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Strange Sky Sounds.... I just heard it too!

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posted on Apr, 6 2012 @ 10:57 PM
reply to post by violet

I apologize if I came across snippy or as if I was snapping at you. I was not, and it is generally not in my nature to come across that way.

I am a reasonable and logical person. I am willing to accept a reasonable and logical explanation. Any reasonable and logical person is going to not only look for possible causes, but will also find things that others may use as an answer for something as unusual as this. I found the article, and then I checked to see if this may have been the source of the phenomenon that I experienced.

Should I have waited for someone else to point it out instead of finding it for myself and looking into it? Would that be more reasonable? The only difference between me finding it, and someone else pointing it out that I found it first, which means I was looking for answers. Either way, the answer still would have been the same. This did not fit the sound I heard.

Slightly off topic:

Because you made the statement I am not a sound expert, but I do know far more than most people about sound and acoustics because I had a cholesteatoma. I know far more about how sound works, and specifically about how human hearing works because of it. This thing (the cholesteatoma) could have resulted in my death. It had eaten away 2 of my hearing bones, half of my mastoid, and the doctor said that had I waited another six months, because of the area that it developed in, and the direction that it was growing in it would have eaten into my brain cavity. Trust me I am thankful that not only did I avoid this, but that I got 90% of the hearing that I have, in my left ear, which due to damage from numerous ear infections and the resulting scar tissue is only about 80% of normal hearing. When something comes that close to taking your life, you learn a lot about what you have been saved from, how to appreciate it and how to protect what you have left. In my case this equals sound, the mechanics of the human ear and how acoustics work. So no, not an expert, but well versed.

I hope that you never know what it is like to have a 1 inch hole drilled into your skull, be cut open from your temple to your neck and have to experience the pain, confusion and complete disorientation caused by having to "learn" to hear all over again. All that "white noise" that people filter out is very disorienting and after not hearing much out of that ear I had to learn how to do it all over again. Imagine hearing your heartbeat thrumming in your ears, or hearing the sheets rubbing up against your skin, or an incessant but rhythmic rushing sound that is the caused by the rise and fall of your chest and not know what it was. All those sounds that they "amplify" in the movies are really that loud in real life, we just learn to filter it out. I had to learn all over again.

So yeah, I know a crapload about sound, and I am prone to investigate strange sounds and their possible sources more readily than most because of what I have been through.

On topic:

So let's take a look at this as a possibilty:

Alleged facts:
There were 4 pairs of F-15 (or F-18) fighter jets that took off from Westfield.
They took off in 30 second intervals.
They were travelling to Virginia, in a Southwesterly direction.
They first takeoff occurred at approximately 5:47am (but not any later than that)
The distance between the takeoff point in Westfield, to where I am is approximately 10 miles.
I live Northeast of this point
I heard the sound at 6:00am.
Sound travels at 768 mph.

Someone please show me an equation where this works out.

If you have absolutely perfect atmospheric conditions, you might get the sound to suddenly drop off but the required decibel level for the sound to travel 10 miles and still sound like "a fleet of jets" would have cause immediate damage to people's hearing.

The average decibel level of aircraft is 180, and that is when you are right under it. If the jet is 1 mile in the sky, and the sound needs to travel 10 miles, at a decibel drop level of 20 db per mile (average), the source noise would have to be in excess of 380db.

Noise levels of 130 decibels and over will be painful and is likely to cause immediate hearing damage. Imagine 380 db!

Does this seem logical or even plausible?

Here is the thing that irks me the most about this and the possible explanations that are given for any unusual phenomenon: most people will accept any mundane statement, and specifically something like that article, as the answer without looking into it. It is no different than accepting a ton of blackbirds falling out of the sky in Alabama, two years in a row, on the same date, (Jan 1) due to fireworks. Fireworks had been banned the second year, but people still accept the fireworks explanation.

The more I look into the F-15 explanation, the less sense it makes

posted on Apr, 6 2012 @ 11:14 PM

Originally posted by sealing
reply to post by redtic

I was in the same camp as you and the OP
before she heard the sound.
I truly believe you'd be convinced that
what your experiencing is unlike anything
you have heard before.

I've heard the creak and separately the low rumble.
To me it sounds like the Earth is a giant wooden ship
navigating a rough storm. The creaking is freaky.

I had to quote this. I already said this but I thought those sounds were fake recordings like someone above said: sounds like cloverfield or whatever. But they're real.

The creaking giant wooden earth ship navigating a rough storm thing. This is exactly the image I had. Maybe not wooden when I thought it, but that gives an even better impression of the sound, and the feeling it gives you. Like earth is in trouble, but the magnitude of it is soo huge and heavy it groans.

The feeling you get is soo scary. I was in the Army. Normal sounds including loud explosions don't faze me. This weird creaky metal sound turned me into a little girl... I was actually scared to move. At the same time I was thinking, well If I'm going to die I'll just sit here instead of running. May as well...

Here is my experience
Another poster heard it from Jersey.

the sound stayed and kept almost going into that weird metal sound that I thought was faked. Kind of a sound you would hear in a movie when something HUGE was happening...
I can't begin to guess what this sound was or is. It sounded umm supernatural. Like a sound you would hear while meditating... Or crossing through dimensions... or something weird like that...

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posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 03:18 AM
reply to post by ThreeSistersofLoveandLigh

I didn't think you were being snippy at all.
I'm sorry if I was rude to you.
I also didn't think you were making up your story, not at all.
I realise you posting the extra info meant you did search for other explanations and I shouldn't have dismissed that. I apologise.

Sorry to hear of your health issues and yes I do know what it's like to be in bad health. I had a brain injury, that has left me brain damaged and paralised. Half my brain is dead, as is my body. I dont want to use my condition as an excuse for my behaviour, but since the brain injury I've noticed I have become more skeptical and my opinions have changed. Not sure why or how this happened but it has. I've gone from looking at the ufo forum to fragile earth. It was with this thought in mind I wondered if your imagination was over reacting, as I used to do that myself.
Anyways I don't want to use it as an excuse. Just responding to your post.

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posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 08:55 AM
reply to post by ThreeSistersofLoveandLigh

ok can i say one more time... I live in Westfield... and there is no way that happened (meaning the jets)... my girls mentioned no unusual noises that morning... so this noise was more local to your location. I have lived in Westfield since 1997 and i have heard these jets quite too often. If they were that loud at that time i would of heard it from EVERYONE and i do mean everyone... I work in Westfield and i work with the public and they talk...I totally believe that you heard "something" and am quite upset that i didnt hear it myself
actually quite MAD... lol...
I dont think you are going to get any kind of REAL explanation of this. I just hope it isnt going to be something horrible i do have my kids to think about...

posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 02:18 PM
reply to post by ThreeSistersofLoveandLigh

I believe you. The next time it happens try to adjust your consciousness to the vibration of the event. Try to insert yourself into the event. There is a reason why they selling a product to get rid of that ringing in the ears. There are more CME's on the way. Every one adjusts the vibration of the planet a little more. Listen, Listen, and Listen.

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