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Who is behind Lewinsky scandal?

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posted on Aug, 25 2003 @ 03:19 PM
142. Drug case in Fujian

In 5/17, at first page of World Journal (Chinese newspaper), there was a big topic "US, China united assaulting, break up drug gang in Fujian". It said, the justice department of US and China united in an investigation in a drug case, broke up a big drug smuggling group which was based in Fujian. They arrested 20 suspects in China, HongKong, NewYork and Miami.

Federal Prosecutor James Comey announced the case in a NewYork news release. DEA pointed out, the drug group smuggled 1500 pounds of heroin into US from 2000. The drug was from Burma, transported to Fujian, than shipped to US. They sold the drugs in NewYork, N.Carolina, Florida and Canada. The investigators arrested 10 people in NewYork.

In 5/27, in "World Journal" a news topiced "Beijing for the first time allowed US undercover landing in China". Related to the drug case in Fujian, it said it was a big break through that Chinese government allowed US agent acted in undercover in mainland China. It was historical because China always thought it was a sovereignty.

In 5/28, World Journal said, "Kin-cheung Wong netted, US, China justice co-operation may facing a break through". Kin-cheung Wong was the head of that drug gang. Law enforcement agency on 5/16 announced the break up of his drug group. They arrested 30 suspects in China, US, Canada and India. DEA and FBI got the information about Wong in early 2001, in early 2002, they concluded it was a big fish. Wong was arrested in a trap of a deal of 77 tons of heroin in 5/16.

Since September 2000, I started post this thread to reveal the dark side of Federal law enforcement agency, I felt several times the pressure of to be framed in drug case. It seems they used this group as a tool to frame the case. And I allege Feds conduct and cultivate the crime group. That's their own criminal style.

143. Drug case in Fujian (continuation)(7/10)

In Sept. 2000, I started to post in internet.

In 11/12, 2000, there was an article "Killing Pablo" in Mercury News which I think was the announcement Feds would have a large scale murder. Because they were scare of my revelation.

In April, 2001, both directors of FBI and DEA resigned from their post, would leave in June that year. I think it's because my revelation in internet. (see messages "61. Resignation of FBI chief" and "62. Plot ")

In May 2001, I noticed an article about the secret deal to release a spy plane EP-3 and its crew which landed in HaiNan, China in April, 2001. It said US paid a large sum of money for the release.
In secret deal, DEA and FBI were signatories and guarantors agree not to use the term of Chinese
Secret Police on dope traffic interdictions to Mexico, Colombia, Nigeria, and related locations and
not mention Southwest China. (See "Why DEA,FBI involved in secret deal of spy plane" at:

Why DEA and FBI were involved in a diplomatic (or military) event and sign for something relate to drugs instead of hostages and spy plane? I realized then DEA and FBI had bribed Chinese secret police to frame a drug case. There were three big attempts since.

(1) The first one was planed in June 2001. Which used McVeigh's execution as diversion of public's attention. To match the McVeigh's execution date to the plotted frame case, they even delayed it for 30 days. The excuse was that FBI found 3000 pages of unreported documents. (see messages 61. 62, 63, 64)

(2) The second one was set up in 5/3/2002. In which they planned a dinner party. I later knew B (my brother in law) invited his staffs in New York to the party in San Francisco. He has a branch company there. I noticed the news reported in Fujian drug case, NewYork was a place the gang had drug business. (see messages 65, 66, 67)

(3) The third one was set up in April 2003. When my wife planned a journey to Fujian. At that time, because I accurately analyzed the death of FBI staff Linda Franks and the third party involving in DC sniper case, they sent Mao's daughter to my house twice and even left her car at my house. Thus a direct link was established. Mao's daughter was said to go for a business deal. Her destination was Fujian. (see messages 117, 121,122,123,124)

The news about Fujian drug gang was perfectly match the frame case. It started in 2000. DEA and FBI were aware of it at the beginning. Chinese secret police was very cooprative even for the first time allowed US undercover acted in mainland. (Of course for that big bribe). I think the activity of that Fujian drug gang was under guidance and conduct of FBI, DEA and Chinese secret police. It's easy to pretend as a buyer. If my opinion is correct, then I expect people can find there were big deals or drug shipments took place around the time of these three alleged frame cases. At least in the first two events. That is, June 2000 and May 2001. If people have the right to check this case.

Federal agents used to manipulate criminal gang to reach their own purpose. Such like what they manipulate the "Nuestra Familia" in bay area. They allowed it to commit crimes. When they need killers in jail, the agents netted them, thus could use them in bargain deal. (see message "102. Gang manipulation (12/6)") In Fujian drug gang case, the gang was under control from the beginning. It was allowed to grew bigger and bigger. Because Feds could use it to frame a drug case anytime they want. Such like what happened when they were anger at my revelation, they could immediately arrange a trip to Fujian for Mao's daughter. As to why they arrested the Fujian drug gang this time. I think maybe the deal was too big to be neglected. Paper said it's a deal of 77 tons of heroin. Large sum of money would involved. Feds are profit chaser. And with great possibility, the source of buyer maybe Feds itself.

150. Development of Fujian drug case (8/11)

For more than two years in internet, I alleged Federal agents frame drug case against me and my family with the help of Chinese secret police. Which was proved by the breakout of Fujian drug case in 5/16/2003. Now it becomes clear how they managed to create a regional link on us by luring my wife to buy a house in Fujian. And arranged a trip for her to Fujian on 4/18/03. For that trip they even left a route free of SARS for her to go. I revealed it in message "142. Drug case in Fujian" on 6/28/03. Two days later, on 6/30, neighbour D knocked at the door, asked for a roof change. It's a swift revenge attempt. From their urgent reaction, it proves my allegation is correct.

About 10 days or so ago, I heard a news from local Chinese TV station that to an investigation mission FBI complained they lacked of fund to operate. That their pay is low. One of their agent in LA, with a salary of 26,000 a year, can't afford a permanent residence. That another agent in San Francisco, though with a pay of nearly 50,000 a year, had to do an overload work. (Since it was from TV, I haven't seen it in newspaper, the number of salary is from my memory, but is approximately right.) "FBI are underpaid? Strange news." I thought.

