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My Interpretation of Heliofant's "I, Pet Goat II"

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posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 02:56 PM
This particular individual, having lived in India during high school, where your performance on exams are extra-ordinarily important, was more than a bit concerned about his ability to cope in the world, what with the psoriasis on the hands and this making it difficult for him to write for extended periods of time.

It was taboo to go obviously chasing after women in that society, what with arranged marriages being the norm - so I don't believe he saw what he was missing.

This led to his taking care of himself often enough and a lot of stress for him as well. This was the subject of a lot of fun in the media - blatant jokes on his libido.

His concern for his financial well-being and health, necessarily stunted his search for women - not that he didn't ocassionally try - he wasn't very good at it. At around the time he lived on his own, he didn't have a lot of friends (when he left University, he left his parents too). This is around the time when the song "What if God was one of us... nobody calling on the phone, 'cept for the pope maybe in Rome".

There was one girl he was attracted to or respected, but while she may have wanted to get married to this guy, he realized the difficulties he would face when having to explain his health and financial situation (difficulties he currently faces with his wife and Mom - they don't know what has been going on in his life thus far - you will see why it is difficcult to explain). Just around the time she finally got married (her father convinced her to marry someone else), the song by Madonna came out "Take a bow the night is over, no more masquerade."

But, because of the focus's ability to meditate, for some years now he claims he is able to undo some of the unpleasant effects of the "fork" tool on his health and his sex drive. This potentially makes for interest from people as well - ie how he fares in having sex.

He claims to have decent sex... you'll have to decide for yourself. And if there are other women - because he belongs to a very conservative culture - he is uninclined to chase after other women - though he may be attracted to them. He says:

My mom once said, and I agree with her: that most North Americans are obsessed with being over sexually stimulated.

If anything, his love life has been the focus of much ridicule, and can be part of the convenient justification of what stresses he was put through as he reasons.

posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 03:00 PM
The brain uses electrical signals to do it's work. It can also serve as a radio receiver (proof: articles on cell phone and cancer, Dr. Oz show -a from a while back shows a headset that allows one to play a pinball game, which uses brainwaves and radio waves to communicate). The brain is also dependent on timing signals. The reason for this follows that of electrical signals in IC chips: In order for two neurons to communicate, it is necessary, that when one neuron fires, that the next one in the chain is ready to receive the signal. An analogy is of an orchestra that plays according to beat. Back to radio waves.

The effect of radio waves on the brain is to generate a very high pitched hissing sound (at least from meditation this is what I discovered and have confirmed with other independent sources on the net as well as buddies of mine who meditate) that can be made to sound like morse code - a series of short and long hisses. It creates an ideal situation for pavlovian conditioning.

If you take pavlov's experiment, it is possible to use a bell to get a dog to salivate. But, this only describes the bell's direct effect on the dog. It is possible to transfer, in a similar fashion, conditioning from one rhythmic pattern to another, which makes all rhythmic sounds, potential sources of conditioning.

I am not going to write in depth, every detail of meditation as I have discovered it - it is written only to expose the fact that these things have enormous power over one's health, both physical and mental. (Having the ability to interrupt the timing signals of the brain offers great possibilities for interference as well).

Every single individual in large populations can be given a profile through independent conditioning, in a sufficiently powerful system of computers and radio signals. Many people are aware of other's profiles, though they are perhaps unaware of their ability to meditate and remove some of their own.

It is somewhat similar to being able to read people - you put yourself in their shoes and their surroundings and you can somewhat guess what is going through a person's mind. If you were to look at yourself from a third party perspective, you *might* be able to help yourself when in a quiet non-distracting place.

It is possible that one can undo such conditioning, by training oneself, through meditation to reverse the conditioning - the imagination is an extremely powerful tool in assisting this. However, with the systems that exist in this world a profile is not easily dumped - one can be retrained easily... all depending on one's level of experience, one's time spent learning, etc..

I call the tool that is used to cause conditioning, and spy on people 24/7 a "fork" tool... for reasons that will become apparent later on.

