out flowing wave will also travel at the velocity permitted by the medium surrounding the particle and between adjacent particles and objects.

The difference in velocity of the wave energy inside the particle space and outside the particle space is due to the difference in the density/pressure caused by the wave energy density of the medium inside the particle vs. outside the particle.

The portion of the arriving wave that encounters the particle will pass into the particle and will be time delayed as it passes through, and will then pass out of the particle in all directions later, i.e. directional inflow is slowed down and converted to spherical out flow by the process of quantum action going on within the particle. Said again, the directional energy represented by the portion of the arriving expanding pressure wave is time delayed and redistributed spherically within the particle before it flows out of the particle space equally in all directions.

The medium within a particle in my model is extremely dense with very high wave energy and very high pressure. Waves travel very slowly through a proton for example. When I talk about waves inside a particle I remind you that in my model a proton contains hundreds of billions of quanta, each represented by a tiny pressure wave within the particle space and the pressure of those tiny waves is refreshed billions of times within the particle space before the inflowing energy becomes out flowing energy.

The particle space is not like a whirlpool that forms on the 2D surface of a fluid; it is more like an orchestrated disturbance called a standing wave pattern in a patch of medium that contains wave energy by reducing its velocity as it jitters through the particle space under the control of quantum action which cannot be hurried.

So what is a quantum in my model?

I specify this definition to apply to the formation and maintenance of particles at the quantum level of order in my model. That level of order, and the quantum action that deals with wave energy in quantum increments at that level, is functioning in the foundational medium at a scale far below anything that we can currently observe. It is in the territory of the manifolds and quantum weirdness of multidimensional theories.

However, if the particle hypothesis of my model is to be considered true for sake of discussion, it allows me to state that particles are composed of wave energy in quantum increments, and that the number of quanta can increase as the wave energy density (pressure) of the environment increases (i.e. as particles are accelerated relative to the surrounding medium).

The definition of a quantum specific to the process of quantum action is that a quantum is the fundamental increment of energy within a particle, and the quantum is the smallest amount of wave energy that is meaningful in the exchange of quanta orchestrated by the process of quantum action. It is the smallest meaningful pressure increment and pressure reduction that can measurably (as if it could be measured, lol) affect the mass/energy of a particle. Of course we can't measure the quantum, but it is the premise of my model that there is a real quantum amount of energy associated with a real process of quantum action that establishes, maintains, and moves the presence of particles in the real foundational medium; yikes the height of delusion!

So to state the description of a particle, it is a standing wave pattern that has such high internal pressure that the speed of the quantum waves that enter it and traverse the medium inside is so slow that the out flowing wave energy is extremely tiny relative to the total wave energy of the particle. These particles get established very early in the arena history when the pressure of the dense  state wave energy emerging form the crunch bang is phenomenally high and as the pressure of that dense state arena declines to the particle formation threshold where they are easily maintained by the exchange of the trickle of out flowing wave energy that then speeds up and crosses the lower density medium between particles as the particles separate due to arena expansion.

posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 05:47 PM
Higgs :shrug:

My model has an explanation for every scientific observation, even if there is no single consensus within the scientific community. Many of those explanations have been addressed in this thread. Now I want to introduce an explanation for something that I haven't really seen addressed outside of my model unless it is somehow comparable to the source of matter searched for by the LHC; I am talking about an arena particle.

To compare and contrast the characteristics between particles that form at the quantum level with the concept of an arena particle let's expand upon the concept that quantum action is reversed by arena action, the two gate keepers that operate at opposite ends of the size scale to defeat entropy. Together they produce useful energy to fuel new arenas and then reclaim and refresh the usefulness of the remaining energy from particles after galaxy filled arenas have formed and played out as parent arena waves converge. The concept is that the quantum particles that everything is composed of within an arena are defeated and negated by the formation of an arena particle, the rarest and most energetic of all particles in the universe.

The quantum particle I refer to is the single high density spot within the standing wave pattern of an established fundamental particle. I have supposed that it might take hundreds of billions of them to establish one proton, and hundreds of millions of them to establish one electron, but in a minimalist view, a single high density spot at the quantum level, the building block of atomic particles, equates to a single big crunch at the arena level.

While a single high density spot is orchestrated by the process of quantum action at the quantum level, a single big crunch is orchestrated by arena action at the arena level. For comparison, within the proton or any particle at the quantum level, high density spots form from the intersection and overlap of quantum waves described in my last post, and at the arena level big crunches form from the intersection and overlap of arena waves.

On that basis a big crunch is an arena particle and only one of them forms for each new arena.

Having introduced the description of the arena particle, the explanation for it and its importance in my model is that it defeats the entropy that is continually increasing within every arena from the moment the wave density and pressure in the new arena allows for the formation of a new set of particles.