Days later, on 8/2 I noticed a news. It was very short, even without topic. The whole message is:"Karen P. Tandy, the first woman to run the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, said Friday that her main goal is to focus on dismantling larger international drug-trafficking organizations and choke off their money supply." (S.J.M.N)

Combined two unusual short and vague news I realized it was for that Fujian drug case there is an internal investigation. Someone has to step down to take the responsibility. (Though the news didn't say it, no doubt there was a regime change. The fomer director of DEA was a man.) And to my accusation that they manipulating the drug gang, allowed it growing bigger and bigger, their defence was they are in shortage of fund. So they cultivated criminal group, guided them to commit crime, once the gang became big and fat, Feds reap the profit. (see "8. FBI's profit") Justice is business. Criminal became a tool of Fedral law enforcement agents to loot money from the people.

Many information revealed Feds knew OKC bombing and 911 attack in advance. Terror attacks were allowed to happen because Feds need it. Former FBI director Freeh had proposed a bill with same content like "Patriot Act" after OKC bombing but failed. Ashcroft proposed it again after 911 and succeeded. They manipulate terrorists and criminals to grasp more power and money. To cover up their criminal activity, they use "secret", "national security" to block investigation. DOJ needs a reform. People should have more power to monitor the Federal agents.

See whole story at:

If there is harassment (blank page, slow entering, server busy....) try

posted on Sep, 4 2003 @ 06:39 PM
155. SARS is planned with Fujian drug case.(8/21)

Some people don't believe that government would spend so much resource (time and money) to murder me. Here I must make it more correct, that it's DEA, FBI and D.O.J. (department of Justice). I think those people should adjust their opinion that government is always correct. As a matter of fact, I do think D.O.J. is corrupt because it lack of check and balance. They have too much power without restriction.

There was a film "Witness"(? don't remember the exact name) Actor Harrison Ford. It talked about an Amish boy accidently witnessed a murder case committed by a corruptive police criminal group. Then there was a story of man hunter. If you have no doubt why the corruptive police want to eliminate the boy, then think samething on me.

If there are three people there, Bin laden, Rudolf and Kat Hak Sung. And there was only one bullet available for FBI, who would be their priority to shoot at? Bin Laden will be the least possible one. Though he is the leader of terrorist, he is too important for this government. With whom government can demand more money and power from people. He is a tool of intimidation and extortion. Then it's Rudolf. He has no threat to Feds. If he was at large, it would not hurt Feds. If they got him, that's their achievement. Me, though innocent, would be their most wanted. Because my revelation give them big damage.

In 1999, trying to escape from Feds' persecution, I went to South-east Asia. There was a chance then that my story be revealed. Within months, three old people of neighbour all died. (see message "10. The death of old people") I learned this when I came back in 2000. I realized they would eliminate all people who knew this story and could be potential witness against Feds. Since then I observed several attempts of drug frame case. The Fujian drug case on May 2003 was the latest one. It came with SARS which I think was a bio-attack planned by Federal agents.

156. The road map of SARS (8/22)

Toronto is the only city hit hard by SARS outside the Asia. When news reported thousands of people quarantined and quite some died, I was suspicious: was that a coincidence? Toronto is also the only city in Canada I have relative lived. In late April, my parents came back from China. I learned that though SARS was very severe in Beijing, it was more severe in Huhehaote, Inner Mongolia Province where whole mansion were quarantined because of SARS. My uncle lives in Huhehaote, I have cousins live in Beijing, Tentsin and some other parts of China. They knew my story. Dying from SARS will be the best way of elimination without suspicion.

My relatives who know my story mainly live in China and in Bay area, California. My wife's relatives live in Fujian Province; Phillipine; Hongkong; and Toronto. I looked at the map, SARS contagious area covered most of them. It only avoided Fujian and Shanghai, because there was a designed drug case to be breakout, they must leave a route free of SARS for my wife to go to frame us. That's why SARS became a smart bomb, not attack some area nearby but picked up remote area such like Inner Mongolia and a single city far away: Toronto.

posted on Sep, 15 2003 @ 06:56 PM
159. The second wave of SARS outbreak in Toronto (8/31)

In 1992, I was puzzled for sometime when I had been hurt by isotop money. I never touch drugs. Why did Feds trace my cash? With more experience I gradually realized they are looters. Erny's death made me realiz that if one has too much cash, he would be the target and the result would be death. (See message "7. Alleged murder of Erny")

People rarely noticed that there was no new SARS case reported in Toronto since 4/19. Media seldom talked about it. WHO excluded Toronto from SARS contagious area on 5/15 because there were no new SARS case found for consecutive 25 days. Until later May when I read a news in World Journal, a sentence "The last new SARS case found in Toronto was on April 19." touched me. I was astonished the coincidence. I had alleged there would be a frame case in later April because they arranged my wife's travel date and the court trial date of high ranking S.F. Police Officers on 4/18. (see message "122. The plot of April") Though there was no SARS reported in Shanghai and Fujian, my wife at last decided not to go. She worried about the risk to young and old. My daughter and father in law were planned to go with her. Travel cancelled. Frame case had to be postponed. And unnecessary SARS was cut too, neat and swift. Because Canada, after all, is a friendly country to US.

One month later, started from 5/22, there was a new outbreak of SARS in Toronto. I was surprised. What was it for? It was until 5/28, when World Journal reported third time about Fujian drug case, I then knew why. I re-read the news, in 5/17, it said, "They arrested 20 suspects in China, HongKong, NewYork and Miami." There was no arrest in Canada. In 5/28, it said, "They arrested 30 suspects in China, US, Canada and India.". Obviously, the latest SARS breakout came with the latest arrest of drug gangs.

When they planned a framed drug case, they always create a regional link between criminals and victims. Such like let my wife buy an apartment in Xianmen, Fujian. So to my relative in Toronto, they must have developed a drug gang. SARS was designed to elimination. So this time they used it to kill to loot. Drug case is always involved with large amount of money. Only drug dealers knew where the cash was hide, as well as drug agents. Killing the drug dealer and took the money, no one else would know the embezzlement.