People don't have the ability to "tune" out or in radio waves quite like radios do. Radio waves usually blanket an area - not normally a pinpoint. This property of radio waves causes individuals in close proximity to be affected by the same radio waves. This means that if one person or the other should reverse or remove a pavlovian cue - retraining, using radio signals will cause the others in close proximity to be given the same conditioning. (for eg: the original cue may have caused coughing for one individual, and sneezing in the other, but retraining may cause both to now sneeze). So, retraining makes isolating individual profiles much harder. People, then who have the stronger profile (ie there is more motivation to keep them trained), might take precedence, or some tricks to differentiate the various profiles in close proximity would have to be used.

Someone who is extremely burdened by fork tools, therefore, have both wounds (of some kind or another), but also has opportunities to help heal other people through knowledge of meditation. This individual can also be a threat to others too - if the meditant is unable to undo the effects of the retraining on him or herself - they might cause others to be retrained too - and potentially have others' profiles changed.

An example of this property of meditation that I came across follows:

When I initially suffered health problems, I pursued a medical solution to this. It was discovered that I had Irritable bowel syndrome - and I was given "selective seretonin re-uptake inhibitors" (which I had surmised in one of my solo-debates would help IBS patients - co-incidentally) that was the highest dose that the doctor could prescribe (because this reduces nerve activity in the intestines and could have serious consequences taken in excess).

posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 03:01 PM
So, not having other options - aside from meditation - I got myself registered on an online bulletin board where such things are discussed. I soon wrote up about my condition and what I believed based on meditation and shared it with the group. I also posted some "visual" techniques in order to remove the pain - and these were simpler analogies of my complex techniques which had taken years to aquire and understand. They worked for people who subsequently posted their success and asked for more. However, the techniques I needed were continuously getting more and more complex - and so - posting these would have become an onerous task.

Nevertheless, it shows that the techniques that I used were not limited in usefulness to myself but were useful to others as well - indicating that I wasn't alone in my experiences.

Another proof of the existence of such technology comes from others on the net who describes similar, yet independent experiences.

A friend of mine who now practices yoga and meditation for a living, also learned of this third party tool from me and subsequently found many of his own means to deal with this problem - but he can independently confirm the work of third parties of his own experience.

There is a lot more to meditation than meets the eye. Meditants of the past have delved in to extra-sensory-perception etc... It is usually at this point that people ask questions as to the extent of meditant abilities. I will make a disclaimer here.

I cannot confirm speaking with the dead, speech with others, future seeing etc.... I will call these effects this: supereffects.

It is a complex domain... I believe there was a profound difference between what goes on today and what went on in the past.

The area of supereffects is something that worked a lot better in the past, because of the current interference by technology. Where the actual begining or end of supereffects are I cannot say... but in the current day and age, I would hesitate to talk about.

The realization that a tool such as a fork tool existed took me years and years to understand. It took a lot of research (in addition to applying knowledge of computer systems etc....). This is how I came to "an" explanation of how it occurs.

At first my encounters with this system, only led to causes and effects and then eventually it led to the understanding/suspiscion that it was done by third parties. Fork technology is not widely publicized, and it is not openly acknowledged - belief of the existence of such a technology is akin to believing in ghosts, goblins and voodoo. So, it is extremely difficult, if not nearly impossible to speak of such things to relatives and friends. Even if they were to take your word at face value, the reaction would potentially be one of fear of the powers that be.

It was however, the realization that third parties were involved that led to my asking "why are they doing this"?

My initial thoughts from a leaders' perspective, is that everyone formed a part of a bigger organization (the populace included).

I further reasoned that this bigger organization was trying to optimize people's behaviours for it's proper function (I might have done that myself... if I had had such a tool).

But, this didn't make any sense...

If I had the intention of "fitting in", why would there be no instructions as to how to do it? I wanted to live in the modern world "dream" - just like everyone else, and I was willing to follow those who would show me how to do it. (within the laws of the land and bible).

Why would *they* (I will call them fork inc.) want to make me sick?

A possibility was that they were just experimenting with things.

So, I figured that there must be others who are watching who may sympathize and scratch my back if I scratched theirs.

