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ALL truth about ALIENS

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posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 11:17 PM
There's a few things that bother me about this. First of all, as previously mentioned, the refuelling thing. Fuel is only needed until we get past the worst of the gravity envelope, and he seems to fail to understand that rocketing is not steady emission of fuel until we get to the moon. There's a reason that the shuttle needs three big external tanks of fuel on the way up, and none on the way down.

The second thing I have a problem with is his hubris in assuming that everyone who sees the movie is Christian and that all of his material is new. It is not. The ideas he's bringing forth are known to pretty much most of the people who are involved in lightworking on this planet. I'm not too sure how many lightworkers there are, but suffice to say it's more than just a handful of people.

The third thing I have a problem with is his assertion of the unredeemable nature of the dark ones. I agree with Unity_99 on this one. No one is ever totally 'lost' to the light. We all have stages we need to go through. Likewise, many of us exist as shadow - mixtures of light and dark. This doesn't doom us to a horrible hell with the dark ones for eternity. Nor is humanity essentially evil and demonic. We have been influenced by outside forces to behave that way. It may be the natural inclination of some of us, but by far, not all of us.

I haven't seen the second movie yet. Maybe he addresses this. But just as there are negatives, there are neutrals that don't give a # about us, and there are positives who want to help. I am a positive (at least I hope so - I recall coming into the dream with the intention of helping) and I know that humans are not without allies.

I do agree with him that non-human forces have shaped many of the world's religions, and that these are probably not friendly forces. I used to hate the idea of reptilians, but the more I look at the topic, the more I am forced to admit to myself that they are probably real. Are they shapeshifters occupying all our highest echelons of society? I don't know. I doubt that. But do they exist? I think they do. I think they work as much as they can behind the scenes to keep us in a state of agitation. I do think they feed off us, if not literally, then at the very least off our pain.

On what is commonly referred to as 'ascension', I just don't know. Such a thing, if it were real, would be beyond my happiest imaginings. Sometimes I suspect my life is a punchline of a joke the universe is trolling me with, however, and I'm inclined to suspect that nothing at all will happen, if only because the universe loves laughing at me. I'm usually good natured enough to laugh along with it, but I would be disappointed if nothing happens. I plan on having a very nice party with some friends on December 21, and if all that comes December 22 is a hangover, so be it.

posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 11:39 PM
I found it really odd. And cant help but wonder if he is taking on an assignment. He's not Christ.

His idea of this micro organism of earth, minus any ETs, is extremely off. We live in a very populated universe and have family watching over, not to mention the various polarities of Et, I don't tend to consider negatives ETs, more something else. He needs to wake up too, also humans aren't demons. A true Higher Up will look to the smallest when seeking the greatest. Wisdom looks up from the bottom of the well.

One thing about all the Judaic religions is their focus on sins, and judgments and people are always wearing heavy guilt, when they need to understand, that for those who have heavy consciousness and make those U-Turns, everything is better faced with support than alone or in a lower frequency place, healing and love is extended to all, all need to make those U-Turns and I don't like guilt trips, but productive, healing, positive connections to the spirit within and hope. Whats the point of putting someone down, or calling them a liar, when if someone is overburdened or stressed, being there to talk and help them ease their pain, and offering support so people don't make rash decisions is far better. Encouraging goodness not piling on the negative is always the right thing to do.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 12:51 AM
I've now watched both videos and I;m just annoyed that I wasted my time. Some of the information was good but he really ruined it at the end of part 2 by claiming he is jesus christ. that just strikes me the wrong way, also his lack of basic scientific knowledge continued through both videos. My gut feeling is that he has studied the work of others and has formulated his own grand story, complete with bible interpritations, in order to gain a following and maybe a star on the conspiracy boulevard. As always though, I will keep an open mind.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 01:58 AM
I invested alot of time into the videos, due to good information at the beginning, minus some misconceptions on the universe. And oddly enough, good information on eutopias beyond, but after investing that time, I can't go to sleep without saying a few things. First I can't determine whether he's on an angenda, or just bitter from the world. But I watched a little of his later videos.

