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WW3 has begun: US NATO vrs PRIICKS (wargame)

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posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 05:33 PM
reply to post by victor7

Did you just not read 3 posts above they do NOT have a defense pact with Russia it is nothing more than a cooperation treaty. They do have a SECURITY pact with us and a Strategic Alliance with Isreal and a real Defense pact with the small oil states surrounding Iran all of whom would be affected by a war with Iran

why do you insist on posting and not reading what is above your head?

There is no Alliance with Russia it doesn't exist

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 05:35 PM
reply to post by lordnightstalker

keep wishing, india has lot more to go before it even becomes a regional power to call shots. china is where the action is right now and near future.


Btw, Indians went along with PAK-FA development when US offered them F-35s. That alone speaks something.

I will not answer to this yapp again!
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posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 05:47 PM
reply to post by victor7

The United States was no better than that at the start of WW2, we had the Universities and the manufacturing base and enough manpower for the confines of the war, that's all we needed.

Read the real China's population is virtually uneducated compared to India, Strategy wins wars not just bombs

India just like the USA in WW2 get's to sit out round One

India Just like the USA is starting with the most available manpower as China would be prior engaged and surely struck hard Just like all our opponents in WW2 were engaged elsewhere

India has access to all the tech of whom it's allies with Just like USA in WW2

India has the closest proximity to the one vital resource still needed to fight and maintain a long term ground and Sea fight OIL, Russia and China aren't even close India has to only fight on it's own border to achieve energy dominance

India has the largest Educational base and thus the greatest potential to pull a Manhattan project and surprise everyone 8-1 over China Just like US during WW2

India is a Trump card WW2 was even Europe and Russia vs Germany and Allies we were the odd man out the long shot no one was really attacking in a viable manner, Just like India today, the uneven the current sides just like we did, supply the grunts for overwhelming force

Choosing where and when to fight is the whole Game India has that option just like we did

Don't kid yourself based on stupid racial stereotypes The Indians are far more educated and resourceful than the Chinese, the numbers don't lie, the only thing China has is Labor their brain power their educations don't even come close to Indias

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 06:00 PM
reply to post by victor7

Don't answer, Good your trolling, I listed on the previous page every single treaty India has, there is not a Security Pact with Russia it doesn't exist they are enemies in a situation that is called a "powder keg" one of the worlds few with China's closest Ally Pakistan which would be in fact China's ONLY actual Ally who else does China have NK with a situation where the whole peninsula would evaporate in under 3 hrs with the number of weapons poised, NK won't be around in the first 40 minutes aside from a Fat kid sitting in a bomb shelter with a bunch of hookers

And even the Russian situation 135 Million people? Really is this even a scenario you are so sure of? Your going to be willing if your a Russian general to take 10's of Millions of losses against the US Nato and Isreal with the Guarantee of Some Nukes landing while there are 800 Million Muslims to the south, another 1.2 Billion Indians and 1.5 Billion Chinese on your border which essentially makes the fight ETHNIC SUICIDE

REALLY? Your so sure Russia is anything other than bluster?

Post some facts not opinions

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 06:14 PM
The entire basis of your thread has been crushed beyond any reasonable doubt

sorry, do your homework first, one page back a complete list of India's treaties

So if you'd humor me, where are you from that your that gung ho against our side in such a scenario as to fabricate beliefs that have no basis in reality and stick to your point like a fanatic even when proven wrong directly?

Inquiring minds want to know

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 06:18 PM
reply to post by lordnightstalker

Well, well, i hate to disappoint all of you war clowns.... (in this playful game here) true reality = The leaders who were
behind all wars were the Reptilians from underground ... & guess what... they are all gone now.....finally after millenia of
waring & using humanity as their cattle, food, energy, play, entertainment etc.
What happened is that finally some Extra Terrestials form above had mercy on us, cause the pain of humanity gotten
so grave & the calls for help so loud & it gotten even too dangerous for creation itself ... those higher Beings did &
are interveening. There will be no Nuclear wars !!! The evil of this planet is GONE, gone, evaporated.
Now all is left behind are those betrayors of humanity, politicians, banksters, intern.corps, foundations, Bilderbergers,
queen, pope with their written agendas still in place & senselessly following those idiotic plans handed down by those
reps. ALL we 99% have to do now is ROCK the BOAT & those tools in leadership positions will be clueless how to
proceed, cause they are total idiots since birth, even have the worst DNA anyway from inbreeding, hahahaha
Let me state clearly here, we all would be dead long ago already, if it had not been for divine intervention from above.
They were trying to throw nukes since the 1960's & had their fingers on the button several times.

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 06:27 PM
America is losing battles all around the globe , and resorts to using nuclear warheads , resulting in global thermonuclear war , europe asia russia and america are completley oblitorated within the space of 90 mins, and the human population dramatically falls to 3.5 million , over a breif period of time the injured and contaminated die off leaving 500,000 hand-selected humans on earth , ready to rebuild and introduce slavery all over again ..... with technology , man can be a god amongst those without knowladge. The Egyptians were warning us ... the Mayans were joking.
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posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 06:44 PM
reply to post by RockLobster

This is the scenario we have been dealing with for the last 60 years.