This isn't to say that I hadn't known in the past of the fact that I was being spied on by someone, who took ideas/inventions and made them come to reality. Take the idea of the toaster, or a turntable in microwave ovens, which I had come up with myself just prior to their introduction in the market place.

So, I decided to appeal to some of the "powers that be". For example: Hollywood or Canadian or US governments or big industrial giants.

How would I do this? I have been one who has searched for leadership since I was a kid. I thought back then that leadership abilities would allow me to understand how my limited health might not impede my ability to work with others provided I have enough smarts.

So, based on this knowledge I would try to provide "the powers that be" things that are important to them. I would do this by having soliloquys that were debates on various issues of importance to these organizations.

posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 03:04 PM
I'm not sure when exactly I started the soliloquys that were debates (I'll call this solo-debates) behaviour... but I believe it to be somewhere around 92-93 - although I had innately known prior to this that there were 24/7 spies, and if I voiced a concern someone was listening. I hadn't prior to discovery of the fork tool, taken a conscious decision to help anyone.

I'm also not sure of the chronological order in which I pursued helping Canadian or US governments or Hollywood or industrial giants.

I found that I could discuss things and somehow a debate on what I discussed would show up on TV or radio shortly afterwards... though nothing was mentioned of me.

But I also found that the words I mention in these solo-debates would also get repeated (co-incidentally?) by radio stations and TV stations in ways that simply ridiculed what I said in a solo-debate. (I was to find out that it wasn't by coincidence later).

Initially, I believe that I started with trying to help the Canadian government. I noticed that when I cam up with good ideas regarding the issues I found in newspapers, that these ideas were being used - it would show up in the news that someone used this or that idea, which I had come up with prior to.

I also started using my engineering knowledge to come up with good product ideas to help industry - to see if this would help my cause. So, you have things such as: MRI scanners, CDs, CD changers, multi-layer DVDs, a start button in Windows, a scroll wheel on mice, CD and radio controls on your car steering wheel, full-harness child seats and regulations (here in Canada at least), French double door fridges with drawer freezers, front loading washing machines, remote car starters, ABS braking systems, remote keyless entry - using various sounds to indicate lock or opening, car seat warmers, rear-window defoggers, i-pods, foldable guitars, fibre optic communications, etc...(a really, really long list).. I only came up with the concept, but others implemented the products.

The concepts were not too difficult for me to invent. For instance, in the invention of the CD, I reasoned that lasers were able to scan bar codes, so a bar code that was painted on the surface of a disc that spun like a record player, could be scanned and the ones and zeros would represent information that gets recovered from the media. If the laser were strong enough, it could burn the image on the material. Additionally, if the material were reflective, it would give readers a much easier time to read the disc. A multi-layer phenomenon could be achieved using coloured layers which were partially see through. So, red would be reflected by a red layer, but would allow blue to pass through to a blue layer etc... The harder the disc, the easier it would be to get a straight reflection and it would be easier to store information closer. For a waveguide or an optical fibre, it would simply be glass or see through plastic with a mirror coating. Since light is faster than electricity, it would conduct ones and zeros faster than electrical lines and would not be subject to interference.

It is helpful to mention here that the fork tool used a primitive form of communication to help my soliloquys, though it was not always clear and much of the communication seemed like they were only poking fun at what was said.

When people speak, there is a hummable tune that comes along with the speech. In a similar fashion the fork tool does this "suggestive" humming or hissing. (like talking snakes).

For Hollywood, I suggested the changes to the Batman movie (get a car that is more realistic with today's technology), came up with the basic story for the movie "Titanic", the story for the movie "The minority report" etc... I suggested that Tom Cruise be selected to act in this as well. (don't remember all my suggestions there). I suggested the idea of a 3D movie - this I reasoned would increase the sales of the movie because it couldn't be easily captured in the theatre by camera - prior to the arrival of the James cameron's 3D cartoon. Also suggested the Malayalee "Idea Star Singer" concept as well as Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and American Idol concepts.