1. Humanity is not demonic. Technically as far as mystery school teachings, who knows. This is more grass roots understanding and quite frankly they're the only ones that count. Wisdom looks up from the bottom of the well. We come into a testing ground, and its not random, we have family watching over. Nothing is a coincidence, and seeking within is where the answers lie. Everyone I've ever met is more love and light than he understands, some bent out of shape, but I see the good in everyone I meet.

2. You have to be positive. One thought cannot be overcome in frequency. In another video, he takes on the anti christ persona and challenges people. Well, challenge is not the case here. Its holding a thought frequency that cannot be overcome. I recall long converstations with someone who kept trying to control what I would write and wouldnt just agree to disagree but wanted to conquer my thoughts. And finally I was saying, what, is one free thought so dangerous???? Is one true thought, one positive thought, that comes from within my soul and my soul memories, and its a very positive one for what is going to happen, irregardless of anything we see in this dream school. I mean the ground can open up, the sun can supernova, ho hum, its a nightmare dream lab, and I don't care because this is not reality. What is real is: Love, Truth, Goodness, Beauty, Virtues, Service to Others, Family, Equality, Freedom, Intelligence. And the rest is distortion, illusion and if its smacks me on the butt, it still can't win. One free thought is superman in the system.

And they have to go through everyone who holds that, because they to overcome that frequency. And I'm not perfect, not even close, but they're not getting through me. So there is no challenge. Its just a frequency, and I aim for turning that dial up to the highest.

3. Forgiveness is very real. Its the most important part. karma and cosmic laws are bunk. They're a joke. They are a dark side trap. We're all Love and Light, and forgiveness, courage to face you've done, with support of Family, Healing and overcoming, making U-Turns, and gaining light and consciousness, and learning to become a gift to others, is what its all about and everyone in the universe, even the biggest bullies are called. Because that is why its a school, the school will not fail even in the end. That is the thought I hold.

Whatever processes or time it may take, if there is going to be separations based on frequency for a time where there is no time. But that is not going to stop me from holding the best thoughts when I'm here.

4. As for the memory thing, this is the only time we forget who we are, while in this tests behind the veil. We have all our memories otherwise. And that window can open here when you search, or the frequency gets turned up, or Higher Self steps in. I have memories of home, a sense of where I came from and even coming in like a ray of light, for that what we are.

So he needs to turn up the dial on frequency, positivity.

This isn't rationalizing the world, this world is a very close to what he says, its a tragic, and the river of sorrow that flows through the cosmos is overwhelming.

5. Last point, we're all ET. And the reason some of us know those crafts aren't just black ops is through experiences.

I want him to gain some positivity.

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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 02:34 AM

Originally posted by usmc0311
Some of the information was good but he really ruined it at the end of part 2 by claiming he is jesus christ.

I wish I was the christ too, but even if I was, I wouldn't believe it.

Dunno, I might listen to the video...I am also open minded. I bet some of what he says is true...

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 03:44 AM
What an absolute twit....I got about 20 minutes in and had to stop I felt my IQ dropping.
He has a very vast misunderstanding of science and how we actually go to the moon. Not sure if he knows it but they use a "Sling-shot" technique. to get to the moon and back.

The whole "I am jesus christ" thing at the end of video 2 made me almost fall out of my chair..(I watched the end of video 2 cause someone said it was shocking or whatever).

The dude is just full of BS trying to get hits on his youtube channel. You know a video is BS when there is no voting or comments allowed. I didn't bother with the rest of the video don't waste your time.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 12:21 PM
reply to post by GR1ill3d

Seems a little farfetched he'd do that amount of research to post a YT vid just to watch the counter go up...

On the other hand I would love to have a conversation with this guy one on one so I could debate some of his ideas.
He had so much information it was a little overwhelming. Oddly enough I tend to agree on many of his points.

Some of it though, not so much.

At the end (for those who didn't watch it that far) of the second part, he says he will not take donations, and will not talk to people through email. I assume this is to keep people from trying to attack him or to keep his personal life out of it. As some people get super crazy when you question the bible, etc etc.
He goes on to say he's not out to make money, that you are free to do whatever you like with the video, but not to change it.

