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Who is behind Lewinsky scandal?

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posted on Nov, 12 2002 @ 02:41 PM

Originally posted by wetdog
hmm i will ask my co and get back to you guys... oh ho i hope i you found a loop hole md...

After all, this place *is* AboveTopSecret, so we're all cleared for it. I *personally* required a Secret Level Clearance when I was in-service.

posted on Nov, 13 2002 @ 01:36 PM

Originally posted by MidnightDStroyer

I *personally* required a Secret Level Clearance when I was in-service.

SLC,is it above or under from my former NATO Secret Level ?

posted on Nov, 23 2002 @ 03:40 PM
If you believe at the right begining in what media said Muhammad is an expert sniper and so and so. Now it goes to the other end. It seems they have to put the suspicious on Malvo, a 17 years old illegal immigrent from Jamaica now became the "expert sniper" who did one shoot a death.

Quote, "Officials Link Most Sniper Killings to Teenager

November 10, 2002

WASHINGTON, Nov. 9 - Senior law enforcement officials said
today that evidence suggested Lee Malvo, the 17-year-old
charged in the Washington-area sniper shootings, was the
gunman in most of the attacks that left 10 dead.

The officials said investigators did not believe that Mr.
Muhammad could fit in the trunk of the Caprice, where a
hole had been hollowed out in the back and a seat modified
so a gunman could fire from the back of the car. "The trunk
is very small and Malvo is much smaller than Muhammad," one
official said."

I first posted my opinion on 11/2 in some other sites, this news on 11/10 proves it. Remember so far the evidence can be planted. The two were not directly found or arrested on the shooting site.

posted on Nov, 24 2002 @ 07:48 PM

Originally posted by ultra_phoenixSLC,is it above or under from my former NATO Secret Level ?

Same Level as yours...Just a different set of guidlelines under the "need to know" clause...

But still, a good point has been made: Army Sergeant or not, how could a guy year old have been *accepted* into the military & have served long enough to be trained as an "expert sniper" & then been discharged soon enough to still be only 17 when committing those shootings? Something smells fishy to me & I think it's a Red Herring...

[Edited on 25-11-2002 by MidnightDStroyer]

posted on Nov, 25 2002 @ 05:35 AM

Originally posted by MidnightDStroyer

Originally posted by ultra_phoenixSLC,is it above or under from my former NATO Secret Level ?

Same Level as yours...Just a different set of guidlelines under the "need to know" clause...

Yeah, I remember. I was reading some NATO papers and I had to say " NO YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO READ THEM " to an officer. ha ha ha ha....He was really upset with me. A cprl who say " no you can't " to an officer, it's not common.

posted on Dec, 5 2002 @ 04:59 PM
I think the sniper case was done by government insider. It's a case similar to anthrax attack. I believe it was done by law enforcement agency. The anthrax attack was done to push congress for the passing through of "Patriot Act". The sniper case was done to push congress for passing resolution of authorization president with war power on Iraq.

The announcement of arrest of Mohammad and Malvo puzzled me. It seems evidence is strong, (especially Malvo admitted he was the shooter). I once thought I was wrong. But question emerged gradually. My suspicion on this case are:

(1) The sniper had to move away the back cushion of the seat when he intended to shoot. The only place he could put it on was the foot space for rear seat passenger. It's a big lump to handle in small compartment of Chevrolet Caprice. It would take sometime to move and settle it. And too, to put it back after shooting. The abnormal action would easy to be noticed. The Caprice is with glass windows.

(2) The sniper couldn't lay flat to shoot. He had to hold the rifle, so there was a height of his shoulder. His head must be upright to aim, so there was the height of his head over the shoulder. Was the luggage compartment that high for him? The rifle is long. If the distance from shoot hole to the back of front seat is 6 feet, a foot to two (from the aim point to gun end), must be deducted from 6 feet length. Then. there is only 4 feet and something left. There is hardly enough space for a sniper lay down to shoot.

(3) The hole is small ( News said it was blocked by a glove). Then the view of sniper is limited.