Thus the perpetual nature of the arena process fuels the perpetual process of quantum action and vice versa. In the energy-to matter-to energy nature of quantum action, the first "energy" is the quantum wave, the "matter" is the high density spot, and the second "energy" is the quantum wave that emerges from the high density spot. At the arena level, in the matter-to energy-to matter nature of arena action, the first "matter" is the big crunch, the "energy" is the dense state wave energy negated from the matter contributed by the parent arenas to form the crunch/bang, and the second "matter" is the formation of particles in the new big bang arena.
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posted on Nov, 11 2012 @ 08:09 AM
Infinite regress
If you are slightly familiar with my model you know that it deals with the realms that I hypothesize exist above and below our ability to observe; the unobservable far reaches of our big bang arena and beyond, and the infinitesimal inner realm of quantum action. When you examine my discussions of those realms you will notice occasional references to "turtles all the way down" which is the problem of infinite regress on the size scale.

I address infinite regress in my model by hypothesizing natural limits to pressure in the medium, i.e. limits to the wave energy density on the high side and the low side of the size scale. Those particular hypotheses are based on the high and low limits of wave energy that can be brought to bare on a give spatial environment.

At the macro level the limit is called "critical capacity", which is the maximum pressure that can be applied to the particles accumulated in a big crunch before the particles are negated and cease to exist as individual particles. They are said to have given up their individual particle spaces and have collapsed to form a dense state of wave energy that exists at the maximum possible pressure allowed in the medium at the instant of the big bang.

At the micro level the limit is called equalized energy density, i.e. when all of the tiny intersecting and overlapping pressure zones that are expanding into a given infinitesimal patch of medium in space are of equal pressure and so there is no high density spot at the intersection of that convergence. Even though the medium fills that space and has a positive pressure relative to empty space, there is no further equalization occurring at that point in space and time; the micro limit of low energy density has occurred.

Given those natural limits to pressure of the medium, there can be no further "turtles", and my model has a satisfying resolution to the fallacy of infinite regress.

posted on Nov, 19 2012 @ 05:05 PM
I'm close to finishing out my updates for the year with a few posts remaining to flesh out the concept of equalized energy density that I mentioned in my last post. Avoiding infinite regress has always been problematic on both the time and the size scale. QWC has invoked the eternal sameness of a universe that has always existed, putting an end to temporal regress with a model that exemplifies the Perfect Cosmological Principle, but putting an end to infinite regress on the size scale has been more of a goal than an accomplishment until this year. True, I have always said that there is not enough energy in the universe to support a level of order above the arena level or below the quantum level, i.e. the "turtles problem", but now I have put that conviction into words, drawing on an a modest aptitude for visualized mechanics and on some refitted classical Huygens thinking about the way waves advance through the medium. That will be the topic of these few posts to end out this years improvements to QWC and to conclude this years ISU/QWC/EI model/philosophy update.

I slightly rewrote the following paragraphs from a recent post and it serves as the initial point for describing the nature and role of "equalized energy density":

"At the micro level the limit is called "equalized energy density", i.e. when all of the tiny intersecting and overlapping pressure zones that are expanding into a given infinitesimal patch of medium in space are of equal pressure, that patch of medium is equalized. Without a pressure differential there is no high density spot at the point of intersection of those convergences and therefore there is no spherical outflowing wave energy from a high density spot, meaning that the wave front has advanced past that point as it traverses the medium. Even though the medium fills that space and has a positive pressure relative to empty space, there is no further equalization occurring at that point in space and time; equalized energy density has occurred within that patch of medium.

In my model at the macro level, big bangs happen all the time across the arena landscape of the greater universe, while at the micro level, equalized patches of medium occur all the time as a result of the advancing wave front of a pressure wave. Their appearance indicates that equalization of the differential between the advancing wave front and the pressure of the medium it is intruding into has occurred and the pressure behind the advancing wave front is equalized to the net combined pressure of the converging pressure waves. The accumulation of tiny equalized pressure zones merges in behind the advancing front to create the equalized condition between the two waves after they converge. That zone of equalized energy density exists until it is interrupted by converging with another pressure wave."
Of course there is no foundational medium to become equalized in General Relativity Theory, but in GR the approach of heat death is the trend toward the elimination of energy differentials and the related elimination of any ability for life to exist or of any available energy to do work in the universe on a grand scale. You can immediately see the distinction between the GR heat death and the equalization of energy density at the micro limit in my model simply by realizing that I am talking about the infinitesimal end of the size scale, i.e. in the tiniest space, patches of medium at the point by point intersection of intersecting wave fronts. Never have I given any indication that the grand scale heat death is possible in my model, and I will confirm that again, the universe in my model is infinite and filled infinitely with the foundational medium and every tiniest patch of medium is always being intersected by waves of varying pressure from all directions. That is until energy density equalization occurs in the tiniest of all possible patches of space and accumulates behind any given advancing wave front for a short duration.

Given that introductory explanation of equalized energy density, you should be able to relate it to descriptions in my model about the process of energy density equalization. The process is where two expanding pressure differentials intersect and create a high density spot, and where these spots then expand spherically as they equalize with the lower pressure of the adjacent medium. The completion of equalization results in "equalized energy density".