Though newspaper didn't say where the arrest was made in Canada, I am sure it was in Toronto. And among the deaths in second SARS outbreak, I believe some were drug dealers or people related to them. That was why there was a second wave of SARS illness in Toronto even though Canada has a much better health system than Asia, even though at the same time SARS was contained in China and HongKong.

posted on Sep, 24 2003 @ 07:46 PM
160. SARS, a profitable business (9/6)

In 1998, there was a financial crisis in South-east Asia. Media said it was created by I.S. (International speculator). I.S. reaped treasure by attacking the currency and stock market. Hongkong was a target at that time.

In later April 2003, I saw a news in World Journal topiced "HongKong dollar was attacked". It said that the situation SARS created was more severe than I.S. did in the Financial Crises five years ago. The fixed exchange rate of HongKong dollar was threatened by rapidly rising forward price of US dollars. Financial expert also noticed that in Option market, the quantity of future contracts in the latest three months was almost near the level of the Financial Crisis five years ago. It said HongKong faced once again the attack from I.S.

On 4/2, I first told my wife I suspected SARS was a bio-attack. On 4/26, after reading the news of Hongkong financial market, I told my sister I thought the intelligence took the advantage of SARS to make money on that bio-attack.

On 5/15, in financial page of Taiwan, (World Journal), there was an article. "Bidding large chips on Taiwan stock market, foreign capital landed on Taiwan rapidly and violently. " It said, "According to calculation of Commission of Securities and Option market, the net remittance in of foreign capital last year was 1578 million; This year, until 5/9, net remittance in was 2157 million, overpassed the amount of whole last year. ...... The information show that, in first week of April, foreign capital remitted a net out of 39 million., then turned out to be a net remittance in. In 8 working days from 4/19 to 4/30, the net remittance increased to 423 million. The net remittance in for the whole April was 442 million. .....And in 6 working days from 5/1 to 5/9, the net remittance in was 541 million." I list a chart:

Date:.................... Remittance (million)

4/1 -4/7................. - 39 ( out).......

4/8 - 4/18 ........ +58 ...(in)........

4/19 - 4/30 ....... . +423 ...(in)..........

5/1 - 5/9 ................ +541 ...(in)..

We can see from 4/1 to 4/18, the fluctuation was still small, but there was a dramatical jump up from 4/19 to 5/9. There was nearly one billing dollars invested in Taiwan's stock market at that period. ( The net investment remittance in was 1578 million in 2002, it was 964 million in 20 days period between 4/19 and 5/9, 2003, almost 2/3 of total investment of last year) At a time when the panic on SARS was at its peak, everybody was pessimistic at economic future. Because there is no method found to cure the SARS and nobody knew when this epidemic would end. Someone who could manipulate SARS took the chance to buy stock at a very low price. Their action was rapid and violent.

You probably have noticed the date of unusual investment was started on 4/19 already. Same day of the last SARS case found in Toronto (in first outbreak, see last message 159) and the day after my wife's trip was postponed. I think the fund used in investment was originally prepared to use in the framed drug case in which Feds played a role of buyer. 77 tons of heroine was a big deal, needed a lot of money. (see news report:"Wong was arrested in a trap of a deal of 77 tons of heroin in 5/16.") They designed a historical big drug case. After the plan was soured, they moved fund immediately to Taiwan to make profits. SARS was used to eliminate in this case, it also became a tool of a profitable business. The disturbance of HongKong financial market was a planed one, (see news report about three months long unusual situation in option market.) The investment on Taiwan stock market seemed to be a temporary decision. The security of Taiwan relies heavily on US. So any time it can become a cash register for I.S. I here interpret the "I.S." as intelligence speculator. (Due to my ability of English, the financial term translated maybe not a proper one. But the time and number are truely referred. )

posted on Oct, 5 2003 @ 04:09 PM
161. SARS and HongKong (9/10)

HongKong was returned to China from Great Britain on 7/1/1997. Soon it was attacked by I.S. (international speculators) in its fixed exchange rate of Hongkong dollars linking to US dollars. HongKong successfully defended its currency. Then I.S. turned on to South-east Asia and succeeded there. After the currency collapse of Thailand, Indonesia..... I.S. went back to HongKong and activated an attack at the stock and option market. I.S. failed the battle and suffered a loss in August 1998. HongKong also encountered a new disease then: bird flu. A girl's death case was said related to that disease. It became a big issue in media. The virus was said from living poultry. Hongkong Government had to organize a big elimination of living chicken. Since HongKong people used to consume on living poultry for food. It was a big event. There were two such big slaughter of chickens happened in HongKong. (within 3 or 4 years.?) The disease was caused by coronavirus.

Media said it was I.S. which caused financial crisis on South-east Asia in 1998. What is I.S.? I don't think a single financial company could activate such an attack. It must be a powerful organization which was able to control and conduct several big financial co-operations. So I think it's intelligence. And I suspected the bird flu was a bio-attack.

HongKong is said a goose which can lay gold eggs. The series of troubles HongKong encountered after it was returned to China might show that someone is unwilling to see a cash machine too easy to be given away. In early April 2003, when newspaper reported that expert found the SARS was also caused by coronavirus, I immediately thought it might be the continuation of the bird flu disease. Though the SARS virus was a mutation of coronavirus which caused bird flu, they are from same strain, probably from the same bio-lab.

Tourism is an important business for Hongkong. SARS heavily hit its economy. On 7/1/2003, there was a big demonstration on street. 500,000 people took part in the protest. The issue was opposing a new security rule. But people mainly were motivated by bad economic situation. They demand Tong CheWah, Chief Executive of HongKong, to step down. As a result, two high ranking government officials resigned from their post. SARS played an important role in this change.

posted on Jul, 28 2004 @ 12:54 AM
162. Mutation and space shuttle (9/16)

On 2/1/2003, US lost space shuttle Columbia. People were warned not to touch the wreckage, because government warned the fuel is poisonous. I don't believe the "poisonous fuel" theory. At first I thought it was a tactic to drive people to report the remains instead of keeping them as souvenir.

When newspaper said SARS was a mutation of coronavirus which found in bird flu and kept on saying there might be more mutation virus coming this autumn. I thought of Columbia.

