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Indiana joins right-to-work ranks, gov. signs bill

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posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 04:10 PM

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana is the first Rust Belt state to enact the contentious right-to-work labor law prohibiting labor contracts that require workers to pay union representation fees, after Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels signed the bill Wednesday afternoon. The Senate approved the measure a few hours earlier Wednesday, following weeks of discord that saw House Democrats boycott the Legislature and thousands of protesters gather at the Statehouse. "Seven years of evidence and experience ultimately demonstrated that Indiana did need a right-to-work law to capture jobs for which, despite our highly rated business climate, we are not currently being considered," Daniels said in a statement. A spokeswoman said he would not take questions on the measure Wednesday. Indiana is the first state in a decade to enact a right-to-work law.

It should be called "right to work for less"...because that's what it really is.

An absolute tragedy. I know many people that are about to get screwed because of this. People don't seem to understand, Unions set the wage ceiling (and increase it) for the middle class. The standard of living for the entire state will go down because of what is happening.

And another thing that is false, people always make the claim..."Unions sent our jobs overseas!!!"

That's a damned trade laws are what have caused the destruction of our manufacturing sector and the huge loss of jobs. I lost my former job to outsourcing, and I wasn't in a union. In fact, our company was profitable....but that wasn't enough..OH NO...not enough...instead they needed to maximize products by relocating to Mexico to pay crap wages.

The middle class is eating itself...instead of being angry at the benefits unions receive and trying to destroy them...why don't people fight TO GET THOSE BENEFITS THEMSELVES????

ALso wanted to add, Mitch Daniels (the GOP governor of Indiana), was GWB's Budget director of all things. Yes, the man who overseen 2 wars that weren't paid, with tax breaks to those who didn't need them, ultimately is the one who signed and passed this law.
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posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 04:13 PM
I'm ALWAYS told to find Union jobs cuz they take good care of you, find you work if you get fired, etc. Very good benefits, great pay, exceptional pay actually.... I just can never FIND a union job sadly. Usually they're all things I'm not and never will be trained in (Steel workers, brick layers, HVAC, sheet metal, etc).

I may be a woman but I'd do any of that in a heart beat. It's money. Security. Then again, I have a bad back and knees. :/ I am almost 39 after all. sigh
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posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 04:19 PM
reply to post by David9176

Very sorry to hear this, although not terribly surprised... one more GOP "screw you" to the middle class.

On the bright side, more and more people are seeing through this, and are starting to push back in some places, and successfully.

Unions have their problems, to be sure, but the days of strong unions and the days of strong middle class were the same days, oddly enough.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by David9176

I'm not familiar with union issues, never having worked in a unionized field, so I hope you don't mind a question.

When you say:

The middle class is eating itself...instead of being angry at the benefits unions receive and trying to destroy them...why don't people fight TO GET THOSE BENEFITS THEMSELVES????
Are you suggesting working for a federal law to require union membership, or state laws, or requiring employers to pay what union members get, or strikes, or what?

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 04:46 PM
I always struggle to understand how/why so many people despise unions. Are they perfect? Of course not, but anyone who works for a living should thank the unions for much of what they have accomplished...

5 Things Unions Have Done for You

So, if you:

Enjoy your weekends, thank the unions

Wish for fairer wages and a relative income equality, thank the unions

Think Child Labor from the early 20th century was a bad thing, thank the unions

Have Health Coverage provided by your employer, thank the unions

Think the Family and Medical Leave Act is a good thing, thank the unions

Recently a friend of mine, who is a member of a union, got President's Day off (paid of course). I admit to getting a little angry because I was darn sure going to have to work that day. Took a moment before I realized it wasn't anger, but rather jealousy. That gave me pause to think.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 04:55 PM
I have worked for Non Unions companies forever.
Worked alongside Union People.
From my observations, they get paid more, are confined to a singular job, are lazy as they can't do jobs outside of their union defined role, have more rules and policies then I could stand, have more retired on the job workers and the company itself usually has to charge the customer more money then non Union.

So, with that said, go ahead and have your union. As QWest (Century Link), ATT and Sprint keep jacking up the rates to the customer, non-union companies like PAETEC, Integra and XO keep rates low and have an increase in customers.

But, I don't like the State mandating that I have to join a Union, or provide an environment where employees are pressured to join Unions.

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 04:59 PM
YAY Grats on indiana for sending those Unions packing...

one more down!!! Hope the steam keeps up on this

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