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Christians Waking Up? Voluntary 'De-Baptism' Rising in Europe

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posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 02:25 PM
I dont believe the religions we have today are the true ones.
Christian catholic Jew Muslim are fake and made up
by some roman emperor to keep the people under control.

I think Jesus kicking over tables in a church is a clue.
that it s a lie. and the truth is hidden from us.
we have to find the truth by are self's.

just think the day of judgment comes.
and you stand at the gates and he says "NO!"
because you fell for a FAULS profit.

me? I will stand at the gates and say "what is the TRUTH?"

posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 02:25 PM
reply to post by WhoKnows100

Muslims are suffering the same decline in numbers that the Christians are and for the same reasons - education and the internet

posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by predator0187

I live in Denmark, Northen Europe.
I also got the light-version of baptism and is a athiest too whom the ritual is nothing more than a weird ceremony. I did not get a De-baptised and did'nt know it was possible. In my universe Gods does not exist and that reduce the batism to a traditional ceremony and nothing else. Theres no reason to get the church to accept my denial, they are nothing but a discredited institution preaching hoax-stories to the slumbering public.

What I do care about is my money and I diden't see any reason why I should continue to pay 0,8% tax to something I never believed in so I decided to opt out of that. When i opted out of the church my name was also crossed in the registry, I believe it still is in the list but as a denounced/fallen worshipper.

If at some point I feel I need the church and it's blessings I can always opt in again. That's not going to happen until I face "God's" or my GF's wrath (not sure which one is worse), the good news is that the GF also is an atheist.

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posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 02:59 PM

Originally posted by MrXYZ

As for the rest of your post, you're simply preaching your faith...nothing you said has any bearing in reality

In his defense, he could easily say the same to you.

Also, you aren't any judge on what someone elses reality may be. JFYI. Your right to believe or not believe in something carries no more weight than anyone elses.

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 10:01 AM
In my experience 2 years ago i chose to be "de-Baptised'

however this may fall into a 3rd category some of you may have missed.

1st category - being happily baptized

2nd- baptized, then now debaptized in the mind as an atheist

3rd - baptized, but now debaptized FROM THE CHURCH but not from God.

the 3rd is different because when i was baptized catholic at 21 years old, i THOUGHT it was the correct religion.
when the catholic church baptizes you, they not only baptise you christian, but they sneak in the baptism into the CATHOLIC CHURCH and to worship THEM...

so you see, now, i chose to be debaptized from the catholic church and their way of interpreting the bible and Christianity.
I am now a christian that follows what Yeshua and the old testament teaches.

basically i am my OWN church. i make my OWN interpretations of the bible and what Yeshua tought. im not catholic, not protestant, not nothing... i follow teaching of christ, and teachings of the jews. How valid those teachings are and how valid the bible may or may not be is a completly different argument.

we must all be aware that a Catholic, is not the same as a christian, is not the same as protestant, is not the same as a catholic christian, etc etc etc......
someone mentioned, a true christian is not a catholic, or protestant, .
so following SOMEONE, I.E. Christ, is different then following a CHURCH or denomination.

so, i filed a de-baptism form i created myself, and mailed it to my local catholic parish where i was fooled into being baptised as catholic. in the form i stated that i renounce THEIR way of thinking of who God and christ is, and THEIR way of worship.

You see, even though the catholics say that once you are baptised by THEM there is nothing you can do to loose it.. That is incorrect. Their own rules state that only 2 instances can revoke your baptismal into the cath church.
the first is an outright disagreement of their teaching, and the second i believe if you were ostracized by them...which basically comes after you officially deny their teachings.

now of course i NEVER heard back from them.. but honestly, i want my name erased from their registry.
i say this because it wont change anything in my heart, however, when the aliens, rapture, or whatever you want to call it comes, they will see that i was on the list following after the great whore antichrist... the catholic church.
although the TRUE GOD knows my heart, and my mind. I still dont want to give the catholics the ability to call me THEIRS...

posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 09:22 PM

Originally posted by predator0187

Sunday evening youth mass in Saint-Germain-des-Pres is overflowing with parishioners. People stand in aisles or sit cross-legged in corners of the cavernous, sixth century Paris church.

Father Benoist de Sinety, parish priest at Saint Germain for the past three years, says he has always had the good fortune of seeing crowds of young people seeking their bearings or rediscovering faith. But he knows it is not the same everywhere.

Churches in France and elsewhere in Europe have been battling falling numbers, a trend evident not only in the empty pews, but in the sharp fall in baptisms. But "de-baptisms", a church's deletion of one's name from the official baptismal registry at a parishioner's request, are a recent phenomenon, and they are taking place in both Protestant and Catholic communities.

There are no official statistics, but experts and activists count the numbers of those seeking de-baptism in the tens of thousands, and websites offering informal "de-baptism" certificates have mushroomed.

Well, isn't this crazy?

I had no idea a 'de-baptism' was even possible. I have been baptized and even though I am an atheist now I could care less that I have been baptized before. To me it was a strange man dripping water on my head. Weird? Yes. Need to have it taken back? No, not really.

Unless the fact your in their registry means something more than it does over here., because that is the only way I could see these catching on.

Well, just thought I would share the story because as I have said many times before, the more people aginst religion the better for society.

Any thoughts?


I agree!

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