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Think I gave myself brain/mind damage...

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posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 12:58 PM
reply to post by absolutely

daring thinking of urself as a team work around a leader while all u do and that leader do is to abuse individuals heads that u call being sick to ensure them down, piece of dirty # u r
i repeat physical is not body conscious piece of hypocrit evil one, and chating language is the futur that the most healthy people in every common sense use, # u

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 01:02 PM

Originally posted by ArtOfTrance
my bad at the Empty post guys,hit the 'Enter' Button...
anyways here is why I believe the I may have "broken something"
I no longer feel the need to do anything..
not out of laziness or anything,but I have no desire to feel emotions any longer.
it seems that everything and anything there is to do is based off of positive and negative emotions.I don't feel the need to chase a certain status or comfortable life because frankly I don't get "pleasure" or "agony" from positive or negative emotions...
I am quite alright with this..just wondering if this is normal ._.
edit on 12/29/11 by ArtOfTrance because: accidently hit 'Enter' key and it posted my topic -______-

I think you have reach the zen state. May I call Buddha oh'great master?

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 10:28 PM

Originally posted by absolutely
reply to post by SplitInfinity

such hypocrit evil one u r prooving constantly alone by urself, how u thought ur little thing to put it by words, i doesnt affect me ur ways of means over me, what affect me a bit is how u dare to use words for such cheap goals using each inch of letter to ensure the tiniest detail of ur dirty means

put ur team leader in ur # head piece of dirt urself and get with him to hell for eternity

I think I like this post of yours the Best. It has absolutely no redeeming factors and that is not easy to do for the average person. Even a person who may not like me or even Hates me....seems to eave room at some point of their post for reconciliation. I have to admit...I have yet to see even a Glimpse of this in this last post of yours. You should be on T.V. Amazing! LOL! Split Infinity

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 10:50 PM
reply to post by SplitInfinity

everyone here understood much before from ur very first sentences that u love to say what is on tv shows, for any pretense of being with powers control at the back stage
u r such creepy inferior head that anyone sees, while u keep insisting being smartest one mind spliting infinity for extra juice

miss objective reconciliation door is first and last words that one bother to reply, u should pay me for what u wish to get from me that im giving it as u want with extrasalt taste
while hypocrisy is well known about ur kind, serving intelligents that protect well their ass so noelse can abuse

piece of pervert ways rats constantly, exhibiting ur pleasure in watching someone #ed publically that u want to justify it as best show entertainement for live programs

u dont have and u wont ever have my agendas while im locking u in urs

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 11:34 PM
reply to post by absolutely

I will say this..You and I should most certainly be PAID for the Train Wreck that this Topic has displayed in our interactions! LOL!

And without a doubt...we have both stayed on Topic through out whatever it is that confirms your topic just by our discussions. I admit my curiosity to some of your attempts to generate a Negative Response from me but I...and I believe others who are reading this...cannot help to see what you will come out with ext that tends to either PROVE your Topic or comments that you have made that contradict your topic.

Either is interesting to watch and since it has stayed on topic...I myself have grown an interest in something that I would usually not waste time on. But I have soldiered on in attempt to find out if you realize that you are taking both positions of your topic? Sort of like watching how many times a person playing Black Jack will HIT on 15? Amazing! Split Infinity

posted on Jun, 24 2012 @ 12:05 PM

Originally posted by ArtOfTrance
reply to post by jonnywhite

actually I wouldn't say I think too highly of myself,nor do I believe I am worthless.
Yeah I do know there's a world,but so what?I have seen places,met people,done things,and had my fair share of mindblowing experiences.

I am not claiming to have learned everything,I am just saying that I do not feel the need to chase the feelings any longer..everytime we are happy,joyous,behold a beautiful sunset horizon,or a kiss from a beautiful girl,these feelings of happiness,excitement,are not different from any other ones you have felt in your lifetime,its all the same.Maybe I am just devalueing the actual value in the Experiences.Any experience there is to experience,no matter how mindblowing,will spark the same feelings you have felt before,least to me...
If I could describe how it feels from my point-of-view,my soul still wishes to participate in this Lifegame,but my mind wishes not to be affected any longer from what this world has left to offer,at least in it's current status.

I have heard many beautiful songs too...the ones I thought had most beauty have no lyrics...I do not care for lyrics too much,I feel they distract from the real music..if I want to hear poetry I'll read it out loud lol.

And by this "brain-damage" I don't mean I gave myself down-syndrome or anything..more like my "emotion receptors" or whatever mechanism in our brain controls the "reward/treat" system rewarding good/bad behaviour essentially,is maybe damaged because I am not "accepting the reward/treat" my brain is giving me,or tempting me with.

