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Sick reading about how times are changing and something big is going to happen...

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posted on May, 20 2012 @ 06:45 PM
reply to post by auraelium

Lol, says some dude in a youtube video...come on, it might happen, it might not - as it currenlty stands it's a useful system that has proven its worth many I said, it has been used to catch rapists and murderers...I for one think that's a great thing.

I'm sure there's a point that if crossed, will get peoples backs up...but until it happens I don't see a problem with it, it's serving a worthy cause in todays society and I see evidence of that with my own eyes.

I've seen truly horrible things happen, kids literally running around killing each other, it's still happening but not as often in and around the stations, at one point it was rife and incidents happened multiple times, daily. Knives are a big problem here, if CCTV cameras prevent 7 or 8 thugs from kicking a young boy near to death then stamping on his face and head multiple times then it's obviously a good thing, as that's not the sort of thing I ever want to see happening again...what don't people get about that?

Sure, the system didn't prevent said attack, but it caught the perpetrators and they got dealt with, things like this used to be common but not as much now.

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 07:08 PM
reply to post by samerulesapply

You dont get it....Il explain it to you again.

We are only about 5 years away from all CCTV being connected to super computers with advanced facial recognoition..

Every time time you walk outside your house you will be recognized and your every movement logged and stored.
Every shop you walk into will be recorded along with everything you buy.
Every person you talk to on the street.every friend you meet.
Every restaurant you enter, what you eat and who you eat with, will be recorded.
Advanced lip reading computers and microphones fitted to CCTV will even record every word you speak.

Now as i have already stated CCTV doesnt lower crime rates.It does sometimes catch criminals yes but at what price?

Do you realy want the government to know and record all this data about you ? Do you trust them with this data?

posted on May, 20 2012 @ 07:22 PM
Here are some examples of past threads where people seem to think their own wants and needs outweigh everyone elses wants and needs:


The guy who wore the shirt with the "without jesus, life is wasted" slogan - here was a guy who wanted to go to school, instead of going to school and learning which is the whole point of going, decided to make some sort of personal, fashion based religious statement - ego. When the school told him he couldn't wear it he should have been a grown up about it, instead he acted pig headed and refused to do so.

We had people saying things like it is everyone right to "express themselves" through their clothes - what utter nonsense. A line must be drawn somewhere, what if some lunatic wants to walk around dressed like a nazi? It's not illegal I don't think - prince harry did it, people were outraged...but perhaps it was an expression of his true self? Who knows, the point is one mans liberty isn't necessarily another mans liberty.

The only way the clothes are an expression of the self is if you make them yourself, something off the shelf is not an expression of the self in any way...lavish, designer label clobber is about ego and showmanship and attention..

Wants to be part of a society (in this case the school) but wants to dictate the rules...face it -if you don't want to play by the rules then don't play at all.


The guy who wanted to sell silver on ebay, too impatient to wait for a bidder who was prepared to make the payment under his impatient he apparently angrily and reluctantly created a paypal account, got even more impatient and annoyed when they asked for additional information.

He sent them scans of his drivers licence or something then acted all paranoid when they asked his annual income? Writing a childish and immature note about how such information is not their business...ok, so don't use them! Nah, t'was all paypals fault...another person who thinks that the rules should be adapted to suit their own personal requirements.

As if this information is actually some dude can find out your yearly income and use it as a form of ID or something, yes...just march on into some store like...ok, i'll have that, that...aaaaand, that, I don't have my bank card but my name's such and such and I earn x amount of money a year, thanks! Pathetic. Your yearly income is about as sensitive information as some footage of you walking through a city centre or waiting on a bus - pointless paranoia.


Threads with people complaining they can't get jobs...or that the jobs don't pay enough, I know of no job where anyone in the UK will earn less than they do earning benefits, if someone collecting jobseekers allowance in the UK can earn minimum wage over 16 hours they will earn in those 16 hours more than they'd get per week on jobseekers .

