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The Realistic Survival Game: Scenario 1: Economic Collapse.

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posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 04:36 PM
He was sure it only took about 20 minutes to do. But it felt like 5 hours of pinching and tearing. Oh well it was wrapped now and other then small black threads one would barely notice it. Thanking Alison he walked back outside he had managed to attain a slight buzz unfortunetly it only lasted through the first half of the scrubbing.

" Well suppose we head down to Center crossroads then turn west. Four hours after that we will be at Eliza's encampment. Center is pretty empty last I was there, So no real point in stopping.

ATS Transponder" Eliza.. Hope your feeling better we should be in by tonight. If you don't see us then we will debrief after Breakfast..Over

"When ever your ready.."

He looked at Rose she simply nodded at him and jumped in the car. She was promptly pulled back out of the car and moved to the passenger seat.. Deeks jumped into the back seat without much problem.. Ready as they would ever be they three waited for Wookeip and personel to saddle up..

posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 04:40 PM
reply to post by ElizaAshdene

Dai-uy..dai-uy.. (captain in vietnamese) one of the vietnamese crew approaches and quietly wakes me handing me the Transponder.. Kham on (thank you in vietnamese) Con .. *lighting up a cigarrette* quietly thinking even after all these years they still insist on addressing me by my rank from the old days.. Guess some things never change..

ATS Transponder :

Good to hear your back Eliza and doing ok..
Started to get concerned that you guys got overrun there or picked up and sent to one of Sams fema funparks..

Located your airfield on the map . Good place to make the drop . We will be coming in low (treetop level) and at night to avoid detection..
We will drop the pallets out the back onto the runway 3 aircraft will be making the drop the 4th will be providing aircover in event of uninvited guests..
Theres enough supplies to last awhile along with a couple small solar power units that can provide enough power for a small town. along with the weapons and vehicle listed earlier.

Thanks for the offer but we have arrainged in-flight refueling bit too much risk to both you and us from the u.s government if we get caught .. One day when things are more normal we will make a social call.. The less time we are in u.s airspace the less risk of detection and intercept by the authorities..

*checking time* .. we will make the drop between 0200-0400 hrs thursday your time

asia over..

Con .. Summon everyone briefing in 30 minutes also make sure to thank Zhang and his crew for their help with the loading.. *taking drag off cigarrette check time and make tea* going to be a long day ahead..

*note* to keep post from get cluttered with translations will do auto-translate and post in english..

posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 04:56 PM
reply to post by Therian

As I placed the final bag in their vehicle, I informed Scooter that I had one last task before heading off to South Fork. "I need to head southeast in the Grand AM to the Great Sand Dunes. I am going to pick up an ATS member, PhysicsAdept before heading to South Fork. Please follow Therian, and I'll catch up with you, probably later tonight." Scooter responded "I don't think that's a good idea, brother. You should have someone with you in case you have trouble finding him, or run into trouble." I replied "I'll be fine, if I run into trouble, I will contact Therian through my transponder. Should I need your assistance, I'll let him know."

Reluctantly, Scooter agreed. He honked his horn and signaled to Therian that he was ready to go. I had to thank Therian one more time for helping us get here. "Thank you Therian for all your help. I should be at South Fork in mere hours if all goes smooth. I'm going to head south east to the Great Sand Dunes to retrieve ATS member PhysicsAdept. I apologize for the lack of a formal introduction, but as the circumstances would have it, it's in everyones interest to head to safety ASAP. Scooter, Allison and Rusty will be following close behind you. Please take care, and thanks again. I'll see you guys soon!"

ATS transponder: "PhysicsAdept come in, Wookiep here. I'm heading your way. Please update me with your status ASAP. If possible please stay put. I'll need you to describe your landscape with accuracy so we don't miss each other, over"
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posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 05:08 PM
reply to post by PhysicsAdept

ATS Transponder : asia

PhysicsAdept yes we have operational aircraft presently just making a run to drop supplies to the colorado base ..
The evac idea going to take some planning along with locating a suitable place to evac to.

