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Let's re-analyse the Nostradamus Olympics quatrain, X - 74

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posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 04:05 PM
I was doing some research into this and I found this website.

THIS is the quatrain in question.

Take a really good look at this, a long hard look, especially at the 1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud printing.

Is that a "s" or is it a "f"?

I looked into it a bit more, and most of the time it is "translated" as an "s", however that is most of the time. Occasionally it is translated as an "f", as evidenced HERE

What if it isn't either an "f" or an "s" but a notation of some sort to translate into another one of the languages that he used.

It is said that in his quatrains, Nostradamus used a combination of French, Latin and Greek, what if this is an indicator of where he switched languages? What if the "s" or "f" acts like a / ?

IF my theory is correct, (and so far I have only found evidence of Latin and French) the translation of this particular quatrain is:

au revolu du grand nomb (french)
re e pt ie me (latin)

Appa roi tra (latin)
au temps jeux d'Hecatombe (french)

non (french)
e lo igne (latin)
du grand eage (french)
mill ie me (latin)

que les entr (french)
es or tiront (latin)
de leur tombe (french)

Linking only the french:
au revolu du grand nomb au temps jeux d'Hecatombe non du grand age que les entr de leur tombe
....the full elapsed time of the great Num games hecatomb not of great age that the input from the grave

Note: if the "non" after "d'Hecatombe" is supposed to be "nom" (hard to tell from the facsimile on the site) it changes the translation to...
the full elapsed time of the great num games named after the great slaughter age as input from the grave

Linking only the Latin:
re e pt ie me Appa roi tra e lo igne mill ie me es or tiront
.....This is the account of the construction of a PT is that I appear to speak to a fire that is similar to me you are a novice or

This particular quatrain is difficult because there is only one alleged copy: 1568 Lyon Benoist Rigaud which was published after Nostradamus's death.

Applying the theory to some other quatrains produces some interesting results. I'm looking into it further...just to see what happens.

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