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The One Principal

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posted on Dec, 23 2011 @ 03:45 PM
reply to post by Agarta

this is where u reveal failing having a glimse sense of truth, while u mean it, then sorry but u could b accused being a liar,

if the one principle was true, we could never witness any one objective union being negative and nor ruled by lies

what is true is right in all its forms and inferiors standards to none or nothing, this is the sacred reference of truth that any conscious deep down is aware about otherwise it cant be conscious freedom from being conscious base out of what is always absolutely right

what is objective is to all constancy right that none is responsable about nor can do any for, the more a conscious is aware of smthg right the more it would step back to mean the respect for right existence the more it would look to itself justification out of being reality right too and the more it would be actually a present right free

u refuse to admit freedom superiority for what u mean creations and lies

only freedom assert positive truth to be out of what is by definition there still since nothing would stop it, while only true freedom will also be out moving by itself constancy as an absolute positive add value certainty

posted on Dec, 23 2011 @ 03:54 PM
Many well said things, so difficult for us finites to find the means to express what an infinitesimal snapshot glimpse of the Infinite poses. We simply do not have the senses to transfer such consciousness from one to another without there being loss, distortion and contamination.

Never stopped us from trying anyways. It's too important to not try.

posted on Dec, 23 2011 @ 05:05 PM

Originally posted by Blinded
reply to post by Agarta


ok we all know this. What's new? you are actually repeating what other forums are saying. nothing new here.
[color=#E9CFEC]What kind of argument is this? As this is not in the breaking news forum one would assume there is information elsewhere in opinions, books, forums etc. I am glad that you have an understanding, but your assumption that everyone also knows is naive.

Are you one with the universe? If so, why are you typing it here to proove a point when there is nothing to proove. Why are you trying to make others understand when you don't understand it yourself?
[color=#E9CFEC]I have the understandings that I have reached through many ways. The concept is ancient and can be found in many places from cave paintings to blogs and it is our responsibility to work through the information and find the truths that resonate with the understandings we hold in our hearts. It is true I do not have a complete understanding of the concept, as I believe there are other levels of understanding that can not be reached in the physical world we consider reality. Does this stop me from attempting to understand what I can? NO, that, in my mind, would be falling back into the dream of simplistic understanding.

[color=#E9CFEC]As for proving, there is not proving involved. It is the expression of the lessons I have come to understand on a forum for others to contemplate and incorporate into their understandings or not. As I stated in my Original Post on this topic, This was to be an explanation of the concept that others are pointing to, for those that do not have an understanding of the concept in order to help them come to an understanding within themselves.

I am saying that cause the only thing you are saying is the knowledge you gain by reading websites and making your own judgment.
[color=#E9CFEC]You have no Idea as to the extent of my search and research, nor do you have even an inkling as to the amount of years that have gone into the understandings that I have, a few of which are past threads, posts, books I have written and through many students and teachers I have and have had in the past. Please do not assume you know me, my knowledge, wisdom, or my understandings.

[color=#E9CFEC]Another point that I find in this statement, is a disregard for your own knowledge. With the exception of what you have expressly experienced is not the whole of your knowledge that of which others have told you by way of text books, articles, web sites etc. and the opinions and trust you have placed upon the sources? Yet you use it in the attempt to discredit someone you yourself do not know. It is the misuse of the basic learning process of every human being to place me below you. This I do not accept nor do I except that I am better than you and your learnings and or understandings.