(4) In shooting events, people couldn't figure out where the shooting came from. It's reasonable to think that a silencer was used. But no silencer was found in Caprice. If the silencer was used, the lenth of rifle must be longer than privious assumption.

(5) The shooting were one shoot a death. Even a sharp shooter need a nice situation to result it. It's hard to believe he could do this in a car like this. I still believe a cargo van or a box van was more likely used in the case as other witness saw.

Then why the two were chosen to be the "snipers"?

posted on Dec, 6 2002 @ 12:36 PM
im confused - i thought this thread was about the lewinsky scandal, not the sniper???

posted on Dec, 15 2002 @ 04:11 PM

Originally posted by Ezekiel
im confused - i thought this thread was about the lewinsky scandal, not the sniper???

Ye, but I think there are links. I think it's the same group who did all these things.

When someone complained in internet that INS released Malvo after he was arrested as an inllegal immigrant, I had such a messge: "Don't blame INS all the way. Malvo might have been recruited as informant. Law enforcement agent used to use such kind of people as snitch. John doer2 in OKC bombing is a similar one, or now called Padilla."

Quote, "In particular, there has been ample information to indicate that Williams had significant connections to larger illegal resources or organizations.

Multiple Identities: .....
Extensive Travel: The Rev. Alan Archer, who runs the Lighthouse Mission homeless shelter where
Williams and Malvo often stayed, reported that Williams would often claim extreme poverty, and yet at times procure large quantities of cash and fly off to such destinations as the Caribbean, Florida on business, and to Denver and Salt Lake City for skiing. Archer said that Williams frequently took phone calls from travel agents, so his jet-setting was a regular affair. This kind of activity is highly indicative of the fact that Williams was part of some sort of international ring. He stated to several friends that he moved to Bellingham to be near the Canadian border, so he could quickly get out of the US if needed.
Immigrant Smuggling:...."

Do they more like informants for a powerful organization? If you find all media reported conflict saying from government, (almost like a pre-trial) but rarely heard what suspects say or some other source?

[Edited on 15-1-2003 by kathaksung]

[Edited on 15-1-2003 by kathaksung]

posted on Dec, 24 2002 @ 06:52 PM
(5) Muhammad's life in Jamaica seemed to be a fairly good one: praying, jogging, adopted a son- Malvo.

Quote, "Muhammad seemed a model father. He prayed at home, stopped by his kids' Greenville Primary School and took them jogging every afternoon.

> Malvo lived with the family for about three months, and each morning donned khaki pants and a blue plaid tie to attend the Antigua and Barbuda Seventh-Day Adventist School. Muhammad introduced him as his son.

On frequent trips to the United States, Muhammad loaded up with blank CDs, batteries, things that can be high-priced on the island, and sold them to friends. He also weaved grand stories, telling a friend he had worked for the CIA and FBI, and that he had to return to the States periodically to give military training workshops."

Anyone with common sense would know that which organization had the power to decide not to deport illegal immigrant and also were interested in penetration of smuggling society of illegal immigrants and the homeless society as well. I recognized that news report right away when I first read it. In my experience, G-lady (see #32, #47) often went to ski resort Tahoe around year 93. Because she is not a lady fond of sport, I at that time impressed that agents liked to entertain their informants when they had meeting. Now it looked like it's one of their culture. To have their train course at ski resorts.

See G-lady story at:

If there is harassment (blank page, slow entering, server busy....) try

[Edited on 15-1-2003 by kathaksung]

posted on Jan, 4 2003 @ 02:25 PM
(6) If you think Muhammad and Malvo were informants of Federal agency, then it's not difficult to understand why Federal prosecutor stopped the interrogation on first day after police were developing a rapport with Muhammad. Did they try to protect the right of Muhammad as they said later? Of course not. I think they were worrying Muhammad might reveal his identity of informant. FBI is notorious for abusing power, search and survey without warrant. Otherwise why didn't they stop the interrogation right from the begining? (Which is said lasted about 5 hours). And suspects used to confess in first interrogation when they were still in shock for the arrest and tell the truth.