Working as a cleaner/waiter etc isn't good enough, they deserve better...and decide that to sponge off those of us who do work hard. God forbid they do a job they think is beneath them when ithe idots who are doing crap jobs for crap money continue to fund them via the tax system. Oh, but if you disagree with them you're a shill and a pawn of the elite - I remember leaving school and not really wanting to get a job, but to enjoy my freedon, I came up with a few lame excuses and arguments but never thought to explain to my parents how it'd make me a shill...and they'd have laughed at me if I did..

The bottom line is...people are selfish - everyone wants it to be their way, but society will not function or flourish under such conditions and it's that simple.

To be part of any club, society, establishment of any kind there are usually rules, we don't always like them, but would you be happy if someone else something that has a negative affect on you? I wouldn't,, people are happy enough when the rules protect them from being used or abused in some way...but seem to think they should be able to bend or break them at will because their own personal wants or needs are more important.
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posted on May, 20 2012 @ 07:27 PM
reply to post by auraelium

I get it...I still don't care...just because you say it and some video says it don't make it true, and so you actually believe that it's possible to monitor every single movement and purchase of every individual? the information might be stored but it can't be retained forever...and to look through it all, every bit of it would take a lot of time and effort...what would be the point?

If the information is used in the same way as the CCTV we record at work then I see no issue with it.

Paranoia...complete and utter paranoia, what use is this, to anyone? Why do you and other people think that footage of you going about your daily business is important or valuable to anyone? What's to damn special about footage of people going shopping or wating on a bus? It's normally only used to find information when something monitor it constantly would take immense time and effort and would be pointless and stupid.

I don't think you've proved any such thing...the use of CCTV and other technologies have helped the police catch criminals and prevent crime...we used to have riots and fights all the time on public transponrt by the notorious football casuals - again, nowhere near as common as it used to be.

Having witnessed some terrible things I think it's a tiny price to pay...losing an apparent "liberty" right to not be filmed...puh-lease!

I don't care about some random bbc news story that focuses entirely on muggings as that's what I happened to mention as an example in my OP...crime and disorder in public places is nowhere near as bad as it was and I see it with my own eyes, I don't need you or anyone to verify or debunk that.

I feel this thread is going off into a tangent about CCTV - it's not about that, I don't see it as a loss or a liberty and don't hear anybody else in my daily life complain about it, nobody seems that bothered, does it mean they're shills? Blind sheep? I'm sure they'd soon change their attitudes if a camera was peering into their window...but don't see that happening anywhere.

Like I said previouskly, one mans liberty isn't necessarily anothers, you can't please all of the people all of the time. Stop being so paranoid and pretending like footage of you doing mundane, every day things is somehow imprtant to the government - what use is it to them?

Still, this thread has gone off course - I don't see anyone saying how the global elite can be beaten, or what it should be like when they're defeated, just people whining about CCTV.
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posted on May, 21 2012 @ 05:22 AM
At first they will convince us that having cameras everywhere is a good thing by telling us that it is for our safety. In time we will become comfortable with it. That's the idea. It will be used against us eventually. Ever read the boiling frog anecdote?

The boiling frog story is a widespread anecdote describing a frog slowly being boiled alive. The premise is that if a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death. The story is often used as a metaphor for the inability of people to react to significant changes that occur gradually.

They gradually implement more and more surveillance regulations over time. So gradual that most people don't even stop and question it. A "new world order" scenario won't just unfold overnight, but it will gradually unfold over time, because the majority won't even notice it happening. Do you really think the government cares about nobody's like you and me? No, of course they don't. We're just debt slaves. We're pawns to them. Do you think they even have a conscience at all? lol. What makes people think that they give a god damn if we get mugged or beaten at a subway station or bus stop?

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 12:15 PM
Use it against us how?I keep seeing people make such remarks but nobody can point out exactly how footage of average people going about their daily routine is useful to anyone...what can they do with it?

People make these kind of remarks all the time without even thinking about what they mean, repeating what they hear others say and think it's right because it sounds clever...please, can someone PLEASE explain to me exactly how footage of you, me or anyone going about their daily affairs can be used against you?

It can be used to catch you if you're doing something you shouldn't...good! We might not always like the rules and laws but they're there for a reason and should apply to in any society is a compromise, as I've stated previously...a society where everyone gets what they want in spite of everyone else is pure fantasy.