I started to realize over time, that none of these organizations wanted to help me, or were too frightened of the "powers" I am unaware of - potentially - to stick their hand out to help me. Or, they were the ones using fork to get "stuff" from me. Many of these people were likely just venture capitalists or sharks.

I started to associate the pain I went through to another request for help...

posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 03:06 PM
An example of some of the ridicule I would get from media, goes like this:

Bush, I sensed, needed help with the Iraq war. I would argue that there is no way that I could help him with the war, in that I had no access to relevant context... As a volunteer helper, through solo-debates, I was powerless to help and that I wasn't some Fax machine that could receive faxes across the fork tool from the short and long hisses, for the contextual information I would need to determine what should be done.

I also remarked that trying to get me to take charge of the work without contextual information is akin to trying to set your house on fire - by putting someone in charge who doesn't know what is going on. In this case the house would be the United States.

That evening David letterman comes on TV and he sets up a fax machine strung to a styrophoam cup, and says that Paul Schaffer is going to pretend to be Roger. David says, "Bush, you can now send a fax across the fax machine to Roger". (something to that end). "Roger, are you getting this?".

Many such cues now occur in a more real time fashion across the radio - For example, while driving in my car, a story would appear that had nothing to do directly with what I was saying, but it would contain key phrases that would hint at a response of some sort.

posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 03:08 PM
Eventually, I mentioned that these manufacturers would have to lower their prices as their competitors caught on. I also mentioned that the US would have hell to pay for it though - I said that it was not something that I would advise them to do.

Additionally, knowing that the people of Kerala (to whom many Indians credit the software industry in India's existence), had high education (near 99% literacy) and not a fraction of the wages of the US or western world - I argued that India would be suitable for high tech industries too.

To support this claim, there was a telecom giant named Nortel, here in Canada (and the US), that did exactly this - because people in my community who worked for Nortel told me that the company had offices in Bangalore where they did development.

Around that time is when I heard Bill Clinton make a request for information about how terrorists might attack, so that he could help the US prepare for such a situation.

For an inventive person like me.... it was a piece of cake. It is easy enough for anyone to commandeer a plane and have it hit buildings from out of the sky. "Anyone need to pull down some buildings?". Perhaps they want to destroy these buildings because the EPA condemned the buildings and they spent a lot of money on the buildings and wanted insurance to cover the cost?

I sensed in this soliloquy that they wanted to know more, and so I came up with a story... I didn't want them to do this, though I sensed that they were going to carry something like this out. So, I told them to wait until at least the next US president, so that it wouldn't get pinned on Bill Clinton and I might not remember that I came up with it. Perhaps if they did it on 9/11 (911 being the emergency number in Canada - don't know about the US).

I tried to add as many caveats as possible to the story, so that people would smell something fishy if it happened.

I said that there were many people who stood to gain money from this: Two weeks prior to the attack, there would be short calls on the stocks of the airline that hit the building - the price of its stock would fall on the news of the damage - Make sure that there are enough short calls so as not to alert anyone to someone having known.

The officials who would be busy ordering fighter planes to help ground civil aviation would be at an airshow on the day of - and they wouldn't be able to hear an emergency phone call because of the din.

The buildings would collapse vertically to avoid collateral damage - as long as they put charges to help the collapse after a couple of hours of jet fuel burning.

Just for fun, one plane would hit the side of the pentagon. It would be a side that was under construction work, so no one died. There would be a white line drawn in the grass towards the building where the plane would hit, but no one would find any jet engines or any plane debris. The plane would fly low to avoid radar detection that would surround the pentagon and cameras from nearby parking lots etc, won't be focussed on the area the unidentified object swooped in.

The president would be sitting in a classroom, prior to this occurence where the teacher would be teaching the children a lesson in reading with some key words such as plane, hit, steel amongst other words. I don't recall everything in my instructions.

The problem would be pinned on some terrorists from Afghanistan (I didn't know what or who was in Afghanistan) - I said that military contractors would make considerable money from this, and different countries would send soldiers to support the war and it would simply be a military exercise for them - a training ground - they'd have to be paid anyway. It would be a perpetual war for training purposes.

