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May The Goddess Forgive Me [WRC]

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posted on Apr, 6 2012 @ 05:28 PM
Hell, Texas
Forward Command Position of The Evilone
August 13, 2052

An Elderly Man sits on a throne as a young nimble Attendant ministers to his needs. A smile crosses the old Man's face as she bends over.

A very young 11 year old enters the room and is shocked as she observes the scene.

The attendant turns to the Elderly Man, "Your Evilness." She turns back around and smiles at the Elderly Man.

"Bring her in front of me and make damn sure the ones who brought her wait outside."

"Yes Your evilness."

The attendant Approached the couple. The female began to object and the attendant hit her twice. She then flipped the male out of the Room. As the male landed on his back about twenty seconds later the Female landed on top of him. A homemade pistol bounced out of her dress. The guards immediately lowered there guns onto the couple.

As she straightened out her french maid uniform, one of the guards looked to her.

"His evilness said there fate is up to you. He does not trust those who try to kiss his Arse."

The guards nodded to the attendant as she shut the door. The little girl was crying, unsure of what would happen to her. The attendant used her thumb to wipe off the little girls tears. Make up smeared and the attendant shook her head.

In creole, "Its okay little one you are safe. Do you understand English?"

"Wee.." The little girl sniffled. She reached her hand up. "Mon cher whas goin to haps to me?"

The attendant felt her emotions well up as she took , but she controlled herself. "Your Great Grand- Father has spent seven years finding you."

Switching back to a barely intelligible Creole, the little girl went real fast. As the attendant walked her to the throne and verbally managed to keep up, she nodded her head. The little girl was crying as she clung to the half dressed attendant.

Back in Creole, "Little one, your great grandfather has done everything in his vast power to find you. He left no stone unturned because he loves you very much."

The little girl went into another verbal speed fest.

The attendant looked to the Evilone for guidance on how to answer this.

He suddenly was a lot more active as he reached out his hand, "Let me see you child." A tear fell down his face as he comforted the child. He pulled her closer to him and hugged her.

"Grand Pappa..." A memory flooded the child, "I remember you.." She started bawling...

After about four minutes of crying, the little girl spoke. "I have been running and hiding ever since the bad people hurt daddy, and mommy bought me time to run." She buried her face into the Evilones shoulder. "I hid goods Great Grand Pappa. Always on the move, trusting no one."

He just held his great Grand daughter.

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posted on Apr, 6 2012 @ 06:22 PM
I want more now. YOU HAVE to have more to this.


posted on Apr, 6 2012 @ 07:05 PM
SnF just for entering the contest, as I had a hard time wrapping my head around this one.

The Evilone was busted getting a hummer?

The 11 year old catches him in the act.

The Evilone has been searching for 7 years, which puts the girl at 3 at the time he started looking.

The girl is his greatgranddaughter. That makes the Evilone older than dirt. Does he own a Viagra factory or something? See question one.

Then the most hideous thought occurred, after I re-read it three more times. So tell me, WHY EXACTLY was the old horn dog searching in the first place?

Grin. Yes, truly twisted and evil. Not only does he like em young......

posted on Apr, 6 2012 @ 07:07 PM
reply to post by Druid42

The reason I want more,actually!

That's what I love about short stories. You can actually give just the right amount,compelling the reader to want more of the story.
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posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 12:44 PM
Yall know I am having the hardest time writing this next part I hope I can get three full post in.... before the contest is over...

Taking over and ruling the world is easy, as would be ruling it with wisdom. Its harder to write the story you want to read...

so far multiple miss-starts

I may be able to finish one more..

also I apologize for not reading the stories you wrote but I stopped myself. I do not want to even give the appearance of stealing an idea from others. I will read them after the contest is over.

video that might be influencing me.. making the emotion to hard to transfer and write

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posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 02:17 PM
Emotions where running high, "Do I have to?" She batted her eyes and frowned, "Why do I need to go to school?"