I remeber the whole speed camera fiasco a few years ago here in the UK...people were angry because many cameras were what? People bitch about TPTB being all for themselves and how the people are oppressed, etc...yet when people complained that the speed cameras weren't clearly highlighted for all to see the gov't caved in and decided to put neon yellow and orange banding on now we've a system of speed camera which are designed to PROTECT us from idiot drivers who think their own s**t is more important than everyone elses, who think that it's ok to take risks driving like a maniac because they're late for work or something - yet the system is flawed because the people it's designed to protect us against thought it was unfair, like it's some game of cat and mouse, like catching them in the act of driving dangerously should be some kind of game where they're given a chance to get away with it - stupid, stupid, stupid!

Of course - people don't speed, it's nothing to do with the fact that they were being caught out driving in a dangerous, it's about our oh so important liberties, it's stupid and we all know it. The cameras should be hidden, but the people I see it the government backed down and basically provided a means whereby people can speed until they see a camera then slow down, drive by all nice and slow until the camera is out of sight then start speeding again...if that isn't the case why would they care? These are cameras that are only activated if someone breaks the speed limit anyway...another example of why people think they should be able to change and bend the rules to suit themselves.

People are just selfish, end of...stop living in some idealistic fantasy world, the cameras should be hidden...otherwise they're absolutely pointless.

Footage of you in your car obeying the law is can it be used against you exactly? Footage of you going shopping or to a restaurant is worthless...get over yourselves, your lives ain't that interesting...why does it matter? Someone, please tell me instead of going round in circles...please.

posted on May, 23 2012 @ 10:14 PM
(For liberties' sake) Where many will say ''what have I really lost ?'' I will say what do you really do ?

A plain example: here in Canada, growing hemp is illegal, I am talking about the cannabis strain which does not contain psychoactives such as thc. Yet it is the most ecological and versatile crop to be growing for many reasons. It requires no pesticides or herbicides because it grows fast and tall. It produces a very high quality fiber, an omega-3 rich seed, which also contains anti-inflammatory compounds and the leaves are edible (for the anecdote I have seen indian salad mixes which included them). Such a crop would bring tremendous independence for the average family, since the processing techniques would benefit their (our) general knowledge and know-how. Plus the overabundant argument about crossing the drug plant with the drugless plant is naive, the physical characteristics aren't the same at all and they would still be very easily distinguishable from one another, especially in short growing seasons such as what most of Canada has (drug plants need to mature fast in order to flower to their psychoactive potency, resulting in short plants).

There are a few who can grow it.

Multinationals, who must apply for a permit and then who can buy the seed stock from the exclusive canadian dealer, there aren't two of those, there is one. The seed stock must also be sterile so that it cannot produce viable seed, by that I mean that you can't grow plants from them, that or the seed will give off a very weak version of the original plant. Those companies can only get such permits by having a massive profit generation from it, meaning they will grow several fields, acres, hectares you name it, nothing like a backyard garden crop.

And there are many more of those doors that have been closed by these self-proclaimed leaders. Some say we live in a democracy while the only guy we elect signs the papers brought forth by the other guys he brings in after he's elected, he names his ministers, not us.

Then you can also take the oddly 'martial law lookalike' that has been passed here in Quebec after all the students' manifestations and the now-over 100 days' strike that many have started. One aspect of that law that many don't know about is the power it grants to the ''minister of education''. Now what it makes is that she can form special laws on her own, without approval of the deputees' cabinet members. Of course they still have to be passed afterwards, but this government is majoritarian and forces its law bills, using their deputees' voting voices without actually using the voting process, like ghost votes, the guys are there but they don't have a word to say about it. It may or may not affect you, but once it does in its own way, will you have support from community members ? Many of the manifesting students won't be affected by the scholarships' increase costs, they do it for the ones after them because they know what danger there is in being passive before such authoritarian abuse.

Eating meat without actually killing it is just the same as killing it yourself, in a less respectful and a lot more gruesome manner, look it up. Paying taxes without knowing where the money goes is passive enslavement, the extras they use them for themselves or to put more barriers before ordinary people so that they can't raise above financially (meaning through honest business) large corps are above the common laws.