There is your problem. You think this is all a game? Do you play games? An avid computer user? Did you watch the Matrix movies? Maybe it's all got to your head? That happens.

Cut a little hole in your (metaphorical) head and let all of the garbage that's entered it slowly seep out. If you're patient, your sense of balance will return and this will no longer be a "lifegame".

Do that by not adding more garbage. Play less games. Go out more and meet people in the flesh. Fill your brain with less abstract things. As you do this, your old programming will slowly seep out. All those Matrix quotes will fade. All those theories about games and life will blur.

Action will replace abstraction; moving around; touching things; using all five senses.

It's all about reconnecting with reality and disconnecting from virtual realities.

It's about less mental living and more physical living.

It'll be real. And all your emotions and reward/treat systems will function again.

Another thing you can do is get hurt. Nothing reminds the mind faster that this is real than pain. No game you've played is going to hurt because when it hurts it becomes real. Games are purely for entertainment. That's why they avoid hurting you. Companies wouldn't make money if their customer got killed or disabled by the game, ya know? Once your faith in reality has been restored, you'll get what I'm saying. But you have to break through the programming that's entered your mind first.
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posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 04:57 AM
LOL I really LOVE when we argue about the BEYOND HAHAHAH like we ACTUALLY know,give it a break guys when it comes to metaphysics and the "Beyond" face it,everything is just a big mystery,and EVERYTHING you THINK you know is based off of you deducing it may sound logical,and that idea feels right,so you cling onto it until you hear another idea that add logic or more logical than yours when in actuality you have seen or experienced nothing..that is to say,nothing that hasn't already been experienced.Sure what you think "feels right" but what honest to God,Truth do you know?The Grass isn't green,the sky isnt blue,I'm not what you think I am,the World isn't either,prove me wrong...Oh so we are gonna use REALITY as your crutch?please sounds like an unimaginative mind trying to avoid a trippy debate it can not handle.ANYWAYS,Idk if this is relevant to what was being debated I skipped lots of them...,but the topics that arise from topics such as these are always similiar so I'm taking a shot in the dark here

Everyone telling me to just Live Life,Be aren't getting or seeing it.
I will continue to live life,dont got much of a choice now do I?Life is a Force.
But from what my mind has observed,I feel I am just to observer,I am not truely involved in what is happening,just what reality,and the people around me expect to be done..doing what others around you want to do,or what you think you should do for the people around you
Let's pretend.
Imagine this,there are 2 "consciousnesses" one is the body,the remote control of the game,and one is the soul or the player of the game...every obstacle and mission there is to do is rewarded or punished based on difficulty (physically/emotionally) you either fail,or then become sad(negative) or happy (positive).I have played so many levels into this game before questioning...hey is this just a game?why am I taking this game so seriously?Ya it is a trippy and kinda cool game,but for the most part,illogical,boring,and predictable,so I wish to stop playing this game or going thru this experience and wish to pick up another in other words,or no experience...the Void is Peace lol.But I have already begun the game,and the thing about this game is when you start you gotta keep playing.

lol That's just one way of looking at it,I really like my school analogy a lot better

posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 05:09 AM
reply to post by jonnywhite

I don't see this much as a game,more like a school.Feelings are out teachers.
Honestly I've only seen half of the Matrix(pt1) if you collectively add all the minutes together
These ideas I get are just from observing the world around me,the people in it,and from my own experiences.

This MAINLY started happening about a year ago when I almost died...or did die and I was unaware.
Still unsure,but this whole experience has tripped my brain out beyond belief,and when I'm still going about my Life,experiencing and observing..more things in reality feel like they are telling me I'm dead,this isnt real,but yet I am alive and here it is.

I have discussed many situations,outcomes,possible thoughts/reasoning behind actions of others as well as my own.Maybe I'm just overthinking but I don't think so,at sometimes yes,but at the core of things nah.

Here is one more observation I made...
When we are most Happy,anything obstructing it results in negativity(despite how well you hide uncomfort)
When we are most Sad,it feels that anything can't make you worse,which means it will be either ineffective or bring relief.We are at the lowest end of negativity,technically you got nowhere else to go but UP UP UP

Just a thought...

posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 01:14 AM
reply to post by ArtOfTrance

I can certainly identify with your last statement. It is only when a person has hit their lowest point or Rock Bottom that they have no where else to go but up. This is usually a person who is handing me a pamphlet and asks me if I believe in their Lord and Savior?

Why is it that Faith always seems to be generated at the highest level to the point of overdrive in those who had none when they were not at the bottom?
Split Infinity

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