Quote, "Yesterday, federal officials and Montgomery County law enforcement officials feuded about whether the discussions with Muhammad during his first day in custody had run their course, or whether they were curtailed by federal prosecutors."

"The tension yesterday was exacerbated by a report in the New York Times that quoted unnamed sources as saying that DiBiagio had forced state and federal investigators to stop talking to Muhammad just as they were developing a rapport with him."

posted on Jan, 14 2003 @ 06:17 PM
Padilla was born in 1970.

1978-1982: Attending Darwin Elementary.

August 1985: Arrest record starts when he's 14, and is charged as a juvenile in connection with a murder. Padilla and a buddy robbed and stabbed a drunk man. Padilla kicks the bleeding man in the head. He tells cops: "I felt like it." January 1989: Arrested for obstructing people on the street after he was caught flashing gang signs and wearing gang colors. Tells police he's a Latin Disciple.

February 1989: Arrested for battery after hitting a cop in the face after trying to swipe a doughnut.

January 1991: Arrested in Chicago for firing a .357-caliber Magnum out a window of building near where he was living.

October 1991: Now in Florida, arrested for road rage incident in suburban Fort Lauderdale. Padilla fired a silver .38-caliber revolver at another motorist but missed.

1992: He was released from jail.

1992-93: Works at a Taco Bell in Davie, Fla.

June 1994: Padilla files for name change with Broward County; changes name to just Ibrahim. Later begins referring to himself as Abdullah al Muhajir.

1993-94: Works maintenance at Coral Ridge Golf Course in Fort Lauderdale.

(There is no information about where Padilla was and what work he did in this period from the source. I think that's top secret for FBI.)
May 8, 2002: Arrested at O'Hare Airport.


Notice the owner of fast food restaurant Padilla worked for in 92-93 was a Muslin.
Also notice that Padilla quit his ganster's life after his release from jail in 92. And try to penetrate into Muslin society since then. I think he might have been recruited in the jail and start his undercover job on 92.

I realized him as an informant not only based on above information, but mainly on the situation he was arrested in this May. When Ashcroft announced Padilla's arrest in Moscow, he had his purpose. The internet immediately circulated that Padilla was identical to John Doer2 of OKC bombing. When they need excuse to start war on Iraq, they sacrifice their informant without hesitation. See other opinion of mine about Padilla at: Re 7. Padilla and OKC bombing (6/15) in "68. Ashcroft's revenge (5/31/02)".

Also review "6. Looter and scapegoat" to see how they sacrificed a black teenage to settle a burglary case. That teenage, I guess, would work as an informant in jail.

posted on Jan, 14 2003 @ 06:27 PM

posted on Jan, 31 2003 @ 05:43 PM
I think the handler who manipulating lewinsky scandal, sniper case, OKC bombing are the same one.

(8) Information Federal want you know and not know

When the two were arrested, media were full of information that Muhammad was a specialist Marksman, that the rifle was from a gun shop of his living state, that he was linked to other gun murders. And even his former wife and his son were in news said he deserved deaths if he committed such crime. It was almost a pre-trial.

What we know is in Muhammad's first interrogation, he ranted and denied any connection to sniper case. He was brought into Federal custody just at the time when he intended to speak something. After about one week, DOJ dramatically dropped the initial 20 counts of Federal charges against him. Police said the trunk of Caprice is to small to fit him. Now all evidences turn to point to Malvo, and he admitted he did some shootings.

I think Muhammad and Malvo, as informants, were assigned to the sniper shooting sites. They thought they were doing routine job to solve sniper case, never dreamed of being framed as snipers themselves. The Caprice was their working car. After arrest, Muhammad was old enough to realize the seriousness of the situation, and was going to tell the truth. FBI, watching him all the time, stopped it at the right point. (I think in the train course in ski resort, a principle for informants is at any time, they shouldn't reveal their identity. Breaking the rule may face death penalty. Anyhow, Muhammad knew he would face death penalty too, if he wouldn't tell the truth. He chose not to be a scapegoat.) As the result, in that one week's custody, a compromise has reached, and there was a dramatical turnaround.