Sick of hearing about change ? Start digging now because you'll need a deep hole to hide your head in, it's only begun. Look up impermanence, that's what the universe is made of and guess what ? We're in a thick slice of that impermanence right now, population numbers and consumption habits are making a nasty equation resulting in total ruin. The ones that don't matter will say the same for their influence upon it 'it doesn't matter' whatever they do or think, the ones that matter know that even if it's by a slight difference, making themselves better equals to making the world better, good persons bring out the good in others.

I still wish a good day to you, may you rise to another level of conscience, there are countless of them.
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posted on May, 23 2012 @ 10:29 PM
reply to post by samerulesapply

Every day of my life I am surrounded my 'stupid sleepers'. It has been my life since the beginning. I do nothing but speak about what is so clearly evident, even at work and have been doing so my entire life. For years I looked like the strange creature from another planet but my oldest friends now are flabergausted at my warnings because they are now seeing it for themselves. Been doing this my whole life understanding that most would reject my words. You may feel helpless but your not. The universe is a ripple effect and everything we do has an impact.

I know it is fearfull but there is no stopping what is happening and what will be the complete decimation of this paradigm. There is nothing wrong with appreciating what you now have but think of where eternity stands. That ultimately is where everything counts. This is a fleeting false sense of what little good is left. Fight because we each retain and emanate a great deal of power. Death is nothing if you have come to the knowledge of the truth because in the end only one truth exists. That is what this whole battle and is about. It is coming all to it's fruition as prophesied.

Fight and don't fear to fight. When the time comes you will know more.

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 02:56 PM
reply to post by Egyptia


That's all very profound and thought provoking but means little to me, still - nobody can even tell me exactly WHY CCTV cameras are an infringement of our civil liberties, it's all cliched nonsense people spout with no care or thought about what they actually mean, just repeating what they hear others say because it sounds cool, down with corporations...our liberties, eeeh...ok.

You know if one person can give me one good answer as to why CCTV is so sinister...exactly why the footage of people doing nothing of importance is in any way useful to anyone then I'd concede defeat on this point...but nothing.

Not a-one single meaningful or constructive argument has been presented, just the same old nonsense - they're stealing our liberties! It's poppycock. What a waste of time.

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 04:02 PM
You know what, I read over this entire thread again and it's nothing short of's turned into a thread about CCTV when it was never about that in the first place.

Here are a group of people trying to defend their supposed liberties yet can't come up with a single solid argument as to why they're losing these apparent liberties...just that they are, it's pathetic. Arguments based on predictions...oh, it's only CCTV now but in the future it's going to be like this...said you, you can predict the future? You're wasted here my friend. I base my argument on the here and now, and here and now all I see is talk about veils coming down, something huge is on the horizon, people are waking up...but that's all it is, talk.

So they'll have face recognition...oooh, they'll know you've been to macdonalds 3 times a week, well they might know you've been to macdonalds multiple times in one week - but not actually eat that crap? Perhaps their adverts have a greater affect on you than you care to're truly awake! Does your stomach begin to rumble the minute you lay eyes on those golden arches? They won't catch me in macdonalds because I don't eat there, so again - in this regard I've absolutely nothing to worry about. Perhaps this face recognition malarkey will stop people eating at that a bad thing? I don't think it is...

If there's a global elite pulling the strings and manipulating us through advertising and social pressures then surely macdonalds is a part of that, no? Or are macdonalds on the side of the common, paranoid human? They're the humanists of fast food chains, anti establishment...lllolllll!

My initial argument was NEVER about CCTV technology, and in a round about way you've sort of backed up my argument without even realising it...who dictates the terms of an insurance policy? Not the client, if some insurance firm can hammer you for visiting macdonalds too many times then YOU have broken their terms...people want TAILOR MADE insurance want the service but don't want to comply with the terms, so thanks for pointing that out. Who in their right mind would agree to take on an insurance policy that forbids them to eat at macdonalds in the first place, furthermore...what idiot would sign such a policy knowing they visited the place often, in your case multiple times a week?

