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Torching the Bill of Rights: Preparing for a Failed State?

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posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 08:32 PM

Originally posted by frazzle

Originally posted by michaelbrux

Second: Schooled???? the United States Military has 8000 nuclear warheads...your drug cartels are not a threat to us.

I'll bet somebody's drug cartels are a threat to us. Think biological and chemical weapons.

do you even know what these things are?

as soon as a drug cartel puts Kim Kardashian in the white house, i'll worry about chemical/biological weapons.

until then...not a major issue.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 08:38 PM

Originally posted by Eidolon23

Originally posted by michaelbrux

not worried about your black markets.....until they are manufacturing housing, automobiles, washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators...etc. etc. that's what people want...not bootleg fashion and electronics...

I updated the link to provide a more recent perspective, and one that touches on US national security.

as far as school...had more than you'll ever see.

It doesn't show. Your prose is a trainwreck, you take huge leaps in reasoning without bothering to fill the reader in on the missing steps, and you haven't made a single relevant point since you stumbled into this thread.

and the nuclear strikes won't happen on our own soil...but it's good to know that's all you were worried about.

You are the one who introduced the ridiculous notion that widespread criminal activity in a failed state could be dealt with through nukes.

Anyway, thanks for driving the reply count up, I guess. And this marks the last time I will engage with your nonsense.

i'm comfortable where i am with understanding US national security...if you are concerned about it...this is not the place to express it and expect results.

my students complained about the same huge leaps in now they surely realizing my jumps are huge to them, not me. i figured the leaps would force them to think about the subject...I stumbled in this thread because it discuss setting fire to the US Constitution...seemed interesting.

and what I suggested was that a successful attack upon the US Constitution could result in a Nuclear retaliation...

but we know the reason you won't deal with my nonsense is because you enjoy compliant guests.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 08:45 PM
There is another pattern emerging that might be causing our government to turn up the dial on the hot plate: black market profits being used by virtual state groups to fund militia build-ups and systems disruption schemes aimed at destabilizing the nation state.

Or -ugh- nation states leveraging virtual states against other nation states:

According to the news release, "The documentary, which was produced in collaboration with Univision News' Investigative unit, reveals exclusive findings, including secret video and audio recordings that provide a rare window into an alleges Iranian-back cyber attack against the United States from Mexico."

The release said the documentary also features unseen video footage from extremists linked to Iran and an interview with an undercover journalist who infiltrated clandestine military training camps in Venezuela.

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posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 09:03 PM
reply to post by michaelbrux

do you even know what these things are?

Kim K? Is that called deflection?

I have a suspicion that you might know what these things are, too.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 09:15 PM
reply to post by frazzle

I once read a story somewhere in the bible, old testament, I think...where an Armenian dancing girl was sent as a gift to a King...she had some kind of venereal disease or something from what I can remember...i don't own a bible and can't find the story...but I know this much...

that is a biological weapon...what they talk about on National Security websites is a bunch of crap...

maybe she'll put poison in your drink or blow your brains out with the pistol she's carrying in her garter or maybe fishnet stockings...

that's a chemical or nuclear weapon.

what they teach you kids in school is BS.

I know exactly what a weapon looks like.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 09:28 PM
reply to post by michaelbrux

"you kids". Wow, that's the nicest thing anyone has said to me in ~ hmmm, at least fifty years.

One name: Joyce Riley. One phrase: "Gulf War Syndrome" (although there are lots of other names and phrases.)

And one warning: don't get bit by any GM mesquitoes.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 09:47 PM

That is a shame. Perhaps it's a regional thing. I'm in the NE, and there is a high level of awareness and active discussion here. Perhaps it's more of an ostrich/sand phenom rather than ignorance. The frog squinching up its eyes and muttering, "I don't believe in boiling water." Even though on some level it is aware of being cooked.

Interesting. I like it.

I served in the military and got to know people from each region of the US. I'm not surprised to hear the folks in your neck of the woods are more aware/concerned.