"Little one," with a huge smile on his face. "Your Great Gran-mama, would insist. She was always upset that she was unable to attend college."

"Great Gran-Mama," her little ears perked up. "What was she like?"

He smiled, "Not bad little-one." actual laughter came out of his mouth. "Not to shabby, avoiding recharging your batteries via a conversational subject change."

Innocently she looked up from her egg shaped regeneration chamber. However her facade broke and she smiled, "Your good Great Gran-papa." A huge cybernetic cat was curled up around the base of the chamber, the conversation only caused its ears to stiffen.

"Flattery will get you everywhere my little angel."

The attendant walked in, "Evilone, please forgive me, but you explicitly said.." Halfway unwrapping itself, the huge cyber kitty looked at the attendant in a lazy/ angry looking face because she had woke her up.

Anger passed through the Evilones face, causing even the guards to wince. As it left his face, "Francesca, your right. In care and raising of my Great Grand Daughter I gave you explicit instructions." He turned around to his Great Grand Daughter palms up," Agh.. My own orders little one. Which is a lesson in one word.. Impeccability."

The little one sat up from her chamber, and looked sideways. "How can one word be a lesson?"

"I'll sum it up for you. It was the one trait, your Great Gran- Mama said was one of only two traits I had." He closed his eyes solemnly, a tear came down from his cheek. "You see throughout your great gran-mama's life nobody kept their word to her. They all broke their promises even those who should have protected her."

"So Great Gran- Papa is that why you conquered the world and now reach for the heavens." Managing to return to her innocent facade.

"Like I said, not bad little-one but you must be going to sleep." As the emotions welled up, " And yes, I promised as she died in my arms from a blood clot that was the result of an abusive ex. That I would make the world a better place and not allow this to happen ever again."

The little girl gave her Great Gran Pappa a hug. She then kissed him on the cheek, "I hope some day my prince charming will conquer the world for me." She took her teddy bear and laid down in her chamber.

As he pulled her covers over her, "I was more her black knight sans cowboy hat."

She rolled over like she had forgotten something, causing the cyber kitty to move its head. "Wait, what was the other trait Great Gran-Mama liked?"

Again laughter. "When your old enough Francesca will explain it to you."

Francesca faked shock and walked out of the room. A teddy bear was thrown at the Evilone. As he caught it, the little girl had rolled back over to sleep in the regeneration chamber.

The movement had caught the huge cyber Kitty's attention. It then promptly went back to sleep.

"Just like your great gran-mama," taking a deep breath he whispered. "Good nite my little angel." he gave the motion commands for the lights to turn off.

As the lights dimmed, "Nite Great gran papa."

posted on Apr, 16 2012 @ 07:51 PM
March 21, 2012
Arlington, Texas

The last of the guns had fallen silent, The rain had started to fall and the wind had started to blow. Her body had been lowered into the ground as her ex-husband and two daughters stood on the other side. Everyone there could feel the temperature drop as the seconds passed. Her boy-friend stared at the ex-husband.

"Listen," the VA rep spoke to the boyfriend. At that point the Ex- husband turned his back...

The boyfriend launched himself into her ex-husband and his friends. His first hit landed right on the sweet spot in the back of the ex-husbands head. His closet friend went into the grave and made a nice thud sound as he hit the casket.

Another went to tackle him only to eat graveyard grass and mud.

A local police officer came running up, as he kicked the ex-husband. As another rib cracked on the ex-husband, 50 thousand volts coursed through the boyfriend. He just turned and looked through the rage in his eye.

As the tazer came flying out of the Officers hand. The USMC Command Sargent Major cautiously approached as the boyfriend continued to pound the ex-husband's face.

"And halt, Sailor," The Command Sargent Major went into DI mode.

The boyfriend let go of the ex-husbands head as it landed on the ground. He stood up, with murder in his eyes, and took a step towards the CSM.

The LEO pulled his weapon and looked to the CSM for the lead.

The boyfriend repositioned his body so he could keep an eye on both of them.

