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Prostitution should be legalized. (My proposal essay)

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posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 03:19 PM
reply to post by zptramel

It is legal to a certain degree in the form of cam girls and virtual prostitution. And this little event happened a few years back if anyone remembers:

Alabama: Sex Toy Ban Upheld

'A divided three-judge panel of the Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ... said in a ruling last July that siding with the sex toy merchants could open the door to the legalization of undesirable sexual behavior such as prostitution.'

Unbelievable, that the ussc supported something not involving public safety, but it's still just a ban on the sale of, not use of. What is illegal defined by the courts is the sale of sexual contact for money. Direct sexual contact, to be more exact.

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posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 06:14 AM

Originally posted by Raelsatu
Prostitution has been in business for... nearly all of human existence.

Now that's a myth that tends to get propagated by pimps and men that frequently use prostitutes.

The reality is that prostitution did NOT exist in all societies, and did NOT exist in all societal gender structures. Some societies lasted up until the 1900s before prostitution began in their community. For example, out of the hundreds of different Native American tribes there was no form of prostitution in their society until after they were Westernized. A prime example would be the largest tribe in America--the Navajo.

Up until Franklin D. Roosevelt, there was no prostitution among the Navajo tribe. Women owned the land, the property, the hogan, the sheep, and the goats. Property ownership was passed from mother to daughter or grandmother to granddaughter. Until FDR's Allotment Act. FDR reassigned sheep and livestock ownership to the men, when women had owned all the property for thousands of years.

When women owned all the property, there was NO prostitution. But after property and livestock ownership was assigned to the men, then prostitution began. In otherwords, when women own everything, there is no prostitution. It exists only in patriarchical societies. Other Native American tribes that had no prostitution in them would be the Apache, the Tligit, or any of the Athabaskan language family tribes who were all matrilineal, matriarchical and/or matrilocal. There were also tribes in the Southeastern U.S. with no prostitution in them until they were Westernized, such as those tribes descended from the Mound Builders like the Choctaw, the Chitimacha, and even a Texan tribe known as the Tonkawa. Most matrilineal tribes where property, crop or livestock ownership passed down the female line had no form of prostitution within their societies until they were Westernized and forced to live by patriarchical standards giving the property owned by the women to the men.

So no, prostitution has not been around since human existence as the further back one goes in time the more matrilineal and matriarchical societies there were. Prostitution is a creation of patrilineal-patriarchy societies which are not and never have been a human universal.

Point is, drugs and prostitution have been around since life on Earth began;

With regards to human universals, the only UNIVERSAL LAW OF HUMANITY in those patriarchical societies that had prostitution is that women who allowed hundreds of peckers into their coochies died of a disease and each man who stuck his pecker into a coochie that had hundreds of other peckers in it before him ALSO died of a disease. Such men and women were meant to die of disease by the laws of NATURE on planet Earth for billions of years. Same would be true by the laws of nature on Planet Earth of any other species, not just humans.

Patriarchical empires had their militaries wiped out by brothel diseases such as the Roman Empire. Why? The universal law of nature on planet earth. When soldiers stick their peckers into coochies that had hundreds of other peckers in it before them, those soldiers get wiped out by disease. And that was the end of the Roman military, replaced by the Holy Roman Empire and their armies, too, kept getting wiped out by brothel diseases. It's called the Dark Ages.

Black Death, Bubonic Plague...why do you think it spread so quickly? What do you think ship merchants did when they docked and got off their boats? What do you think soldiers did when their ships arrived and docked? They went straight for the brothels, that's what happened. And their rats went into the brothels with them and so did Black Death and Bubonic Plague.

Then there's the 1918 Flu. What happened there? The 1918 flu wiped out more soldiers than all the guns and bombs combined. First, it hit the Florida brothels in the U.S. And soldiers shipping out went in droves to those Florida brothels trying to get their last piece of American arse before going to Europe to fight in WWI. Since 1918 flu hit those Florida brothels first, it wiped out the soldiers shipping out. Of the boats that arrived in Europe, it then spread from brothel to brothel all armies, all countries.

It was 1918 flu that ended WWI, not any victory by any country's soldiers. And 1918 flu ended WWI because it wiped out so many soldiers of all ranks in all the different countries. New people were promoted to fill their positions and they ended the war.