Here in the Midwest we tend to be more trusting. To a fault at times such as this, to be sure. I mean if NBC Nightly News said it, it must be true.

In other words, the groundwork laid after 911 serves as a convenient foundation for the legislation that has been developed around the recent crises, but was not part of a long-term scheme.

Four little letters. (Not those kind.)


Project for the New American Century

Boiling frog my friend. Boiling frog.
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posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 09:55 PM
reply to post by Hessling

Oof. Yeah, I am open to the possibility of the slow boil, and there's some good circumstantial evidence for it. I haven't drawn any hard and fast conclusions either way, having insufficient data.

However, it is worth noting that the successor to PNAC, FPI, is focused more on what I would term emerging areas of concern:

FPI was founded in response to foreign policy challenges facing the U.S., such as "rising and resurgent powers, including China and Russia", "other autocracies that violate the rights of their citizens", "rogue states that work with each other in ways inimical to our interests and principles, and that sponsor terrorism and pursue weapons of mass destruction", "Al Qaeda and its affiliates who continue to plot attacks against the United States and our allies", and "failed states that serve as havens for terrorists and criminals and spread instability to their neighbors."

FPI "promotes: continued U.S. engagement— diplomatic, economic, and military— in the world and rejection of policies that would lead us down the path to isolationism; robust support for America’s democratic allies and opposition to rogue regimes that threaten American interests; the human rights of those oppressed by their governments, and U.S. leadership in working to spread political and economic freedom; a strong military with the defense budget needed to ensure that America is ready to confront the threats of the 21st century; international economic engagement as a key element of U.S. foreign policy in this time of great economic dislocation."

Indicating, to me, that we are adapting as best we can to circumstances we didn't orchestrate.
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posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 10:07 PM
Just to give you an idea of how crazy this can get, once we start looking at the global fallout, and how the impact could be felt very close to home:

According to UN reports, nearly 60 percent of the coc aine sold in Europe transits through weak West African states such as Mali, Niger, Mauritania, and Guinea Bissau – a flow of cash and contraband that undermines the credibility of each country’s ability to govern itself.

As many of these same countries are now becoming a haven for a shadowy group calling itself Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), there are growing concerns that Islamist radicals and Latin American drug cartels may be working together, both to enrich themselves and to weaken the law enforcement capability of those West African states.

“At this point Al Qaeda in the Maghreb seems to be nothing more than just facilitators, but more and more we see evidence of them working together,” says an official for the US military at the Africom command center in Stuttgart, speaking on background. But it is safe to assume, the official adds, that Al Qaeda “is profiting from the drug trafficking trade going through its areas” of the Sahara.

posted on Apr, 10 2012 @ 03:27 PM
reply to post by Eidolon23

Whaddaya think, ATS?

Your totally smart E23.

It's like a nest of termites that have eaten up all the beams sporting the infrastructure. So now there just preparing to jump ship once the current ship comes tumbling down. All the rhetoric are just fancy words they give the masses while they prepare to jump ship. As you know the black market and the regular markets are operated and controlled by the same Enterprise's, corporations, people, and entities, so it's not about criminals and innocents because from a birds eye view there is not much of a difference between one or the other.

All are implicated both with there actions and with there inaction's.

As this guy said....

"Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety." ...Benjamin Franklin

Its not about criminals and justice, it's just about plain old human faculties and those faculties are insufficient. They might need an update, who know maybe even firmware upgrade from a 0, to a 0.2. That way there will be less talking about the same ol # that has been talked about for the past, oh hundredth years or so. You see they know they have been bull$hiting and riding the wave the whole time, and now that it dawns on them that the ride might come to an end. All there pretend and pristine answers, well thought out and drafted as they are, wont mean zilch when the time comes. It will all be about as meaningful and useful as stripes on a zebra.

