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America - April 19th, The Start of the Revolution - A REVISIT

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posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 11:01 AM
Forgive me for not be quite so eloquent of poster METACOMET was, but I feel it is necessary to at least repost their idea in some form today, April 19th, since ATS decided to remove it and has yet decided to refrain from giving me reason as to why, and has moved any attempts to ask why into the private complaints sections. That has been three days now and it is neither here nor their, so I digress. Credit for initially bringing this topic to light indeed goes to METACOMET and I am going to place my own spin on it.

On this day, some 237 years ago, the first shots were fired between the American militia and British troops at Lexington and Concord and thus The American Revolution had begun. These people that began fighting that day were a different breed of people that we should be proud to call our ancestors, but I doubt very much would be proud to call us their kinsmen.

More than two centuries later, the freedoms and liberties that they died to personify and exemplify lie wasted, a muddled heap on the ground and all the most Americans can worry about are what have come to be known as "first world problems". You are so damn content with your life and the simple gratifying features that you fail to realize that this life isn't life at all - it is a cage.

And what do I mean by that? Well you are placed into your roles. You are given the illusion of choice, but in the end the choice in not really there. Who places you there? The system. Who controls the system? The politicians. Who chooses the politicians? You do... from a select set. Who chooses the set? The wealthy. But take it a step back down - your job, your schooling, your medication, what you eat, how you raise your children, how you build your homes, how you choose to live - it is ALL JUST A CAGE You are given a set of rules and you NEED to live by them. You try to exit that cage then you either die are are forced to quite literally - LIVE IN A CAGE!

And yet people are content with this. People are fine with this. Somehow, people still wake up each day, go to their 9-5's, eat their dinners, watch their nightly news, post on ATS, go to sleep, rinse, repeat, and do absolutely nothing - day in, day out, nothing more than complaining, making excuses to make them feel better about doing nothing and accepting their lives inside of a cage.

"I have kids to raise." "I like my job." "Look at people in other countries, we don't have it nearly as bad as they do!" "Well we just have to vote in new people, that's all." "I honestly don't see anything wrong with what is going on."

Congratulations. You are an excuse maker. You will raise your kids to live in a continuously perpetual more horrible world. You like your job so you don't give a damn about anyone else out there who is unemployed. You divert the attention away to other countries who have never had what America had to make it seem like slavery is alright in comparison. You pretend like voting matters when anyone with a brain knows it doesn't. And you are in denial if you don't see the difference between the freedoms we are supposed to have under the Constitution and the limitations on government, compared to the power that the federal government has over the people today.

Prior to April 19th, 1775, do you know what the British Monarchy did to the American people to warrant such hate to cause an uprising of the magnitude they were about to get?

The Stamp Act - The act placed taxes on a handful of goods ranging up to 12% on some items.
The Townshend Act - The act placed an 8%-12% tax on teas which led to the Boston Tea Party
The Boston Massacre - A riot control gone wrong that left 5 dead and several wounded
The Intolerable Acts - In response to above- placed restrictions on town meetings, allowed British troops and officers to be tried outside of Massachusetts, and required the housing of British troops.

That... that's about it.

Do you know that the current federal government charges $1.01 tax PER PACK of cigarettes? For most brands that is roughly a 50%-100% tax. States taxes are even more in some places. New York's is 4.35 - in JUST TAX. Meaning you are paying 5.36 in TAX along for a pack of cigarettes in New York state. Sounds fair right?

Did you know that all of your gas was federally taxed? Sure is. 18.4 cents per gallon goes back go uncle same with 24.4 cents for diesel. The US state average is 47 cents per gallon. That is about an 8.5% tax we pay on our gasoline that we HAVE to use every single day.

Colonists didn't have to use tea or playing cards. In fact, I don't believe any item that was considered "necessary for modern survival" was taxed at the time. But today - sure, let's just do that. And no one seems to mind enough today.

But wait... there is more... you all ready?

Income tax, sales tax, property tax, social security tax, medicare tax, Corporate income tax, Transfer tax, excise tax, Unemployment tax, Consumption tax, payroll tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, sales tax, toll tax, alcoholic beverage tax, environmental affecting tax, poll tax, retirement tax, real property transfer tax, wealth tax, commercial motor vehicle tax, commercial rent tax, horse race admissions tax, hotel room occupancy tax, utility tax, insurance tax, lawful gambling tax, fur tax, deed tax, contamination tax, mineral tax, petroleum tax, sports bookmaking tax, wind energy production tax, communications tax, air transportation tax, gift tax, death tax, and of course my favorite of all - LUXURY TAX.

That damn Stamp Act. What a hoot.

So that covers that taxes, but what about the dead. *Gasp* Did our government ever possibly harm a soul?