[color=#E9CFEC]continued next post...
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posted on Dec, 23 2011 @ 05:18 PM

You are trying to make people believe in what you are saying which is a form of control.... Control... Ego... thinking base civilization... mark of the beast?
[color=#E9CFEC]As this is an explanation of a concept it is your opinion that I am attempting to control the thoughts of others. I stated, now in multiple places, that this is a basic concept in order to understand its use. It is left to the readers to contemplate and attempt to understand or not. It has nothing to do with ego unless you feel yours has been stepped on.

to be one, you need to let it go... let it go... stop thinking (you are thinking to much).... less thinking, more actions. Can you do an action without thinking? if so, then y ou are on the right track.
[color=#E9CFEC]It is true, one must let go of the tools that most have applied to obtaining focus in order to achieve. This begins with higher understandings of self and the selfs capabilities and this, in my opinion, is reached by first removing doubt and fear. Having the true Belief and knowledge purely that what it is you wish to achieve has already taken place as you see it happen. As for your question about doing something without thinking, it is a single thought that causes things to happen. A single desire or intent. If this is what you mean, Yes, I have achieved many times this level of focus.[color=#E9CFEC] Your wording of it makes me wonder if you have reached this level of understanding your self, which is up to you to achieve or not. As always it your choice to attempt to find the deeper understandings or not. It is not my job to define it all for you or anyone else, as I see it, it is my job to "provide food for thought" if you will, to give one of many understandings I have reached in order to help others to find their own understandings within their own lives. ie one may not know the possibility of the existence of a blue orange had it not been brought into the possibility of thought.

[color=#E9CFEC]Just wondering, What is your opinion of Gnosticism?

[color=#E9CFEC]May the Light be your guide as well
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posted on Dec, 23 2011 @ 06:26 PM
reply to post by Agarta

Thanks for the reply.

No, I'm not a separatist. I realize I was being slightly indignant, but only because I feel I'm the only one who sees the danger in this Oneness idea. I am merely tired of being guilty by association. I am one man in a see of many. I don't wish to separate myself from mankind, that would be nihilistic of me, but I also don't want to be a slave to common ideals, I am capable of producing my own values through reason and logic, but why do I feel alone among a city of common people? There's no art or excitement in commonality, everything is dull and mediocre; everything is laid out for me already; I am unable to explore life on my own because it's already been pre-decided by thousands of generations of objectivity—whether I agree with it or not, I have no choice. I love mankind, but when I see it reduced to a herd with herd thought, I become scared.

When we all become automatons, moving forward as one mind with one purpose, this self-respect or mastery becomes non-existant as objectivity rules it dangerous to the whole.

It's funny when someone says—usually in referring to a great invention or art: "Boy, mankind is great." as if they had something to do with it. Mankind had nothing to do with greatness, every idea has been created by individuals, and once it has been accepted by the masses, mankind takes the credit. There is no greatness in this commonality, it only resides in the few—in the self.

My question is, Because you do not see the Human creation of a false concept of the One Principal as valid does it truly mean the higher concept of the One Principal is not possible or valid?

I think the only way we can be one, as you propose, would be to give up our reason, turn back to the passive animal and return to innocence as a part of nature. Look at the lion. It is one with the universe, wouldn't you agree? It doesn't destroy nature, it takes what it needs, nothing more, and it lives at peace completely unaware of its abilities to create and destroy. That is what I believe is being one with the universe: to turn back into a creature or to die. I guess the question is: Which do you choose?

"The powers that be" (merely a manifestation of this one principal in my opinion) are trying to make us alike, as organic machines. It's a will to slavery, because we are too lazy and common to take responsibility for our own actions. We willingly impose shackles on our nature and instinct for the betterment of mankind. We create technology, cures, science to destroy nature. We put nature on a rack, rip it apart and analyze it in the name of science, strictly to defeat nature. All this for the development of our species, to continue to overpopulate and destroy, much like cancer. In my opinion, this One principal is cancerous to the universe.

"Do you not think it possible that the powers that be modeled their process of the One Principal in order to misdirect the truth by hiding it behind a wall of lies, causing the people to throw off the truth altogether?

I believe "the powers that be" is merely another ideal; or us putting a face to that will to be slaves. Without them, what would we do? We'd have to return to nature as animals without this self-imposed control over ourselves. Everything we've created is a lie, or at least an intangible ideal, manifested in this herd-thought—and we call it truth.

Thank you for hearing my opinion.

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