Well, the list of modifiers for this Afghanistan war goes on and on.... How it might cross into neighbouring Pakistan and disable this nuclear weapon touting Muslim country....

For some reason, I was given the impression that fork inc is a company that privately uses the fork tool to fuel it's client's requests for information and ideas. (clients like governments, industry, Hollywood, pharmaceuticals to name a few).

This is the reason they do this: Greed. They can trap highly creative people and use it to make money - they are also interested in committing crimes to advance their monetary standing.

It is an undetectable, unproveable crime, though some people "know" from experiencing the abuse/spying.

posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 03:09 PM
They do make sure that the victims of their crimes know that almost anything they say is used. Some of the product attempts end in failures too: for instance the Corel Linux OS. Toyota corporation's brake problems also followed one of my soliloquoys where I was wondering that in an automatic car, there must be sophisticated programming between when to switch gears so that the gears don't switch continuously back and forth and especially don't interfere with braking.

The idea behind the carbon dioxide emissions and this possibly causing turmoil in the planet's weather patterns was another idea I came up with - we are losing a lot of forest cover while simultaneously spewing much carbon dioxide in to the air.

Another idea that hit me is that a single siesmic event could concievably go beyond the control of people in a place like Japan. This would cause a nuclear disaster if it hit one of the nuclear power plants - potentially leading to a meltdown.

posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 03:12 PM
In this respect also, he has woken up at night for several years now, and has been having such talks. Hence the owl in the movie.

He was the one to come up with the idea that terrorists could simply load a truck with explosives and run into a building and have it detonate - before the Oklahoma city bombing.

He also suggested that if a leader wished to distract people from poor leadership, natural disasters are a good way to have people distracted - if it is possible to create natural disasters. This was noted prior to the arrival of Katrina. He also mentioned that the leader would however, have to have some sort of disaster plan in place to take care of the disaster, when it happened.

He compared his work to the work of newton - action = reaction, where because they were irritating him with a fork tool, he gave them India and China. This is the "IOU" that people are experiencing.

His belief is that as the financial system collapses - people will have to resort to both having meditation and will have to resort to using old-fashioned techniques of survival - such as what the aboriginals of North America did (ie the native Indians). It would also help to avoid trouble by allowing people to be mobile. It would be a forgone conclusion in the event of a nuclear EMP blast... as it would be the only means to survive. It would be difficult if not impossible to survive in a world that can't function on electricity. Examples of things that would fail: Traffic systems, communications systems (phones, cell phones, etc), planes drop out of the sky, banking systems defunct etc.

Needless to say, people will not have equal access to medical facilities or contraception for that matter -requiring them to be extra-ordinarily conservative from a sexual behaviour perspective - at least according to him.

There are many more things which he has professed. Others will have to fill in the arguments.

He calls the tool a "fork" tool, because they are attempting to use it to drive everything, even if it is inappropriate for such use. So, he reasons, it is as if one were to try to use a fork to do everything in the world.

Lately, he had commented that Pierre Eliot Trudeau's son would be suitable for a political candidate for Prime Minister of Canada, prior to his having even entered politics.

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 07:22 PM
have you noticed 4:34-4:35 It's a man on his back with an erection.

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 07:32 PM
Ah, the satisfaction of figuring out things for myself

Now to the bad part.. say what u will. This is purely a screen cap.

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posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 09:08 PM
Don't know if its been said (it probably has) but the dancing Shiva figure changes into representations of various native religions around the globe. Also, the fact that the Jesus figure is in an Egyptian boat, and there is an emphasis on his heart (ala Catholicism), and he's got a sun/pyramid/eye thing going on on his forehead tells me that this hearkens back to the Osiris meme. It's showing he's enlightened and leading the way for everyone else. The bombed mosque- emphasis on the woman as an Islamic virgin Mary type- and the whirling dervish boy in the air over the ruined mosque emphasizes a new sort of resurgence/victory over an old/corrupt way of things.