"Listen Officer dont take another step forward because right now he is plotting to get to you first." The CSM spoke with authority, "I have some clue of what is going on here, but she would not want you to be shot."

The boyfriend turned and looked towards the LEO for a second. Normally the LEO would not care, but something struck his nerve and scared him.

"Officer stay with me, I can talk him down. What your feeling is very ancient. A man knows when he is in the presence of a dangerous predator who considers him as prey." Several other members of the honor guard had flanked the CSM and drawn side arms. The deceased two kids, had already been moved out of the way.

Almost psychically, the Command Sargent Major knew what was going on. In a very wise and fatherly voice, "Son it wont bring her back." With a tear in his own eyes, the old warrior almost allowed the pain from the boyfriend to overwhelm him. As he shook it off, "Trust me I would have killed. We both know it wont happen."

The boyfriend stopped and fell to his knees. Tears came from everywhere it seemed.


One hour later...

"Listen, Johnston you said you where short a man for your next mission." After a pause, "Yes I believe he has the capability to do it. I really do not care what his previous service jacket said, if yall dont want him Ill call West."

Some yelling from the other end of the phone...

"Yes, I will. He knows I dont like him so he will listen when I tell him."

Another pause, "Of course the Christians In Action will give you the green light on him. I trained some of them and they know that my recommendation means results. When I tell you Johnston that a man just knows he does. My god in his grief rage he took 50 k volts from a tazer. I am not sure the LEO's bullets would have stopped him."

Silence.. the a slight mumble...

"Of course my standard finders fee... This one fell into my lap at a funeral. Trust me Ill have him service ready in a month."

A slight sound

"Good we have a deal..."

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 11:41 AM
April 1, 2013

Admiral Green looked at the board and was pissed off. One of his Intell LT's spoke, "Sir, the Taliban has begun reasserting itself. They are hitting us as we attempt to withdraw troops. We lost over a million dollars worth of equipment."

A very pissed off Admiral muttered under his breath, "Damn liberals are getting us killed! They never let us shut off the damn supplies to the insurgents."

The office got quite and a man in a suit spoke up, "Now Admiral I understand the frustration, but the commander and chief takes a dim view of soldiers with opinions."

"Agent Brice," The admiral forced himself to speak slowly. "It is just a moment of frustration. Lt, any good news."

"Yes LT, a change of subject s good. Is there any good news I can pass along."

The LT looked at the CIA agent, then to the admiral. He got the go ahead nod, "Well there seems to be a small corridor about 50 miles north of the base that patrol are reporting little to no Taliban contact."

Agent Brice shook his head as if he heard something he didnt like. "How far north did this corridor go?"

The Admiral got a look on his face," Does the Agency have an operation running up there?"

"Just answer the question, Admiral !!!"

The Admiral eyed the report and read over the summary. He came to the lines that said it was about 250 to 225 mile corridor,"No mention of an size. Again is there something the DoHS would like to share?"

"Admiral its above your paygrade," the Agent got on his phone and started to walk out of the tent. "We have a problem..."

The tent flap opened back up a minute later, "Send a marine patrol out and find me that damn length of corridor."

After he walked back out," LT, get word to our people we do not know the length of the corridor. Send out Recon, I want to know what is Agent Brice worried about. Have the SEALs prepped for retrieval," a pause as Admiral makes a consideration. "Get on the horn to SOCOM and tell them we are doing our annual readiness drills. Focusing on inter-service cooperation."

An Evil smile crosses the LT's face," On it admiral, SOCOM, readiness drill, and inter-service cooperation aye."

The smiles on their face ended as a siren went off. Incoming artillery shells came streaming randomly into the base.

"Damn it," the Admiral dove under his desk just in time. One of the shells exploded in the tent, sending parts of the LT everywhere.

For five minutes an unending stream of shell came. Then abruptly stopped.

The base took a minute to come to its senses, and the Admiral climbed out from under his desk. He went about restoring order. Stepping out of his tent he saw the Agent covered in dirt but alive...

