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posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 08:10 PM
My introduction may be somewhat long hope that is ok with everyone....

My journey started four years ago. This journey has taken me to many places, some great, some have been a waste of time. I believe that all added to my thoughts in one way or another.

My journey started with the religion that I was brought up with, that religion was Christianity. For those who are familiar Christianity has many facets. I lump these into fundamentalists and those who are not.
I started by literally questioning everything right down to the core of these beliefs. Now I gotta say first that I did not just get my information from one place but rather libraries from all over the planet. Writings, ancient texts, papers from a variety of authors etc. So what did I find? We have all been lied to! This shook me to the core. This shook me so badly and so deeply that I had to stop for a while and think and pray, I went into a slight bout of depression. I started with the Bible. Why? Well that is the foundational book for the religion that I had called my own for so long. I looked at ever translation that I could get my hands on, going back hundreds of years. Looked at the way they had been translated the language that they had been translated from. The history of the old testament alone is staggering I would guess that most of the pastors and preachers that teach in churches today could not even tell you one story about how the old testament came about, I say one because historians in the church can not even agree on the story. Faith now there is a funny word, we have faith every day and don’t even think about it we have faith that the alarm clock will go off when we set it, we have faith that water will come out of the faucet when we brush our teeth, we have faith that the guy in the other lane wont come into our lane as we all go to work.....we have faith all day long......what I have a Hugh problem with is that when I study and think for myself about many things that concern my soul, I am labeled one without faith, well who or what I should have faith in? A book that has been translated so many times that the true meaning of some words has been twisted for the agenda of the day? Should I have faith in the preacher and/or pastor that I sit in front of that looks at me as a member of his flock? Does that mean I am a sheep? Do I have faith in the members of whatever particular church I am attending?
What do I have faith in? God? Funny thing about that word. Never really understood where the word “God” came from. Do you know that word never existed in the very language that the old testament was translated from? The old testament was translated from three other languages! Really! And I should have faith? In what? Well most would say “you need to have faith that those men were inspired by God” OK, now I should have faith in man? In Genesis alone when we read “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” if you look at the Greek translation and follow the Greek word for word into English they were referring to not just one “god”? And that’s just the first chapter!
I found that the earliest “Christians” were called gnostic s. Gnostic s believed in all the same characters that we today believe in, but with a much bigger story,I will not go into that. Most will not either for “fear” of being unfaithful to their god. So what conclusions have I come to after a life of believing a certain way? Religion has been created to be a control mechanism for not just one family, government, person, but rather a control machine for our planet. WOW there I said it!

How? One might wonder..... READ.... look for yourself, why do people blindly accept a way of thinking spoon fed by those that have been spoon fed!? Why because we are all creatures of habit, we all hate change, everyone of us. If we were not creatures of habit marketing departments would be run by minimum wage high school drop outs! But instead they are run by those who know that one very key point, we are all very much creatures of habit. Don’t believe me research those that have created computer programs that can pinpoint your location on any given day with astounding accuracy. Not that I care, privacy is an illusion, just like everything else. We have lost our ability to think and we police ourselves. Here is an example: start reading about a subject that is completely removed from your core belief system...if first you allow yourself, most will not. Then after reading and somewhat educating yourself on that subject go try to start a conversation with someone that is close to you and see what happens. That is if you can pry them away from the TV or face book. Most likely they will do one of to that person will look at you like you are from mars but give you their time because they love you, or they will become upset and unable to have a friendly conversation with you.
Why is that? I could sit and listen to someone about how they think a ford is the best thing on the planet even though I have worked on cars my whole life and think that they are pretty much equal. I would listen and see their point....and in the end it doesn’t matter they all do the same thing...they get you from point “a” to point “b”. So why is it then we all cannot have a simple conversation on the fundamental facts of our entire set of beliefs? I think it is because we are all slaves, in one form or another. We hold onto that which makes us most comfortable, and we do that sometimes violently. I do not like the idea anymore of believing something just because that’s what my parents believed, and their parents believed , and their parents believed, and so on. I am at this time trying to “reboot” my way of thinking. To really find out why I have come to this point in my life,which I would not change one thing about.

I have gone down so many paths, one that says the catholic church is the root of all that is evil, one says this or that wealthy family is the root, another that says Israel and Zionism are the cause of the heart ache in the world today. So many things today are fighting for our beliefs, and we have the internet that on one hand could be used for a wondrous thing, but I find more often than not it has become just another tool created by all of us. A tool used to market new forms of belief and and new schools of thought.