So, CCTV aside...who are the insurers...they're people, greedy people who are exploiting others who are either too lazy to read the smallprint with regards to an insurance policy...or lack the discipline to stick to the terms they've agreed to...yeeeeeah, like the dude who wanted to use paypal but didn't want to furnish them with some truly useless information, pathetic isn't even the word, absolute paranoia...oooh, I can't tell them how much I earn, why...why, they'd steal my identity!

Here you are supposedly waking up and fighting againt "THE MAN", only you're worried you might get caught going to macdonalds, as it might affect an insurance claim.

The whole point of this thread is I believe people are fighting a non-existent battle against an enemy that don't exist...WE are the enemy, WE kill each other, WE lie to each other, WE extort each other because in general, humans are selfish and WANT the insurance policy but you WANT to be able to break the conditions of said policy.

The CCTV argument has gotten us I shall ask the initial question...where is the so-called fight against "the man"? Because I see nothing but talk, contradiction and absolute denial that the only thing we're fighting is ourselves...our own greedy, selfish nature.

And just to add, talking about the "elite", how they manipulate "the man" will feed us dis-info and were all being duped by some sinister force...then citing a BBC news article as evidence to back up an argument is probably one of the most hilarious things I've seen on ATS. You might not have changed my outlook on this whole affair but you gave me a right good laugh - enjoy your big mac

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posted on May, 24 2012 @ 05:19 PM

We are only about 5 years away from all CCTV being connected to super computers with advanced facial recognoition..

The problem with this line of thinking is the implicit thought that somehow a process, any process, is inevitable. As if it were a snowball running its course.
It's not. Processes don't run themselves.... unless there is nothing to oppose inertia.
And in society it's people who oppose (or not) inertia.

Personally I couldn't care less if a camera is taping my every move as long as there is nothing anyone could do about it. I simply don't care about peeping Toms. Not to mention that there would have to be at some point an awful lot of actual human beings watching and processing the results of all of us.... and all for what? It's impractical to the point of being impossible.

But that's not even the point. The point I wanted to make is that just because cameras (as an example) COULD become intrusive and dangerous to one's liberties, it doesn't mean they are harmful now, or that they will necessary get to that point.
If people don't allow it - and people are always a majority compared to ANY government - then they won't.

Ironically, I've been noticing that it's all the "awake" people, those who like to frequent alternative website such as this one, who tend to be the most passive, hence the perfect executors - by inertia - of any nasty programe there might be.

For personal reasons - probably feeling ostracized or downtrodden or whatever - many such people seem to be rooting for things to go as badly as possible, probably because they think (erroneously, IMO) that a-narchy will somehow liberate them from their debts and all sorts of personal problems. They don't think far enough to see that a-narchy means chaos, and chaos + people don't mix well. I WISH they would, but they don't. Eventually we would be right where we are now, ony much poorer and badly beaten in spirit and in body.

And of course, people who wish for things to go as wrong as possible - as many "awake" people seem to - are not going to do anything to prevent any situation from snowballing.

For the record, I hate hate HATE "nanny states" and do whatever I can to prevent their growth. That's about as much as I can do.
But if every - or even every other - person did that, we'd have nothing to worry about.

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posted on May, 24 2012 @ 05:40 PM
reply to post by curieuxwanderer

A plain example: here in Canada, growing hemp is illegal, I am talking about the cannabis strain which does not contain psychoactives such as thc. Yet it is the most ecological and versatile crop to be growing for many reasons.

Not so long ago, it was illegal for women to vote; for black people to use the same toilets as whites; for children born out of wedlock to inherit anything - and so on.
But at the same time it was perfectly legal for children to work from dawn to dusk and not go to school; to keep slaves; to enforce arbitrary segregational rules - and so on (and on and on).

Things have changed quite a bit, haven't they?
And all because all those "stupid sleepers" (I know you didn't use that expression, another poster did) weren't all that stupid forever. They were for a long time, but not forever. And the time came when they said "enough is enough". And they ended the rule of inertia.

We DO live much, much, much better than centuries, in some places even just decades, ago.
And that's a good thing.
Now let's improve on what we have, without breaking anything but bad habits.
It can be done.
It HAS been done, time and again.

