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Supposedly you can summon ETs/UFOs this way

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posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 01:53 PM
I had a friend who bespoke himself in a similar fashion.....He was very smart.....but he had schitzoid tendancies, and once in a while would completey loose it, as far as normalcy goes....
Usually he was just quirky.....eccentric, you might say....
But when he was out of it he needed support badly.....thats usually when he came to visit our house....
he would stay for a week or a month or two, and then head back out into the world .....only to return months or years later totally in need of caring for.....
I hope you find somebody who will understand you......i think very few people will take this seriously, and i hope you are tough enough to take the flame jobs....(They are just insensitive boobs anyways...)
Take care, i will visit your other threads too....and can you just differentiate which days are which?are they odd /even?or some other criterion?
peace out .....s

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 03:27 PM

Originally posted by FlyInTheOintment

ETA - I have seen UFOs, and I have never needed to 'summon' them. Anyone who sacrifices to UFO's or who follows advice gained through channeling in order to see them, is at risk of the practice of idolatry, demonisation and/ or paranormal persecution.
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Well said! I stopped sacrificing cats and have learned to summon UFOs with a snap of my fingers.

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 10:36 PM
What is a red/black/blue day? I tried goggling it but didn't find much I'm curious now, does it have to do with astrology or did you make this system of colored days up based on your mood?

posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 05:41 PM
a little more info ive been given. UFOs are everywhere in the midwest its no big deal really. Talked to some people in Roswell (doing research for a project out here) and the triangle UFOs are the 6 (red/black), and 8 are the infinity disc (blue/black). They both move in the light pattern according to their number. (8-like a figure 8, triangle in the 3 light pattern). I have not seen these with my own eyes. Supposedly triangle UFO travels in pairs and kills. It can kill you by looking at it. 8's do their own thing and dont really bother with people, but you should still stay far away from them but im told they are ok to view if you come across one.

I know the triangles are dark and no one wants to summon them. I dont know fully how to do it or want to do it, but for the sake of the research you supposedly attract them by carrying physical gold and silver and doing the stuff I noticed above, combined with numerology rituals. Its very serious and I dont recommending going further than that. They say to bring them you need a bag of precious metals with specifically gold, buy items in 3's, use your left hand to do everything, make sacrifices on certain dates (June 6th was a big one that just passed) that correspond with the numberology, and some other things I didnt care to ask about. Just talking about it almost got me bit by a black widow spider (specifically a black widow-may be a ritual insect) and to be honest I didnt even ask for that. It tries to "take you in". You need to be on the red side of the traintracks of the town to do it I was told and at certain times (3 am kept coming up). Apparently it can be done anywhere, as they have to want to come out to you, and this is how you "call" them. I have not seen these for real, but it would really bother me if someone did this and some crazy stuff happened to them, so please just read this as a topic for discussion and dont start doing dark rituals. It also ties in with religion, beliefs are (loosely and in relation to craft):
red/black-the triangle worship the one whos name I wont write
blue/black- the One True God-8s
blue/white- Christian God and some 1 true God-Just God (although are usually open if concepts change)
red/white- the Spirits, the One True God-All craft including triangle (foundation reds are Native Americans for the most part so they already have a leg up on the history from the Mayans and Aztecs)

There are all sorts of other things you can do to summon and its related to religion and the race to find the God particle, so I dont mess with it. I know tribes, armies, people, entire civilizations have lived and perished by it, so im way too small a person to EVER have a lack of respect for it. The only reason why im finding this stuff out is because I love cultures and how other people do things, so im ALWAYS talking to people. Thats how ive learned what kind of offerings to bring to people in their towns to get better treatment and safe passage when passing through. Ill put up some more once its told to me.

posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 06:23 PM

Originally posted by strangedays
Supposedly triangle UFO travels in pairs and kills. It can kill you by looking at it.


So that means there couldn't be any photos or videos of triangle UFOs because the witnesses would all be dead.

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posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 06:25 PM

Originally posted by Numbers33four
reply to post by FlyInTheOintment

There is a lot of this going on. People trying to get other people to wordhip satan without their knowledge.

