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Law Enforcement is out of hand, Nation wide!!!

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posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 08:27 AM
Morning all ATS's ! I hope you alls a.m. was better than mine. This is a rant and I am mad as hell. At 6:45am est My door bell rang, I looked out my bedroom window and see a mini-van in my driveway. There's a man, walking toward my side/rear yard. I at first thought it was the county inspectors here to inspect the septic tank & septic field, as we have to have it done each year.

So I get dressed and answer the door, when I answer the door there's three men there. Two white guys one black guy. They introduce themselves as Sheriff's Deputies from my county. They said their here because they work in the "Crime Suppression Unit" and they had a "tip" that I had a massive weed growing operation going on in my home!!!

Needless to say this pissed me off to no end. The one sheriff handed me a business card with that same "Crime Suppression" shat on it. This sheriff has his hands on my screen door and is trying to come on in. I said wait a minute there Barney, where's your warrant? He said can we look around a bit? I said where's your warrant? He said based on the "tip" they could ask to look around. I asked where did your tip come from? They said it was a phone call to "crime stoppers". I laughed, that pissed them off. I told them no one is looking around my home, at least not until the warrant is served on me or my wife. This deputy got pissed off real bad, he said "Damn we'll have to start an investigation now" I said go ahead and investigate and waste some more of the tax payers of our counties money..

The one said he thought he "saw" somethimng in the rear yard. I said to him? walking around some ones yard in the early a.m hours out here in the stiks where I live will get you shot. I told them you can walk around the house outside of the house with me with you. They re-fused, they said we'll just get a warrant and search everything.

This is the point to where I really pissed these men off, I said go get your warrant, the one based an a anonymous phone call. I really don't think a judge is going to give you a warrant based on a "phone tip". At which time I let them know that that camera to their left on my front porch is a security camera, and it;s been recording all we have said and done since I opened the door, needless to say you could see the anger in their faces.

That was a big ole lie, that camera don't even work!! But they said we'll go get that warrant. They at no time showed me a badge none of them. They left out my drive way and parked right at the mouth of it then this other truck pulls up with four more sheriff's. They get out mill around my mail box, looking at my house like I'm going to run out of it carrying all my make belive growing operation.

So I just strapped on the side arm and decided to put some mail out for the mail man. I walked right out to my mail box armed in my own yard. I know not real smart, but within my rights. I said morning men and put my stuff in the mail box and walked back to my house.

I called ths sherriff's dept and they are real sheriff's and they are with the crime suppression unit. So I asked as to why they think they can just walk on in sone ones home and look around based on a "tip". The answer I got was a run around. If I let them look and they find nothing I would be taken off the "list". I asked what list, that question was not answered.....

If the law thinks they can invade your home based on a tip and anonymous tip at at that is laughable at best. I wonder how many folks just let these guys in their homes? I told them all three of them that you all got some bogus info from some one that is a shatty practical joker, the one sheriff said if you let us look all this will go away. I said "Barney, until your produce a warrant to search my home, it is over "

Who they hell do these people think they are. So all who read this at least here in N.C. know your rights, and don't let them in with out a warrant!!! They have zero right to search your home with out it. I am leaving my home in about an hour, which will be around 10:22 am est. I fully expect to be pulled over and hassled. I am going to the shreriffs dept down town and file a formal complaint against the three that came to my home, At no time during their stay did any of the three show me a badge or proff of being law enforcment, a business card just don't cut it with me.

Don't let them in folks, read up on your rights, you could be next. I in no way shape ,form or fashion beleive they had a "phone tip" about me with "crime stoppers". I stood my ground and exercised my rights. Trust me when I say IT PISSED THEM OFF. If I am pulled over and hassled Ill re-post later to let every one know the outcome. Peace have a great day. ANY ONE OF YOU COULD BE NEXT ON THE LIST.

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posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 08:38 AM
S&F for someone actually doing something. Remember this, cameras scare the crap out of LEA. In this day and age they never know when a camera is hooked up to cloud (off property) storage, ie where they can't get it.

If most people handled it this way they would change their attitude.


posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 08:47 AM
Well done!

I actually worked at a local college with their law enforcement academy and the people that are attracted to such a profession are either those looking to help and be Heroes (or play super hero) or Bullies who enjoy the power. The majority being the latter.

I had a friend who bought one of those watches with the built in audio recorder and 720p camera and he was pulled over, started recording with it, and caught the cop cussing him out, and then hinting at a bribe and even a request for sexual favors. He filed a complaint and the cop lied completely, he then handed them the DVD with the audio/video and the guy was suspended pending further investigation. This was a few months back, and I still worry that they will find a reason to arrest him for "wire tapping" law violations, but he isn't afraid.

posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 08:51 AM
s&f for telling the truth. the so called law enforcement is totally out of hand. the SS gaurd for example the cops who abuse there authority the blue wall or shield needs to be held to a higher standard. if they mess up there out there job description is simple enough TO SERVE AND PROTECT that is it. not TO ABUSE AND INTIMIDATE they act like marines abusing locals in far away lands truly disgusting

posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 09:13 AM
This is an example of "Knock and Talk". It started in Florida. When the police think someone may be committing a crime (such as you decribed) they will knock on the door and try to indimidate people into letting them into their home to search. You would be surprised at how many idiots let the people come into their home.

