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Police license plate scanners filling massive tracking database of everyone

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posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 11:07 AM
reply to post by thisguyrighthere

As boring as my life is and just as routine. Monitoring me will put them right to sleep. There she is. There she goes keep all that info. Oops she got away oh it to the store. Nope she stopped for gas. What a bunch of idiots. Spend money the tax payers don't have on people not doing anything. Even with all the laws they continue to pass the crime rate continues to go down. Why? Because they are the criminals and they don't arrest themselves. I guess all this tracking might come in handy for their gang cartel and media mafia black mail schemes. Do they really think all this technology they are pushing won't be used on them?

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 05:11 PM

Originally posted by Iwinder

Originally posted by Imagewerx

Originally posted by boncho
reply to post by Imagewerx

I liked your post, even though I disagree with the fundamentals. You may be quite happy with your country and the fact that this has been implemented, but, the technology is a dangerous tool.

Yes it has its benefits, but the possibility of it being used for the wrong reasons is too great.

Thank you,that's the first time anyone on here has liked anything I've written

I'm a massive technology fan and like to give any new tech a big hug to show how much I love it,but am also the first to admit how pointless some of it is.I was captivated by the moon landings as I was just about old enough at the time to understand what it was all about and made all the Airfix models of the Saturn rocket,LEM etc but very soon afterwards started asking why they'd spent all that money to bring back a load of rocks that were of no actual benefit to the billions of people on earth,all it did was keep some scientists happy for some time.

We managed for countless years without the internet,mobile phones and satellite navigation but life is sure as hell a lot easier now we have them.The police still caught criminals when all they could do was blow a whistle and run after them on foot,but criminals will themselves use the technology therefore meaning even more technology is needed to beat them at their own game.
I'm happy that we now have ANPR and still believe it will always benefit the good guys,the same way I know someone could always be tracking me via my mobile phone signal and if I was ever involved in a remote accident at least they'd know where to start looking if I was unconscious.

How the hell can you be worried about being lost in England in a "remote accident"
the country is bursting at the seams with people....... Come here to Canada where it takes days just to drive to the next Province.

That is what you call a remote accident and let me tell you that almost all Canadians hate big brother with a passion to say the least.

I will say this one more time with a link below just google Long gun registry Canada.

Link below

See how we hate big brother?

Regards, Iwinder

That's nothing short of blatant national snobbery, "Your country is so small and puny because mine is a LOT larger"
I guess you've never been to the UK? Granted we don't have the Rockies,but we have our very own version in miniature that as a nation we're still proud of and still what we class as wilderness.We can also travel for several days and not make contact with another person,this particular wilderness is normally called "being stuck on the M25 in the roadworks"
I don't really like the term "Big Brother" as it implies someone is watching us 24/7 and controls everything we do.I prefer "guardian angel" as someone keeping an eye on me but lets me do everything I want to do.

I doubt if there's a country anywhere on earth that doesn't waste money on stuff like this,but I bet this is a drop in the ocean compared to other stuff they really waste money on.

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