Natural mutation is scarce. To accelerate a mutation, scientists used to put bio-stuff under radiation. Out space is an ideal place to do such experiment. If there is secret military bio-lab,(which we do know exists) there is no reason they won't use space shuttle to create new virulent virus. It was more likely the "poisonous fuel" were the canister with experimental poisonous virus such like West Niles, Coronavirus, ebola.....

In early May there was an article in San Jose Mercury News.

"Amazing find: Worms survived shuttle disaster
-canisters in NASA experiment returned home to MTN.View
by Joshua L Kwan, Mercury News

When the space shuttle Columbia broke apart in a fireball three months ago, no one expected anything or anyone to survive.

But thousands of microscopic worms -sent to space in an experiment run by NASA/Ames Research Center in Mountain View - managed to weather both the explosion and the subsequent crash. The worms, still alive, were discovered Monday in Houston when NASA scientists opened a dozen canisters recovered from Columbia's debris. ...." The worms is said to be used to test if they like eating a new type of chemical food in space as much as they do on earth.

American people are lucky that these canisters were strong enough to contain those die-hard bio stuffs. But I do think, (news paper were never report), military bio-lab has had many mutations of different virus and germs after so many flights of space shuttles. Including SARS.

posted on Aug, 7 2004 @ 07:40 PM
I was blocked to post for several months. (failed to log in) It may happen again. Then people interested in my thread can go:

If there is harassment (blank page, slow entering, server busy....) try


164. My view about SARS (9/21)

I don't think SARS is a high contagious disease. From last November the first case found in Guangdong (Canton) to July it was contained, in eight months there were only about 8 thousands confirmed SARS case. It was not like flu which could spread within weeks and sicken millions of people.

Until now, authority (WHO, or health department ) can not conclude how SARS spreaded because there were conflict report in existed cases. One thing they can say is that SARS seems spreaded by some super spreader which caused outbreak. (see message "130. SARS")

If they use the theory that SARS is a bio-warfare, then it can explain most cases. I think the SARS virus which directly from the military bio-lab is the most virulent one which will cause death.(Perhaps because they were high density) I call it first generation SARS virus. The SARS virus from sick people is not so virulent (or because the virus from breath of patients was not dense enough to infect other people) that there was seldom third or fourth generation victims.

People unfortunately contaminated the first generation SARS virus, either on skin or on clothes, became super spreaders. Other people if touched these contamination area on super spreaders would get infected. They all belong to first generation virus infection. It also can explain why medical workers had a high infection rate. Because they have more chance to contact the first generation SARS virus comtaminators who came asking for help. It can also explain why Johnny Chen infected so many medical workers in Hanoi but later didn't infect anyone in HongKong hospital. His contaminated source had been washed away durig the days he staying at Hanoi hospital. (skin and clothes) It also can explain why nearly three hundred people in TaoDa Mansion who were infected but didn't spread it to others. They inhaled SARS virus but there was no contact contamination. The virus was from contaminated ventilation fan. Latest news proved this. World Journal reported the patients were those who live in high and middle floors. No low floors residents infected. People live in high floors had to stay longer in lift when they access their home. Thus inhaled more virus.

And the case in Toronto may prove it was spreaded artificially. From its neat and swift cut of new SARS case on 4/19. And the second outbreak in late May. Canada did a perfect quarantine. But if it was an artificial attack, quarantine could do nothing to stop it.

posted on Aug, 18 2004 @ 04:42 PM
173. Timing of SARS (10/21)

10/16/02: The bill to authorize President Bush to use military force in Iraq was signed. 11/16/02. One month later, the first SARS case was found in Guangdong Province, China. Nobody noticed it at that time.
January 2003: In Guangzhou, a super spreader who had flu like illness infected dozens of medical workers. This caused panic. The flu medicine was sold out in market. The panic lasted only a few days then diminished after government announcing everything was under control.
February 03: Hongkong stock and option market attacked. Hongkong currency attacked. The attack lasted 3 months.

But Iraq war couldn't delay. Because the hot summer weather(starts from May) was not fit for invade troops. If the war was estimated as long as two months, then it should start on March. Thus we saw the big outbreak of SARS in early March. The dramatic Johnny Chen's case caught the eyes of world. (see #134. From MARS to SARS, an intelligence work of revelation.) On 3/18, S.J.Mercury News reported,"CDC investigating mysterious illness that has afflicted more than 150 people in seven countries and caused nine deaths." Among them there was Frankfurt, Germany which embedded the cause of future outbreak of SARS if there had been a strong opposition when Iraq war started. Germany, along with France were the old Europe who opposed Bush's war. On 3/21, US and British Army invaded Iraq. The war went on smoothly. On 4/9, Baghdad was fallen. The success of war might have saved Europe from a SARS disaster.

posted on Aug, 27 2004 @ 06:25 PM
174. Interest exchange

There is no formal statistic of death cases of SARS. According to newspaper, it was about 800. Among them: China: 349 (S.J.M.N.7/30), Hongkong: 299(World Journal, 9/11), Taiwan: 72 (W.J. 8/23), Canada 44 (W.J. 8/16), Singapore: 32 (W.J. 8/23) Vietnam; Thailand, Phillipine, Malaysia: each was under 5. China and Hongkong were the heaviest sufferer.

The economy of Hongkong seriously damaged by SARS. On 7/1, there was an anti-new security act protest on street, (500,000 people joined protest), Since Hongkong taken over by China in 1997, it suffered South-east financial crisis, two bird-flu attacks and SARS attack. Economy slowed down, unemployment was up. Media criticize the administration was incompetent, demand a regime change.

Hongkong was a former British colony, if the chief administrator stepping down, most suitable successor would be old official cultivated by Britain. It is clear who will be benefit from it. On 7/22, World Journal said that Beijing noticed that around the great protest of 7/1, many foreign intelligence agents arrived in Hongkong, some were from Taiwan. Beijing also noticed unusual gathering of British intelligence officers that former high ranking administrator of Hongkong, Hord (who came from British intelligence MI-6), had arrived in Hongkong in late May. As well as some former "psychology war" advisers. One of them said if Hongkong government was unable to solve the problem, there would be more larger scale protest. The pressure to change Hongkong regime was high.

