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By the End of 2012, Humanity Will Undergo a Paradigm Shift

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posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 11:54 AM
End times prediction is a mystical procrastination: The day you plan on getting things in order.

I do believe that is a psychological component behind it.

Stop being lazy, and get your house in order TODAY!

posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 06:33 PM
reply to post by SplitInfinity

Must agree with you on the Paradigm Shift non-sense, but the guy just asked what it meant, gave my $12.47 (inflation and mouth wind baggage). Perhaps your boss thinks it applies to "you mean one shouldn't put an egg (will explode, very icky) or aluminum foil in the microwave" Or don't mix whites and colors in hot water? Sounds like you boss, dry cleaner's-reference and all.

Such terms are usually used for societal change's in your, mine, and our sense of self. (society as my own made up qualifier is any adaptive culture-in-motion, society being an example of living cultures that grow by change, still holding to that original-culture-uniqueness, but expanding. Now what is applicable to a rapidly trans-national world society). Or aspects of living culture affecting us NOW.

But also such a shift is no less authentic, and more powerful now with the Net then ever with each of us. Seeing change in a ok, societal mind-shift, and it spreading change's each of us, and grows remarkably like a societal perceptual change. Looks a hell of a like in bio-informatics and just like how information is communicated in a virus, as bio-informatics.

Why not, it is an artifact of society, and that has IS of biology., with issues. Works for me. But the term I can't stand is "thinking out of the box" Last time I heard that I just couldn't help myself, or resist, but asked the person; " Oh wow, When did they let you out"?
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posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 07:42 PM

Originally posted by SplitInfinity
reply to post by grayghost

What is going on in the corporate world is outright criminal. How we allow them to get away a testament to peoples apathy in that they have every tool at their fingertips to effect proper change...not...take a roll of it in a sock...twirl it around quickly then...HIT US OVER THE HEAD WITH IT AND SAY....HERE'S SOME CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN! As we walk away bleeding and saying...THAT GUY is working for MY BENEFIT! B.S!

I come from a Family that is self made and we never asked the state or government to give us any help! We did it all ourselves and a good employee is rewarded and a bad one is given a second chance and then if they can't get it together...we let them go.

I treat people and so do our the way that I would like to be treated. And in the long run...people appreciate this and you will make money. This is the right way to do things....not grab what you can...put a lot of people out of work and sell off the company a piece at a time.

If you can't make it in what you do...then you change to meet the times. Split Infinity

Damn good to see someone who has seen the obvious, great you "have" employees to treat like um, you know people? 100% agreement in the criminals in suits. Oddly, or not the GOP has de-bowled a lot of regulations that don't allow unbridled crap. No comment as much on politics as historical fact. Financial and all other deregulation? Bush the 2nd allowing the only industry to be FULLY EXCEPT from EPA clean water laws regarding natural gas fracking!!

NO other group, far as I know and I do keep track best I can (s***, I wish I could make this up but check it out people! ) not having to disclose anything about the chemicals forced into Americas water table! As much as I DO support expansion of methane tapping in the USA, this is god damn nuts! I give you, the unholy trinity+1: Corporations, individuals that are mostly "connected" old and immensely powerful self interests, and the official government. And those who think if it won't kill them, or take their money, it aint my problem. Ah umm.

[Trivia: Guess where untraceable black funds CAN, not always but often DO come from? Very rich people who don't keep said records, and the government-by-contractor Heard the term plausible denial?. By the way we worry a lot, we should but need to worry a LOT more by bought and sold private interests. THEY don't even need to follow any pretense of the US Constitution. THAT APPLIES only to the governments relationship with the American people. ]

The Chimera, the blob that is all power brokers that IKE warned us about, now he would have another heart attack, then drop dead, if alive. Glad he's not, hate to have to try to explain the metastasis of what is way beyond the MIC he warned us about. No doubt he'd say, okay so what did YOU personally do about this bad nightmare? Friends, this IS REAL in that you can't wake up, just change it for the better. What am I to say to Ike? I'm doing my best (I am) ? To General Eisenhower?! (Now putting bag on head reference cartoon with Sylvester's kid Junior (oh for shame...) and it should be.

But I have seen many as* h**** in positions of power, in many fields and I've never been impressed. Treating people with decency should be a moral directive but any one who has people who work with them (I prefer work with though its my company. Can't do everything my self, certainly not these days...) The logical reason to be so damned generous? People line up to work with my companies. They make money if I do, and we enjoy coming to work.To have a business you control and do anything less, is just stupid.

Also came from a self made family. But wise parents are even more important, and no one ever took a dime from your tax dollars. Some may need help as when fired and a firm moves overseas, etc. But the best way? No the most valuable commodity, and all else in our society. The potential of and unmatched human mind. Add guts, spirit, and all else. No amount of gold, etc is capable of doing what each of us can. Any moron who can't figure that out, avoid them when you get a whiff of their stench, AS BEST as you or anyone can.

posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 08:38 PM

Originally posted by SplitInfinity
Even though the Mayan Long Count ends in 2012...and their Calendar is accurate as it is based on Astronomical alignments...what people who are Crying out...once the Galactic Allignment occurs...a Gravitational Imbalance will do this or cause that....are IGNORANT OF ONE MAJOR FLAW IN THEIR CONCEPTS....the distance to the Center of what the Mayans called the DARK RIFT....which is Gases and Debris along the inner Galactic Plane and the center of thid DARK RIFT lies the Galaxies CORE with a Massive Blackhole in the they base their DOOMS DAY concept on the Gravitational Effect of being alligned with that Blackhole.

