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The Bird and the Brook [APWC]

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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 08:49 AM
Doing that which a bird does best,
high above, far above from it's nest.
Soaring, search, looking down,
the bird named Vincent saw a town.

Dropping down to take a look,
Vincent spotted a babbling brook.
"Good morning water", he did speak,
while taking a small drink with his beak.

"Good morning back", the water spoke.
A sense of peace was on them both.
"Thank you for your gift of life",
Vincent said with all his might.

"It is you that helps me fly.
If not for you, I'd surely die."
The water has happy, he felt content.
He knew his time was well spent.

"But I feel bad", the small bird cried.
"For all your life, on the Earth you reside.
There's not a way for you to fly.
I will only see you when I pass by"

The water chuckled, making tiny waves.
"Yes my friend, I have a way.
Soar again, until a storm does pass,
and we'll speak once more, this is not the last."

Vincent flew into the air,
he didn't understand, but he did care.
For many days, he watched the winds,
for any sign of his new found friend.

Then one day the skies did blacken.
He listened close to hear what happens.
A tiny voice he could comprehend.
Vincent knew it was not the end.

"Hello again", the water laughed.
Once more we've crossed paths.
I too can fly, though know not why.
It's a part of my life, to reach the sky."

Vincent was happy to know this truth,
"I've missed you friend. I'll speak with you."
But the voice was gone, it did not last.
Their conversation already past.

The bird was sad, he didn't see,
the small raindrop falling through the trees.
Down it went towards the ground,
into the brook again to be found.

Vincent flew with all his speed,
searching for his friend, it was his need.
Back again towards the town and brook,
he had to take another look.

"Are you here? Where did you go?
I heard you fly. How I don't know."
"I am here", the water laughed.
"It's what I do. It is my path."

Vincent laughed too, sitting by the brook,
that's when he took a closer look.
On the water's surface he saw a bird.
"So this is how", were his only words.

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posted on Aug, 17 2012 @ 06:50 PM
I really like this one.


posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 04:02 AM
really nice one
i like conversation between a bird n water good one

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posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 12:23 PM
A very awesome poem

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posted on Dec, 21 2015 @ 01:05 AM
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posted on Dec, 21 2015 @ 01:13 AM
a reply to: isyeye

I really enjoyed this, this is going into my storytelling collection

posted on Apr, 18 2016 @ 07:04 AM
Wow! nice poem. I really like the conversation between the bird & water.

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posted on Jun, 27 2016 @ 07:47 AM
Wow! really sweet poem. I like it very much.

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posted on Jul, 6 2016 @ 11:09 PM

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