Iraq war is an injustice war. Why British government joined US in this aggression despite the opposition of British people? It's obvious there was an interest exchange. In which US started a bio-attack to shake and awe Hongkong regime while Britain joined US in war to change regime of Iraq. So we saw that SARS outbreak was followed immediately by Iraq war in March. You help me hit Hongkong and I help you hit Iraq.

In the end there was a successful regime change in Iraq. But they failed in Hongkong. Under the pressure, two high ranking ministers, security chief and financial chief stepped down. But China preserved Tong JianHua as Chief administrator. China also passed friendly economic treaty and loosened the travel restriction of its citizens to Hongkong to help this island city to recover from the damage of SARS.

posted on Sep, 8 2004 @ 08:02 AM

Originally posted by kathaksung

Former FBI director Hoover held large quantity of black material of Presidents and Senators. With these material he blackmailed the politicians. That's why he could stay at that post as long as he wished.

In leuwinsky scandal, Linda Trip provided Starr's office with 20 hours secretly taped phone conversation in which Leuwinsky talked about her affairs with Clinton. She also instructed Leuwinsky kept the jacket which contaminated Clinton's sperm. Trip didn't get any advantage from it. From my point of view, it was obviously much more a purposed intelligent practice than the relationship of friends. An insistent eavesdropping and evidence searching. Mr. Hoover used to use this kind of material to extort.

See whole story at:

If there is harassment (blank page, slow entering, server busy....) try


posted on Sep, 8 2004 @ 08:22 AM
Some of what you say maybe valid, I don't know. But it sounds more like your a paranoid schitzophrenic?

Everything little thing you write about, there is someone out to get you, or plotting against other people, really, that is signs of a schitzophrenic.

You were copying and pasting everything from your website.

If you want to make a point about nonrelated lewinsky issues, start a new thread, I haven't read all of your posts because your on a rampage, but I do know that if you are going to make a point, make it brief and attach your website so that people can look at it. people are not taking you seriously, they are not paying attention because you've hijacked this thread and are spamming... like I said, start a new thread about "the dark side of the USA" and post your website since your pretty much posting it all in this topic.

posted on Sep, 8 2004 @ 02:51 PM

Originally posted by TrueLies
Some of what you say maybe valid, I don't know. But it sounds more like your a paranoid schitzophrenic?

Everything little thing you write about, there is someone out to get you, or plotting against other people, really, that is signs of a schitzophrenic.

You were copying and pasting everything from your website.

If you want to make a point about nonrelated lewinsky issues, start a new thread, I haven't read all of your posts because your on a rampage, but I do know that if you are going to make a point, make it brief and attach your website so that people can look at it. people are not taking you seriously, they are not paying attention because you've hijacked this thread and are spamming... like I said, start a new thread about "the dark side of the USA" and post your website since your pretty much posting it all in this topic.

1. If you really think I'm schitzophrenic, you won't post this to me. Do you ever see people debate with mental illness? Unless they themselves have mental problem.

2. So it's only a tactic to discredit and smear. My posting made you and some people uneasy.

3. I won't do to your favour. My messages has the character of continueation. They revealed the crime of Feds committed.

4. People have their choice. They knew exactly if they want to read it or not. Your words doesn't reflect truth.

5. "schitzophrenic, spamming, hijack..." are only label used to harass.


175. SARS and China (10/31)

Two cities were the target of SARS when it broke out in early March. But people didn't know Beijing except Hongkong was hit hard by the disease. Because Chinese government censored the information. So there was another dramatic revelation in early April. (see #134. From MARS to SARS, an intelligence work of revelation.) Several days later, two high ranking Chinese government officials stepped down.

What kind of role Chinese secret police played in this event? I think they knew it. When SARS broke out in early March, there was a People's Delegation Convention in Beijing. In which former president Jiang Zi Ming retired, left the chair of President to Hu Jing Tao. But people said Jiang Zi Ming was unwilling to do so. He still kept another important post: Chairman of armed force. Public opinion said Jiang was waiting to see new president in trouble so he could take back the lost power. SARS crisis, disturbance in Hongkong, if new president coudn't deal with it, Jiang Zi Ming might take the chance to come back. It was a power struggle. In which secret police chose a side they preferred to.

1. The spreading of SARS needed assistance of intelligence in remote area such like Inner Mongolia, Gan Su province, Si Chuan Province where I have relatives living .

2. The dramatic revelation in April was a result of intelligence work. Doctor Jiang, also visited his daughter in US this July. Because he was a key figure in revelation, Such a sensitive visit must be the result of agreement of intelligence of two countries.

3. There was a big protest (500,000 people took part in) in Hongkong on 7/1. New Beijing government was told it was only a small one in advance and had neglected this crisis. ( The report of pre-estimation was that less than 100,000 people would attend the demonstration.) Was it the incompetence of Chinese intelligence, or was it a deliberate misleading?

4. Former Chinese president Jiang ZiMing left Beijing to Shanghai during SARS crisis. He seemed knew Shanghai was a non-SARS area. Public opinion criticized him that Jiang Zi Ming hid in safe place to watch new government struggle with SARS disease.

5. There was no doubt Chinese secret police joined FBI and DEA in a framed drug case in FuJian Province. SARS was planned to eliminate the people whom knew my story. (see message 142, 143, 150, 155, 156, 159 - 162, 164)
In the report of San Jose Mercury News of 3/18 might reveal their intention. It said mysterious illness was found in seven countries: they were Germany; Canada; Singapore; Thailand; Vietnam; Hongkong; Phillipine. Among them Thailand and Vietnam were the only two countries I've sought asylum when I was drifted in South-east Asia. Hongkong; Phillipine and Canada were three places where I have relatives lived. If my wife had gone to FuJian on 4/18, the drug case would have been broken out earlier. There would have been also a big SARS outbreak and there would have been a lot of death. (More death to cover up the designated murder death)


If Feds call you and defame my message, it is a tactic of intimidation. They don't want people know the fact.
It also proves what I wrote are truth. They are afraid of it.

posted on Sep, 19 2004 @ 03:45 PM
176. Collusion of D.o.D. and D.o.J. (11/6)

After Bush got the Iraq war power, US had once planned to use small pox virus to activate the bio-attack. That's when Bush ordered a small pox vaccine program on December, 2002. The plan was abandoned. Perhaps it's too evident. How could US know there would be a small pox outbreak in advance? Finally they used SARS. Targetted at Hongkong for a regime change to exchange Great Britain to join the Iraq war. SARS also broke out in Beijing to divert the attention of Chinese government. So Beijing government couldn't attend two big crisis at the same time. SARS was also embedded in Europe and other countries. In case there was an strong opposition of Iraq war, the outbreak of SARS could divert public's attention. D.o.D. was quite lucky in Iraq war but SARS failed to change the regime of Hongkong.

