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Dissapearing and reappearing

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posted on Feb, 14 2012 @ 10:28 PM
So I want to get anyone's take on this.
Ever since my dad died in 2008 things have been vanishing slowly.
Dishes, flatware, books, tools etc...

The most recent item that vanished was a cast cover, I was in an accident in 2010 and had hard/soft casts on both arms and a leg.
We kept all of my medical equipment in the closet of what we call the music room.
I was in between surgeries on my leg so we packed up the cast covers(keep the cast and dressing dry for showers) Come time for my next surgery the Leg cover is gone completely and it's a huge thing even folded up.
So we have to buy a new one.
18 months later the cast cover falls out of my mothers closet on her head.
She got a stool out and looked up there and there were missing books and a bowl that had been gone since 2008.

Since the reappearance more things have gone missing.

What on earth is making all of these items go missing.
I know from June 2010 to now Ma hadn't been sleep walking to hid things because I couldn't sleep at night due to the pain.
I know I couldn't hide things because for at least 9 months that things were still going missing I couldn't walk without a walker or crutches to save my life so once the sun came up and I fell asleep I was out.

So why do things keep vanishing?

posted on Feb, 14 2012 @ 10:49 PM
Anyone else living in, or have access to your home. Besides you and your Mother.

posted on Feb, 14 2012 @ 10:53 PM
Wow The only thing that goes missing are my socks ..
Some say spirits or ghost do this but Im no expert

posted on Feb, 14 2012 @ 10:58 PM
Wow, 9 months in a cast, I feel sorry for you.

I don't know what to say on missing stuff, sounds odd.

posted on Feb, 14 2012 @ 11:02 PM
Sometimes we do crazy things without thinking. You can put you're keys on the table and they disappear, look all over the house and find them on the table right where you left them. Something blinds us sometimes or maybe makes us do crazy things and forget them. Sometimes these events cause you not to be in a certain place at a certain time by delaying you. I just notice things but have no answers.

posted on Feb, 14 2012 @ 11:11 PM
We have a lot of strange things happening to us all the time and among them are things going missing a LOT! I can't figure out where all my cutlery, tupperwear lids and cups are disappearing to. For 2 years a couple small hunting knives went missing from the knife jar and just today while getting out my old camcorder, in a storage closet, there they were sitting on top of the camcorder in the case. My hubby and I did not put them there. We have a mischevious ghost playing pranks on us and I think this is one of them. You might have what we have. I hope it doesn't get worse for you like it has for us. We are experiencing cold spots, voices, dark shadows, and scratches on hubby and my daughter. It started out as things missing years ago. We are working on getting rid of whatever we have in our house.

posted on Feb, 14 2012 @ 11:45 PM
perhaps you are forgetting
where you are putting things
then finding them later

do you have a lot
of stuff...

posted on Feb, 14 2012 @ 11:50 PM
No one else has access to the house other than Ma and me.

It actually wasn't 9 months in a cast.
Motorcycle crash Shattered pelvis and Knee and a whole bunch of other stuff.
The 9 months of using a walker/ not really being able to walk at all were after I got home from the ICU.
A lot of it was post op infection too.

I'm just happy to be at the 20 month mark now and finally able to go back to college.

As for the things vanishing there are a lot more I just can't think of them at the moment until I need them.
I understand the whole things in front of you and can't see them, but this is different.
It's on a large scale, half of our spoons were missing for months.
A pipe wrench my dad bought me for a birthday has been missing since his death, but his pipe wrench is in my tool box.
We never mixed tools between our tool boxes.
Pa believed a mans tools and his tool box were sacred and you got permission to even look in it, and alwayse returned the tools borrowed.

posted on Feb, 14 2012 @ 11:52 PM

Originally posted by spoonbender
perhaps you are forgetting
where you are putting things
then finding them later

do you have a lot
of stuff...

No more than the average house.
Spoons really only go in the dishwasher or drawer though.
Not to mention Ma needs a stool just to see the top of the closet, I would have seen her sleep walking and grabbing the stool.
Heck they were so high up with my shattered pelvis at the time there is no way I could have put the items up their either.

posted on Feb, 15 2012 @ 05:07 PM
There's a black hole in my couch that swallows up my keys once in awhile.

I've searched and searched all over for them and then mysteriously and all of a sudden they magically re-materialize in a spot that I swore I had thoroughly searched for them previously.


posted on Feb, 15 2012 @ 06:00 PM
reply to post by MathiasAndrew

That reminds me, a remote is missing, only problem my couch doesn't have cushions to fall into it has a cover over it.
That and we alwayse put the remote back in place when it's not in use.

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