To me, the feeling I get is that the maker of this animation is wanting to emphasize a belief that all are really one- and the evil/Satan in the world are materialistic banker sorts who want to enslave us all- and our Presidents are only puppets for them. I don't agree with this video- but that's what I see in it.

posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 03:01 PM
Frankenstorm and The Day Of The Dead:The Pet Goat II false flag event decoded

The following podcast was made by a group of alternative thinking Christian researchers on the night of October 28th. "Exegetica" (Dave) relayed the story of how on October 20th he discovered a specific calendar date that was encoded into the Pet Goat II video before the controlled media made any mention of a "Frankenstorm" that could potentially devastate the eastern seaboard. He went on to show how the video clearly reveals how the Illuminati have forecasted a false flag event that involves a series of "natural" disasters that will occur at the end of October that will also involve the November 1st Mexican holiday known as "The Day Of The Dead." Ex went on to explain why the term "Frankenstorm" was carefully chosen to communicate certain esoteric truths and how this applies to a devastating super storm that will be artificially created by electromagnetic "quiet" weapons. He went on to show how the video appears to make veiled references to dates such as October 31, November 5th,6th and 7th as well as forecasting massive death and destruction for the month of November through the repetitive occurrence of the number 11 as well as dual pillar symbolism. He pointed out that the video also appears to predict extensive blackouts on the east coast, the possibility of a negative event on the west coast as well as one or more nuclear events on American soil that may possibly involve the state of California. The collapse of the American economy through QE3 related hyperinflation and an imminent war in the Middle East in the month of November was also mentioned. The theory was presented that this war would occur as a "retaliation" for a second event or series of events that would occur alongside or soon after the "natural" disasters, the idea being that these subsequent events would be falsely blamed on the Islamic people in order to justify immediate military action. Also we want to further emphasize that in the opening scene, the black "C" on the RIGHT side of the black hole at the center of the wooden box appears to be forecasting an extended blackout on the EAST coast, the idea being that the letter "C" is an abbreviation for the word "coast" which is consistent with the pattern throughout. DISCLAIMER: Once again we are not making any predictions here, we are merely trying to decipher what the video itself appears to be saying. It may be possible that events similar to those described in the video will happen but on a significantly lesser scale due to divine intervention or other unforeseen causes. Another possibility is that the video was created to cause apathy about yet another false flag "non-event" while the true sequencing of events is scheduled for the ominous year of 2013. It should be remembered however that the two clocks in the video are pointing to the number twelve (i.e. midnight) which appears to be a fairly obvious reference to the much discussed year of 2012.


NOTE: If you scan down the page there are some older podcasts that present a detailed analysis of the Pet Goat II video. As far as we know these are the only podcasts that have gone over the video with any detail.

posted on Dec, 17 2012 @ 05:02 PM
The scenes in the elementary school classroom at the beginning of Heliophant's "I, Pet Goat II" take on new meaning since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. Coincidence?

posted on Dec, 18 2012 @ 11:26 PM
reply to post by ErroneousDylan

I want to bump this up. Watched "I, Pet Goat" again. It's fascinating, albeit deeply disturbing.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 06:27 PM
Since this keeps getting put back into my path, I finally decided to write down most of what I see.

Here you are.

Heliofant. Helio – sun. Play on Heirophant – one who brings people into the presence of that which is Holy. The Heiro (Ta hiera – the holy) replaced by “Sun” and phant from phainein “to show.” To show the Sun. Chief Priest of the Elusien Mysteries. Chief Priest of the Mysteries of the Sun. Heliofant. The Pontifex. Pope..

The goat is the sexual male mind in most mythology. Numbered, boxed, belled, behind barbed wire, hypnotized and its own common duality is depicted on the wooden box. The man with the lead and the dog that is barely under control.

The hands that control money and war control the US presidents who are acting in front of an audience of children. The hands sort of look feminine – no meaning I give, just noting an artistic choice.

The classroom is a symbol of duality as well. The brain is divided. The female teacher looks on without comment or intervention of the works of the puppet, but doesn’t seem impressed. Hearts surround the woman. The burning house, the shark, missiles and sex surround the male president. The man is surrounded by his own works. Between is shark, sex bomb, hanged man, evolution, heart. The President is ejaculated on by a bomb, has a shark by his left ear, and a house on fire by his right.

