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Vehicle makers and their polarities (to the best of my knowledge)

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posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 01:56 PM
Ok so I know some of you here are car guys/ladies, so an easy way to get some information on a persons polarity and get an ID on the drivers affiliation is by the car they drive or license plate they have. There are both symbols and number patterns built into the car mfgrs and their models (ALL vehicles, actually). Heres a basic breakdown on them, as its been explained to me (probably not 100% accurate). I suggest using it on your daily commute or when driving to avoid danger on the road and keep your family safe. First, there is a way the color patterns group naturally on the interstate, explained in this thread:

So this is what ive come up with so far, asking for help from people on the road and what they thought:
Im going to start with my personal favorite, I call it "The Holy Trinity of Detroit". Also known as the big 3, GM, Ford, and Chrysler.

Chevrolet/GM- represents everybody can drive. Gold bowtie that has 12 points-open to all 12 tribes of israel (thats all of you lol).

Ford-represents BLUE. Also called the "Blue Oval", the logo features a blue oval, which is a piece of an 8 (2 ovals) and silver writing. (Silver = right, GOLD = left)

Dodge/Chrysler-represents RED. Dodge uses the tri-star represents 3 and 6 also represents 5 (BROWN, BRASS, MILITARY, SOLID BROWN). The logo is 3 four point diamonds, also known as "Diamond Star Motors" or DSM.

Ferrari-represents RED. Utilizes the darkhorse that points to the left and is yellow black (the Black Mare, Nightmare, powerful horse) as yellow and black are caution colors (similar to road signs). Is a RED 6 car.

Toyota-represents BLUE. Uses the white bull and symbol is 2 ovals that form an 8 (8 car) which actually is the shape of a bull with horns if you look at it.

Honda-represents RED. ISIS car. H symbol is RED/WHITE

Nissan-open to everyone who is balanced. Represents BROWN (BROWN = 5 star = a lot of African Americans and military veterans drive). Symbol is a goats eye (military star is based on the pagan goat head). Goats eyes (pupils) are horizontal if you have ever seen one up close.

Subaru-represents PURPLE but is a 6 car. Has 6 stars in the logo with 4 points each (thats why its PURPLE, they are crosses) . Due to its color code, it is popular with gay and lesbian citizens (more just the women though).

Acura-represents RED/GOLD. It is the premium ISIS RED/WHITE car.

Infinity-represents 8 and 5. Infinity symbol is an 8, but has a triangle due to being Nissan's premium line so BROWNS are open to enjoy them too. Arguably more badass than the other premium brands.

Lexus-represents 66. Represents EL, L, also called deep 6, Michaels car. Driven by a lot of Navy (BLUE/GOLD) people. Symbol is an L. L can also mean "Lord" and are Gods BLUE/BLACK enforcers (Black Cross, railroad).

Hyundai-represents RED/WHITE. H symbol, that points to the right as opposed to Hondas straight H. Is Korean in origin (RED region). God likes the Genesis model lol.

Aston Martin-represents royalty/Order of the Eagle. Very popular with the monarchy in the UK, where it is produced. Symbol is a bird with wings. Comes from UK (monarchy rule).

Audi-BLUE premium car. 4 circles which indicate diamond order. (8 car). Symbol is 4 rings.

Porshe-Ultra premium VW car. Peoples car to the extreme. Id call it a masonic car since the german colors (RED/YELLOW/BLACK flag) and you frequently see them in Silver-a popular royalty color.

Dodge Ram-Ram, stronger than a goat (more aggressive goat). BROWN car. 5 star car that the star points downward.

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posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 02:15 PM
reply to post by strangedays

strange days indeed

posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 02:30 PM
The sad thing about this is, it's no different from any other conspiracy theory seen here.

posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 03:16 PM
Ford Mustang-Silver horse that points to the left. Foundation RED car produced by BLUE. Popular with Native Americans because of the horse (a symbol of power, in fact its all measured in horsepower) and also with BLUEs that are friendly with REDs and vice versa.

Plymouth Prowler-BLACK/PURPLE car. Symbolized by the Panther (black wildcat). Lethal (BLACK) royalty (PURPLE) colors (dat pur-black).

Saturn-RED car that can also be used by 8s, as GM is open to the 12 point order but the GOLD makes it red centric. (similar to Fords Mustang but opposite for the same reasons) Symbol is 2 Saturn rings that form an 8, with a RED background.

BMW-BLUE/BLACK/WHITE car. Symbol is a shield (the defender). Popular with police (BLUE/WHITE) and military (BLUE/BLACK). Germanic in origin so id put it in the mason category as well as monarchy because its often found in silver.

Side note: youll notice RED cars have engine options usually in 4 or 6 cylinders, and BLUE cars usually have engine options with 4 and 8 cylinders, but not always. (This would be a combo factor for IDing the person-is it a male driving a BMW 650? Male = BLUE, BMW = DEFENDER, 6 = LETHAL, 50 = POLICE, V8 = 8 CAR. You can infer that this dude is somewhat involved in law enforcement or is a service member or something-again just an example of how it works).

Nissan Sentra- Sentry, Defender, BROWN (lots of military peeps)

Nissan 300ZX- 3 car from a BROWN company, new 370 Z and G37 is royalty (the "37" in 137 or 1337, Elite)

Pontiac GTO-nicknamed the "Goat". Pontiac symbol is RED triangle that points downward.