N.B. I do appreciate yours was only an example (and not a bad one).

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posted on May, 24 2012 @ 06:13 PM
reply to post by AdAstra

Well said, all the negativity, pessimism and to an extent hope that things will get worse...we'll end up living in some orwellian hell - is the result of manipulation and conditioning if it's anything.

There are sinister forces out there, sinister, selfish, greedy I think they're all in on it together with some ultimate, I don't. I'm sure there are organisations out there...that doesn't mean they're all collaborating, one world government? It might be a pipe dream, would it be a bad thing? Would there be world wars? Why would a government go to war with itself? Isn't it actually a reasonable idea that's worth thinking about? Isn't the assumption that a one world government inherantly bad a form of conditioning? We could argue that...

Oh, but they'll be able to watch us, and know our every move, there'd be microchips in our brains, people would sit and watch us go about our daily lives...and the people watching us will be being watched by other people who are also being watched...up to the point where our only task in life is to watch each other and tell the man our findings,

I see it like matter what we do, there will always be that group of people who think and behave a certain way, it's who and what they are...they will do anything they need to do in order to get what they want. If you take one away, another will take his/her place. It's human nature, it's no conspiracy, just people being people.

There will always be a dominant force that tramples on the weak and helpless, these people who are waking up are perpetuating some fantasy about veils being lifted, it's all going to change and be alright - serve only to keep the people down and stop them making progress...I wonder if quentin tarantino is one of the global elite...or samuel l jackson, remember the ezekiel speech from pulp fiction? You ain't the shepherd or the weak, you're the tyranny, providing false hope. If you want to be the shepherd, be honest - there's no man trying to get you down, you ain't sticking it to anyone but the people themselves, the only man getting man down is himself, progress will be made in the mind before it manifests in society.

People need to realise that it's us that are flawed...and stop believing in bizarre ideas of reptoid beings conspiring to harvest us all, but it's ok - as there are beings coming from another dimension when the veil finally lifts, and it'll all be alright.

That everything in society is designed or engineered by some dark, evil force to simply get us down and enslave us...that there shall be an uprising, or some inter-galactic dudes will come over to help us out,

As a final note I will cite the recent riots which too place in the UK, some people might remember, Events which took plae in england in 2011. This was apparently sparked during a protest, people were protesting because someone was shot dead by the police under dubious circumstances (follow the links and make up your own minds on that), but further riots took place and it got to the point it was just anarchy for anarchy's sake, they spread and it went on for some days:

People were rioting, looting...sheer chaos.. Was this an uprising? Spontaneous mass lawlessness? They tried to stick it to the man and served only to cause chaos and disruption...the reaction of the majority of the people...normal, everyday folk who weren't involved was shock, horror and outrage. My facebook was inundated with posts about how it was disgusting and terrible that people were simply taking to the streets and starting riots, fires, there was violence, and a lot of people were clearly enjoying it as is evident on the CCTV footage and stills, it was a free-fior-all - people being people.

People have no respect for law and order or authority any more and it's getting worse all the time, I'm not saying the police were right to shoot this lad, read more on the case and make your own mind up, but that isn't the point - cops are people too and thus prone to stupidity, idiocy, selfishness just like the rest of us. It doesn't mean people can just do what they want, the results and consequences of the riots for many people were very real, small businesses destroyed, people hurt, properties can imagine. Wonder if those invovled in the riots have ever spared them a thought? They're probably too busy watching the 52 inch plasma HD television they looted while trampling over some old geezer trying to make it home from work - savages.

Some people even tried to incite futher riots and violence via facebook, they were arrested and rightly so, they only stuck it to the people, looting and wrecking peoples homes, liveliehoods and this what people want? Ironically, many were charged as a result of CCTV footage, enough said.
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posted on May, 25 2012 @ 09:24 AM
What I find interesting is that there's relatively little discussion on this thread.
I wonder why. It does open an important question or two.
The silence says it all, really.

posted on May, 25 2012 @ 11:18 AM
reply to post by AdAstra

I agree, I think the title of the thread was ill thought out, my bad...I also think I may have chosen the wrong forum, I don't know why I put it in the gray area. If someone wants to move it to a forum where it might generate more interest that'd be great.