The owl is used by a number of esoteric traditions. Watchers. The snowflakes are six sided stars. The sign above the chalkboard reads as the illumination happens at noon/midnight. All the rest of the evolution series is consistent, but there is a wall between the man with the gun and the illuminated man.

Below the chalkboard you have Newton’s Third Law, the application of symmetry, where force are interactions between equal and opposite forces in a closed system. Then the mind split, the dragon and the heart. Between a man surrounded by sharks and a burning house, and heart is the application of force dividing the mind. The dragon is a Chinese dragon, seen as being benevolent until the advent of Buddhism which introduced the idea that dragons are sometimes malevolent. The mind is divided equally between thought and imagination. Until the evolution to the heart.

Eve/Alice is sitting with the apple of knowledge in the midst of children who have been turned to stone and caged, silenced and their individuality erased. The left eye is highlighted, the right eye missing. Behind her are the stag and the rabbit, and between them is the exit which she never gets up to use but instead falls asleep watching the entertainment being presented as knowledge. Stag is an ancient symbol of the Hunter. The rabbit a common depiction of the Goddess.

When she drops the apple of knowledge she goes to sleep. The apple splits and forms a 007 (secret services reference, often seen as CIA, but one should remember that 007 worked for MI5 a British agency). The apple splits and open and forms a lotus. The Lotus is the mind awake, as the top chakra. Though the entertainment as a learning put Alice to sleep as intended, and the elite get her apple of knowledge when it comes to them it opens and shows that it has already blossomed which causes the elite puppets to sweat. Under the boot of the President is a coin which is reminiscent of the coins of the French kings pre-French revolution.

The clock outside the school is also set to noon/midnight, but since it is night we can assume that it is midnight. The graffiti is Pslams 23. The American Flag is torn in half. There are the twin towers falling. A masked dancer wears a theatrical mask of sorrow and a feather at his brow before taking a dive. Theatre in ancient Greece was used to convey social religious information, just as it is now but is far less obvious.

Psalms 23 from the Illuminated Bible:
A Psalm of David
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures he leadth me beside still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou prepares a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: tough annointest my head with oil: my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 06:29 PM
The Christ figure is riding an Egyptian Solar Boat. Later you can see that the solar boat is the Left Eye. The head on the boat carrying Christ is Anubis. The star at the back of the boat (later) is an 8 rayed star (Mayan calendar is also depicted with an 8 rayed star). The 8 rayed star can be associated to Innana(Sumerian). Anubis can be equated to Sin (Sumerian). I would loosely associate Innana(Sumerian) to Maat(Egyptian).
Osama bin Laden has a CIA badge, but what is most interesting about him is the suggestion that he is Nephilim and that his hoard behind him are bombs All marked with the waning moon. He is marked with the Throat Chakra, just as are several other characters in this piece.

Lady Liberty is often thought to be a version of Semiramis, and is standing on the six rayed star. Six rayed star is modernly associated to Judaism. She was a present from the French to the newly founded US. The flame is supposed to depict the flame of liberty and it breaks off and tumbles into the ocean. The flame of liberty is snuffed out.

The TV snake is a wrapped around the nascent child. The coil is DNA. The eye says, “Order out of Chaos.” The Right eye is “order.” The Left eye is “out of Chaos.” To either side of the jaw is “MAE” and “SARN” “SALT” or “SALK”(?) MAE = Breaks/height/notable/form. (Left) SALT = DO, SART = REPAIRED/INTACT/UNHARMED.
The Heart of the Solar Boat Christ is catching on fire and is powered by the two lower chakras, seen as two emerging hearts. He also is marked with a throat chakra, third eye, crown pyramid.