Malvo kept his mouth shut up during the first 5 hours' interrogation. A week later, he changed his manner after Federal handed them over to local police. In a 7 hours interrogation, he admitted he was the one who pulled the trigger. "Malvo was talkative, smiling, even bragging in response to indirect questions from investigators, sources said."(S.J.M.N.) A poster in internet said Malvo even sang during interrogation. What made him so happy for something would lead him to death penalty? It seems he was under influence of something. Or he was strongly trust the promise of FBI, believe they are the God? Anyway, the unusual behave of Malvo made his attorney, Arif, said "he needs a psychiatrist to evaluate Malvo because 'We're not certain what makes Mr. Malvo tick.'"
This interrogation was a questionable one. Muhammad and Malvo were transferred from Federal to local police in later afternoon. Peter Greenspan, who represented Muhammad, said, "All of this was so orchestrated so that they would get them to Virginia late in the afternoon when they couldn't get to court." Malvo's guardian, Petit, asked the police to stop the interrogation at 6p.m. A police commander agreed to pass on his request and then ordered him to leave. (S.J.M.N.)

When Federal want to stop Muhammad telling the truth, they used the reason of his right to have a lawyer. Once when they want people to know what they want them to know, they orchestrated another interrogation. Though without a lawyer, this time the Federal didn't try to protect Malvo's right.

posted on Feb, 4 2003 @ 06:08 PM
Q1. Some people argue that people heard the shots

A. I re-read the news. They are right. People heard the shots. No silencer was used.

Q2. Some people said Muhammad and Malvo are the suspects because the shooting stopped after they were arrested.

A. I don't think it can prove anything. If it's a framed case, the real sniper of course would stop shooting, otherwise they would prove the two were innocent.

Perpetrator(s) stop to mail anthrax letter. That doesn't mean they have been arrested. It might only mean they stopped when mission was fulfiled. The former one was to push for the pass through of "Patriot Act" The later one was to push for the authorization of Iraq war power. FBI have trouble for incapacity of solving the anthrax case. So this time they prepared a scapegoat.

Q3. Some people said they have a Caprice, that it's trunk is spacious, and allowed man operating inside easily.

A. It seems contradictory to Police' conclusion. I have no experience with Caprice so I don't know which one is correct. There are two possibilities. Either there has been a compromise between the arrested two and Federal, so police lied to exclude Muhammad from shooting, or the trunk is really small. So far the authority's saying is it's too small to fit Muhammad.

And I still hold my opinion. The victims were in parking lot, or gas station, or at the entrance of the shop. Which were lighted area with a lot of traffic and customers. The Caprice couldn't be too near the sites because it thus would have been seen there was a big black hole in its back seat. And the operation to settle the big lump of back seat cushion would cause attention. It's not a van with closed area. It's a Sedan with glass window of four sides. In a situation that everybody kept alert, any sniper would have stayed far away from the crowd area. And even if the trunk is big, the deck must have been at the same level as other cars. If you lay at that level, see through a small hole about two feet away, your sight would be very limited and would be blocked by the body of other cars, the car parking along the roadside, on the parking lot, and the cars on the moving, even the bushes. The bullet path couldn't jump over the body of other cars. It's hard to imagine they could have done so many successful shootings by a Caprice without been discovered.

posted on Feb, 15 2003 @ 08:32 PM
Government made conflict action after the arrest of Muhammad and Malvo. They painted Muhammad master suspect at first then dramatically turned onto Malvo. They put 20 Federal charges on Muhammad then dropped it a week later. The clue led to the arrest is unbelievable convenient. According to the government, The suspect called a priest, said they were involved in an shooting case in Alabama. So police could find them because Malvo left his finger print there. In another word, suspects tipped police to arrest them. In Alabama shooting case, police at first said the weapon was a short gun, after the two were arrested and the killing rifle was got, they said it was that Bushmaster rifle used in shooting, now they changed the story again said it was a short gun.
All these conflicts showed the arrest was made in a hurry, the insider group hadn't got everything ready. Then what pushed them make the arrest?

