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Jessica Buchanan Somalia kidnapping is FAKE!

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posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 08:38 AM

Originally posted by Openeye
reply to post by saintsdola

WOW just WOW.

I especially loved the 6 second long Youtube video which showed the exact same info that you posted.

I seriously think you just busted the Somalian false flag op right open.

But in all seriousness...why?

Why should anyone entertain this theory.

What information/evidence, other than coincidental similarities do you have to support this?

I agree, if someone was to make up a fake persona why would they use a character from a soap opera? I think they some people are looking a little 'too deep' to try to find stuff to accuse the government of doing!
It's a stupid coincidence, and anybody that is watching those brainless soaps need to get a life anyway!

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 08:51 AM

Originally posted by saintsdola
Buchanan, 32, and Thisted, 60, were abducted by gunmen Tuesday after visiting humanitarian projects in the northern Galkayo area, the Danish Refugee Council said.

they killed 9 pirates in the mission.

added ages of the 2 victims


9 pirates plus 2 victims = 11

Important numbers there

And........ add the ages 32+60 = 92 less numbers of pirates and hostages and you get......

92 - 2 (Hostages)= 90 - 9 (Pirates killed) and you get 81 which added together makes 9....a very important number I think.

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 09:15 AM
One thing that stands out for me here is the fact that my local news station has been droning on and on about how she has "ties" to Bedford, VA. They said that her father lives in Bedford, VA. They interviewed a man who supposedly rents a home to Jessica's father and who is also said to know the family very well. When the news crew went to Jessica's father supposed home and work place the friend said that he had been sent to Washington, DC a week ago for unknown reasons at the time.

The man also said something very interesting. He stated that no one knew about Jessica's capture but her family and that the family was told not to talk about it with anyone.. Hmmm

People are coming out of the wood work now claiming they know her, met her, know the family and so on, but no one can provide another photo of this woman? What about the 60 year old man that was also captured? Why is there no talk of him?

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posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 10:10 AM
reply to post by LittleVoice731

That all sounds very fishy.

I like to think in terms of conspiracy and government cover-ups and so forth because it has been shown time and again that the government and media lie. That is what makes me a conspiracy theorist! That's why I read ATS! I don't understand people who run to the defense of the media, the authorities and the keepers of the status quo, who put such energy and time into it, such emotion and drive to have their rationale prevail...

because I am a conspiracy theorist, this behavior pings my radar for the presence of an AGENDA. This could be anything from the cognitive dissonance of the uninitiated in the ways of corruption, to the very corruption itself, the stealth influence that keeps the citizen immobilized.

Who are you chronic debunker?

I lean more toward this story being propaganda than any of the soap opera coincidences meaning it's a total fabrication. Somewhere in between. It probably isn't what the OP suggests, but I am willing to bet that the whole story is very different that what they are attempting to lead us to believe.

I think this mainly because the Somalians are rather not in the position to be attacking and kidnapping American and European citizens just for the hell of it. It is an act of desperation on their part. What would you do if nuclear waste were being dumped in your town? You watched your friends and family dying? Just give yourself a moment to think about it. This is the issue that the little stupid arguments about coincidences and soap operas obliterate.

This story-at best- is propaganda to make the average American feel OK about what is happening to Somalia.
Pirates!! Our boys save blonde humanitarian from savages!! Go Navy!!

Oh dear.

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 11:04 AM
You people need to get out more.

Just because they look alike doesn't count for anything.

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 08:57 PM
LOL..October was the same month the U.S. found out about kidnapped Jessicas condition!!!!!

One life to live: Jessica manages to send Antonio clues to her whereabouts; Nash follows, he and Viki finding out about Jessica's condition in October 2005

American Jessica Buchanan and her danish co-worker Poul Hagen Thisted were abuducted by Somalian criminals October 25.

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 04:19 PM

Originally posted by woogleuk
reply to post by Evanzsayz


Fights usually happen between two or more more people who really don't like each other.

The cover of darkness is usually better for these sort of raids.

People have been seeking shelter in buildings of one form or another since the dawn of man, from caves to huts / buildings etc.

War / battles tend to look similar quite often.
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Yeah I said it was strange (THAT THEY RECORDED IT), and I know what the hell a battle is and what happens. Yeah America is known for fighting at night, what do you want a cookie for knowing how battles take place. Obviously you didn't understand my post so I'll just leave it at that.
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posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 04:41 PM
I knew this was a false flag when the story first broke. Too much of a coincidence it happened the day before the state of the union address.

I mean how dumb can someone be. Hey where should we vacation this year, maybe go hiking in iran, or a humanitarian mission in somalia, maybe join a protest in syria. Whoo cares how dangerous it is, seal team 6 will save us, you know that top secret rescue team that "doesnt exist" but is always in the news just in time to make obama look good.

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 04:49 PM
reply to post by Evanzsayz

Calm down son, no need for hostilities, you just weren't very clear in your post.

If I have misread your meaning, I apologise. Now deep breath, relax....and gimme that damn cookie!

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 05:10 PM
reply to post by woogleuk

Well sorry if I came off harsh at you, Not a good day for me so far =(
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posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 05:53 PM

Im not really sure I believe the whole OP, BUT..these too stories linked above, really have me questioning the "official story".
Not to mention, the timing of it, and as another poster mentioned, why is "SEAL Team 6" always there to make Obama look, just at the right time?

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 06:05 PM

Originally posted by LongbottomLeaf
reply to post by saintsdola

We're not going to attack Somalia, No oil to be taken there......

but their location could be strategic.

Not everyone has resources.

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 07:55 PM
reply to post by LucidDreamer85

It would be strategic, but I dont think the world would allow that. At one point everyone's gonna say enough is enough.

posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 03:52 PM

The father of rescued American Jessica Buchanan, who is flying home to Pennsylvania today, told ABC News "today's the big day."
John Buchanan told ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer in an exclusive interview that his daughter and his family have held up during her captivity and rescue, but the grueling wait is almost over.
"We're doing well as a family, and Jessica, we have not seen her yet -- so today's the big day," he told Sawyer. "We're all extremely excited about that. Obviously, I mean I can't really express it in words what it's going to be like to see her. ... We're just really looking forward to a great reunion."
Jessica Buchanan left from Sigonella, Italy, the Pentagon official said, and is flying a commercial jetliner to Pennsylvania.
Her father told Sawyer that when he sees his daughter today, he just wants to tell her face to face "I love you ... and I'm really glad you're OK."

JANUARY 27, 2012 …..NEWS 4 DAYS AGO:
Jessica Buchanan was reunited with her joyous husband and father yesterday — as her inner circle revealed how they kept her kidnapping secret to avoid raising ransom demands from her heavily armed Somali pirate captors.
“We didn’t want them to get media hype that would cause them to think that she was worth more, and they would want more of a ransom,” Buchanan’s close friend Christina Scolforo told ABC News.
Private negotiators, working with the US government and a Danish humanitarian organization, tried to make a deal with the pirates after Jessica, 32, and fellow aid worker Poul Thisted, 60, were seized Oct. 25.

Rescued in a dramatic nighttime raid by the same U.S. Navy SEALs team that killed Osama bin Laden, American Jessica Buchanan has arrived at the U.S. Naval Air Station Sigonella in Sicily and is set to be reunited with her family as soon as today, CNN reports.
CNN has learned Buchanan's father, John, will go to Sicily to see her. She is not in custody and can leave when she wants but, if she stays, when ready she will be returned to the United States, probably in a U.S. military aircraft.

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