SARS virus must come from secret military bio-lab of D.o.D. . But the spreading of it was done by intelligence. D.o.J. (FBI and DEA) took the chance to plot an elimination with its framed drug case. The framed drug case was abandoned after my wife cancelled her trip to China. The unusual events took place around her flight date (4/18) enabled me to realize the SARS plot.

Of course, intelligence wouldn't waste such a good chance to make money. The stock and option market in Hongkong and Taiwan became a cash register. I talked about foreign capital rapidly and violently invested in Taiwan stock market after 4/19, I thought it was fund used in drug case. But it might be only a minor part of speculator's investment. Most of them could be the funds from all those who planned the SARS attack, Include D.o.D and D.o.J. Or even possibly came from the funds from secret police of other countries who knew it. And apparently, they made a good money on this bio-attack that they even wanted to set up a special market particularly for predicting terror attack.

posted on Sep, 25 2004 @ 04:55 PM
177. Terrorism future market

On 7/29/03, S.J.M.N. reported, "New Pentagon plan bets on future terror", "Controversial program allows speculators to win or lose money based on their predictions of future attacks, assassinations and coups. The Pentagon said such futures trading has been effective in forecasting elections."

"Traders bullish on a biological attack on Israel or bearish on the chances of a North Korean missil strike would have the opportunity to bet on the likelihood of such events on a new Internet site established by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, known as DARPA."

This time they targetted at American's pocket. The apparent ill-conceived plan caused a strong criticism. It was shut down right away. The progenitor of this trading market, Poindexter, had to resign.

This program revealed how corruptive US government was. The job of army is to defend its country. Now it is used to invade other country for the interest of a little group. It even tried to develop a trading market to make money. On the other hand, it also revealed many terrorist attack were manipulated by government. They either knew it in advance but allowed it to happen (911 attack), or create it themselves.( such like OKC bombing, anthrax attack, DC sniper shooting, SARS bio-attack)

As a matter of fact, the inside group has turned US, and the world into a terror market already. In which they manipulated terror attack, then in the name of "war on terror", they won a huge profit. Oil resource, big military spending, police power. And American people, lost big money, (though they haven't realized it right now, they will realize it later. government cleverly turned it into their debt) lost their job, and most of all, they lost their bill of rights. They are the big loser.

posted on Sep, 28 2004 @ 04:27 PM
232. Terror attack and distraction (6/4)

On May 26, A.G. Ashcroft and FBI director Mueller warned public that based on credible source Al Qaida would attack US this summer. FBI also issued 7 pictures of most wanted terrorist suspects.

But in next few days the "credible source" was revealed as high suspect. Some of the "most wanted" were said arrested already.
Re: "Terrorists on Ashcroft's 'Wanted List' Already in Jail
May 27 2004
At least two of the terrorists identified by John Ashcroft as part of an 'Al-Qaeda cell' that is waiting to attack America this summer are already in jail.

Re: "Terror threat source called into question Ashcroft cites al-Qaida plan, but how credible
is the information?

By Lisa Myers
Senior investigative correspondent
NBC News
Updated: 6:57 p.m. ET May 28, 2004

WASHINGTON - Earlier this week Attorney General John Ashcroft warned of an attack planned on America for sometime in the coming months. That may happen, but NBC News has learned one of Ashcroft's sources is highly suspect.

A senior U.S. intelligence official previously told NBC News that this group has no known operational capability and may be no more than one man with a fax machine.

Under the Homeland Security Act of 2002, only the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can publicly issue such threat warnings. What made D.O.J. neglect DHS? Is FBI really so incompetent to reward suspects whom are in jail already?

The fact that D.O.J. didn't inform Homeland Security Dept. proved that there is no threat from Al Qaida. Feds didn't have any material evidence to send to DHS. They just picked up randomly some information from their old data file to create an "Al Qaida attack".

Then why Ashcroft and Mueller gave such a warning? It's a psychological pre-propaganda for a possible real attack - an attack done by Feds in the name of terrorist in order to distract. Such like McVeigh's excution to divert attention on a framed drug case (soured) in 2001; Michael Jackson's case to divert public's attention on Bush's inglorious London visit; Nick Berg's beheading to divert criticism on abusing prisoners' case.

Recently, D.O.J. had twice plotted frame case on me with terror attack as distracting tactic. (One in Dec.2003 and one in April. 2004) In May, in two attempts of violent elimination, Feds also used the releasing of Abu Ghurayb abusing photos as distracting tactic.(on 5/8 and 5/22)
After the failure of these attempts, on 5/26, they revived old tactic- a terror attack.

Three days after Ashcroft announced terror attack warning, on 5/29, my wife said she would bring her father's ash urn back to Fujian in June. Next day, my sister came to say she would have a party on 6/19. It was 5/3/2002 she had a party last time. Which came with an attempt frame case. (see "65. Birthday Party on May 3") I think a new frame case is planned. If it succeeds, a terror attack will follow to distract. And the time will be around 6/19.

posted on Oct, 5 2004 @ 06:51 PM
233. CIA chief resigns (6/9)

CIA chief Tenet resigned abruptly on 6/3. He cited personnal reasons for resignation. That's an excuse.

Media said he resigns because of failure in intelligence assessment on 9/11 attack and WMD of Iraq. That he may have been hastened by a critical report from Senate intelligence committee which will single out the errors of the agency. That is not a true reason either, I think.