Current situation over here :
the korean peninsula uninhabitable due to radiation and biological agents n.korea and s.korea u.s backed forces fought ..
u.s forces in asia have all been recalled to the u.s and returned there due to the situation.
China was hit with a plague outbreak lost a quarter of the population before it was brought under control .. Survivors were resettled in the empty cities that were built pre-plague.. All areas affected by the plague were then burned to prevent further spread.
Singapore entirely wiped out by unknown virus and uninhabitable.
ASEAN countries all united and working together now.
Power is up and running in all cities and people helping each other .. Had been a few cases of looting / lawlessness which were swiftly dealt with.
Westerners were all returned to their countries of origin and currently no westerners are allowed entry anywhere in asia..otherwise travel within asia is unrestricted at present..
Still waiting information on the situation in europe and australia as to the extent of disaster there..
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posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 05:25 PM
ATS Transponder: "TREX to SETX. Mosquito repellant. You have enough stale water for skeeters there? *audible laughter*

Do you have any mint plants, cedar trees or best of all germanium plants? Rub the germanium leaves on your skin to protect from the infamous skeeters. Don't kill skeeter hawks! Don't waste skeeter supplies on smokers, skeeters hate tobacoo smoke and seldom bite smokers. OVER"

posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 06:48 PM
reply to post by Wookiep

I had more than enough on my plate during that moment. I had received all the transmissions on the ATS transponder, but they had no idea how little I was able to communicate. Unfortunately, I encountered stray zombies, each fit with their own government-issued state park uniform. I contemplated the odd behavior of these people to return to work in such a time of outbreak, but I did not waste my time on logistics. There were six of them, each a potential end to life as I knew it. They looked hungry, and maintained an unfriendly stance while walking toward me. My previous melee weapon was left behind due to weight, my makeshift bow was useless now because I had broken my last two arrows in the morning hunt-- I was left with only wit. I threw rocks at them, and tried to evade the deformed creatures while dancing through natural obstacles.

I had already manage to demobilize three zombies, but that was only half of my problem. Every time I found a place to hide and rest, there was another communication on the transponder to give me away. I thought about turning it off, but then risked missing valuable information. I couldn't just respond either--I was in no position to chat, and besides, I could handle a couple of walkers by myself. I began to swallow my pride and finally utilized the transponder.

ATS transponder: "WookieP, come in! I am being hunted by zombies! I am losing my stamina, and can't fight off these last three zombies. I can see a town from where I am currently barracking--a little abandoned bunker in San Luis Valley. I headed Northwest this morning, and then I got your orders to stay put. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no chance of turning back now. The walkers that were chasing me are undoubtedly still looking, and are likely hot on my trail. I should be fine for a while, though assistance is needed! Please help A_S_A_P and stay safe! Over!"

After a couple hours or so futile attempts to evade and/or destroy the zombies I was nearing lost hope. I retreated from my bunker momentarily to scout for enemies. I saw none at first, but then heard ominous groaning in the background. At first, I panicked, yet my mind was set at ease when I just so happened to find myself standing on top a large, slightly dulled, metal knife. It was probably used for butchering, and that is how I planned to use it. I put a pair of socks on my hands to prevent blood from entering my blistered and battered hands, and wielded the knife. I waited for the zombies to find me, and it was not long. Here they came to face my slaying blade of steel. The first one charged me, and I gashed it right in the neck. It hung by skin, and one more blow in its eye socket allowed its angry face muscles to sleep. The second one came much more aggressively, and nearly simultaneously with the third. I mustered my adrenal glands to produce enough energy for the both of them, when I swung my arm once again. I missed, and it had cost me. I missed and hit a tree instead. I hit it with so much force that the knife was impossible for me to rescue at that point. I looked around, my eyes darting towards any feasible solution I could find. No large rocks, logs, or anything I could possibly use anywhere. Frustration more than anything gave me strength, and it led me to a most unconventional solution-- Dr. Pepper. There was no way it could work, but I tried anyway. I threw down my pack, and tossed everything in the bag aside. I reached into the bag, and pulled it out. 1 liter of carbonated acid to save my life. It had already shaken up to a point of near explosion, so I took my aim and opened it up.