Of course a fraud might say all that, and it makes it cozy for him to make a video like that, and then not offer a forum to debate his ideas, or allow others to personally analyze the integrity of his "theories".

But I guess that's why we're on ATS talking about it.

He seems confident in the information.
Though at times he does come off frustrated, and at times hostile.
When you understand how much the bible and it's "laws" have molded our reality and that SO many people have died and suffered because of it, it should inspire any critically thinking human to get upset.

I take it with a grain. But it didn't hurt me watching it. From time to time I'd question what he's saying, but I'm not so insecure as to get mad and turn it off. If you think it's hooey and a waste of time to watch, that's your decision to make.

If all of it was total crap, it's still an interesting story. And I was entertained listening to those ideas.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 12:34 PM
He's on an agenda and doesnt understand science, trying to suppress ufology as well. But its the other aspects that really disturbed me. While he understands the corruption in the world very well, and zero'd in on the very bible passages as a youth when I read, knew right then that wasn't God, but also had Spirit call me in the Light passages. Most people cancel out bad passage by quoting the good/loving ones in a kind of scripture battle. I never did that. I just said, this is a Spirit inspired good passage and this one serves the war generals here and is bunk. Been like that since I was young and in the various Church's, for I was Catholic until my 20's. Because Spiritual IS the most important part of life to me, but never had any problems with using discernment when I read and understanding that this wasn't a God inspired book from day one containing absolute truth like some fundamentalists support. I read it with energy recognition as a teenager, I knew. Its a complex, convuluted history and even control manual, a controlled history, with borrowed myths, and yet there is Light. Because our Family above tends to inject into darkness Light. And the darkness tries to corrupt it.

But Lights codes in real time!

This shouldn't be in the Alien Section, its not ET related, its spiritual, even biblical.

And while he promotes Light and Light escaping back home or progressing home, being free, he is promoting the idea, (and ideas in an interactive dreamscape where frequency matches occur, ie. Jacobs ladder kind of thing, are dangerous if someone doesnt have discernment).

The idea that is so off, is: God, is ALL. Not true. And there is a reason for not believing this, ie. Infinity. Infinite persons/place or things. Infinite energies. Infinite Ones/Intellects. Is there a Spirit between then. Possibly but then again, somehow this relates to being in the Infinity without the Boundary of One. Boundaries are Finite. So if there is a God, as in One Intellect out of the energies, yet still infinite in that this Intellect contains Infinite Ones, without limits.

Now as lights/souls, we're all different grades and sizes, like the stars in the sky.

There is no dark spirits. Thats caked on mud and distortions. A mask that if you pull the mask off, there is light underneath.

Even the Big Bullies of the Universe, if they're not a program/toaster/AI, but if they are literally a Spirit/Intelligence, then they are also Light, no matter how small they have shrunken that light, blown off their love and goodness and intelligence.

There is no forever hell, or dark world. There are mirrors and facing self perhaps, but far better to do so with Family's help to heal us up, than under the dominion of the bullies, no matter what you've done. People need to turn their lives around.

The way he puts it, you might as well give up. The way he puts it, its like while he is maintaining Light needs to be rescued, he is protecting the boundaries and division of the darkness.

Light doesnt really give up on them, let me tell you. Divisions are failure in part, in that while there is freedom first, free will first of all, it still takes Team Work, Family, and lending a helping hand, to inspire others.

I'm praying for him.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 12:43 PM
In short, its like instead of being really for the Goodness/Love/Light, he is kind of telling the Light to Buzz off, time to go home now, and its more like defining and protecting this forever world or room for darkness.

In other words, the Bullies want to claim Earth as their forever room. And take permanent spoils of souls.

Boy they are going to be in for a shock. Thats all I can say.

Earth doesnt belong to them in the least. It can't.

Earth has a real Creator, Dad/Mom and Family. From Beyond. And its a mirrored reflection, highly interactive from home.

Its a vineyard and those ones who are controlling self appointed themselves as managers of the vineyard, they think they are doing good by harming people, they think their job is to be the wolves.