I should have titled this thread "Something huge is about to happen" or something like that. I didn't expect many respnses, kind of expected to be attacked and insulted more than anything, but the lack of responses are more disappointing than being insulted or ridiculed.

Thanks for responding, made some very interesting points.

posted on May, 25 2012 @ 12:55 PM
reply to post by samerulesapply

What do you believe are your civil liberties?

posted on May, 25 2012 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by Zngland

The right to be civillised.

posted on May, 25 2012 @ 01:14 PM
Well, it's your choice what you read. Nobody forces you to read doom and gloom articles. I am old enough to be able to ignore the stuff if I want or to pick things apart and make my own conclusions. There is usually some basis to all perceptions. Even science is half right. Now the governments accountability to their wasting money and concealing it by deception gives their actions suspicious credibility. Times are always changing and if you don't change with it you get left behind. That's it, it's not complicated at all. Everyone thinks they know more than they do.

posted on May, 25 2012 @ 02:18 PM
reply to post by rickymouse

Who said I was forced to read anything? I'm as entitled to create a thread as anyone, this thread is about an observation I've made regarding the selfish nature of people in the modern day, this common mindset where the system is ok when it works in our favour but not ok when it works against us.

The belief that there's some battle going on between us and them, we're the good, the sleeping dragon that's about to wake up and fight back...People still don't get it and I'm fed up responding to this thread, because it's going nowhere.

Not one person yet has answered any of my questions - their alternative view of this utopia they invisage...describe it, how will it work? If there's a fight against the powers that be, how is it taking place? Were the riots I referred to in an earlier post not enough to make the point clear? People giving into the crowd mentality, thinking they're being all cool, anti-establishment, and destroying peoples lives and homes. People doing what they want regardless of the consequences. I'm not caring if people talk about it, where's the action? If there is an uprising...will there be a repeat of the england riots? Will it be worse? I don't want that, I don't think many would. Do you?

The result being damaged lives, property, businesses, you name it. The prosecutions of the offending rioters (many convicted using CCTV footage) another cost to the taxpayer, sure, but money well spent perhaps, as an example must be set. If the people were waking up as is so often claimed then why didn't more people join in the riots? I think it might be because the majority accept that living in the modern day comes with both positive and negative aspects, we have to obey laws we might not like but we happily accept and take advantage of the fact that there are many laws which protect us. Why should a majority of people suffer because of a minority who have an attitude and disregard for authority, and no respect for their fellow man? That's not a compromise nor is it civil.

Let's not bother about that, there's no need to worry because something big is going to happen, the powers that be are running scared, when we rise up and take what's rightfully ours it will all be great - a flawed ideology because human nature is flawed, society being flawed is a mere byproduct of that. All people can't be good and want what's best for everyone...because people just aren't like that.

I never complained about any thread, I referred to a few recent threads as an example to highlight the fact that people have no respect for anything any more, it's been getting worse for years. Kids have an absolute disrespect for any kind of authority, people who have plenty of oppertunities in life and are actually quite priviliged, but so negative and feel so hard done by, this inherant sense that we're entitled to have something simply because we want it..

The only way to overcome problems is to identify and tackle them, this thread is not about complaining it's a response to those threads, or are you trying to rob me of my liberty of free speech on this site? You're right, though...nobody forced me to read any thread or write this one just as nobody forced you to read this or respond.

posted on May, 25 2012 @ 09:46 PM
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I'm just trying to tell you not to take all the doom and gloom to heart. There is something to each and every concern that people have that I read so far but getting overexcited about things never seems to do much good. I see people worried about all the stuff that is happening and what appears to be coming. Worrying about what may be coming is stressful. Being somewhat prepared for things that may happen has the opposite effect though, it makes a person feel more secure. I advise people to have food for at least a month or more and some seeds to plant food. This doesn't waste any money because we will eventually be eaten. I have a small generator and enough firewood to heat my home for a winter ahead. This makes my wife and I feel more secure.

I didn't mean my last post to ire you, I was just trying to say not to worry. There are a lot of good people in this country too, they just don't have any power and we don't hear of them because they don't complain.

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