Failure to warn 911 attack was a very serious fault. As director of CIA, he should have resigned right away after the WTC collapsed. He hadn't. Because 911 attack was allowed to happen. Inside group needed it to activate war in Mid-East. So nobody took the responsibility. Now it's almost three years passed. Is it a late wake up?

Paul O'neill, Richard A. Clarke, all revealed Bush determined to go to war in Iraq even before 9/11. WMD was only an excuse Bush used to start the war. CIA, was forced to squeeze the information to favour the demand of Bush cabinet. CIA, had sent Joseph Wilson to Niger to investigate if Saddam intended to buy nuclear material there. He found no evidence could prove this allegation. Government knew this. But Bush still used it as evidence in his State of Union. When Wilson revealed that Bush lied, he was punished. His wife's ID as being a CIA covert agent was leaked by White House.
In whole event, Bush is the main suspect and offender. How could Tenet take over the responsibility?

Then why Tenet resigned? View from this angle. On 5/26, Ashcroft and Meuller announced Al Qaida would attack in this summer. Tom Ridge of DHS didn't know this in advance. Tenet of CIA hasn't mention it too. The information was unique from D.O.J.. But is it the main responsibility for CIA to deal with Al Qaida abroad? How could they let something like 911 take place again in US? That's the real reason of Tenet's resignation. He knew there will be a big attack in coming months. He is not able to stop it. Because again it is from "friendly fire". To avoid to take the responsibility of a big failure, or in another word, to avoid a duty. He resigned in advance to avoid humiliation. (Or another possibility is he was saved from humiliation by inside group, they arranged his resignation to protect him?) The seat of CIA director will leave vacant until November election. Because the attack(s) will take place during that period. So nobody will take the blame of failure again in terrorist attack intelligence.

On the other hand, is it absurd to leave such an important position remained in vacancy when the country is in terror emergency?(as D.O.J. says) Can you immagine a captain of a battleship permitted the leave of the sonar operater while there is an alert of submarine attack? It only proves a designated attack will happen. Samething like "Operation Northwoods".

The terror attack is designed to benefit the interest of inside group. Such like Bali bombing to arouse indignation of the people against Islamic extremist to support Iraq war. Or Madrid bombing to help Aznar's election in Spain. Is it a little bit early to carry out the plan at this time for Bush's re-election?

I've said the attack will take place around 6/19. Feds arranged my wife's trip and a party at that time to fix a frame case. Because they are in a hurry. If you have noticed that most financial experts pridicted that on 6/30, Federal reserve will boost the interest rates. A step they should have done earlier but had postponed by Feds (D.O.J.) for nearly a year. Because they hold a large amount of real estates invested in my case. Feds is in a hurry to finish my case to release their estates. From this event, we can see the interest of D.O.J. is more important than Bush's interest. Other department, DHS and CIA, must give way to it.

posted on Oct, 8 2004 @ 05:24 PM
236. Help puppet Bush (6/24)

There are two events in June which I think were arranged deliberately at this time.
One is the Michael Moore's "9/11 Fahrenheit" will open to public on 6/25. Which will give a negative image for Bush. If there is a big bombing taking place on 6/19 or a little later, then the film will be neglected by public.

Another event was the report issued by 911 investigation commision which said there is no credible evidence that Saddam and Al-Qaida had cooperated to attack US. The panel disputes Bush's reasons to invade Iraq. It was reported by media on 6/17. This, too, could be neglected if there was a big attack taking place on 6/19.

If there was really an attack happened, Inside Group needed not to worry about these negative event. Bush would once again become a "hero in terror war". And other information 911 panel released would help to inflame panic and indignation against Islamic people. When media repeatedly to broadcast the picture of the collapse of WTC and the voice of pilots of hijacked plane. The effect is same like they broadcast the film of beheading case. US government is very active to start a psychological war to its citizens. To prepare for more war in Mid-East.

But the planned attack didn't take place. I think it's because my analysis in message 232, 233 revealed their plot.

When the planned bombing didn't come to offset the negative influence of 911 panel's finding and Michael Moore's film "Fahrenheit 9/11", inside group came to help Bush.

1. Give out a poll to boost Bush. It's the old tactic. Poll is a tool Inside Group used to manipulte the mind of people.

Re: "Outlook on Iraq aiding Bush, Kerry loses lead from last poll
By Ron Hutcheson, Knight Ridder,
6/18/04, S.J.M.N.

Bush went from trailing Democratic Sen. John Kerry to leading slightly, 48 % to 46%.
The results of the latest Pew Research poll of 1,806 adults taken June 3-13. "

2. unusual support from rival on war with Iraq.
"McCain unites with Bush, shows support for Iraq war
By Elisabeth Bumiller, New York Times
6/19/04, S.J.M.N.

President Bush and his old political rival Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz, shared a military stage Friday to present an unusual joint defense of the war in Iraq."

3. Support from Democratic leader

Former President Clinton has revealed that he continues to support President Bush's decision to go to war in Iraq .....

4. Justify Bush's Iraq war by Russia leader

Russia Warned U.S. About Iraq, Putin Says

By Walter Pincus
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, June 19, 2004; Page A11

Russian President Vladimir Putin said yesterday that his intelligence service had warned the Bush administration before the U.S. invasion of Iraq that Saddam Hussein's government was planning attacks against U.S. targets both inside and outside the country.

The surface of Clinton proves when it touches the interest of inside group, there is no partism. All politicians serve for their master: inside group. What surprised me is they even push out Putin to protect Bush. How eager they tried to save their puppet when their designated plan failed to carry out.

One thing interesting if you have noticed the date that media reported the defense from these big shots. Which may prove my prediction of 6/19 is correct. When I read these news, I knew the "terror attack on 6/19" was cancelled or postponed or delayed. Otherwise inside group didn't need these defense. In their plan, an "terror attack" would boost Bush's fame, and of course, distract the attention to a framed case.

posted on Oct, 8 2004 @ 08:02 PM
but this post strikes me as someone having an agenda - it started as a presidential inquiry now we have Snipers, Sars and WMD brought in - no i dont buy it someone has an axe to grind and its way off topic - get real - there is a world of hurt out there as it is - perhaps a dose of reality is called for here

posted on Oct, 15 2004 @ 04:54 PM
237. The June plot (6/29)

Though the "6/19 terror attack" failed to be carried out, other events show how Feds prepared to frame a case in June.

