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Why Do 'Straight' Guys Hit on Trannies ?

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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 10:09 AM

What is true is that male bisexuality is not openly acceptable, unlike female bisexuality (within certain confines).

To me, and every other "straight" guy I know, it isn't that male bisexuality isn't accepted, it's that we just don't see it that way.

To us, a guy who has sex with other guys (even if he also has sex with more women than Hugh Heffner), is gay.

Gals who have sex with both guys and other gals, that's hot.

Simple as that. Yes, it's a double standard. Too bad. That's just the way it is.

Now, nothing wrong with each their own. I know plenty of gay guys and gals (and by gay gals, I mean those just into other women). In fact, I think EVERY guy needs a lesbian friend. Great person to talk to for a female perspective, without making your spouse jealous. But, it won't keep us from seeing a "bi" dude as gay.

Now, that said, we are all pretty comfortable in our sexuality, so we don't shun the company of gay guys we know (and yes, there's at least one "bi" guy in my circle of friends)...but we don't view him any differently than if he was full gay (but at least he'll comment on a hot chick walking by...).

posted on Dec, 28 2012 @ 02:31 AM
Hi im a staright male who is just curious at this point in his life, I recently joined this site and im looking for some serious anwsers cuz im lost??? I recently meet up with this Tranny, who i thought was women from pictures. i arrived at her place and found out she was unexpectedly a guy but looked very much like a women who i found attractive?? I was consuming alchol but i still new and stayed and had an intamite encounter with this person and im at loss of words as to why i stayed?? Iv never done anything like this at all, one could say im supposed to be th good son who is safe and secure, but recenlty iv been wanting sexual encounters bad??

The first few post on the fourm believe me to think that i stayed becuase she looked like an attractive female and that my mind just over looked the part that she was male with guy parts?? The whole time and even now i dont look at it as sex with a gay guy or even as a tranny due to the fact that i thought it was a women and view that person as a women. Can anyone help me..?

posted on Dec, 28 2012 @ 07:31 AM
I have a bit of a feminine side. I dressed up as a Drag Queen at my bud's Halloween Party. Had one older adult being flirty, couldn't keep my eyes off me. Felt I was getting violated by him looking at me lol. I don't know what it is but I love Transgendered people. I like the male genitalia on a woman.
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posted on Dec, 28 2012 @ 07:39 AM
Referring to the original post.
Perhaps the guys at the party were onto a forbidden fruit type deal. They know they cannot treat women that abusively in real life, but because they know there will be none of the usual consequences, they feel free to abuse you.

posted on Jan, 6 2013 @ 10:59 AM
reply to post by strangepointinlife

There is nothing to help you with. What happened is what happened. The confusion is happening because you keep questioning the experience, "why this?", "why that?", "what does this mean?" - it was just another experience in this thing called life.

If you are wanting to know if you are "gay" or "straight", I would ask myself "am I attracted to men?" , "are there any guys I find attracted or just women?". It is really hard to say because most people are not 100% straight or 100% gay.

reply to post by Gazrok

Originally posted by Gazrok
There is no "straight" guy being into dudes (or trannies). Andrew Dice Clay said it either suck d*** or you do not suck d***.....there is no "bi" or still being "straight" if you do this. Not saying it's wrong. Hey, to each theor own, but don't try and deny what you are.

Gals can be "bi". I know it's a double standard. Too bad. Deal with it.

It is interesting you tell them not to deny "who they are" - and yet you want them to do exactly that by telling them to say they are "gay" even when they are "bi" (attracted to both men and women).

reply to post by AaronWilson

Originally posted by AaronWilson
Because homsexual tendancies are more of a social hiarchical thing than a sexual thing. In most mammals that is. Straight men, are'nt fully straight.

Very interesting thought.

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posted on Jan, 6 2013 @ 11:55 AM
reply to post by strangepointinlife

Although it is a very complex issue at times, I can say that heterosexual men who do have odd encounters with "she-males" usually don't see this as threatening to their straight identity.
The person may be biologically male, but they are so feminine that to the mind of the straight male they qualify as "women".
However, few straight men would embark on an open relationship with such a "she-male" (although it happens at times), because then the "straight" identity may be threatened by a same-sex relationship.

Most gay men actually want "real men".
So all these conspiracies about gay men wanting to "feminize" men are complete nonsense.
Sure there may be some radical academics (mostly women) who want to move to a gender continuum, and some freakish fashions.
However, even a cursory glance at current gay erotica reveals a massive longing for hyper-masculinity, such as: facial hair, muscles, uniforms, tank-tops and short hair-cuts.

There were also magazine reports in SA of a male-to-female sex change who now wants to revert to being male.
She said that she cannot find a partner, because straight men won't date her for long, and gay men aren't even interested because they want "a real man".