When traveling in the southwest/rocky mountain area its how people communicate. Theres a mason lodge in every town, they all live underground, they all LOVE rare rocks/gold/precious metals (this is how you show respect when you bring one to their house, although if youre not the same polarity they will never respect you but it helps to ease things), some hardcore towns dont even sell lighters and only use matches (although I think they can harness fire somehow in the triangle towns, like without a lighter its freaky-havent seen that but have personally witnessed magnetic bending of hard metals by moving hand over it). Theres triangles everywhere and dead stuff everywhere in triangle towns (usually desert, non organic environments, lots of powerplants and electricity/lights/etc everywhere) and also if you look at the 3 prong ac outlets they are turned upside down from the traditional, so that they form 2 pyramids (one on top of the other), and are usually black in color (only white in bathrooms usually). Train tracks seem to roll through almost every decent sized town in the SW and you see a lot of occult rituals based on railroad tracks (as its the towns red/blue dividing line), and there seems to be extremely strong patches of dark energy when 2 rails cross to form that black cross. Those seem to be the big ritual spots, and also are the entrances to "south america" a lot of times. They are guarded by the masons that line the towns. The masons are bad mofos so you shouldnt mess. They can control bizarre things the average person would never think about. They are the interdimensional gatekeepers as I like to call them. Thats why their status is high enough to warrant it next to the Christian Cross on graves (only other is military service). When you go through those towns and get service, it is customary to use your left hand when handing money in a red house, and your right hand in a blue house (as is anywhere, they are just more strict about the identification in the SW because, as I said, its not matters to go messing with). Also there is a need to know the numerology to go out there, as it aids you in showing you where to buy your petrol from, which grade to buy (shows respect to the house), what products to buy (and what they sell, sometimes its only limited to red items like coke, red bottled water, cranberry juice, etc) whether to take a bag or not (you take a bag when its a blue item being purchased in a red house to show respect to the red because it covers it, and vice versa), whether to take a sleeve or not at their local coffee house (thats popular there in towns lots of coffee shops-brown sleeve for red, leave it off for blue). Im pretty sure too that these are just surface decoy towns that stock a little bit of stuff to have for people and tourists passing through (they get the double benefit of feeding off them) and most of their towns are underground. Im pretty sure at this point there are generations of children that may have never even been to the surface in their life yet. Theres no places to live along all those desert roads (with just BDAs strangely enough haha), and the rail roads go into the mountains and mines as well so its easy to move bulk by rail system (thats how they do it anyways to regular above ground cities). Its popular to actually tour ghost towns out there because there are so many of them.

But yea some crazy stuff out there man and if you go you better "come correct" or you might run into trouble. Smokings real big too because its foundation red (tobacco), so it always good to bring smokes with you when you go out there.

posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 06:26 PM
reply to post by strangedays


I would highly suggest that you knock off the kiddie stuff. There's things happening on this planet right now that you don't want to be mixing with unless you have an idea of what it is that you're doing...and I can clearly tell that you don't. yourself a favor and ask for this thread to be deleted.

posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 06:38 PM

Originally posted by tport17
Hey there.
Have a few curiosity questions. Firstly, who told you to use a floppy disk in this way? Did you come up with it yourself?

A 76er told me

What is with the color coding? What is a red/black day or red/white day? Also wondering where you heard about this or if you came up with it on your own.

If this has not worked for you, how do you know it works at all?

It matches the coding, and people around the rockies (the entire span, not just Roswell and NV) have reports of craft as well as the gas stations you go to and such all have alien-themes and stuff like triangles and the colors built into the logo (purple is an ET color)

Did you come to all of these ideas and conclusions from your channeling? Who is it you channel?

It is people that are controllers out in public, controlled from a higher power linked into the sky (but im told its just a satellite bouncing frequencies back from the tower then projecting them out from the BDAs

Sorry so many questions. Just trying to figure out what you are trying to say here.

Those threads should help to illustrate the concept im talking about.

posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 06:53 PM

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posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 07:00 PM
reply to post by strangedays

You obviously know absolutely nothing about the southwest. By using the word "petrol", I can tell you are not from the US too. Guess living/traveling in Arizona for over 40 years, I've missed every single town you mention....

Plus, being right handed, I pay with my right hand. I don't check to see if the business is blue/red/green/polka dot.

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 01:29 AM
Remember also... When traveling far north through Canada into Alaska, stop every 3 miles and draw a circle in the earth. Straddle above the circle and cross it with three lines to form a triangle . Once the triangle is drawn, place the tip of the index finger of your predominant hand in the center of the triangle/circle. At the same time look up to the sky and chant "mekka lekka hi, mekka hiney ho" 7 times. I have yet to do this for fear of what I may summon.

posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 09:25 PM
Ok, some more. I guess the BDA towers go to someone or something probably via satellite above then that body/whatever it is can control the weather, animals, etc. But I had the designation wrong last time. Heres some more info. The black dome shaped dishes with the red lightning bolt are red/black and the white dome shaped dishes with the red lightning bolt are actually blue/black. More on this:

Blue/black is the 8 in 86 or 68. It is represented by a 4 sided tower usually and is used for police and fire dispatch, assistance, etc. Its represented by the 4 point diamond, 2 x 4 = 8. But basically blue/black uses the towers to summon 8, and red/black uses their towers to summon 6 (represented by the triangle, 2 x 3 = 6) and ususally uses the 3 point tower.