On 6/17, S.J.M.N. reported, "Board OKs merging sheriff, coroner offices. In a move aimed at saving money, Santa Clara County leaders on Wednesday approved a controversial plan to allow the sheriff's department to manage the coroner's office. But the merger worries opponents who believe it could create an extra layer of public mistrust toward law enforcement."

In message "170. Suspends Coroner (10/11)" I talked about how Feds plotted to oust the chief medical examiner Schmunk. Finally Feds got coroner's office under their control. It will help them to cover up the murder committed in the coming framed case.

On same day 6/17, local Chinese TV reported a Chinese dissenter, Peng Min, was arrested in Burma and was handed over to Chinese government. Peng Min favours to overturn Chinese government by violence. About a year ago(?), he appeared in a talk show of that TV station. In interview he called for people to join his orgnization. He said that he needed qualified personnel to fill the post of Defense Minister and etc. He offered three to four thousands dollars of monthly salary for these posts. The host of talk show asked him where did he got that much money. Of course, Peng Min would not reveal his financial source. By common sense, it was from intelligence.

Peng Min was arrested a short time before 6/17. He was charged of holding a large amount of forgery Chinese currency by Burmese police. He was delivered to Chinese government quickly. I think he was arranged there by intelligence. Peng Min might have thought he was working to overturn current Chinese government. He could never dream of that he became a chip in a secret deal and was sold by his host. He became a payment to Chinese secret police to exchange for a framed drug case D.O.J. wants.

It was similar to the framed case in April when my wife went to HongKong visiting her dying adopted father. For that case, US had deported one of China most wanted escaped corruptive official to China. FBI director Mueller also announced HongKong would be attacked by Al Qaida terrorists then. Now, Ashcroft and Mueller announced the coming summer attack by Al Qaida. And, too, they gave Chinese government one of their most wanted as interest exchange - a political dissenter.

Because US still holds a title of democracy which Bush used to "liberate" Iraq, Feds couldn't deport a political dissenter to China. So the secret deal was fulfilled by the third country-Burma. (see "222. Perform a secret deal (4/19), 223. FBI director said HongKong will be attacked (4/24)")

Former P.M. of Spain, Aznar was an ally of Bush. I alleged Madrid bombing was done to help his election. So, he should be familiar with these "terror attacks".
Here is an excerpt from an article:

Quote, "During his visit to California, Aznar referred more than once about a terrorist attack taking place in the United States in June, 2004, which would lead to a Federal Emergency Management Agency takeover of the U.S. (International Herald Tribune, May 15, 16, 17, Los Angeles Times, May 15)"

What made Aznar so sure there would be an "terror attack" in June? He might be able to access some inside information. I based on my own experience knew the mastermind is D.O.J. and their purpose is to eliminate a witness of their crime. For them this is a real imminent danger. Of course, to help their puppet Bush in election as well, too.

The above article is an interesting one, worth to read.

Quote, "Rogue Bush Backers prepare Super 9/11 False Flag Terror Attacks

INN Preview Exclusive -June 2

By Webster Griffin Tarpley

Toronto, May 30 - Intelligence patterns monitored over the US Memorial
Day weekend now point conclusively to an imminent new round of ABC
(atomic-bacteriological-chemical) terror attacks in the United States,"

posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 05:25 PM
247. Russia and terror attack (8/14)

On 5/26/04, Ashcroft and Mueller announced "terror attack in coming summer". On 6/4, in message 232, I alleged D.O.J. was the hand behind the coming attack to distract a framed drug case. I also predicted "And the time will be around 6/19."

On 6/19, Washington Post reported Russian leader Putin said his intelligence in 2002 had warned US that Iraq government planned to attack US. This news, combined with others, were used to fix the gap of soured "6/19 terror attack", enabled me realizing the attack was postponed. It also proved my allegation of secret deal between US and Russia.

On 6/10/2002, Ashcroft announced Padilla's arrest in Moscow. What made US Attorney General to give out such a news in a foreign capital? Five days later, on 6/15, in message "68, Re 7. Padilla and OKC bombing (6/15)", "Re. 9. Ashcroft in Moscow" I alleged a "terror attack" would be done to US. I wrote,"Or probably there will be a big terror attack which government had said,"Bombing is inevitable.".

One month later in message"77. The payment of deal(July/02)" I wrote, "It must be benefit to FBI because Ashcroft was involved.", "If so, US people still will suffer another attack-a dirty bomb attack. When they want to demand more from people. Either for election, or for the support of war on Iraq, or against criticism of failure's their choice."

What the role Russian would have played was a witness if the attack had happened. If Russian said they knew Saddam had planned such an attack, and had informed US in advance. People of the world would believe it. Because at that time, Russia seemed to be more friendly with Iraq than US. Russia opposed US war policy in UN convention.

Putin's defense in 6/19/2004 for Bush was only a performance of that secret deal of June/2002. That's why I was surprised when I heard it.
In which you can see a time accord. Re: "The report, which cited an unidentified intelligence agent, said Russian intelligence had received information in early 2002 that Iraq was planning an attack against the United States. "This information was more than once passed on to our U.S. partners in oral and written form in the fall of 2002,"". (Washington Post, 6/19/04)

As I said, the secret deal was done in early June, 2002. The bribe of the secret deal was paid to Russia in later June. Then we could see today that "the information from Russia in oral and written form passed to US in the fall of 2002." They could cheat people anything. But the action could only be carried out after the deal.

What was the fall of 2002? In October that year, a sniper shooting spree pushed law makers passed the Bill to authorize the use of armed force against Iraq. Bush got the war power; About same time, a French oil tanker was bombed; There was also a Bali bombing which killed nearly 200 people, most of them Australians. A push for the two countries to support for the war against Iraq. What Bush needed was an "Iraq terror attack" to justify the invasion. A Russia oral and written form of information would make the case credible.

For some reason, the plot to plant a terror attack on Iraq was soured. I think my revelation in advance played a role on it.

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