The Dr. Pepper gushed out with incredible force. It saturated their face in sticky, bubbly deliciousness, and started doing a number to their senses. Temporarily, I knew they were blinded with sight as well as smell--their key attributes. I ran back over to the knife I had abandoned and drew it from its sheathe. I nearly knocked the wind from me in my effort, but stood in victory over the wooded capturer. I walked back to the dazed zombies with confidence, and I knew I had won. One slice for each of them to save my miserable life and to end theirs.

I had finally beaten the odds, and escaped with my life. I wanted to tell WookieP, but I had no strength, and soon my vision blurred to darkness...
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posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 07:04 PM
reply to post by PhysicsAdept

I had just headed south when I heard the transmission. I had to stop on the side of the road to be sure I was well equipped. Let's see, 9mm handgun (loaded, 6 rounds) - check. Aluminum baseball bat - check. I hadn't planned on staying long near the Great Sand Dunes, hopefully this would be enough protection, and we would make a quick escape. Rose had earlier given me a rather detailed map of Colorado. I quickly found the San Louis Valley on the map. The only problem was, how many bunkers could be in that area? I couldn't think about it too long, I just had to get there. Looks like staying on CO-17 south is the best route. I peeled out and quickly the speedometer in the Grand AM went from reading 0 to 100+ mph. I grabbed the transponder and made it short. I didn't want to give away his location anymore.

ATS transponder: "Hang in there PhysicsAdept, I'm on my way!"
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posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 09:10 PM
I had finally reached the San Louis Valley, well the "official" spot on the map at least. I decided to go east on a small road called LN 10 N. I had no idea why it said "N" I could swear I was driving east, at least according to the map. I figured since PhysicsAdept was coming from the east, I'm sure he would have tried to hunker down at the first "bunker" he saw. I decided to drive as easterly as I could go on this road, then scout from north to south, in search of him. I had already seen several bunkers on the way. This was not going to be easy.

I scouted north first, nothing. So, I scouted south, still nothing. It was getting dark now and I was fearing the worst. I made another pass north, then something caught my eye. A bunker over to the north east, and a shiny object on the ground near it, reflecting light as the sun started to go down over the mountains. It was time to pull over and start walking. I had two weapons to carry, and one of them I was not trained well at. I was not going out there with a 9mm pistol unless I could hold it with 2 hands at all times. I was not comfortable enough to go running out there gung ho, my luck I'd shoot myself in the foot or leg. I popped my trunk and grabbed some twine. I created a way to carry my bat by tying the string to my belt, and back under my shoulder, allowing my bat to be strapped behind me. It wasn't super great access, but I had no option, it would be dark in no more than 30 minutes.

I slowly walked toward the bunker with my pistol drawn in front of me. "PhysicsAdept, can you hear me? Where are you?" I heard nothing, and I got closer to the object that drew me here. The smell was becoming unbearable. As the object became visible, I could clearly see this was a metal shard stuck right in the skull of a dead zombie laying about 4 meters from the bunker. It was clearly dead, not a threat at all so I went to check behind the bunker. As I turned the corner, I could hear a moaning sound, it was quite faint, but easily recognizable. I had heard that sound before.. I turned, I looked and I saw a silhouette of a humanoid figure groaning a ways in the distance behind the bunker. I could tell it was a "walker" I know how they walk.

Rather than risk injury via a close combat situation, I decided to try my hand at target practice. I closed my left eye, aimed and shot at the walking dead. I missed. Dammit! I closed my other eye, and tried again. Closer this time but it was a miss as well. 4 rounds left, I better make the next one count. I kept thinking "what the hell eye do I close, I've always kinda wanted to know that!" This time I tried again with both eyes open. It was getting closer to me..then "BAM!" right in the skullcap. 3 rounds left. I walked quite a ways behind the bunker and there I finally saw him. PyhsicsAdept was laying face down in the mud. I turned him over and checked his pulse. It was beating. I tried to get him to come to consciousness by slapping his face. "Wake up! It aint over yet!"