From the sleeping Christ’s third eye emerges the yelling TV snake wrapped around the nascent baby, it has a throat chakra of an upside down pyramid. This is the face of the TV snake that is watching the DNA of the nascent baby, and whom has emerged from the head of the boy who is programmed with war, and medicated. Suggesting a link between the boy whose mind births the Singularity(?) and/or is being watched and influenced by old pirate of order and chaos, and the idea for it came from the mind of the solar boat Christ. The boy and the Christ are linked. The boy is wearing Egyptian priest robes which are also reminiscent of the robes of a pope. He sees destruction and destruction happens. He sees nothing but destruction.

The jets which blow up part of the temple are drafting tools. Probably a Masonic reference. When this is done, doves are released. Perhaps a reference to the harvest of angels.

The sleeping Christ is unaware his power, and incinerates a while moth? Butterfly?

The sad dancer bows.

Halo’ed Lady in a burka with a broken boy on her lap reminiscent of the Pieta of Christ. With a mushroom cloud behind. Most of the burden of consequences is carried by women and children. The scarab beetle has a ufo on it? The boy who ascends later in the swirling dervish never looks like he is alive or awake, but the scarab beetle suggest that he is “ascended” and the rebirth of Sufi Islam is beautiful but never truly alive.
Skull and Cross bones is supplying arms to Africa, and girl is both armed an utterly injured in and out. She is crowned, armed, and scarred in every way.

The pink lily is floating on a river of pollution towards the everyday worker, who is drowning. Both the lotus and the lily can represent the flowering of the crown chakra, though it may be interesting to note that both are entheogens which can induce a relax state of happiness in lesser doses.

The peace girl is a tiger, but when she is found by the skeleton (the skull) who celebrates death she gives into him. Once they recognize each other, he owns her. The skull is also marked at the throat chakra with a swirl. Later the skeleton is seen as the orchestrator of destruction.

I’m not good with star charts. Anyone match anything out of the stars at 4.06?

The fire that comes from the mouth of the sleeping Christ envelopes the egg which is just like the egg that contains the child nascent enveloped by the snake. The egg sits at the uvula of the cave of the heart that the solar boat is emerging from. Child bathed in the in the words of the sleeping Christ?
Shiva dances a dance of destruction, crowned by the pyramid and marked by the third eye dot.
Fish jump into the solar boat. Matthew 13:47 (Illuminated Bible) Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a net, that was cast into the sea, and gathered every of every kind. 48: Which, when it was full, they drew to shore, and sat down, and gathered the good into vessels but cast the bad away. 48: So shall it be at the end of the world: the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just.

The hand of Light descends, and alights upon the tower (lighthouse) jailing an old whore selling love wiping out her stains. The light house looks like a penis between legs. It is topped with a cross. She’s been marking the days until she gets out. Released from bondage by the light of God.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 06:29 PM
Sleeping Christ wipes out a legion of bankers.

The Singularity(?) or the Order out of Chaos watcher removes itself from the mind of boy priest tormented by war and destruction, the boy is satisfied.

The sufi boy arises, is not alive while he whirls. The moon is no longer a crescent behind him, but full.
The sad faced dancer is now crowned in a mask of mischief, still wearing a feather. His heart chakra is a four rayed star alight now. His chest has the solar disk of Shamash. Transforms to a bear, then to a crow, and then the light shines on him and he is happy.

He and Shiva are dancing around the same fire, but are not ever at the same time.

Christ figure on the solar boat emerges from the belly marked by a demon (?) the cave mouth is a vagina.
Awakens in the waters he is surrounded by the lotus of awakening (crown chakra) and the sky is full of shooting stars. Maybe a reference to an asteroid with precursors. Also a possible Stitchins reference of the return of Nibru being preceded by meteorites being stirred up.

The Church behind him crumbles. The crown of barbed wire disappears. In this sequence you can see a picture on his back, but I can’t make out what it is. The pyramids crumble.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 10:16 AM
And lastly - deer hunter rabibit....

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 10:31 AM
I'm a bit intrigued that Heliofant doesn't provide a blow-by-blow explanation of their little video. I personally would be extremely interested to hear what went into the creation of such a profound presentation.

posted on Jan, 18 2013 @ 10:29 PM
The pic at 54 secs into this video changed for me.

I know see a Dragon type of image.

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