I originally thought that 6 was the worst thing out there. 6 is terrible and should always be avoided if you see a triangle (or triangle pair), but the "L"s that I saw symbols for are worse. They actually represent "66" and thats why you see them grouped with the other two. It has something to do with Israel and it being made up of the 3 ancient pharohs Isis Ra and El. Isis = 6, Ra = 8, El = 66.

What bothers me is when im attacked by someone and I call upon God to help me and get them off me, and nothing happens. If I attempt to summon 8 or mention it (the entity 8), everybody gets real quiet/real scared and shuts up real fast. I got a problem with that. The God that facilitates these peoples lives and they show so much disrespect to the source yet will scatter at the mention of one of the ancients. Even the ancients dont like that, strangely enough.

The reason is is that God is unconditionally forgiving. Hes not going to hurt you for questioning him not taking action. The One True God would want someone to question their existence. THAT in itself is an attempt to get closer to the creator. It just bothers me that he sits back and doesnt dish out the justice. Its the laid back attitude IMO thats landed our society in the crud its already in.

But yea anyway just to clear that up. Oh yea 8s cool with dogs, but 6 hates dogs. It will actually run away from dogs. Its cool with cats though as far as I know. And they communicate magnetically sometimes thats why they are attracted to silver/gold/orecious metals out there. It has to do with the rarity of the metal if you have it on you it acts like a "pointer". If I remember anything else more ill drop it here later.

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posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 06:32 AM
Ok so ever since I rolled through the sacrifice-killing town of Tucson Az ive had a group of people following me along the major hwy system (no wonder all the posters here were telling me to take the back roads and stuff) from town to town, staying at the same motels I do. Ive gone as far as to camp sites, and they will send someone out there too. They are specifically trying to "hex" (hexagon = 6 sides) me. They do this by practicing several forced rituals. Im sure they did something like this to Loughner as the do it on the unsuspecting or those who do not know about it. A few things ive noticed that they have tried to do to me are get me at food places or gas stations to buy items in 3s (think I mentioned that before) and in the case of these motels, they let me get exactly 6 hours of sleep then wake me up. They do this by pounding on the walls above, below, and beside me, and if I ask for an isolated room, they will take to standing outside my door and yelling and banging on it in the middle of the night. Tonight/this morning, a guy revved his motorcycle in front of my door but then shut it off and went back to bed heh. Usually you start your vehicle at 5am to go somewhere not start it rev it then shut it off. They switch it up so any 1 thing doesnt seem intentional. They do have a limited number of things they can do once you isolate their variables though.
Anyways what they are trying to do is to "draw her" (6) to me. Its how they get her to attach herself to you. She then kills you via some method (runs your car off the road, poisonous animal bite, heart attack, etc), and the heat stays off them for a while. The thing with me is im told im bait for the reverse sacrifice. Ive had her on my back for 31 years, and apparently im quite familiar with her (this is all told to me). She takes note of who does what to me (supposedly-all ive seen are people benefiting from hurting me in those 31) and to what degree, and the people setting it up usually get hurt instead (for even thinking of hurting someone like that). Like I said this is all justice/feel good type talk, and honestly it hasnt been like that. There is no defender, even when you call on God. Its really IMO just them subjecting a person to abuse and thats it. Anyways to tell you the rest of what ive been told: The problem with all this "justice" is I never see it, and supposedly now this guy is going to fall off his Harley today for attempting to summon her tonight. All I know is I dont go around trying to hurt or draw hurt to people. Thats how she finds you and places herself upon you. Hopefully people believe me and can avoid stuff like this (keep your kids safe from it, etc by not giving them things in 3s and stuff, to be aware of it and know about it). Its how they killed my father. In the last years of his life, there would always be something that only let him sleep 6 hours nightly. Its sad to now know what kind of animal they thought my father was (they think of us as apes/monkeys) and that I cant do anything about them abusing him or me. This also brings up a scary point; It appears any amateur can call on her and get results. They just need to remain dilligent in their calling of her to the victim/target. Other things they do when summoning: at 12midnight, knock on the wall 18 times, in 6 patterns of 3 (blip blip blip, blip blip blip, blip blip blip, type pattern). Draw out the triangles. I dont know any of the other methods and dont care to, as ive practiced NONE of this, just observed it being used/shown to me. I had to almost get severely injured to get some of this knowledge to write down to people. Im not even sure if its real, they could have just attacked me and not been successful, and this is the backstory given since I avoided the attack. Who knows, but im following my instincts to put it up here to you all for observation/education.

posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 07:15 AM
Ok so a little more on 8/6. 3 (6) represents the triangle, a 3 point symbol with 2 sides on the ground and one side elevated. This is a representation of the tri yang. The 8 is represented by the infinity symbol. The symbol is balanced left and right, with 2 complete hemispheres in each as opposed to the triangle. It is represented by the yin yang (more polarized). Its more balanced and the argument is that although both are everflowing/cycling 8 is a complete regeneration/degeneration. Im still not sure what that means completely. But basically, how the opposition of powers works is like a chess game (perhaps this is the Joust, Royalty vs Peasants). Both forces can kill a human. Thats easy and they have many ways to manifest it or just directly do it. So the way it works is, 6 triangle is the killing force. 8 can also kill, but specialize in countering. They allow 6 to put extreme danger on the human, and they counter it, and get a kick out of that somehow. Its funny to them but not so funny when you are the human caught in the middle.

But basically the warning is as things heat up (temperatures are going to be higher than ever before in current history) is that she is contained somewhat in the southwest (desert area, reptile area, etc) as things get hotter everywhere, she is going to be able to move around everywhere more easily (normally she would use electricity in the winter to get to people) and its going to spread the RED influence area. Basically its going to get worse everywhere. An example of this is I was traveling the interstate this past Friday the 13th. I saw a Dodge Ram blow a tire at exactly the 66 mile marker and have to make an evasive manuver to get off the road. I also saw a lot of broken down cars at similar dark colored number mile markers and exits all day that day. RED was real heavy this past Friday the 13th. But thats how its manifested: it doesnt always come out like someone physically hurting you, they call it to you and then it uses the environment or something to attack you. They sometimes call it to you unintentionally because they are just a crappy person in general (might be your deadbeat friend and you or him never even realize it, but bad stuff always seems to happen) by being around them. But then there are people like the ones I described above, that get caught up in it and lust for her, because she gives them power. They intentionally try to do things to bring her out, because they take joy in hurting people. They may have been hurt in the past and thats how it got started, but it is my understanding that they have to intentionally accept and fraternalize with it (commit/worship) to get it to do things for them. She will contract them somehow and will give them "teasers" of what she can do to get them to sign on. Never accept her offer. She doesnt even care as she has many many recruits and doesnt need any more. But never buy things in 3's, accept the 1 true God as your lord and savior, follow the 10 commandments, and let God into your life and he will keep that crap off you. He uses 8, but distances himself from it because its blue/black, and although its cooperative darkness in a sense, darkness never makes bargains that it keeps oath to. It can always 180 on the contract, and it does. And since he works off of light, these types of things take his light off you if you go to them. Im being allowed to talk about it so it can be explained I think, that way people can protect themselves and receive the light (stay in the light lol). More as they tell me, then ill tell you.

posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 08:28 AM
reply to post by strangedays

Somethings there, and it sure as hell aint god!

posted on Jul, 16 2012 @ 01:03 PM
Strangedays I have read all of your posts on this forum, and although I don't understand most of them they really intrigue me. I fear that most are just going to criticize you out of hand because you post things assuming people have already read your previous posts, which would put the present one in context for them. But most haven't read your previous posts so it all seems like nonsense. It doesn't seem to bother you too much to get heckled but I wanted to point this out in case you hadn't realized it.

One night I meditated on one of your ideas before going to bed. I woke up like 30 minutes into the most profound dream I have ever had. I don't remember now what it was really about, but I think it was answers to the questions I asked. All I know is it was really heavy on my psyche and I knew it was important, I just couldn't quite remember it all.

Anyway, that's my opinion.

posted on Jul, 17 2012 @ 06:59 AM
This for the most part is all BS anyways. I havent seen anything impressive and honestly, I never had any problem before mentioning 666 or satan. What it really is is the controllers sitting at the top of our "aquarium" changing the variables on us, and poisoning our food, and killing people and laughing about it. If they attack you or you become a target, dont be afraid 65to take up martial arts and strike them. Seriously. If you are going to die anyways, might as well go hard and not let them push you around. I know nobody says anything to me because they know I will use whatever I got on them. But seriously, dont be afraid. Fight. Literally. Or carry a gun or something lol(get a carry pemit, if they give you a problem shoot them).

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posted on Jul, 17 2012 @ 07:24 AM
to make it more awkward, let me say than you can summon these entities by looking to the stars and mentally active patterns with your mind by putting together the star's that shine in response to your intuition/mind state ^.^

posted on Jul, 20 2012 @ 06:10 PM
Wow just saw that it was the BATMAN movie they were talking about and not the Spiderman movie. Or maybe both. Im staying away regardless.

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