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posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 09:28 PM
reply to post by Wookiep

I heard shots. First one, then another... followed by some cursing and I think one more. I was so incredibly tired from the large amount of running and zombie-killing I had been through in the past few hours, and even though I knew I should get up to see what the racket was, I had no other physical choice than to lie there in the cool mud that encompassed me.

Bugs were crawling on my face, but I didn't care. I was just so... tired. But then, some other creature started grabbing me. Hy hand lifted as my body turned over, and a silhouette appeared in my vision. It appeared to be... WookieP! I wanted to say something, but I could not at this point even open my eyes. WookieP slapped me across the face and said something to me.

Finally I became more aware. I blinked, twice at first but very rapidly, followed by one blink that cleared a small amount of dirt from my eyelash. "WookieP, you found me! How relieved am I! I fought them off as I could, but ended up loosing the battle of fatigue. I trust everyone else is back at camp or elsewhere correct? My conscious would not be able to handle the thought of innocent people risking their life for me!" I laughed. Yeah, I meant it, but at the same time I did feel rather important.

We chatted about the recent events, about my survival and his mushroom-based mishaps. He briefly told me about the others back at camp, as well as the places he'd been and the events that took place on his behalf. At this point, I was merely glad to have company. The fact that I was now going to work with other people from ATS to rebuild... that hadn't even hit me yet...

posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 09:49 PM
We had made it back to the car without incident. The gas tank was running low, so I tapped 5 gallons of my 10 gal reserves and figured that should be enough to get to South Fork once and for all. Neaby, while scouting I had seen an old sign that read "Hooper". According to the map, it's a straight shot west about 45 miles on 112 to 160 leading right to South Fork.

ATS transponder: Eliza/Therian, this is Wookiep. I have retrieved PhysicsAdept. We had some encounters, I believe he is dehydrated and he has some cuts and bruising, otherwise he seems to be OK. We are about 45 miles east of South Fork and are making our way back now. Please inform Scooter and the others that we are ok and heading back, over."

It was time to put the pedal to the metal. We'll drive straight through Center without stopping or tip-toeing. If any zombies get in our way, then they are in for trouble. We are in no mood for nonsense.
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posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 10:34 PM
ATS transponder: "Druid42 here. We are 59 days into the collapse of the economy. Travel from KYBC was horrible, trees cut-down over the mountain passages, luckily I had three chain saws stored. Either the zombies or TPTB had cut down the trees, trying to force backtracks, and I'm leaning towards the latter. I have been thinking that if you cut off the major routes, the sheeple will go right back into your web. Not me, I cut the trees off the road, and pushed them out of the way with my four by, log chain to drag them when needed, so I have been massively delayed.
Here's my rig, pre-bug out, and I've had to drop trailer many times to get through the mountains.
With 4 55 gallon drums of gas, I have a range of 1200 miles.
I'm in the middle of Arkansas now, SW of Little Rock, and here......

I've posted a guesstimate of current member locations:

ATS transponder: "Out."

For the record:

It's June 12th, 2012, 59 days after the world economy collapsed. It's apparent by now the government is no longer functional, and no viable help is expected from that avenue.

Most of the East Coast is a disaster. We have had contact in the NYVT area, a viable camp, and they formed a tribal community after 46 days. Contact is sparse now. ATS Transponder, "mantarey, come in, over."

subject x had an ATS flotilla going on in the keys, and told us on the 28th of May that Miami was in flames. That was 45 days in.

TXTriker has been with us all along, and I am trying to raise her to get a location on her relatives here. I may have found them, but I need TXT to confirm the last name of "riddle". I am parked for now, a range of 1200 miles without re-fueling, and since it's June 12th, I am helping them plant. They have little to no idea of what has happened. Going about everything day to day. They are used to the barter system here.