Well, if you are not a conspiracy theorist (not sure why you are here)... and you throw away the innocent lives lost at Waco and Ruby Ridge - and you ignore the intel that the Lusitania sinking was intentional, Pearl Harbor was easily preventable, the Gulf of Tonkin never even happened, and Iraq never had any weapons and we knew this - and you ignore the questionable evidence and lack of investigation into the attacks on September 11th, 2001 - you are still left with the current wars of today, with Iraq winding down and Afghanistan still going, and Iran getting ready for similar treatment. I personally believe that the more than 130,000 civilians killed in Iraq and Afghanistan over nothing is more than enough to warrant heads of the commanders who issued the orders to wantonly attack. That right that is no conspiracy theory, that right there is just truth that we - the most "free" and "prosperous" nation on the Earth in the last decade has resulted in the death over 130,000 innocent men, women, and children - just like all of us - who just wanted to go about living their lives.

But for me… a person who has studied and questions all of those things I listed above – you should have no problem see where the hatred for my government comes from. Because when you melt it all down and when you think what it… what if all of that is the truth – and you know it very well may be – then that means that the government that I live under, the government that I vote for and choose every four years – is responsible for the deaths of MILLIONS OF PEOPLE who had nothing to do with them. That doesn't sit well on my conscience. Not one of them does.

To be continued in next post.....

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posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 11:02 AM
So what do I say in summary –

I see those people back on April 19th, 1775 – they had it good compared to us and they went to war over it. They went to war because they saw a future that looked an awful lot like what we have today and they prevented it – for a little while.

Today, we just don’t seem to care. We are separated by the injected issues into our society and we feed off of them. Race vs. race, religion vs. religion, issue vs. issue – none of it matters. They try to teach you to disrespect those with differing view when that is what this nation is supposed to be build upon – THE INDIVIDUAL. The government isn’t supposed to be a gang of supported for one issue against another, it is supposed to be a group of individuals, in support of the rights of EACH individual no matter which side he or she choose to stand upon. ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL.

They feed you with a sense of false Patriotism making you believe that Patriotism is some how being in support of your government, and it is no where close.

As quoted by Ron Paul in May of 2007:

The true patriot is motivated by a sense of responsibility and out of self-interest for himself, his family, and the future of his country to resist government abuse of power. He rejects the notion that patriotism means obedience to the state. Resistance need not be violent, but the civil disobedience that might be required involves confrontation with the state and invites possible imprisonment…

… A free society rejects all notions of involuntary servitude, whether by draft or the confiscation of the fruits of our labor through the personal income tax…

… The true patriot challenges the state when the state embarks on enhancing its power at the expense of the individual. Without a better understanding and a greater determination to rein in the state, the rights of Americans that resulted from the revolutionary break from the British and the writing of the Constitution will disappear…

In time there will be revolution in the country. This is not internet speak. This is not an empty threat. This is simply reality of the world. When that time comes there will be a choice for people to make. They will either side with the government and quell that revolution, bringing about a reign of tyranny that makes the current regime look like a hippy free society; or they can realize that the things that those patriots fought and died for on April 19th, 1775 and onward – are even worse today. The cause for freedom is even more dire today.

“Independence Forever!”
-John Adams

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posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 11:13 AM
when an american says there will be revolution i believe it.

they have proven thru out their history that they are willing to die, burn, kill and fight for what they believe is a just cause or injustice thrust upon them.

that is why there is a concerted effort by the powers that be to kill the american fighting spirit.

it is hard to stand up and fight when you have been corrupted and are no longer just, righteous or morally on the side goodness and justice.

but that is precisely when you do fight.

the worst mistake the government will ever make is ignore the american people.

they have all the money. it is hard to fight when you're struggling to keep your house in a system designed to keep you poor.

i believe you missed your opportunity during the financial collapse. but they'll be many others, you can count on it.

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posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 11:29 AM

You speak a lot of truth in there. Our forefathers went to war against England for a lot less than what we tolerate every day. It is a madness. A madness of complacency and apathy. We have been so dumbed down and distracted, we have completely forgotten what "The right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness" actually means.

Liberty...It has become a distant memory to some and legend to most.

How can we live without Freedom? To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin..."Those that would sacrifice Liberty for safety will lose both and deserve neither".

Here is a little vid clip I like to place in threads along these lines....Enjoy.

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 11:44 AM
reply to post by gwydionblack

I agree with your analysis, which was kind of a rant. As for the innocents killed, I would add our use of depleted uranium and our current drone war in a few regions. I've been hanging out on the fringes of the cage you mentioned for about 35 years now....trying my best to avoid as many of the pit falls you laid out. The real question is what can anyone really do to be free of this oppressive tyrannical system that is steadily taking over, unless you want to be some kind of homeless Rambo type. So after pointing all these things out what is your solution to this dilemna ?

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 11:51 AM
reply to post by conspiracytheoristIAM

The solution is another civil war!