THE THING IS...the Center Core and Blackhole of our Galaxy alligned with Earth and our Solar System...THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO! We are just now seeing the light from the Center Core Allignment now when actual allignment happened Multi-Millenia ago!

Gravitational Effect does not work like LIGHT wich travels at 186,300 miles per second. Thus the Time it takes light and distance it travels in a year...about 6 Trillion called a LIGHT YEAR...THE GALACTIC CORES CENTER IS 27,000 TO 28,000 LIGHT YEARS AWAY...thus...we passed Galactic Allignment 27,000 to 28,000 YEARS AGO and are just now seeing the light.

GRAVITATIONAL EFECT WORKS INSTANTANIOUS because it is SPACE/TIME GEOMETRY and has nothing to do with any PARTICLE VELOCITY and the effect does not need passage of time or distance of space to cause effect. IF the reverse was the case...then most of all the stars in our Galaxy would have shot off into the intergalactic void.

The only thing that does effect Gravitational effect is the Greater the distance between two objects of matter...the lessorthe effect of Gravity. The greater amount of Mass of an object of matter...the greater the effect created by this object and this works with all celestial bodies.

SO THE MAYAN ALLIGNMENT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED 27 TO 28 THOUSAND YEARS AGO. I wonder what peoples next date will be for someone to delare...THE END IS NEAR! LOL! Split Infinity

Your laying your knowledge of science on a little too thick SplitInfinity, unless you are old age Newtonian in writing of gravity waves. In Newtonian science gravitational waves work instantaneous; but Newtonian science is old and incorrect.

In modern science we know that gravitational waves don't travel faster than the speed of light and are therefore not Instantanious as you state. Gravitational waves don't, and I repeat don't travel at Infinite Speed as you state. Gravitational waves can travel at the approximate speed of light, but not faster than the speed of light.

So... basically everything else you blabbed about can be taken with a grain of salt also, and discarded as coming from someone who really doesn't know what he/she is talking about.

posted on Apr, 27 2012 @ 12:24 AM
reply to post by RussianScientists

You state...Gravitational Waves? What Waves? To say this is the equivelent of describing a Quantum Particle in action. Photons or Light...behave as both Particle and Wave. As far as Gravity is concerned...and even with the Multibillion Dollar...Particle Accelerator....there has been no detection of a GRAVITON or Higgs-Boson Particle and there probably never will be anything like this detected because it is much more likely that Gravity is Space/Time Geometry.

Your rebuke is based on that concept and you have no proof to back it up. Also...if Gravitational Effect did in fact have a Terminal Velocity...say at the speed of light...186,300 miles per second. This would be too slow to govern the Gravitational Effects between Galaxies as well as make it IMPOSSIBLE for Light to be effected by Gravitational Warping of Space/Time...just like is very prevelent and observable when a Blackhole can be seen by telescopes...VISUALLY...causing the Photons or Light around and near it to be effected and seen changing that Lights trajectory and bending it inward towards the Center of the Gravity Well.

It takes about 8 Minutes for Light from our Sun to reach Earth yet the Gravitational effect between our Sun and Earth effects both celestial bodies as well as all other celestial bodies...instantly. If not...then Earth would never have been able to be caught up in it's current orbit.

Inverse Square is possible to prove what I have stated through simple experimentation that has already been performed by Astronauts...ESPECIALLY the APOLLO Astronauts as Gravitational effect has been measured by the amounts of Micro-Gravity that is always present in a trip between Earth and our Moon. In fact...NASA takes the Distance of the craft as well as the crafts Mass into account when calculating escape velocity of Earths Gravity as well as the point at which the Moons gravitational effect becomes prevelent enough to require this calculation into trajectory and Lunar Orbit positioning.

During all this...there is a Time Delay of Radio Trasmitions between the Earth and the Apollo Craft that grows greater the further the craft is away from Earth since Radio Waves travel at velocities at the speed of light...yet the Gravitational effect of both the Earth and the Moon...remains CONSTANT...depending upon distance of the Craft from Earth. So at a specific distance from Earth...Gravitational effect upon the craft is reduced and Lunar Gravitational effect increased...but is alway there and is ALWAYS CONSTANT to Mass and distance.

Light or radio is constant in Velocity alone and unlike Gravity....takes time to reach the Craft...Gravity does not.
It is YOU who needs to Read Up a bit...unless you can claim to disprove Space/Time Geometry as far as it's effect on Mass and Light or Radio or...etc...etc... Split Infinity

posted on Apr, 27 2012 @ 01:34 AM
reply to post by RussianScientists

Oh...and one last thing. You made the statement...We in modern science KNOW that Gravitational Waves do not travel faster that the Speed of Light. I NEVER infered that Gravity was traveling.

In reality...Gravitational Effect...being an Expression of One Dimentionality...has nothing to do with any Gravity Particle or Wave...moving or traveling...because it is neither a particle or wave and is an effect related to the existance of Celestial Bodies as well as Dark Matter...WARPING the Geometric Construct that is our Space/Time Reality. Split Infinity

posted on May, 29 2012 @ 12:13 PM
Again, no thanks needed. Just want to again show the power that resides in everyone of us.

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