It might be correct

But I am thinking with our balls comes some bite, I don't think MAD exists anymore because I doubt we'd be invading everyone if it did.

The main clues are the all but scrapping of Starwars in the early 90's, while Missile defense continues I believe it is likely a secondary front for our real defenses which are microwave, em and electronic in nature, most Nukes in the world that can hit America are un-shielded ICBM's, very easy to fry, Russia has newer shielded Missiles but they are very few in number and we have anti missile systems for those, likely Russia has similar stuff under development

The real threat is always an EMP fired off the coast or a terrorist bomb in the media, why is that? The likely explanation is the ICBM is largely obsolete and a Nuke war would be fought but it would be very limited

200 Billion a year on our Black Budget is all i'm saying, MAD, it might not be the case, this whole thing could end up pretty conventional

What do we have to give us an edge? Rods from God, Tungsten rods that detonate with greater than Nuclear force dropped from orbit in a matter of minutes, the Military shuttle is up there right now, makes one wonder

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 07:02 PM
I'm glad to see the discussion continuing.

It seems like the question everyone is asking is where would India go. I think the answer is caught up not in Russia, but Pakistan. It seems almost natural to me that wherever Pakistan is, India will not be, and I see an Iranian/Pakistani axis as forming. I can also see why Russia and China would support that, albeit from a distance.

The thing I think we're really missing in these wargames is the attacking methods. For instance, if I was China, I don't think I'd declare war on the U.S., but I might go cyber crazy in tems of disrupting our vulnerable domestic infrastructure. Think of it like how U.S. convoys kept the UK afloat last time, but in reverse.

I keep thinking that if China and Russia would get drawn in, it would be because they would fear being boxed out of resource markets, as each has their own problem with radical islamists. But Russia has less of a problem than China, so I wonder if the Bear might not dance a bit and stay aside.

In any case, I doubt Russia gets into a hot war over the Middle East, but the comments about Georgia folding up were interesting. If you're Russia, how far south do you go before stopping? Turkey? I imagine Armenia and Azerbaijan would be nice prizes to pick off.

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 07:13 PM
Everyone talks about Iran shooting an EM device off a boat, like we don't have antimissile systems that can best a single missile and we don't monitor by sub and satellite every single ship that comes near us and wouldn't know the very second something was armed right?

What if that shuttle is carrying a single very powerful em bomb? or two or three?

In theory we could wax all of Russia in a shot, every nuke on a train useless all mobile non locate able devices fried, the entire power grid down, all telecommunications down could the Russians even give the order to launch from silos and could those missiles even fly through the remaining static. everything not in a silo gone and ICBMS are the easiest to beat electronically anyway and we know the silo locations

A single em on the shuttle could strike instantaneously, we are talking speed of light nearly use, how long before they could launch from silos? 30 minutes an hr delay? How many shuttles do we have that we can launch you know there are at least prototypes etc

So we hit them with the EM then launch ICBM's by the time they are able to launch our missiles are already on the way down to those silos to take the majority of them out, the EM and radiation barely affects our missiles because they are already coming down to intended targets launching up through that magnetic and radiation haze is already dicey even 30-40 minutes later and we have atmospheric nukes going off while they are launching

Could they get anything off?

Subs and those Subs are stalked out at sea by our subs and we have a small but somewhat effective anti missile defense system to help deal with those.

I think we might have an end game strategy

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 07:36 PM
reply to post by cassandranova

Since 13th Century India has been under the boot. First from 13th to 16th century under the Islamics and from 16th to 19th under the British. So for them to seek alliance with West which is mostly AngloSaxon does not make any sense. Why would India want to develop bad blood with China which is next door? India is already siding with Iran regarding oil purchase so doubt it will want to make enemies in the vicinity.

There are two scenarios of WWIII: first is small escalation like Syria and then others join in and down the road is ICBM and nukes. second is ICBMs first and two parties seek to take out 1000 prime targets of the other in first 30 minutes.

Regarding, Georgia the Russian plans are for removal of the Sahlikasvilli if he acts up again which means taking over Tblisi. This is potentially a recipe for Russia NATO war. Armenia is already Russia friendly but Azerbejian is hostile. Doubt Russia wants to take any hostile territories. Russian way of doing things is by planting a friendly leader and go from there. Something west is trying to do in the ME now. What is happening in ME is really bad for Russia and China. I think only way both will jump in is if China bankrolls Russian machine. China has $1.5T in treasury and another $1T in Swiss Banks. That's lots of money. Even $100B can buy serious items that can give west a really bloody scenario any where in the vicinity of Asia or Europe.

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 07:43 PM
reply to post by lordnightstalker

Is that you SplitInfinity? but who cares?

EMP attack makes a good sense. But who say Russian systems especially those crucial one's are not EMP hardened. It is cheaper to EMP harden in Russia than in US.

US only has air defense assets around DC. Rest they count on the USAF to take care of.