That is to say when the predators come, and the house falls and all is in havoc they hope to make themselves so inconspicuous and so indistinguishable from all the other zebras that in the confusion caused to the heard, they will make a hasty back retreat. Its a survival strategy, derived by pray, and lame predators, definitely not a leading and most definitely not a war strategy. And so we find ourselves in a whole bunch of messes, and half assed situations brought on by half assed strategies and plots.

And there in lies a problem, when you got all these little groups all vying for there own subsistence, survival, power, and petty squabbles while all the while riding on the coattails and intestines of the greater whole. Unchecked and unregulated, and not only that but given the keys to the city and the whole shebang to do as with as they would and please.

As they say you throw your pearls before swine expecting expectations, then you wonder why they are always left always expecting. I have heard to tel that every four years or so they do it, so can anybody tell us how that has worked out for them so far.
Nah E23, everything has it's place, people just worry to much, in some cases they shouldn't, and in others they should...In this case they should.

If we were doctors and thinking on medical terms trying to find out what is wrong here. I would say that what we have here when peculiar individual little group of cells act out and go there own little merry way to the detriment of the whole. Well last time i checked that is the clinical definition of a cancer. Now this problem seems easy to fix to me, we can like they are so fond of doing now a days and nuke everything in harmful radiation. By which will bring the whole body down to remove the few troublesome cells, definitely weakening the whole and possibly even killing it. Or we can go toward more natural ways and means to accomplish the same ends. What those ways are..Ah who knows?

Personally I would probably go to the first options as it creates more light-shows and fireworks. But I know you E23, and no doubt you got better ideas what with your whole nature and nurture like output, and no doubt it will work given time. So whatever, shoot away, it wont be hard in hitting marks... What with today's failure of all our great leaders and constructed make believe realities. And with it all being so upfront and posted on billboard signs for everybody to see. It's just plain being obvious!.. Or!... What's that internet slang...Oh ya...It's an Epic Failure.

I think it will be like shooting ducks in a barrel. And people need all the incentives and ideas they can get.

One more thing you might find funny E23, check it out, what the father of the constitution had to say at one time, about this whole little experiment called government.
A few inherent flaws I think there might be in this little experiment.

"We base all our experiments on the capacity of mankind for self-government." James Madison

posted on Apr, 10 2012 @ 03:38 PM
reply to post by michaelbrux

I suppose i was being a bit facetious when i called you an intelligent person, but at least you will receive a great deal of support among our fellow members here at ATS.

Oh dude admit it.
Your just jealous that her literal prose is sharper then your literal sword.

Nice sword you got there in your avatars picture bro.
I ain't being sarcastic either I am a fan of swords and of people with swords.

posted on Apr, 10 2012 @ 03:59 PM
reply to post by michaelbrux

I once read a story somewhere in the bible, old testament, I think...where an Armenian dancing girl was sent as a gift to a King...she had some kind of venereal disease or something from what I can remember...i don't own a bible and can't find the story...but I know this much...

All women are biological weapons in some ways bro. What your talking about that is like the oldest trick in the book.
Even in that book your talking about "the bible"...What was Eve to Adam...The serpent was smart to go after Eve and not Adam. Because wherever Eve went Adam followed, even against his better judgement and to his detriment. But that's another story all together a story long dead, if not forgotten.

Off topic no doubt.

maybe she'll put poison in your drink or blow your brains out with the pistol she's carrying in her garter or maybe fishnet stockings...
that's a chemical or nuclear weapon.
what they teach you kids in school is BS.
I know exactly what a weapon looks like.

No you don't.

Drugs are bad bro, the cartels push drugs.
Even the governments of all nations used it in wars or to infiltrate whole peoples. Sometimes even getting whole nations addicted to substances so that like sheep they follow placidly into the slaughter house. It is and was a weapon, among the many other things it is used for even recreational use. Well you should know what the power of some of these drugs can do on people and even whole nations of peoples.

You should know this already, so you playing dumb...Or you hatred and ignorance of some things blind's you to reason...In which case, you need to grow up and get over it.

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