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posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 12:01 PM
reply to post by mytheroy

Revolution to be precise.

I don't want people fighting each other. I want them to know who their enemy is.

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 12:08 PM
In the future people will say: damn those second american revolution truthers were complaining about their president born in another country and getting sexually assaulted at the airport, and here we are burning money for firewood, running from the robotpolice, and having advertisements downloaded into our brains. Humanity sigh.

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 12:22 PM
Well said.

Well Said!

2025 America (what if?)

I just posted a thread outlining our future if we the people remain complacent.

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 12:27 PM
Well said my friend.

Although we have seen the dream that was America cheated from us by false and designing quacks, we must still call on the people to come to its rescue.

Let us give thanks to our forefathers on this most unique and exception date in history. 38 Minutemen of Lexington faced 700 British redcoats (some British documents say 700 redcoats some say 900). 38 men! The result was the brave men of Lexington were mowed down. When the British reached Concord and the old North bridge, they were confronted by 250 farmers and adolescent boys. These men and boys fought the redcoats and won! During the British retreat 6000 minutemen showed up from the surrounding villages and whooped them back to Boston where they eventually fled back to the sea. History is more amazing than any fiction!

That blood stain, on the vernal sword,
Hallowed to freedom all the shore;
In fragments fell the yoke abhorred---
The footsteps of a foreign lord
Profaned the soil no more.

By rude bridge that arched the flood,
Their flag to April's breeze unfurled,
Here once the embattled farmers stood
And fired the shot heard round the world.

On an aside, my thread was deleted because I posted a similar thread last year, breaching the T&C's of ATS. Although not as well written, here it is.

Freedom is still the most radical idea of all. God bless America

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posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 12:29 PM
Here is the problem though. The American people have become wimps. We take the crap they dish us and we turn around and ask for more. I do agree that the American people do have a history that when we have had enough, there is not a country out there that can revolt the way Americans do and have.

People go out and protest, some not even knowing what they are protesting about. The thing to remember, protests, revolts, revolutions, etc, are all a form of war or a battle. Another thing the people do not consider is we are trying to tear a system down that tptb will fight tooth and nail to preserve at all costs, and to hell with the people.

When tptb offer resistance to the protesters they begin to cry and whine. They shot tear gas at us, they used water cannons, they used rubber bullets, blah blah. OF COURSE THEY DID, we are trying to take their cookie jar, what do people expect them to do, just hand it over?

Instead of crying about it why not counter their offenses? If we are going to fight, then fight, otherwise go home. If tptb break out the tear gas, everybody has gas masks handy to put on, hell pick the tear gas canisters up and throw them back at them. If they break out the water canons, have some shields on hand to deflect the water. If they bring the rubber bullets out, then use the same shields that was used to deflect the water cannon. The idea is to nullify all their offensive tactics. If the people would realize this then it would not take long for tptb to recognize this as well.

Granted, if these tactics are employed to nullify tptb offensive tactics, they could start bringing out the heavy weapons. But, if they do that, then it is game on for sure and the revolution will have officially begun.

My point is, we Americans are going to have to man up because tptb will not willingly concede their power, we have to take it and while we are crying about a little tear gas they sit back laughing at us. When are the people going to show tptb we are not afraid of them or their tear gas and rubber bullets.

Unfortunately, that will not be enough either. But it is a start. We as citizens must push tptb over the edge and really make them sweat. When they get desperate to keep holding onto what they have and they begin to realize their world is in danger they will take drastic actions. Then and only then, when they come out and attack the American people with real violence, they will show to the world their true colors and that they are unfit to lead this country. At that time, we Americans can take back our country. It will not be pretty, it will not be easy, and for those individuals that want to cry foul over a little tear gas, should really go back home and get out of the way so that the people that are willing to fight what ever is thrown at them can without more obstacles in their way.

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 12:35 PM
reply to post by Skewed

Not wimps, just extremely comfortable. The poorest and most underprivileged among us still live better than the majority of the world. We have fat homeless people! Not the protruding wormy belly like ethiopians, but actually FAT! We have air-conditioning in our schools, public swimming pools, and we waste more food than most countries have to begin with. The land of milk and honey, literally! We eat about 4x the calories necessary to sustain us, and we do so for PLEASURE!

Yes, the government has enslaved us with comfort. I am appalled at what the government gets away with. I even posted a similar Where is the Outrage? thread a while back. But am I willing to sacrifice the comfort, safety, and well-being of my family to take a moral stand? Not at this time I'm not. My life is good, I spend the weekends barbequeing around the pool, drinking beer with my buddies. My kids play t-ball and take karate. I drive a Harley, or a Jeep, and I go to any number of a dozen beautiful beaches within 30 minutes of my house. I don't want to give all of that up, not yet.