Take the movie The Hangover II, for example.
Here the protagonist has an encounter with a "lady-boy" in Thailand.
Yet, he still gets married to a woman at the end.
Nobody questions his sexuality after their drunken rampage.

From an HIV prevention perspective I find the movie irresponsible, and people should remember to play safe with all their partners.
To some people experimentation is necessary to discover what they really like to be happy, but please don't take a chance with HIV.
Well, that was my preachy moment.
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posted on Jan, 22 2013 @ 05:00 AM
Are you talking about crossdressers/transvestites or transgender/transsexuals?

If someone is a literal transsexual/transgender person, they are living as the said gender, and are taking steps to become that gender. It's a very deep line to cross when considering male-to-female transgenders, because they are in the process of becoming a woman. They are women, simple as that. Of course they are a different and unique kind of woman, but many consider it rude and heartbreaking to have people look at them in any sense other than them being as such. To say 'closet homosexuality' is somewhat of a 'no-no'. The word tranny is also one that you probably wouldn't want to be calling people such as myself or anyone else if you don't know them. That's for your own safety, you don't want to catch a stiletto in the face! (That hurts, trust me)

I can't speak for the male-to-female spectrum of this discussion however, being that I am doing the opposite transition (female-to-male), but here are my views on the subject. In all manner of things (and this is my opinion, don't you lot go eating me alive for saying this!), I believe the human consciousness and subconsciousness is and always will be in some manner 'bisexual and/or pansexual'. And I honestly don't blame the men for sauntering up to a well dressed trans because frankly, some of them can look absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Androgyny probably has a very fair role in it, being that a 'straight' male's mind always looks for femininity in something it finds attractive. Being that some can pass as a female very, very well, it's not a surprise at all!

However, sometimes people don't know that the person is transgender, and that is where it gets dicey and dangerous. I had two friends murdered because they were found to be transgendered, and I myself have even been attacked in the bathroom in a movie theater.

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 07:26 PM
reply to post by nimbinned

I worked at a parking lot for a bit that used to be next to a club, you would get all types of people there and characters going through anything from drunks to people full of themselves looking for fights, to druggies and stabbings once even this one dude threatening that he had a gun, to everything else.

There were a few times I saw dudes in drag, and also I think a few transgender people. You can kind of tell right away if there a dude, but with some it was really hard to tell, but the dudes in drag it was kind of a given you know deep voice adams apple and all. The transgender people, well some of them you would not be able to tell as they looked exactly like a female, and not only that they acted and were more feminine then most females you would see around.

No joke, So who knows dude, it could be anything from a case of mistaken identity, to they may find something alluring about it and get off on it or they could be bisexual there are bi males you know, also there are dudes who would # pretty much anything or anyone regardless of gender, so ya its a quagmire. Giggidy...Joking..

To the fact that the transgender person may actually look and be more feminine them most females which would attract dudes for any number of reasons, one of which being that they are more feminine then females even though there technically not female. Those would be my queses, however I don't know really, or why would some people want to be with another of the same sex, or why some want to be something other then what they were born as. You would have to ask them, I think there are a few transgender people on this site, and also a few threads on that subject made by some of them from years ago if you search, those threads and they may give you a better answer.

But really dude? Op! I mean you dress up as a girl you go to a party, you and everybody get drunk, then you wonder why dudes are hitting on you? I mean, duh...Ever heard of beer goggles? Males will pretty much go for anything that is in the shape of female and really wont look at the details all that hard, most especially if there drunk.
So you kind of answered you own question on that part. Its not that dudes are attracted to men dressed in women clothes its that they thought you were a female, and really its all pretty much instinctual, very few are able to control those instincts to any sort of degree, especially at a party were everybody is probably horny and looking for a good time. Your question is kind of a duh.

Now the real question is why would you want to do all that in the first place knowing whats going to happen? That is unless you wanted or were looking for all that extra attention in the first place.

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posted on Jan, 29 2013 @ 09:09 AM
The simple concept is, The transsexual in the porn are marketed especially for straight guys.

Men are visual creatures, they look at what you need to be a "female" in order to be a female. What is between someones legs are latter issue.

I don't think all straight man will go for any transsexual star....
Breast, Curves, Lips, Feminine face, and actions is what attracts most men to females.

posted on Feb, 9 2013 @ 10:41 PM
I went to a friends birthday party last month dressed as a woman; Even my own sister didnt recognise me at first, in fact it was assumed by most persent I was a woman untill I opened my mouth and introduced myself.

No guys hit on me but a couple of girls did... and so I had to wear the same dress and heels on the train home the next morning.