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 06:25 AM

Originally posted by orbitbaby
I agree with you OP. And I'll take it a step further. I think it should be mandatory for all
military personnel returning from foreign wars, to spend 90 days in a brothel before they
are let loose on the population.

That's the quickest way to wipe out any military.

It is impossible to screen all prostitutes for every disease out there. Do you see influenza screening of prostitutes in any brothel? No. Why? Impossible. Too costly. With that said, like in my previous post it was 1918 flu hitting the Florida brothels that wiped out all the soldiers in WWI.

Other things that prostitutes DON'T screen for:
1. HTLV (all types): there's tests but prostitutes rarely screen.
2. HIV-2: Sure there's a test, but it's a separate test than HIV-1. Most prostitutes only screen for HIV-1, Group M. (and the blood banks don't screen either--too expensive)
3. HIV-1, Group O and Group N: Yes, there's tests available for those too. But no, prostitutes rarely screen for them. They assume that the standard HIV test screens all of them, when it does NOT. Many pharma companies hold global patents, such as Bayer's global patent on Group O. Their patent prevents any other company from creating a test for Group O. That means if a person wants to screen for Group O, they have to buy a separate test sold by Bayer-only. And doctors rarely ask for the extra test (which might be a bunk test anyway). Blood banks also do not screen for HIV-1, Group O, nor HIV-1, Group N. Too costly. So never assume that you have been screened for them just because you donated blood. You weren't screened.

Things that prostitutes CAN'T screen for:
1. Mutation to HIV-1, Group M, Clade C in Southeast Asia: Around the mid 1990s a pharmaceudical company did some trial meds on prostitutes infected with HIV-1, M, Clade C in southeast Asia (primarily Bangkok). Those patients began testing negative after the experimental med and they thought they came up with a "cure". But alas, they still died of HIV-related illnesses. Turned out that the experimental medication caused a mutation to Clade C and that the new mutation no longer shows up on the standard test for HIV-1, Group M. To my knowledge, they still haven't released a new test for this mutation circulating around the globe as the mutation also hit Bangkok prostitutes.
2. Other mutations to HIV brought on by experimental meds: Ever hear how Magic Johnson began testing negative after he began his cocktail med regime for HIV? Well it's the same thing as what happened in Southeast Asia. Experimental med cocktails cause mutations in HIV in those infected. And the mutations start testing negative even though they are still infected. It's impossible to keep up with the mutations and creating new test after new test for each mutation out there. And there's really no way to tell how many mutations are out there.
3. Other stealth viruses (with no tests on market)
4. Microviruses (with no tests on market).

So it would be impossible to screen for every disease that a prostitute can catch or spread. Whether it be a stealth virus like HIV and it's mutations with no tests available, or airborn diseases like flu-mutations.

Quickest way to wipe out a military (or country) is to send them all to brothels. Let's use the Ukraine as an example.

After the Iron Curtain fell, the Ukraine legalized prostitution with government owned brothels. Then they created a law requiring all adult males to join the military for 2 years. So every male Ukrainian citizen must join the military. Then once each male citizen is in the military they are expected to "support" their government by using the government owned brothels.

What diseases have surfaced in Ukrainian brothels?
1. SARS, surfaces in Ukrainian brothels every couple of years. The last SARS outbreak in a Ukrainian brothel was 2011.
2. Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Virus (CCHF): And that's how it got it's name. It surfaced in Crimean peninsula brothels that the military frequently used.
3. Black Lung Mutation to H1N1: very deadly, also surfaced in Ukrainian brothels used by the military.
4. Just about every form of HIV and their mutations. Ukraine has the highest HIV rates in Europe.

So what will happen when A) a country legalizes prostitution B) requires every adult male to join the military and C) expects all those men to support their government by using those brothels owned by the government?

It's only a matter of time before the Ukraine wipes itself out and definitely wipes out its own military. It's not like a condom protects them against SARS, Black Lung Mutation to H1N1, or CCHF. Will SARS mutate in Ukrainian brothels? There's about a 90% probability it will. Will H1N1 mutate again in Ukrainian brothels? Probably.