When I read the crazy injustices that happen to other people, I say that can't happen to me. I'm superman, I would never stand for that, they are just lucky they didn't cross someone like me.
But is that true? No one man can stand against the tide.

Eventually they will cross the wrong man, and not only will he fight, but 6000 minutemen will come to his defense. It is only a matter of time, but for now......... I like my air-conditioning, milk, honey, steak, and Budweiser.

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 12:46 PM
reply to post by getreadyalready

I just hope it is not like a light switch. On or off, and as quick as that.

You may find yourself in a hole when it is too late. If you are not prepared to give all that comfort up tomorrow, then you will be no better off than the rest of the people that are just sitting around when the hammer falls.
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posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 01:14 PM

Originally posted by Skewed
reply to post by getreadyalready

I just hope it is not like a light switch. On or off, and as quick as that.

You may find yourself in a hole when it is too late. If you are not prepared to give all that comfort up tomorrow, then you will be no better off than the rest of the people that are just sitting around when the hammer falls.
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We are thoroughly prepared, and we will be just fine, as well as many close friends, family, and neighbors. My Dad has been a prepper since the '70's, and I've continued that mentality with my own family.

BUT, I fear it is exactly like a light switch. I think the general population will take and take and take and take, but when someone snaps at the right time, the whole country will snap at the same time. If you've ever been in a rough bar around closing time, then you'll recognize the tension in the air. A brawl doesn't start in one place and then spread uniformly, it is more like the light switch, for some reason, 10 little fights start all at once all across the bar, and then the brawl ensues. It is hard to identify the spark that started it all. I think the next revolution will be similar. There will be a dozen occurences within hours or days, and they will spread across the whole nation instantaneously.

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 02:42 PM
reply to post by gwydionblack

You are right Gwydionblack, we have way more Draconian controls and taxes now than during the time of the American Revolution. Plus there is now gun control, which didn't exist then. There is the UN which also did not exist then, and a huge system of high security prisons and waaaay too many laws on the books. I believe it is unsustainable on the path of more and more regulations, and yet liberals want even more regulations. We can't even agree on what to protest anymore. There is so much division.

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by randomname

The original spirt of the American Revolution has been covered over by revisionist historians who want to obscure the reasons for it in the first place, and advocates of gun control who want to remove any ability for the average citizen to fight back against a tyrannical Totalitarian govt and we are also being subjected to continual loss of sovereignty by subversive efforts in the UN, UN Agenda 21 and the Millenium Declaration. If Americans were to fight against tyranny in govt, it will extend to the World Govt. This is so insidious as to be completely monstrous in it's scope.
This is why I do not understand people on this site who advocate for Global Governance.

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 02:49 PM

Originally posted by Skewed
reply to post by getreadyalready

I just hope it is not like a light switch. On or off, and as quick as that.

You may find yourself in a hole when it is too late. If you are not prepared to give all that comfort up tomorrow, then you will be no better off than the rest of the people that are just sitting around when the hammer falls.
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Maybe more like a super-saturated solution....the drops have been going for some time, and it just takes that one final drop....

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 02:56 PM
reply to post by Skewed

The Controllers have been around in every century, every civilization. The answers are really in the Book of Enoch. But even understanding that would require understanding reincarnation and the incarnation of fallen angels in every avenue of life and industry and commerce including banking. Subjecting man to manipulation and control is what these people live for, even if they do not know it in their conscious minds. It is likely that this is not the first life Soros has stolen from his fellow man in such a wild and unethical way.

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 07:20 PM
A couple of things id like to state.

1/ The colonists who fought the British, were people who left Europe. This is a completely different mind set to people who are born in the USA. The difference is that, the colonists, felt like they had already been forced to leave their home lands in Europe, due to famines or restrictive rulers etc,etc. When people are forced to leave their beloved homelands and settle in a new country they are damn not going to take 5hi7 a second time around.

This is a completely different mind set to Americans today. So sorry no way are Americans going to revolt, NO WAY. As the OP pointed out Americans today take it up the a55 continually from the government and don't do anything but complain amongst themselves or on here. This is the result of being gradually conditioned into a way of living, where as if something is hoist upon a person overnight they react.

2/ There was no TV back in the original revolution...TV has been the damnation of the western world, especially the USA. It is a government brainwashing box, everyone watches everyday. it has led to apathy and complacency on a huge scale.

3/ People simply fear they will be out gunned, everyone knows, the US military industrial complex is fvcking terrifying in its scale and fire power. Any reasonable person wouldn't even dare trying to fight it.

4/ The intelligence agencies monitor this site, so they are not going to allow resistance to form on the internet unless of course they want it to form and respond to it in the form of martial law. After the economic crash and the Zimmerman Martin media hype, I suspect civil unrest is indeed the plan. And its what you will get immediatly if you try to physically fight the TPTB.

5/ How smart am I.

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 07:23 PM
Just bookmaking for tomorrow

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