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My fear and anxiety.

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posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 06:00 PM
I'm sitting here feeling afraid and anxious. It's been an ongoing dread, not a sudden one. Do you all think there is really going to be a massive economic meltdown and reset? I dont want it to happen. I want 2012 to make me feel optimistic. I want to hear that people are getting jobs and leaving their homeless tent cities. But whats up with all these detainment camp stories? Is that for just-in-case, or, the innevitable?
Well anyway, I have a question about small local banks, such as the one I have a checking account with. If this massive disaster happens, should I grab all my cash outa there, if it seems to me that said disaster is coming down? What is realistic, and what is doom fantasy? Anyone know? THANKS.

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 06:05 PM
reply to post by Saucerwench

There is always a possibility of a global meltdown, I wouldn't be surprised if it actually happens, why? Because it is us, the people who let it happen and allowed these filthy rich people who control the economy to get away with it. That's what makes us different from animals, the capacity for hope, so hang in there, and always hope for the best. The more pessimistic you become, the more anxious you will become, and it can further drain your energy. You will end up spiraling down a hill of anxiety and ultimately you will end up getting sick.

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 06:07 PM
reply to post by Saucerwench

Afraid and Anxious about things that are out of your control is never a good thing... Chill out and let things unfold, enjoy the moments, enjoy your family and friends. Take a trip, go do something you like and have a drink.

You can discuss such things if you have the strength and you can try and do something about it if you're up to it but really, your health is more important, and so is people that are close to you. I'm not saying that you should close your eyes to the truth but if you're becoming dysfunctional because of it, you might want to change your mind for a while.

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 06:08 PM
well I personally think within this year the dollar will be worth less than toilet paper. The world won't accept american currency like they do now. People will go back to gold and silver most likely. Oil will Go up and from that, so will everything else humans would consider valuable.It WILL HAPPEN...It's just a matter of time.

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posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 06:12 PM
reread and editing:

I would draw your money out a little bit at a time personally
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posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 10:22 PM
The downward spiral of the real economy is causing distress - anxiety in many people.

There were a number of economic revolutions in the US, each one causing distress and folk wishing things would go back to the good old days. Here's a (rough) list from memory:

1500s/1700s - Commercial Revolution
1600s - Scientific Revolution
1600s/1800s - Agricultural Revolution
1700s - First Industrial Revolution (Steam power, water wheels)
Late 1700s - Chemical Revolution
1800s/1900s - Second Industrial Revolution (Steam powered ships, trains, cars, electricity, manufacturing)
1900s - Financial Revolution
Late 1900s - Digital/Information Revolution
2000s - Social/Economic? Revolution

The way the system worked before each revolution defined life's risks to the average persons and best adapted behaviors, and over the long term modified values and morals passed between generations.

During revolutions it was felt that values and morals were being lost when people with lesser values and morals ('Tycoons') benefited more from the system than the average person.

Each revolution caused fallout, maybe today we'd call it a bubble. Science displaced the business of mysticism, agriculture displaced rural family life, industry displaced blacksmiths and horse power, chemicals displaced alchemy, finance displaced savings, information displaced privacy and books.

The things obsoleted by a revolution were not obvious, but people could feel it. It made people anxious because they knew their lives would be affected somehow. Often large wars erupted during an economic revolution.

The things being obsoleted by this revolution is not obvious, but we can feel it. It's making us anxious because we know this will affect our lives somehow. We know large wars erupt during an economic revolution.

posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 11:05 AM
Saucer, my advice would to be to have some of that cash on hand. If the small little bank that you bank with closes its doors then you have none. My money is not all in the same place, a little here and little there that way I am not at a 100% loss IF something happens. I truly understand your anxiety and concerns, I battle it every day. As the posters above said we can’t let it control our lives, this is true but it is hard not to get angry and pray for a miracle. As for the detainment camps, I have no solid thoughts on those.
I think the clear sign that things are not going to get better is that our President in the US asked for another debt ceiling hike. I just looked at the US Debt clock this morning and it wasn’t pretty. The numbers are astounding, leaving me to believe that a collapse is inevitable. I keep looking at the European mess and though a few reports out there say collapse won’t happen and that it won’t affect the US, I believe those reports to be incorrect.
Learn make more out of less. I bought a monopoly game for Christmas and it has brought more laughter and joy to our family then any Ipod or Xbox ever could.

posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 11:36 AM
To OP,

If you live in USA, you will be alright.

The debt ceiling was debated and discussed, and already legislated months ago. Even if there is a disagreement, it goes into automatic mode of approval, which means the Feds will print money to loan to the gov, of which can be paid back over time, so long as the money THIS TIME is used where it is supposed to circulate wealth - the people, AND NOT TO BANKS.