(continuation of wiping out militaries in brothels in next post)

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 06:31 AM
(Continuation of Wiping out Militaries in Brothels)

And then what? Do you really think that the Ukrainian government accepts responsibility when such diseases end up in their own government owned brothels infecting their military? Or do you think they try to blame everyone else? And I'll tell you right now...they try to blame everyone else. They never accept the fact that brothels are the number 1 cause of mutations to any and all viruses.

If the Ukraine wants to wipe themselves out and their military by expecting their soldiers to use their diseased brothels (when they always claim that they are "clean" when they aren't)....then let them wipe themselves out. They set themselves up for an inevitable disaster, just like the Romans did.

But as for American soldiers, I think it's best that they learn a new word--It's called MASTURBATION. And you can't catch a disease by doing it. *wink*

And...on a final note. Bioweapons that are sexually transmitted (man-made) have been around since WWII. It began with Hitler's Sexually Transmitted Disease program, which primarily focused on messing with the Hepatitis B virus (since Hitler's mother had Hep B). The premise was to intentionally infect other races with STDs so that other races would wipe themselves out.

WWII Nazi Sexually Transmitted Disease Program to Exterminate Races

After WWII, it became necessary for every major world power to create their own bioweapons that were sexually transmitted, even though every country who has made them will deny it. Bayer, which used to be IG Farber in WWII, was the original pharmaceudical giant with man-made STDs to use in biowarfare.
Google: Dr. Kurt Gutzeit and Dr. Arnold Dohmen-- escaped Nazi doctors engaged in Hepatitis B experiments.

The U.S. has manmade bioweapons that are sexually transmitted, but will deny it. Russia has manmade bioweapons that are sexually transmitted, but will deny it. Great Britain has manmade bioweapons that are sexually transmitted, but will deny it. China has manmade bioweapons that are sexually transmitted but will deny it. The former South African government under Nazi control had manmade bioweapons that are sexually transmitted but will deny it. Australia has manmade bioweapons that are sexually transmitted but will deny it. Various privatized Japanese corporations have manmade bioweapons that are sexually transmitted but will deny it.

And with all of the above, various manmade bioweapons that are sexually transmitted wind up in prostitutes in various countries. The worst thing that anyone could possibly do to their military is to expect or demand that they spend 90 days in a brothel after getting back from any war. Because there's always going to be some country or some private pharma company who will take a shot at them.

It's been that way since WWII when Hitler's SS Dr. Arnold Dohmen and SS Dr. Kurt Gutzeit began injecting Hepatitis B into Russian POWs (soldiers). And it's never going to change. There's always going to be someone out there doing it. Requiring soldiers to visit brothels is a death sentence to any and all branches of the military in any country.

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 06:39 AM

Could you perhaps edit your post into paragraphs to make it a little easier on the eyes? Please and thank you!

OT: I agree entirely, there is no logical argument against prostitution. By making it illegal women in that profession are now without befits, forced into a criminal organization, coerced into drugs. Not to mention STDs and victimization. Honestly its consequential sex, who cares what the conditions are for it?

If it were legal, it could be regulated, condoms would be required and so would daily checkups. Curbing the STD rates. It would become safe, and clean and off the streets.

And honestly?? How many wars can the U.S gov support anymore. War on terror, war on prostitution, war on drugs, war in the middle east.

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 06:40 AM
I'm no fan of prostitution, I doubt there are many women out there who really want to have to sell their bodies for money and even fewer fathers would wish their daughter grow up to be a prostitute. So, in my opinion, in an ideal world there would be no need for this sexual exploitation, but it's not an ideal world and I don't believe it's for the government to legislate over. Like drugs, people will continue to take them, the best thing is to make it safe and provide the relevant information for those participating.

posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 08:34 AM
reply to post by MapMistress

'Now that's a myth that tends to get propagated by pimps and men that frequently use prostitutes.'

I think he meant 'world's oldest profession' but you probably know that related to feminine wiles. Gee

'Map then paste 3 pages worth of reason because of disease, but no such problems exist in western countries with legal brothels including the USA and the US military has been a frequent customer of Nevada brothels for decades.'

The only way I think you gonna legalize it in the rest of the country would be by employing technologies like Japanese fembots or devices like 'real touch.' This will certainly damper the victim, child, and disease tactics used by extremists.

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