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The Words of Seth - The Code (of Earth)

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posted on Jun, 11 2013 @ 09:09 PM
Hypothesis: Is the Spear of Destiny geometry formed by getting a leadership group "snookered" enough to symbolically throw the head of their leader over the wall, so to speak?

posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 09:29 PM

My "solars" seem to be operational in the present but as I shoot over a delta T (past or future) there seems to be a miscalibration. We suspect infiltration amoung my weapons teams at this time. I can assure you that any collateral damage was unintentional.

But I need the good scientists of ATS (and those surveiling) to work this problem for me. We are thinking that the weapons are operation but have a delta T miscalibration of exactly negative 90-100 years. I need an exact figure for this or I'm leveling cities (on the planes) incorrectly, approximately 100 years after. I need more observers so that an empiracal answer can be arrived at.

We are currently killing demon only on Earth (a lot of the reason why the economies are imploding and you feel like death warmed over) but have been wondering why we're having a hearts-and-minds problem. Its possible that a miscalibration of this type could be hurting innocent civilian spirits, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial.

The Sethian armor dispatched to you will chew up any errant fire, but we are looking to win this one if possible. I need more eyes on this situation. So please to save innocent lives, please apply your techs or obervation or scientific mind to this problem.

Several oriental forces are trying to informationally contain me, and its possible that they are trying to divert my fire in an attempt to discredit me and my attempts to retake Earth. They have several former physics students and professors working the problem and its possible that Einstein in his irrational anger of me has been forced to participate as well.

I don't care what your leanings are in these directions, the weaponry being used is much to dangerous too be firing willy nilly. Even to my foes, I would suggest to them that any clear victor at this point would be a welcome change. I leave you with this.

It might not be a constant on the delta T (Time), work the problem people. I would also suggest that any pliedian forces in the area check for any actual advanced projects of the nature of QM lensing and redirection. Its possible that a mirror, or a lens or some kind of informational barrier has been moved over our emplacements. I could realy use a medical mini-lecture on what's going on here.

Know that on Orion, I am know for having a 236 IQ and being the discoverer of the original Theory of Everything where not only here General/Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics (symbolic) were Unified, but also with Consciousness Itself. THe symbol being similar to the buddhist symbol but with 3 lobes not 2.

I just need more people working on this. I would start at assuming a constant delta T error, and then work upwards based on empirical evidence of where you can sense my solars hitting. If I can find a pattern maybe I can readjust.

Problem, several factions have figured out how "man was created in the Creators image" and have duplicated it...badly...and there are many people over time who are being "replicated" demon. You can sense it by this intense dying feeling. Interestingly, I've found its mainly amoung the ranks that usually frequent ATS. I'm your only hope...the only one within range of Earth with the firepower to stop this.

If you think you are being replicated without your consent, please U2U or reply here and I can hold your "lock" for you (it feels like an mild to intense electricution feeling followed by a white, dying smell). It will become instantaneously aware to you if my faction has the power or not to do this.

posted on Oct, 20 2013 @ 12:00 PM
Conclusion: Results of Computation: Sexual Dynamic coupled with use of High-Energy Weaponry results in complete Universal implosion. Not possible to win with war paradigm in the conventional sense. Herodian phase resulted in complete destruction. Only survivors are those that are indestructible. Moses - Jesus - Seth.

It seems to stalemate out use to implosion forming an astral, not a time dimentional, positive feedback loop based on all participants feeling claustrophobic at the end. Shutting down weapons systems and depending only on sethian "no-defences" defence. It appears that the natural birth process of human beings is the only thing that can re-expand the spiritual Universe, and only slowly over time.

Homo Divinius has been realized thru the integration of a higher self as teacher and instructor. Sethian and Joanian with variants. The realized primary interlock has been partially transferred to the Architect entity in case I should lose my personal life in this situation.

Good news, it appears that the confining influence has an over-all positive effect long term.