Any possibility of Russian nukes already present inside the US and also vice versa? I am told 5 inch lead plate covers the radiation signs vis-a-vis detector either next door or in the skies. How about 25 inch thick lead walls, that is barely 2 feet. Many more modern gadgets can be employed to hide the radiation from the source.
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posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 07:47 PM
In all reality, the United States and its primary allies (NATO) will not intervene militarily. The reason is fairly simple, economics. Modern countries are broke and really cannot afford a long and drawn out conflict involving the annexation of Syria. Plus, Iran is not some pushover country in a similar way that Libya is. Iran possesses a very potent navy, air force and one of the strongest standing armies in the world.
Both Russia and The P.R.O.C. see the two as a major source of commerce and would not stand by as Syria and Iran fight against an enemy.
In my opinion, peacekeepers will end up in Syria. Iran will not do anything more than provide weapons and training and after a while, sanctions will be placed on both of the countries.

Also, it is believed that Iran posesses Anthrax, Plague and even the most powerful Nerve Gas on the face of the earth VX. Those are deterrrents in themselves.....
It is thought that scientists from the Sadam Hussein Era imigrated to Iran and helped build up their stockpile of Weapons of Mass Destruction. They posesess a missile capable of reaching Israel and soon will be able to reach any European country.

The edit was made due to the fact that I wanted to give out some more information.

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posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 07:58 PM
reply to post by victor7

This is like asking why Japan would be one of the top Allies of The USA after we dropped an A-bomb on them. Conflict Resolution Synthesis is the commonality of War the same way Germany is an Ally of the USA today, why India would ally with us is the stuff of first year College History Textbooks and the norm in Human History

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 08:00 PM
reply to post by victor7

I tend to agree that India and China wouldn't want to fight each other. If a WWIII scenario played out, I could actually see India as being at war with Arab countries allied with China in a nominal sense, but not at war with China itself. Think of how Japan and the Soviet Union were for example.

As far as alignment, I think the economics of India demand a westward link. The biggest terrorist threat they face is from Pakistan and from Islam. Their resources and services sell west. I think they'd be content and wise to sit it out, honestly.

Since we're talking history, I've always read the Russian dream was the reconquest of Constantinople. Let's assume you're right that the Russians march through Georgia and Armenia. Do you think they'd continue on through and into Turkey? To consider that scenario, I guess we'd have to figure out in this game if Turkey orients itself west or east. I've always presumed they would orient west figuring on getting Syria as a prize at the end, but I could see the other side as well.

Could the Greeks ever be Russian allies, especially after the crap they've taken from the west, and their Orthodox legacy? If they did, the Turks could quickly find themselves in a pincer on both sides, and without any help likely to be coming from regional neighbors.

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posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 08:07 PM
reply to post by victor7

Russia hasn't spent a dime to harden anything aside from a handful of missiles any more than we have.

Frankly the severe lack of effort considering the negligible cost and the possibility that a single bad solar storm could have the same effect only leads me to consider depopulation theories seriously.

And no i'm not whomever, i'm totally new here.

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 08:09 PM
reply to post by cassandranova

Russians do not want to conquer Turkey and start a war with NATO. Russia has enough of Islamic problems to deal within its borders.

Greece is already with Russia due to Orthodox religion.

Also Georgia is mainly Orthodox but Georgian flavored somewhat.

Regarding India, their better bets is to have good relations with China. They need not worry about Pak anymore as I think their defense budget is nearly 5 times to that of Pak. Just keep them in check is all what's needed. Economically India does have lots of business with West but I do not think they are ready to trust the West in scenarios like War against Russia and China. They will be wise enough.

And I would add that Russia does not plan to takeover and rule any country now, even those of the former USSR. Most they will absorb is Belarus. Rest they will align in a loose customs and military like CSTO type alliance. After communism, Russia has learned that real power is in economics and trade, not in tanks and AK47s.
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posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 08:14 PM
I doubt any of these scenarios will play out, we can speculate all day about sides and allies.

But likely and I hate to say this because i'm Jewish, Most of the world has the same thought, that thought being:

"wouldn't it be great if Israel wiped out most of the middle east and then in turn was destroyed as well"

All posturing aside, world leaders are people too, they might not say it out loud but people are all the same, Iran get's a nuke or two and Israel reacts and all this goes away overnight aside from the fallout.

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 09:18 PM

Originally posted by victor7
US+NATO+Japan+Australia+South Korea


PRIICKS: Pakistan+Russia(CSTO)+India+Iran+China+North Korea+Syria

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India would never be in a war on the opposite side of the U.S. and U.K. It is ignorance to think otherwise.

China would not enter into a war with the U.S. over lands other than Taiwan or Tibet. China will not risk a massive war unless there is blatant aggression against their own land.

Russia can really swing either way, even though it's played out in the news that Russia is against the U.S. and Nato this is just smoke and mirrors.. look at how Russia votes in the UN.. they don't use their veto power to stop "military interventions" they decry. They won't actually stand in the way of NWO.
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posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 09:23 PM

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