Mercedes- 3 point star. RED polarity.

Side note: one of the reasons cars are branded and symboled off-if a BLUE buys a Dodge for example, the owner is more likely to get in a car accident, have electrical troubles or mechanical problems. Sound crazy I know but its true! Dont believe me? Try buying a car opposite your polarity to prove me wrong lol.

Chevy Impala-represents the RED deer (Impala), symbol points to the left

Chevy Silverado-represents Silver and Gold. Neutral truck.

Mazda- Fords RED line, features cars like the Mazda "3" and Mazda "6". Symbol is a bird.

Buick-RED/WHITE/BLUE ribbons. Driven by a lot of seniors that appreciate how this country used to be. Lots of GREEN colored ones (shows OPENNESS)

Jeep-5 star car. BROWN and used in actual military (BRASS) applications

Volvo-Fords BROWN line. Goat eye symbol and built for saftey and crash resistance.

Yamaha-BLUE/BLACK. Black tri star (3 tuning forks) symbol and colors are BLUE/BLACK for sportbike, BLUE/WHITE for dirt as its safer.

Kawasaki-GREEN/BLACK Silver K symbol and is GREEN (open to everyone). Less expensive than other brands but quality level is IDENTICAL to other brands. GREEN/WHITE for dirt.

Side note: all sport level applications feature black because of the risk level involved. Riding dirt is safer so thats why the bikes are coded in white. Also, sportbikes are in black because they are mostly 600cc to start. Triumph is RED and features 3 cylinder options as most sportbikes are I-4's. Im not too familiar with bikes and dirt (some are v twin, single piston) but there are definetly coding variations and options within the bike world just like the car world, that match polarities.

Triumph- RED/GOLD. English UK red. Also called the "Trumpet" (Trumpet makes noise, and noise is a RED activity)

Harley-Davidson- ORANGE/BLACK color in a badge symbol. Enforcer bike. Popular with 5s/BROWNS/military. American made (Red, White, Blue) so open to everyone. Orange and black symbolize less caution than yellow black, but still caution due to the danger in the activity but at slower speeds than a 175mph sportbike.

Suzuki-Red bike. Symbol is a RED "S" that points to the right. Caution colors YELLOW/BLACK are popular. Is a GOLD bike, popular with masons. Generally open to everyone, or at least everyone seems to want one heh.

Honda-RED/BLACK, (R/W for dirt). Slogan is "Ride Red". Nuff said.

Ducati- (RED/WHITE/GREEN) bike. RED series of bikes of the R/W/G spectrum, as most models are standard in RED. Italian flag colors.

Aprilia-(RED/WHITE/GREEN) bike. WHITE series of bikes in the R/W/G spectrum, as model in white is always offered. More open for BLUEs that want to ride an italian bike.

KTM-ORANGE/BLACK european bike. Orange white for dirt.

Chevrolet Corvette-(RED/WHITE/BLACK) crossed red black and white checkered flags-appropriate colors for the baddest car in teh chevy line, sealed by the 12 point gold bowtie

Toyota MR2- Toyotas RED2 car. Always featured in darker polarity colors throughout history RED, BLACK, YELLOW, WHITE, GREEN

VW-Peoples car-Germanic colors (RED/BLACK/GOLD) mason colors found mostly in silver and black colors

Chevy Monte Carlo-features the SS edition with a tazmainian devil-taz edition is the hopped up version

Feel free to add other cars/symbols that you see fit.

posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 03:27 PM
Note: so far they have used FM to: adjust the volume on my stereo in my personal car remotely while crossing railroad tracks (to freak me out). They moved the volume up and down a few times and my stereo has a visual indicator line along with the volume that ensured visually that it was not a malfunction. Make my airbag light flash while driving (they can set your airbag off while the vehicle is in operation, killing you, which is why its such a scary technology in the wrong hands). They turned of my power steering (turned off steering booster as well as turned on traction control) which could end in a fatal accident.

License plates

There is coding in the license plate numbers. Vanity plate + car model can tell you a ton about the person driving, as well as draw your attention (and their attention to you-they use it to fish) to them. Example: BLUE polarity car with a vanity plate that reads "LUVPPL" they are probably a really nice person. Also plates with multiple successive 6's are ones to steer clear of. 6's are generally found in cars with drones driving them, and drones drivers license numbers may have a lot of 6's within the DL number. Still learning to read plates, thats all I got for now.

Cars with dark energy in general: BMW 6 series, Dodge Viper, Ford Mustang Cobra, Lamborghini (the yellow bull) Diablo SV, etc-they are cool cars but you must be a badass to wield them.

posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 07:55 PM
I have a dune buggy. Brand X. Does that make me some kind of anarchist?

posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 10:22 PM
What the hell? I am totally lost.

What is RED, BLUE, LEFT, RIGHT? Are you talking political spectrums?

I drive a Ford Mustang and am a conservative. So what is this Left your talking about?

So my car is built by flaming liberals, but intended for conservatives?

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posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 11:58 AM

Originally posted by Mikeyy
What the hell? I am totally lost.

What is RED, BLUE, LEFT, RIGHT? Are you talking political spectrums?

I drive a Ford Mustang and am a conservative. So what is this Left your talking about?

So my car is built by flaming liberals, but intended for conservatives?

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Wait'll OP gets hold of a copy of Numerology 101. This smacks of someone just beginning their dubious accomplishments in symbology.

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