During the horrible time of shooting spree, when everybody was in alert and police activated all their resource, the sniper still eluded high security and kept on shooting, People with common sense could feel it could only be done by experts with inside security information. If perpetrators knew some news would reveal the truth, they hurriedly made the arrest to stop the spread of that news. Read that news. Remember the arrest was on Oct.24, the day news was going to publish.

For Immediate Release: October 24, 2002

On his Nationally Syndicated Radio Show, Documentary Filmmaker Alex Jones has consulted with many law enforcement and military experts, including Colonel Craig Roberts (formerly of US Army Intelligence, a former Marine Corps Sniper and the Best-selling Author of One Shot One Kill) who stated on-air that this operation could only be State-sponsored and was clearly the work of a rogue element from the top levels of global intelligence agencies. On The Alex Jones Show, Roberts said that the MO of the sniper attacks are indicative of a 2-3 man team trained in the Special Forces ambush tactics of reconnaissance, insertion, concealment and successful evasion. According to Jonesí research, the sniper teamís attack profile is consistent with US Special Forces ambush assassination tactics.

Best-selling Doubleday Author James Bamford, who broke the Northwoods Story in His Book, Body of Secrets reported on page 82 that, "the plan, which had been written with the approval of the Chairman and every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff called for innocent people to be shot on American Streets."

posted on Feb, 26 2003 @ 06:41 PM
The following article is an important information that third party were involved in sniper shooting.

"Sniper Rifle Was Also Used In Ala. Killing
Third Assailant Possible In Ambush There, Police Say

By Allan Lengel
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, October 31, 2002; Page A01

"The rifle that was used in the Washington area sniper shootings also was used in last month's Alabama killing that led investigators to the suspects, Montgomery, Ala., Police Chief John H. Wilson said yesterday, citing newly available results of ballistics tests.

He said James Cavanaugh, special agent in charge of the ATF in Alabama and Tennessee, told him that ballistics examiners were able to get a more complete picture after examining a bullet test-fired from the sniper weapon......

Three federal law enforcement officials confirmed the new ballistics tests.....

The Alabama shootings occurred about 7:30 p.m., just as Parker and Adams were locking the door, "It was just like all the rest of the shootings -- no one ever saw anyone," Adams said, referring to the Washington area attacks.....

A nearby patrol car pulled up and officers saw Muhammad standing over the two women, rummaging through their purses and holding a handgun in his right hand, Wilson said. One officer tended to the victims. The second chased Muhammad, the chief said. Malvo was about 50 yards away, standing with a magazine in his hand, possibly acting as a lookout, Wilson said, citing witness accounts.

The second officer continued chasing Muhammad through a restaurant parking lot, but a blue car darted out and blocked the path, Wilson said. Muhammad and Malvo were arrested in a blue Caprice last week.

At the time of the liquor store shootings, Wilson said, police thought the car was at the wrong place at the wrong time. But once authorities learned that Muhammad and Malvo had a blue car, he said, his suspicions turned to a possible third person."

From above report, we can conclude: The shooting was carried out by another person. He was the real sniper. Muhammad and Malvo had never been seen holding a rifle. The whole story most likly like this: Muhammad and Malvo were support group of a sniper team. They were sent to do reconnaissance job. This was the most dangerous job because they were easy to be arrested on the scene. The blue Caprice was a working car. Some team member drove it to block the police chasing. All action were well trained: reconnaissance; cover up, evasion..... it reacted what Muhammad had said to his friend in Jamaica that he had worked for the CIA and FBI, and that he had to return to the States periodically to give military training workshops." (see #104. Sniper case, (5) Muhammad in Jamaica) (also According to Newsweek magazine, when Muhammad was travelling from Washington State to Washington, DC to participate the shooting case, he stopped to see his cousins in Baton Rouge, LA. He told them that he was on a "secret mission" for the military. His cousins dismissed him as a lunatic then.But now it seems he told truth.)