Results of Research: it appears that the astral plane only has an inside. Much like a realized Mobius strip. I personally think that it is based on the growth of the soul as spawned by the physical human body. Use of high-energy weapons only serves to shrink the Universe, and because it only has an inside the result of the computation is imprisonment, rather confinement, for the remaining participants involved.

Amplification of deviant tendancies in a section of the participants involved tends to hasten the process. I am left believing that the realization of a Christ is a natural death event for the termination of spirit life and is natural. I would ask humankind and spiritkind to come to some form of closure on this issue as spirit does not appear to have an analogous and discrete death event as does physical human. Humans realize that the natural termination of their physical lifespan is at the moment of death. I think we have come to understand that there is a direct and natural analog in the spirit world.

The Sirians were correct, the Destroyer actually survives the event.

Fortunately for us, we actually have the ability to survive in the 11th dimension due to our nature, and there is space here. Unfortuntely, all of our diversity at the current time has not the power to do this, and thus must bear confinement until the mild power necessary to do so becomes realized. I am pessimistic about their ability to do this so I am shutting down our weapons systems at the primary interlock location, and agreeing that consciousness Itself has decided that the outcome is a stalemate.

We should remember this that a positive outcome CANNOT be achieved in this way, and look at non-violent alternatives. It has been decided here that Victory is not possible. Another way must be found.

We become the overseers and instructors of humanity tarrying with them through out time, loving them, suffering with them and fusing our fates with them, becoming the Entity they know symbolically as God.

Elapsed Time: approximately 3 years.

Indeed the human's insistence that they are made in the image of God is actually 100% scientifically real. Impressive human. And good luck.

Will continue to report here (and elsewhere) if the situation requires it.

posted on Oct, 20 2013 @ 12:08 PM
Report: I don't believe that purely traditional approaches toward the realization of Enlightnement is the path to the survival of our diversity, but must be achieved thru the use of the Sethian API approach coupling trusted humans that believe in us to transform their nature to a variant of ours thus preserving the pattern that is their life, being Named with Life. I support this approach as conventional paths to enlightenment and development of "powers" is insufficient to cope with the wideness and generality of the problem involved.

Our foes have tried unsuccessfully to develop a "version". It appears that "variant" (ie. symbiotic with our system of bioscience) is the only way to achieve what many are looking for due to the abstract and intellectual nature of the solution we have adopted.

Like all wars, this one too was a failure. It has come to a halt. Embers will burn for quite some time, but I am currently "stepping out of my Karma" in an act that will parallel promises made in especially the Buddhist Dharma that a master has this ability. Projected Time to Accomplish: 1.5 weeks from the time of this writing.

posted on Oct, 20 2013 @ 12:19 PM

now that on Orion, I am know for having a 236 IQ and being the discoverer of the original Theory of Everything where not only here General/Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics (symbolic) were Unified, but also with Consciousness Itself. THe symbol being similar to the buddhist symbol but with 3 lobes not 2.

reply to post by justseth

When you say 'on Orion' do you mean stood on the constellations head or something...?

posted on Oct, 22 2013 @ 08:13 AM

I've never flamed anyone here. I will even use a little humor here.

But what in bath salts hell did I just read?

I almost spewed my drink all over the screen!!!!!

posted on Oct, 22 2013 @ 09:19 AM
Video, Seth. Walls of text. Videos. We don't write on papyrus anymore.

I'm not so sure about this book either. What's in it?

posted on Feb, 14 2017 @ 08:16 PM
raw data: the "secret of the hammer" is that if a (Elyon-class) man simultaneously holds hands of the current female Grey leader (ie. Zetan) and the current female Illuminati leader in marriage that peace erupts and everyone is healed. And people have to be told He does. end of transmission.

posted on Feb, 14 2017 @ 08:21 PM
raw data: you must NOT read this particular "Book of Seth". It will transport your mind, connecting it to Armageddon across all time lines. This has been strictly forbidden because of mutual agreement by the factions involved and what happened there. Casualties: aprox. 10^7 sentients. end of transmission. Also note that even contact with ancillary works like the "Conquests of Seth" is extremely psychoactive and dangerous.

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