Don't get me wrong, I am PRO-COP not anti-cop. What you are seeing is what EVERY government agency does. They take the laws and push them as far as they can to expand their powers. Police agencies are no different than other agencies in that respect.

Congress does nothing but turn out laws infringing on our freedoms. They do nothing constructive. I just read that the new CISPA bill is being expanded even further (as if it needed it) by a Democrat. The Tea Party is trying to remove Orin Hatch-R from Congress because he is now too much part of the system. Republican or Democrat is of no concern in this respect. They are all part of the system and all need to be removed from Congress.

Sometimes I just don't like to wake up and read the news but I do. I like to keep informed. The more informed I am, the more depressed I get. Whatever happend to the Mickey Mouse Club? I liked that when I was a kid.

The truth of it is there is a new police power in the U.S, Obama spoke of it during his campaing. It was his call to have a national police force. It is now called the TSA. Very reminiscent of Hitler's Brown shirts who were eventually eliminated to make way for the S.S. We know what the S.S. did. It is just a matter of time before we are all suspect on the way to camps unless things change.

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posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 09:27 AM
Damn it you must be in Catawba County like me. Sounds like their tactics (and if you dont comply they send a swat team).

I agree they are getting out of control and more and more bold about it at the same time. I think this is also due to the lack of supervision and consequences. Do anything and nothing happens at the most a slap on the wrist and a nice paid vacation.

Before the apologist jump me im not so much anti cop but im not pro cop. This new cop is not a cop they are para military groups that operate above the law when a cop is a SERVANT to it and held to more and a higher standard of laws (or at least they are supposed to be) I am friends with many cops all oath keepers all still holding to the peace officer understanding and not the thug mentality like you get now!
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posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 09:44 AM
Thank God I live in an area where the cops are actually pretty cool. (At least as of this time.)

You seemed rather antagonistic towards them and must admit I'd have acted the exact same way. I consider myself to be a calm and reasonable man and yet whenever anyone tries to intimidate me I get very angry and "in your face"-like.

Kudos to you for standing up for your constitutional rights. Please keep us up to date on any fallout that occurs due to this.

posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 11:19 AM
Excellent reaction. Turn thier bully tactics to your advantage and make them stay away.

posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 11:51 AM
reply to post by openyourmind1262

UPDATE: I went and filed a formal complaint against the three deputies that came to my home, It was extremely hard as they wanted a "badge number". I showed them the business card they gave me. They wanted to keep it I said no way, I need that card back. I ended up letting them photo copy it.

They were real sherriff's and there really is a crime suppression unit in my county (guilford). Shades of Minority Report going on here. I was told all calls to Crime Stoppers is handled this way. Blew my mind, a single anonymous phone call can get the law at your home based on a voice in the night, I wonder who I pissed off?

To answer a few response's. I was'nt antagonistic, I WAS PISSED. I up until I was told by real sheriffs at the sheriff's dept that these three were real, I was going on the premise they just want to get in my home and rob or kill or whatever the hell to me. That's what I wrote in the report. Another thing that puzzles me is my gate at the drive way entrance, It's allways closed, except this month because I have to be ready for the inspectors or I'll be charged twice. Also Pitbulls are in kennel, I just wonder if they knew all this?

My yard, my house, my hand gun, my rights. I will not be intimidated in or on my own property. Especially based on an anonymous phone tip. At least have the balls to let me here the phoned in info for myself. Bully tactics piss me off, they did when I was young, now adays it's even worse.
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posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 08:14 AM
reply to post by Hessling

No fall out as of yet. I filed a formal complaint, we'll see how far that goes. I did learn late last night that I/we were'nt the only ones visited in this community. My neighbor, now mind you our homes are not close. But he is my closest neighbor. Same three sheriff's deputies, HE LET THEM IN!!!!!! They said the same thing to Fred ,"we had a tip of a weed growing operation". he said they walked thru, asked if they could just look into closet's, he let them look all over his home.

Then he tells me they start asking questions about MY weed operation . He said he laughed at them., and asked them if they knew I headed the community watch program, He said the one sheriff said that any one who would'nt let them in was hiding something, Fred said he asked them how they managed to get all the way to my front door without the dogs eating them, (dogs were in kennel due to septic tank inspectors). Make s me wonder?

Fred And I came to the conclusion that we have only one thing in common when it comes to the law being at our homes on the same day, with the same lame arse story, We both are serious gun people. We both have Shooting Ranges in our yards, we shoot everyweekend, we started the community watch in our community, It's sorta on steroids. Fred thinks it was an attempt tp just see what all we have. They saw zilch at my house.

I can assure you they did not see Fred's arsenal, it makes mine look small, and mine isnt small. So where we stand now is we wait. Gate closed & locked, going this a.m and buying a new camera for the porch and a couple more to put into some other areas. Peeble's & Bam Bam, will not be locked in kennel any more, no matter what.

It's not that these two dogs would bite you or maul you, they would probally knock you down & try and lick you to death, but being on the opposite side of that fence, they send a powerfull message with just their looks.

I'll update if any fall out occurs over alll of this. Thanks, peace. Remember your rights as citizens, don't let them in without a warrant. Never without a warrant. Their like vampires, you have to invite them in before they can harm you.
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