Those equalization related descriptions in my model raise questions about the mechanics of how waves or pressure zones traverse the medium. Just saying that the wave motion is frictionless and the medium is a perfect fluid, or that high pressure intrudes on lower pressure ignores the mechanics taking place along the wave fronts as the high pressure intrudes into the surrounding lower pressure medium. This advance of high pressure waves into surrounding lower pressure zones has been said to function at both the macro and micro levels of my model. I identify it as the cause for expansion of our big bang arena and for the perpetuation of quantum action within a standing wave pattern. In both the macro and micro cases there is a pressure differential that is in the process of equalizing between the two pressure levels. Of course two intersecting and overlapping waves is the simplest example but the concept applies to multiple waves converging at a given point.

Equalization is taking place at all points across the expanding surface of an advancing pressure wave. Intuitively, each point becomes equalized to the net pressure of the two converging pressure zones as the intruding wave advances, and it is the mechanics of that equalization along the pressure front that is being addressed here as the mechanics of wave advance that I call pinhole mechanics.

To be continued:

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 11:04 AM
Continued ...
In the micro and macro realms of my model, it is easy to think of the high density spots representing pin holes where the directional inflowing wave energy creates a pinhole and emerges spherically, disbursing the inflowing wave energy equally in all directions. That is a description that could pertain equally to the quantum action within a particle, and to arena action that includes the arena particle, a big crunch from which emerges the spherical wave energy of the big bang; the spot and the crunch would be the "pinholes". Pinholes, in the context of the micro and macro levels can have vastly different pressures converging on them when they become the point of intersection.

Pinhole Mechanics of Wave Advance


Every point in the medium is subject to waves passing from all directions at all times and the concept is that there are "pinholes" established at the points of intersection of those waves

Every pinhole that is established at each wave intersection produces a high density spot, a portion of which intrudes into each side of the intersection where the higher density wave intrudes on the lower presser zone

The high density spot produces a spherical out flowing wave proportional to the pressure of the intersecting waves; I call this a wave/spot/wave event

In the time delay during which the w/s/w event takes place, the spherical out flowing wave portion of the event occurs and the intruding wave front advances into the low pressure by an increment equal to the radius of the out flowing pinhole spherical wave

Each incremental advance of the intruding wave front leads to the next pinhole event and the w/s/w process is perpetuated

The time delay of a wave/spot/wave event

The entire event includes the point of intersection (t=0), the subsequent overlap that produces the high density spot (t=0+t1), and the spherical expansion of the pressure in the high density spot (t=0+t1+t2). Because of the time delay, a volume of medium becomes involved in the intersection event immediately following the point/time of the intersection. That delay can be described as the length of time between the point of intersection that forms the high density spot, and the time that the spherical out flowing wave has formed and begins to expand out of the overlap space. The time delay ends when the out flowing wave encounters a difference in pressure to start a new w/s/w event. Thus the time delay segregates each w/s/w event into individual uninterrupted events starting at t=0, wave intersection, and lasting until another intruding wave interrupts and ends the event (t2); the wave front advances in pinhole wave increments.

Time t1 in the above description is a factor of the sponginess of the medium which allows an overlap to occur before a spherical outflowing wave is produced.

All of these w/s/w events can be taking place on a smaller and smaller scale until the limit of pinhole mechanics in the foundational medium is reached. That limit is reached when tiny out flowing and converging waves at the pinhole level have the same pressure. When waves of equal pressure converge, no high density spots are produced, signaling that equalization between two larger converging waves has been achieved in those tiny spaces, pin hole wave by pinhole wave, along the advancing wave front; thus the wave front has advanced past the previous point of intersection. It is the pinhole effect that causes the high pressure wave to advance, one out flowing pinhole sphere at a time, one after another into the lower pressure zone.

Pinhole mechanics establishes the lowest level of action in my model, and quantum action at the particle/gravity level is characterized as a client or customer of pinhole mechanics, just like arena action at the macro level utilizes it on the grand scale. The contrast is that at the lowest pinhole level there are the tiniest of pressure variations present to accomplish their function, while both quantum action and arena action are characterized by significant and meaningful pressure variations on larger scales needed to accomplish their functional mechanics (particles, gravity, and big bangs).

Every wave that traverses the medium uses this natural pinhole level function to propel the wave front forward in tiny spherical outcroppings from the point of intersection between the two more meaningful pressure zones, and if you could get down to the smallest possible playing field of events, it would be a sameness of pinhole mechanics playing out right down at the lowest pressure differential limit allowed by natural law as the limit approaches equalization. Equalization of energy density then occurs during the time delay of the last level of pinhole action, and when it occurs it means the operative pinhole process has moved on from where it has occurred, along with the advancing wave front that has then passed that space; pinhole mechanics has accomplished its task of advancing the wave front

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