Agent Brice brushed himself off and looked at the Admiral,"Dont say it Admiral."

The Admiral shook his head, "Master Chief." He yelled out.

"All due respect Admiral," Master Sargent walked up with his rifle at ease. "Master Chief Bought it with the last rounds of shell."

"Damn," The Admirals nostrils flared out.

"Admiral give me ten minutes and I'll get some men in the bush. However at this moment sir allow me to secure the base."

Frustrated the Admiral processed the chain of command, "Carry on Master Sargent, your ranking NCO. Send another intell agent to my private tent. The LT bought it."

He pointed at Agent Brice and motioned to his tent.

posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 04:41 PM
30 minutes later
Admirals Tent


"Master Sargent, I do not care what you say, I do not care what the Admiral thinks, and as for Agent Brice, he had better not cross my gun hairs." The Sargent was highly pissed, "Master Sargent, I officially report that about 53 miles north of the base, to here, has been secured by a lone man. The lone soldier is on one hell of a killing spree all by his little self, to the point the native insurgents are afraid. He was wearing a dirty Halliburton uniform, had a necklace of bodyparts, red goatee, blue eyes, and spoke english with a slight Texas twang. He told us he would cover us back to the base. I am going back out there with some more men and bring this soldier back in one piece. "

Agent Brice spoke up, "And just who do you think you are Sargent. To try and set..."

Closing the distance in less then a second, a fist hit agent Brice in the throat, followed with knee to the face, and finished with a double fist slam strike to the back. "Sorry, you had something to say agent."

Admiral Green stood and projected his presence, "and Halt!"

The Master Sargent put his hand on the Sargent's shoulder. He stopped and stood back as the admiral walked forward, grabbing the Agent by the chin.

"I asked you if the CIA had any operations north of here, now speak," Admiral Green managed to maintain an even tone. "Or we leave you with the Sargent."


Five hours later

Three special forces search parties had been ordered out to find this man. Shaking his head," So you left them all to die."

Agent Brice had an ice pack on his swollen jaw," Listen EV-1 should not have been out here in the first place, but a cowboy in the agency made a grab and failed. The whole merc team was disavowed, and assumed dead. Its why Admiral, I gave you his whole file in the interest of cooperation."

Sitting at his desk the admiral reviewed the Data files.Sadly, "He should have never been out here."

"Actually Admiral this should be a more private conversation."

Admiral Green stood quickly in shock, then saw the necklace of body parts. This caused him to freeze in place.

"Relax Admiral Green, I am not here to talk with you." EV-1 smiled as Agent Brice jumped out of his skin, "Yes Brice I survived. In fact, I discovered something interesting."

Placing a backpack on the Admirals desk, EV-1 walked over the water cooler and grabbed a paper cone. He poured himself some water.

Grimacing, Brice reached into across the desk. He opened the back pack and tripped as he fell backward. Dragging the backpack and its contents onto the floor.

A Humanoid Reptile head rolled out on the Ground, Causing Admiral Greens face to Flicker. "Human you have.."

EV-1 stabbed the Admiral straight through his Ribs, causing the Admiral to drop to his knees.

Agent Brice started mumbling, "The Peace is shattered, now they will ... will.."

EV-1 pulled the blade out of the Admiral, "They will what Agent Brice... Die..."

As blood poured out of the Admiral, his features shifted to more of a human reptile hybrid. "We Will hunt you down Evi.." As he died, Admiral Green fell the rest of the way to the floor in his hybrid state.

"Agent Brice," EV-1 spoke calmly. Wiping the blood on his trousers,"we have a lot to talk about."

posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 06:10 PM
Congo Region of Africa
May 5, 2014

Agent Brice was shaking, to this day he still was very afraid of EV-1. The smell of death seemed to waif through the air. In the distance, he saw a figure nailed to an upside down wooden cross.

Armed escorts started laughing at him, in a dialect of the Congo they made fun of him. The fear started to be replace by anger till a happy shrill voice pierced it.