I am in Hope, Arkansas, pop. about 10378. Plus me and two kids. We may root here for the summer. We're in the middle of nowhere. The perfect place to hide, being self sufficient. I got the others to agree to dig up an extra field for potatoes. They did. I'm thinking these guys are beginning to understand. There hasn't been a fresh milk delivery in over three weeks.

They have been milking the cows, but in our own vats. I have installed timers on the gennies to cycle the cooling fridge, but it's only a matter before we run out of gasoline. 3 months at my calculations. We need to wean the cows from the machines before then, and get them used to hand milking again.

In case I don't survive, because I've met a lady here, and a bit of romance has sprung up, I just want to add a few more members to the log:

expat888 made contact after 52 days, from SE Asia. Contact was made June 5th, 2012. He gave us the update of Korea being wasted. China, 1/4th gone. No commerce, no flights, yes, it boiled down to this.

Wookiep was found in CO, 53 days in. SEROCK has a kiln and forge operational by this time. A waterwheel is ready, but waiting for installation.

oldshooter1979 reports back in at 57 days in. He's the link to KYBC. They have 37 members in their group, their crops are in, and I am thinking possible trading....

Trexter Ziam delivered 5 gallons of anti-viral serum for TXTriker, from CETX, but Trex is mysterious. 58 days in.

PhysicsAdept notified us via ATS Transponder after 58 days, and is in the Colorado area, and in the hands on the western folk, who are after to help you.

expat888 is planning an air drop of supplies and weapons at SEROCK. They've worked the coordinates since, and have the drop taken care of. 58 days in.

posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 10:50 PM

Originally posted by Therian
reply to post by TXTriker

Off Topic

No I am not an author of any sort. Though I have thought about it allot. Would be a nice way to make a little extra cash.. But thank you it is a confidence boost. Maybe One day I will write some of my crazy thoughts down. Hopefully get a good proofreader to fix all my mistakes..


Off topic response: You have definite talent as a writer. I am hirable as a copy editor, at a modest fee, due after you publish your first book.

posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 11:13 PM
ATS Transponder: TREX to Druid - you are 308 miles.

Contact #1 is 85 miles NW of you with another 50 on top of that to safe-house. 5 acre furnished, hunting over and under with all the shot for a lifetime supply of anything from deer to quail. Must agree to share produce with contact #1. Sorry, no gasoline. Bit out of your way. Emergency only - and you have to talk TEA to get approval.

No gasoline here either. Prepared for EOTWAWKI and that's an electricity-free, battery-free and gasoline-free world.


posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 04:35 AM
He, Rose and the rest rolled into The encampment about 4 hours ago. Stopping off at the main building he introduced them to the few people he knew. Dr Rob took a quick look at my stitches and Gave Alison the Thumbs up. He also informed us that Eliza had retired early do to her pain. Showing them to there cabin he parted ways after seeing them settled in.

Getting to his own Cabin which was in fact two storied because he was awesome. Well maybe it was because he had decided to stay with the Phaungs and Rose. The four bedroom place wasn't all that big but did have a nice soothing color scheme. As soon as we entered Thea was there saying something in Hmong that I couldn't understand. Rose was either to tired to translate or still upset about him getting a new cut went straight to her bedroom. I had to admit I liked being fussed over. Thea wasn't all that much older then me, But I guess being a mother to her own two kids she was used to fussing.

My big functional family. It was amusing to me that This family in the middle of hell was sane. His family prior to SHTF wasn't very sane at all. Not bothering to try to understand what Thea was saying he shrugged off his jacket and shirt. After a bowl of some type of soup was placed in his hand he was forced out of the kitchen once more. Shaking his head he walked out back And knocked on the Old Ladies shed. She answered quick enough then handed me flannel shirt. Deeks quickly skirted between her and the door way and found a spot near her bed to lay. Since she refused to come in the house Deeks and I had decided she wouldn't remain outside alone while we were home.