My point is this: I see humanity evolving into being gender-identity free; A persons genitalia will be only considered a genetic quirk like eye-colour. Eventually gender roles will erode and we we be PEOPLE, not "men" and "women". I think the attraction to trans by both males and females as part of that evolution.

posted on Feb, 12 2013 @ 03:06 PM
reply to post by arpgme

It is interesting you tell them not to deny "who they are" - and yet you want them to do exactly that by telling them to say they are "gay" even when they are "bi" (attracted to both men and women).

I never said to claim they are gay....I simply stated that the straight guys I know (myself included), simply don't see a bi guy as being much different than a gay guy. It's how we view them, not how they should identify themselves. I'm a big fan of "to each their own". Do what makes you happy. Still won't keep me from feeling a bit disgusted at seeing two guys kiss, but hey, I'm not one to try and decide how others should be happy...just don't put it in my face and we're all good.

posted on Feb, 24 2013 @ 05:09 AM
reply to post by Gazrok

And to what extent exactly do you consider it "putting it in your face"? Is two guys kissing in public "in your face" or an avatar or in a TV show or in a poster as a public advertisement?

If all of the places where it showed a man and woman kissing, were also where it showed two men kissing or two women kissing would that considered "putting it in your face"? Because if so, some can argue that heterosexuality is thrown in people's "faces"...

posted on Oct, 23 2015 @ 07:24 PM

originally posted by: polarwarrior
reply to post by JegErForelsket

Female = XX chromosomes

Male = XY

Ain't no way round dat

This is simply wrong.

"Roughly speaking, sex can be considered in terms of three categories: genotypic sex, phenotypic sex, and gender. "

Genetically, there are natural born females who have XY chromosomes but they are still not men. Genetically they are but phenotypically they are not, nor are they by their gender.

Since sex is determined by these three factors, being genetically male but phenotypically female means you can be female if your gender identity also aligns to female. The trans-brain has also been shown to be different. It's not a mental illness. Those who say they were born in the wrong body mean it because it's true. Their brain is different often aligning to the sex they identity with.

Trans-gender women are women phenotypically, physiological and mentally and this defines their gender more than genetics.

Men attracted towards trans-gender women are attracted to them as women therefore they are 100% straight.

Hetrosexuality is defined by attraction towards a woman.

Homosexuality is defined by attraction towards a man. If you're not attracted to people who actually look like men and are men then you're not gay.

So straight guys into transgender women are not gay. They like women not men. They're not even bisexual because they don't like men.

posted on Feb, 17 2016 @ 12:58 PM

And to what extent exactly do you consider it "putting it in your face"? Is two guys kissing in public "in your face" or an avatar or in a TV show or in a poster as a public advertisement?

Yep. That said, if I'm flipping through TV channels, and see it on Logo or something, well, that's not in my face, because I chose to click on the channel, so have to expect to see it there.

If all of the places where it showed a man and woman kissing, were also where it showed two men kissing or two women kissing would that considered "putting it in your face"? Because if so, some can argue that heterosexuality is thrown in people's "faces"...

Yep. Sorry if it has been the societal norm for hundreds of years, just is what it is. Oh, I know the argument, "But we have to change that norm!"....I just happen to disagree with it. My right to disagree. Just as it's your right to resent me for having that viewpoint. I just accept that people are different, and that folks find different things offensive. I'm sure to some gay guys, seeing a hetero kiss is disgusting. Again, I simply accept that that is how they feel, and just deal with it.

Doesn't mean I can't be friends with a person. Why would their sexual preference play into their friendship? Some of my oldest and dearest friends have even gone through different periods of straight, gay, bi, etc. None of that has ever had any bearing on why we are friends, or what we would do for each other. I'm simply honest about it. PC has never been my preference.

posted on Feb, 17 2016 @ 01:51 PM
What's not to like about trannies? Boobs & dick, best of both worlds.

It's when the "girls" makeup comes off that a man will know his true sexual orientation or if it was strictly sexual desire.

posted on Feb, 17 2016 @ 02:53 PM
a reply to: nimbinned
You mentioned alcohol. There you go. It's beer goggles. Have you ever heard the song Lola by The Kinks?

The story I read about it was that one of the band members was drunk and hitting on a "woman" in a bar. His fellow band members were trying to convince him it was a guy but he wasn't having it, being drunk. That's what I read anyway.

posted on Feb, 17 2016 @ 03:03 PM
Same reason dudes hit on pigs when drunk that they wouldn't ever want to be seen with in public.

You know, mopeds.

posted on Feb, 18 2016 @ 08:16 AM
a reply to: kimish

I agree with you.But there are also pansexual people , who are attracted to personality of any sex or gender identity.

posted on Feb, 18 2016 @ 12:09 PM
a reply to: Skid Mark

I'm pretty sure in the end he figures it out the hard way (pun fully intended) but then he's ok with it & realized something about himself. I may have to google the lyrics now haha

posted on Feb, 18 2016 @ 12:37 PM
...4 words...

Test ost er one


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