Well, its like a school built with tax dollars for the people to send their children to, so their children can gain in love and intelligence. And the teachers and board of directors are all satanists and running it as a corrupt crime world, they want all the students to fail.

Well the Family is coming in. The school is going to be taken back. The children are going to be counseled. The board of directors also need counseling, but they are also going to be taken to account for their mismanagement of the tax dollars. Since they self appointed themselves as its managers. Well, then they can answer and need some extra timeouts and work.

Now after I invested this many hours into meeting his mind so to speak, he's not off the hook either. Now he's in my prayers, for my soul recognizes him as my brother and so now I'm very concerned for his state of bitterness and anger.

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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 12:58 PM
He doesnt recommend closing our eyes to pray or meditate or chakra meditations. A bit of a problem there its about the energy within us, the way the universe is set up and even the gridlines, earths energy. The chakras can be twisted into weird things, and serve dark side sure, but in the most natural way, they' simply represent different systems in us, and its like when you touch water, ie. bath or dishes, your psi or pineal is enhanced and answers come, including contact.

Closing your eyes is seeing the infinite universe within, and your point is not to see darkness, but locate your point of light, pineal.

The pineal is gateway to Jacobs ladder, the frequency realms. So use the love phone to go home. Family is Love, and they not only feel emotion, but they feel more emotions than we do, turn the dial higher and higher, more colors, more feelings of goodness. They're not AI.

I recommend he gains zen mind, without the distractions and closes his eyes, and meditates, OR keeps his eyes open and washes alot of dishes with an mp3 player and some hemisync/binaurals or whales and dolphins songs. And asks his Soul/Higher Self and Family above questions on how to help more, reporting for duty, who he is, how to override assignments that might not be for the light, how to deprogram, and then go zenmind. Do it enough answers will come.

Love is always there holding its hand for everyone. All people. All we need to do is takes the Hand of Love and Goodness.

Meditation and Prayer is very good.

Heart Chakra meditations are very good. Your heart more or less has a magnetic resonance, and is more or less where you need to pull yourself to ignore all the programs in the brain. To withdraw from a disagreement, or anger, or too much thought.

The job is to raise frequency, which is connected to giving to others and love. Christ showed us the way. He is alike a code for progression/ascension. What it takes to unite the hemispheres, form the rainbow bridge and access pineal gateway to be connected to your true Source, Family Above, Dad/Mom and Christ, and even, your Higher/Future Self.

If you are the only light in a world of darkness, and you're trying to find ways to help others, you have to work at overcoming the world and using the love channel, the giving to others channel, to draw forth the True Light into the world.

That is what Christ did.

Since he doesnt leave an email to write, hopefully he finds this thread. I like to convert black ops or try to. Because after all those hours of video, Im now really worried about him. He's in my prayers.
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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 04:13 PM
One last point on this thread is the error of light and darkness. Day and Night are opposites, but they are neutral, neither good nor bad. The whole stage, hologram, play, story book, coloring book is set up in oppositions, birth/death, wellness/sickness, day/night. But then there are the choices our Family and Higher Self grade us on, Love/Fear, Selflessness/Selfishness, etc.

But, the hologram could be likened to 2d pigments, like dot matrix printer ink, and the stars are light lasers that erect the blueprint.
Are We Living in a Hologram?

Now, having energy recognition, I have always felt aura's, can't see the colors. But have done work on clearing the negative energy. When someone has static, or electricity and sometimes health problems, the energy/aura feels prickly and thicker, like gel, the air gels up.

So, plasma discharge really.

And the world, what he calls dark energy, is actually composed of photons from our Star. We're composed of star dust too.

So is the soil. Its all kind of like plasma discharge. Energy waves, that are imprinted on. A matrix stamped into a real ocean of energy. We're all like Sponge Bob, and this is an ocean. Which is why the US Navy is in space, well its just synchronizes. They are on the moon, and I have childhood memories of this. So much for the moon stuff. Nazi's, US Navy and Et all on the moon. Maybe the ETs kicked them off now, but I doubt it.