The only thing to worry about is whether congress, espaciall the Republican party, will continue to pander to their corporate masters to use those funds to bailout them instead of the people.

Under the capitalist system that US is, there is no fear if companies fall around you. They are either over extended in loans or had been unproductive, and will have to close down. BUT, there will be others to fill the void. Example:- If Sears fall, JC Penny will pick up its contracts and customers, or new mom & pop shops pops out.

Money may be hard to get, but humanity's needs need to be met, and it will be the meeting of such needs that enterprises will rise. As long as wealth is circulated either through gov bailouts to the People, or investments funds from overseas pour in, there will be jobs.

But such jobs will be no longer of the past era. It will be technologically advanced jobs. The days of manual labour and human production lines are over. It's all about automation, even in the service industries. Thus, it will be a good time to pick up some tech skills that interest you and in the near future, you will be assured of a job in the new America.

Automation will be the way to win against labour intensive industries such as those used by competitors in China, and americans are more than ready to handle the complexities of automation, freeing up labour to be usedon further more and new industries to pick up and grow, the way the tractor had freed up field hands to move into factories, and into cyberspace and advances in science/medical fields, which is only the tip of the iceburg of what americans can do and create.

That is, if the morons in congress wakes up, be the free men that they are supposed to be, instead of being beholden to monarchistic corporation masters whom are hell bent on sending USA back to feudalism.

If you are outside of USA, and in Europe, I wish you good luck with the austerity drives imposed after years of living off the fat of loans that the leaders cannot never squeeze out of its resources, land or man.

posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 04:02 PM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

The US will enter into austerity mode in 2012 as well. The US has no choice due to massive overspending, TARP, bailouts, stealth liquidity injections, all which we're on the line to pay for. The economy is sluggish and any taxation will depress the economy further.

The Federal Government has to cut at least $4 Trillion, but the corrupt congress gave the corrupt White House a loophole where Obama asks for $1.2 Trillion and gets it unless Congress (while out on vacation) says no. Therefore the White House is undermining the nation and the economy by continuing to spend until the system implodes on itself.

posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 10:21 AM
reply to post by Dbriefed

Do remember that the 4 trillion austerity drive will be spread out over 10 years. Taken into perspective, it will mean $400 billion in cuts per year.

At the same time, with the 1.2 trillion injection to bailout the masses, it will mean finally money will be circulated within the economy, enriching all who touches it, ensuring growth in GDP.

For simple explanation:- Should USA's GDP grow at a comfortable slow rate of 2% per year under current circumstances of high unemployment and financial logjams, linerly it will mean 20% growth equally in 10yrs time - a graph plotting a rise of $15 trillion GDP to $18 trillion and more by the 10th year or an additional $300 billion per year to GDP growth.

Generally, an average of 10% of GDP would be the gov's share in revenues earned, although on some years, it went as high as 16%., which means more money into the treasury for budgeting and paying off loans.

Thus, if the GDP is $15 trillion, the gov's share will be $1.5 trillion.
If the GDP is $18 trillion, the gov's share witll be $1.8 trillion - $300 billion more.

Thing is, 2% GDP growth is based upon current world turmoil.
But should USA makes and implements the necessary changes to social and political infrastructure to push ahead with new automation and innovation, spearheaded by increased tech and science advancement, 8-12% annual growth is highly possible, as newly 3rd world developed nations had proven.

They were only using USA's past and present innovation and tech to do so. They are the competitors, and America needs to get ahead. And that push will be the injection of bailouts to the masses, to circulate wealth, to create confidence, to inspire and motivate a nation, and lead the world into greatness, the capacity to reinvent itself as it had done often in the course of its civilisation before.

Those arn't just mere feel good words, or fantasy, but only a reality if only americans believe in themselves once again and congress breaks off its shackles from elite money men.

For example - the F-35 jet for international sale is the ONLY new tech aircraft in the world, and it was an american team that developed it. An even more advanced model exists, but is not for sale - the F22 Raptor. No other nation could match that kind of tech that USA innovated, at least not yet for a while more.

And such tech of the F-22 is only the TIP of the innovation iceburg of what american boys and girls can do today for the economic sectors, instead of misusing the best of them going into the gambling stock market financial sector.

Wish I could say the same for europe, but with their crippling austerity drives and shackled leaders........

Wish I could say the same for China, but with 650,000 Wukan village type rebellions soon against corrupted leaders, China's mere 30 million soldiers and civilian CCP card waving bootlickers ( ratio - 1 village of 20,000 inhabitants to mere 46 commie members) will have a hell of time just putting out such fires if they themselves are not booted out first.....

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