When Muhammad and Malvo were arrested, police also found walky talky(or mobile phone?) and satellite locater in car. These were unneccessary for them if they were the sole sniper. But it was useful if they acted as reconnaissance. With satellite locater, the commander of the sniper team was able to know the location of all support groups and instruct these groups to move to the spot for reconnaissance and cover up purpose by walky talky. Muhammad and Malvo was one of these support groups doing same job they had done in Alabama shooting case. That's why they were seen at the shooting scene and even was photoed by surveillance camara. This also explained why the sniper could keep on his shooting spree in a high alert surrounding without being caught. They were well trained and supported by large resources. Once the murderer became the investigator, they could never been discovered. Their mind also displayed in taro card left for local police,"I'm God." Because they also could command local police force.

Sometime later, governmet denied ballistic test said above. They said the bullet in Alabama case was not from the sniper rifle. Obviously they made up their mind to frame up only two persons but cover the real one. But when they manipulated the evidence by "made to fit", and fire arm's "finger print"-ballistic test became untrustworthy, how can we believe their "hard evidence" anymore?

posted on Mar, 8 2003 @ 04:09 PM
There is a Chinese proverb: "There is no three hundred taels of silver here." It said once a man who hid three hundred taels of silver under ground. To ensure nobody would know it, he put a note at the spot where he buried the silver:"There is no three hundred taels of silver here." When I heard the news on Oct. 14 2003 that sniper killed a FBI anlyst, I recall that proverb.

There were something unusual in this shooting death.

1. They beat the drum that a FBI agent was shot to death. Of all the victims, I only know one was a bus driver because he was shot at the bus parking lot where he worked. Another one because he was a student. People rarely know what career the other victims were at. But everybody knows there was a victim who was FBI agent.

2. They blew the trumpet that Malvo killed FBI analyst Linda Franklin. Newspaper all said Malvo admitted he killed FBI analyst. That even in computer Malvo left diary admitted so. If as police saying that Malvo was the one who pulled the trigger in most cases, then why did they repeatedly emphasize that he was the one who killed Linda Franklin but rarely talked about the other victims?

3. The killing place was a difficult one for a distant shooting. Generally, a sniper would avoid such place. I have no chance to see the other place of shooting cases. I only know they were all in open space, parking lot; gas station, shop entrance.....Due to a dense report on Linda's death, I had chance saw several times in TV news that she died in a roofed parking area. The roof was supported by many poles. Those poles blocked the view sight of sniper. If it was a random shooting, sniper would avoid such situation. There were a lot of open parking lot, why choose a difficult one? If it was a designated pick up, then to get rid of view obstacle he had to be close to the victim .

4. It was the only case which got detailed clues. The sniper eluded police. And was undetected in most cases. But this time, the figure of sniper was spotted, and the van was said with a left tail light out. Why? Apparently the difficult shooting surrounding forcing the sniper approaching close to the
victim, so this time he was seen by people.

5. It was the only case that police charged the witness. They said the man making a false statement to a law enforcement agent. How did they knew that man lied? S.J.M.N. reported, "There are other credible witnesses at the scene. That is how we were able to discredit his statement." The authority didn't say what reliable clues these credible witnesses given. And how credible these other witnesses were. But until Muhammad and Malvo were arrested, no clue talked about the blue Caprice, all clues talked about white van. So all witnesses made a false report. But authority seemed extraordinary severe on this witness. The shooting death took place on Monday, The man was held on Friday without bond over the weekend for arraignment next Monday.

Why are they so sensitive and over reactive on this man who gave a detailed clue? There is a possibility what he reported were true. They are scare of it. If the man hadn't admitted he made a false statement, he might be die for it. Arrest on Friday was a tactic law enforcement agent used to do if they planning for a plot. Bond bail won't work on week-end. They have extra two days for an "accident death". (see #65. Birthday Party on May 3 ) And as I said, if this was a case operated by "God"( intelligence), they were well covered by support teams such like Muhammad's. They not only would dart out their car to block a chasing, they also would be "credible witness" to mislead local police if necessary. They could even have ID of law enforcement agent.