So what does one believe? I have asked myself that so many times thru journey. I know less now than when I started! The more I research the more I realize just how complex this thing is. I have come to one singular thought. We were put here. On this planet. At this time. For a reason. By someone, something, I don’t care! I am here, now, today! Someone, something created me for some reason, and I do not need a guru, pastor, preacher, priest, rabbi, scholar, philosopher,psychiatrist, doctor, scientist, physicist to tell me how, why, when, or for what reason.....I am here, right now to live for a period of time and to learn everything that I can. About myself, about my planet, about my universe!

posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 08:12 PM
We are and we are not. Meaning we are so many labels and titles and we are so much more.
This is not a humanistic thought as some would see thru there set of beliefs/perspective/filters/experiences, but rather an understanding of non-understanding. Don't believe me? Find a grain of sand and hold it in you hand. Are you aware you hold what could be an entire universe in you hand? Don’t believe me? Look at it under a microscope, magnify it by 10, then 100, then 1000. Is that all there is to see? Now think quantum...go deeper past molecules, past atoms...go deeper still. Go to the limit of our known math. That theoretical mathematical place would be called a planks length. Now take yourself in your mind to that place, stand on the surface of that plank....look up...what would you see? In my mind I would see much of what I see when I look up at the night sky. A vast and unexplored universe. That universe would be grain of sand! That grain of sand came from something much larger, it did not just arrive at sand, it was once a part of something much larger in scope and size. What is possible? Anything!! Our limits as a whole are only what we as a whole put on limits, and we have a lot of those. We know such a small amount, not only ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually but also the planet, our solar system, our galaxy, our universe.

And yet....everyday we still limit our minds to that which we know, and we dare not ask the questions that beg to be asked. Why? We are fearful...we are all afraid of having all that we have ever thought, and believed challenged and found out to be a tale created to keep us right where we are today. Slaves to our own thoughts and beliefs. All of the various boogeymen that have been created (catholic church,Rothschild,banks,liberals,conservatives, governments....etc.etc.) are just support material for those thoughts and beliefs. Our minds have been used as our prison, and the guards are all of us. We police ourselves thru fear of being labeled crazy, paranoid, terrorist.

I have got a question. What happens if you wake up tomorrow and everything is exposed? Every lie, fairytale, conspiracy theory. And everyone is told this has all been a mode of control. What happens?
Do we become angry and seek justice? Do we become complacent and stop caring? Do we become more greedy and want what has been taken from us? Or....

we learn from our mistakes and realize we are all part of something so very big and beautiful.
Do we mark this down as a place in human history for all to see and never be forgotten?
Do we start regulating our wants and greed?


do we cling to that which is familiar, our habits? Have we come to a place that we cannot operate without our fears? Are we at a time that fear of something, someone, has limited or ability to choose right and the only way to do right is to fear punishment from someone, something?

We are all here on this planet, we have no where else we can go (right now) we are all citizens of this infinitely small blue speck and yet we are also a part of something so infinitely large. We all are responsible for where we are today, look in the mirror and realize that. We as a race can change that....the question is....will we?

posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 08:38 PM
reply to post by anonomorphic

Welcome to ATS. You do have a lot to bring to the table. I look forward to meeting you on the forums.


posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 10:47 PM
Wow. What Des said.

Anyway, you're not shy one bit. This is what the site is about; expressing those truths that we have singularly or collectively discovered. Topics abound, but I feel that you will hang out in the Religious Forum, and I will see you there whether I add to the discussion or ignore it.

I live in the US, but I've traveled to Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, England and The Republic of Panama. The world is full of people searching for the truth, no matter where you go. I enjoy hearing everyone's discoveries, and have enjoyed hearing yours.

Welcome to ATS...

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 12:01 AM

Welcome anonomorphic


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posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 06:44 AM
reply to post by visualmiscreant

In all honesty I do not have much to add concerning religion these have been ideas floating in my head for some time...I am more of a information gatherer... I have not traveled very far at all in my life, but I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet some of the most interesting folks....yes you are correct I too believe that there are a vaste number of people who are searching. I believe there is a divine creator, I believe he made me as a unique individual. But I also believe that I must first find the truth within I will pack a lunch and continue on my journey. Our world is a beautiful place. Thank you all for your welcoming comments.

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 07:43 PM
Welcome to ATS!


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