"Agent Brice, welcome back." EV-1 approached Agent Brice and his body slightly shook," Ahh..." He says something to the escorts who laugh, then switches back. "So its time for the check up already?"

"Ye...Ye..Yes," Agent Brice tried to shake it off. "The People want to know that the peace we have established is holding,making this sort of an inspection."

Snapping his fingers, one of the woman come from the clean area of the camp. She is holding a leash attached to two human looking females.

Walking up to the youngest one, he stroked the side of her face. "Agent Brice today is her 19th birthday. I was considering a special party." The older female struggled against the leash but was yanked back. She had partially shifted out of her human form.

EV-1 held up his hand, in the stop sign of fist closed. The men just acknowledged it with a nod.

"Please EV-1, the Senator has authorized.."

Brice was interrupted, as a group naked men where walked in chains to EV-1.

"One moment," EV-1 turned towards the men. "Hooyah gentlemen... Hooyah.." The men in chains all tensed, to find a way to kill. "I am impressed, very impressed." He turned toward one of the very equally large and buff black soldiers, "So what do you think, Hewan?"

"Kild' dem Evid On," Hewan spoke in broken english.

"Normally great advice, but I cant." He walked up and down the group, "I used to be in the worlds finest NAVY. If you want ask agent Brice." He was smiling,"However lets clear the air. . After you HALA'd in with squirrel suits, with no injuries..." He took out a pad," Blah, blah blah, and now your here."

"I will kill you," the only blonde in the group spoke.

"Captain Rowson isnt it." Reviewing the pad," 39 years, all of them in the US Navy Seals. I thought you would surf the desk for a few more years." Pausing, "But no, your the idiot who lead his team directly into an ambush." Turning and walking down the group of Seals. "You are very loyal men. I feel pride knowing the US still has the ability to produce such fine specimens able to do violence on behalf of their country." He held out his hand, and Hewan put a long ridding crop looking thing into EV-1's hand. "You where sent here by the Senator to rescue his wife and daughter. Let me guess promises where made, You can feel that star captain."

The oldest man there turned and looked for half a second.

"Ah, you would be Master Chief." EV-1 walked over to the Master Chief, "He left it out of the briefing didnt he." A deep evil laughter escaped EV-1's lips.

"It was a need to know basis, he is just tying to divide us." The Captains comments got every single one of them to stare at him.

"Master Chief, the Captain was the one who briefed me during delivery here to the great jungle." EV-1's laughter filled the air as Master Chief got angry. "Master Chief, you have my word you and most of your men will be returned home."

Master Chief turned red in anger all over...

"But first let me show you something." He walked over to the Older half dressed woman with mud on her dress.
He touches her with the riding crop object and she does nothing.

"Really you want to be stubborn," as he turns the base of the object. He winds his arm back and pops the object onto her face with a massive charge. She falls to the ground as she changes into her hybrid form.

The faces go white on the men in the car, as the woman stands back up unchanged with her head bowed.

"Now you might be thinking it is only a single woman," he looks at the young woman who looks away. "Do I have them remove your clothes?"

The younger one changed into a hybrid with her head bowed.

"But wait there is more." His men separated the Captain from the rest of the SEALs. Four of them had put Captain Rowson in a neck collar with four pole chains attached. "Now we saw what a specialized high voltage burst of energy did to the female."

He took another riding crop device and violently jerked.the Captain who screamed and actually shook off one of the guys holding a pole. He plunged both at the Captain. As the men re-grabbed the pole, the Captain went down to one knee. The Captain seemed to blink as EV-1 applied it continuously. As Rowson changed to a reptiod, Victouriously EV-1 spoke. "Agent Brice, when you leave you will be taking the SEALs with you. "

"What about the Senator's wife and daughter," Agent Brice nervously spoke.

"They are my guest, as is Captain Rowson." His tone went cold, "Yall broke the deal that I have a lot more interest in keeping it. I am begining to think yall do not like me."

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