Though the most victims of Washington DC shooting spree looked like being chosen at random, circumstance evidence showed that FBI analyst Linda Franklin was a designated pick-up. To ensure the killing, the sniper had to operate in a bad surrounding and had to do it in a close range. Thus he (them) was spotted by people. That's why now they repeated beating the drum to emphasize that Malvo admitted he pulled the plug. To cover the real sniper whom had been spotted.

In my message "#68. Ashcroft's revenge", "Re. 5. Culture of FBI", I said FBI knew OKC bombing in advance. Because though McVeigh's target were FBI and BATF, they were all absent that day. In DC shooting case, the sniper eluded detect so skillfully that people would think it was done by intelligence insiders. To get rid of that suspicion, they performed a scene of "There is no three hundred taels of silver here." (a scene of "FBI didn't do it") Then why Linda Franklin was chosen to be victim?

posted on Mar, 30 2003 @ 02:20 PM
October 16, 2002, Wednesday
THE HUNT FOR A SNIPER: THE DEAD; Escaping the Grip of Cancer, Only to Die at a Sniper's Hand

Quote, "A year ago, at 46, Ms. Franklin, an analyst for the F.B.I., had faced the prospect of her own death: a diagnosis of breast cancer and tests showing the disease so advanced that she had to have a double mastectomy, relatives said. Then, late in August, they said, her 18-year-old niece was killed in a car accident, ......

she had worked for four years as an intelligence operations specialist in the cyberdivision and was considered a keen analyst, colleagues said."

I think Linda Franklin was a FBI dislike already. Breast cancer is a common method used to demolish dislike. In my messages "58. Manipulating media and killing by radiation" and "60. Plant, Frame and alleged murder " the women all died of breast cancer. When they needed a sacrifice. She was the convenient one. Then why she was the target?

Media is controlled by intelligence. When government intends a war in Iraq, there is a censorship on anti-war sentiment. But there is a new way in public communication - internet. FBI, naturally, would try to control that area. Many of my messages talked about my experience of being attacked and harassed in internet. Just like anthrax attack and DC sniper shooting, I think many internet attack were from Federal agents too. If Linda Franklin had been a keen analyst in cyberdivision and did her duty, she was an obstacle to those rogue team. The keener she was, more danger she was in.

The agents of FBI field office don't know the other side of their high ranking officers. When they were doing their work, they might innocently offend their boss. This happened when they were blocked for further investigation on 911 suspects. (FBI Phoenix and Minnisota office) Linda Franklin could not avoid involving in such situation.

posted on Apr, 9 2003 @ 03:32 PM
14. FBI awards man who blocked MN investigation

Quote, " FBI performs a nasty little sequel to whistle-blower saga
Doug GrowStar TribunePublished Dec. 22, 2002

The Star Tribune's Greg Gordon reported last week that at a quiet little ceremony earlier this month, Marion (Spike) Bowman was one of nine people in the bureau to receive an award for "exceptional performance." The award carries with it a cash bonus of 20 to 35 percent of the recipient's salary and a framed certificate signed by the president.

What does this have to do with Rowley?
Bowman heads the FBI's National Security Law Unit. That's the unit that blocked Minneapolis agents from pursuing their suspicions about Moussaoui.
There were no FBI honors for the Minneapolis office. There was a big honor for the lead antagonist of the Minneapolis office."

posted on Apr, 20 2003 @ 06:17 PM
15. Cyber-attack

On 2/6 I posted a message "113. Internet attack ". In which I alleged the Federal agent activated large internet attack to practice their skill. Next day, in the newspaper there was an article talked about Bush had signed a secret order for launching cyber attack. It was a swift response to my allegation. A show-off that they are even supported by President of United States.

Quote, "Bush seeks to develop cyber-attack plans
New form of weaponry could alter means of waging war

by Bradley Graham
Washington Post

Washington - President Bush has signed a secret directive ordering the government to develop, for the first time, national-level guidance for determining when and how the United States would launch cyber-attacks against enemy computer networks, according to administration officials. ....

Bush signed the order known as National Security Presidential Directive 16, in July but it has not been disclosed publicly until now".
(San Jose Mercury News 2/7/2003)

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