Because he says technology was given to entrap, or kill the humans. Well, I know in my experiences that technology was given as a form or entrapment, but not the way he says it.

Their co-ops aren't true partnerships. They are being played. Though there is shadow too involved.

But, Et is over their heads.

Basically we're being upgraded, though physically in this matrix, not sure. Its more the next step. And earth is being freed. The mismanagers are also in tests. They got handed technology that is like a coin, two sides. One is advancement to level one and two civilizations that would allow them to join the universe, and also equalize everyone, clean technology to care take the planet and nature, high technology that doesnt hurt but helps. OR, they could use it for the elite, and harm the vineyard, which IS NOT THEIR's and create real comsic consequences.

So misuse of this technology to break REAL cosmic laws, about the school, for its not theirs, and harm nature, and even try to dump karma and entrap students, who real teachers would be trying to pass, creates the rescue. It means they lose the school.

Not like their used cars sales person sleazy cosmic laws they alway try to do everything by. Let me tell ya!

Christ also did the real cosmic laws, of love and forgiveness and healng. And not punitive not punishing. He wrote with his finger in the sand to tell them they were in distortion. Also, when they murdered him, they broke their very foundation karma law they try to distort minds with, ie. its a really bad thought, and creates slaves for them. But its not even true, its just a tool to improve your life with, don't look anyone else with it. Well they couldn't have killed Christ, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, missionariies, the kind teacher down the road if karma were real. He showed us its not, and freed our minds forever.

To me, the dwarf star coming, if its coming, is negative, the dark sides constant reset button. But the real light is going to show, through the diamonds, that energy is already coming in through the sun and scientists say is mutating matter.

So, entrapment but not intended to harm all the humans. Though the body is part of our trap, still we do have bodies on the other side.

We're made of light/energy/photons and so is earth.

Earth's core and magnetic poles is connected to the sun via tubes. The stars are all conneted as well. And all to the great central sun, a legend, but I've seen it in a kind of lucid shared trip with a friend, like a giant doorway of light, and I stepped out of the ocean, lower energy waves, and it was Grand Central Station inside, could go anywhere.

Darkness is illusion. Its shadow/distortion/lack of love. One day all the thoughts choose happiness.

If someone is a smaller light/younger grade, still can harm, hasn't tried to grow up yet, and help the children, then they may bet stuck in mirrors, and winterlands, but its TEMPORAL.
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posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 02:09 AM
reply to post by newcovenant

Fully agree with you. Stopped watching the video very soon, even if creatively interesting, the text that is being read has many holes and logical errors and makes unsustainable claims as demonstration of the validity of the "facts".

What turned me off was the use of the concept of light and colors as a prof to the concepts. He should prune out some of the ideas about light and color and substantiate more the concepts of how a "corrupt" material body could even perceive the "constructed false reality" as a fallacy.

I liked the universe origins idea, but it is not very innovative, lost interest by the rest because of the logic problems and twisting of facts (that would be acceptable if some explanation was provided why the facts were wrong).

It also should have an hero somewhere, an intervening force that permitted the "deception" to be understood...

I like the phrase "The fairytale was real all along" but like most of the content it contradicts what is being described, that the fairytale was never real...

posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 11:10 AM
To me he sounds like some1 tryin to start a new religion n him sayin he is jesus i think it to be true i quit. Just a new Religion or wanna be.

posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 12:25 PM
I'll watch it for the trill, if it has any, I sometimes watch such things for the thrill, not because I believe them. But it'd better not have some religious propaganda or sect..

posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 12:34 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Hi Unity, I take your posts as that you lost interest in going through the whole 2 hours at least? I just dont have the pull to do it. Can you summarize what you have listened to?

Also is this someone taking his conditioning's and putting a new twist on it to suit his psychosis?
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posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 12:37 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Ah ok, got it. A lower aspect of his higher self...

posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 03:33 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Yes,it's such a beautiful movie. I gave you a star for reminding me

oh by the way, i stopped watching the second part when i saw
the hoax of the light over the dome of the rock
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