After putting the shirt on he nodded his appreciation. Then he went back inside to draw up a Gasefier. The GAs station still had plenty of juice for a few months. But when it ran out they would need Running vehicles for looting. Drawing out a rough design he was sure would work. He did another without the erased marks or scribbles marring the page. He was sure how to make it but wasn't a mechanic. Possibly he would get with a few folk tomorrow and work out how to modify a regular truck. It was all gas he knew but the truck would have to be set to idle at a higher rpm. or was it a lower one. He wasn't sure and luckily it wasn't that part of the experiment that was explosive.

Another problem he wouldn't be able to weld or pound out any metal til his shoulder healed. Already his idiotic mistake was going to be costing him two weeks of light and limited.. Well he never listened to well so maybe only 3 or 4 days before he tested the strength of the stitches. He couldn't shoot his bow and was stuck to left handed blade work. He was ambidextrous so left handed wasn't bad for his blade or pistol. He wasn't a big gun fanatic but like all the boys in his family he knew how to shoot. The blades were more of a hobby that became more expensive.

He had once payed over a thousand bucks for 12 classes and all they taught was how to hurt someone with the hilt of the blade. It was great in the end but the first few classes sucked for him. After that and another thousand more he finely was able to spin his blade and do his fancy flips. Unfortunately these moves weren't practiced by samarai's. Already having payed for the course he learned the moves with a kendo stick. Then he found another instructor Wushu it was for 6 years. Chinese sword fighting was the answer he was looking for. But by the time he got good with the art he was also getting those odd pains of age. The dual edged short blades were his favored weapon. He had also practiced with a lost blade.

So as long as he didn't run into a ninja zombies he was pretty sure he could hold his own. Aikido he had studied along with the other two the whole time so his defense had allot of possibilties. He just didn't like having to slow down. He had no distance with his fighting styles, He could toss a knife or one of his long spikes but left handed was weaker and not as accurate.

He fell asleep in his chair for awhile before heading to his bed. It was easy to sleep here, He felt safe. He figured there had to be several hundred people out there this night who were running or shivering in the dark with no one to watch them..

posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 11:52 AM
reply to post by Expat888

ATS TRANSPONDER: SE Rockies, Eliza here. We'll have 10+ people at the airport on Thursday awaiting your arrival. You should have no trouble not being spotted, but be aware the mountains around here are notorious for flying objects going in and out. Most around here assume it was military, luckily there has been zero air traffic since the collapse. Let me know if you need anything else. OVER.

posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 12:41 PM
Waking up I find a note from Dr. Rob saying that all new arrivals and Therian had made it safely to camp. I pull my clothes on- slowly. I'm still having a bit of trouble with this broken rib thing. All growing up (and being outside a lot) I never broke anything thing. My little brother was always the one being taken to the hospital. I suppose it kind of gave me the sense of being indestructible. Funny, although I'm a bit a roughed up, I still maintain that sense.

Heading outside I grab the solar shower bag and walk down to the river.

It's pretty early, so it's nice and chilly and the only things out are the birds and dear.

(Note: this is a beaver dam nearby, not where you wanna be early in the morning.

I fill the bag and walk back. On the way I bump into Terry and Sara.

"Hey guys. What're you doing up so early? Everything ok?"

"Oh, yeah," Terry answered. "I'm just about to go show Sara how to make and shoot a simple bow and arrow. How you feeling?"

"Oh, fine. Fine. I'll be better in no time. Hey! When I do get better, how about you show me some of that sweet bow and arrow action?"

"Done. Well, we better get going. Don't want it to get much later. Do you want me to carry your shower bag back to your cabin?"

"No," I respond, "I've got it. You guys go on. Oh! And there's been about 6 new added as of last night. We'll do introductions around breakfast time."

We say goodbye and I continue to my cabin. Once I get there I'm quite exhausted and end up taking a morning nap.

Awaking several hours later I see I have missed breakfast. Hopefully the new crew has been finding everything they need. Yawning I step out back to see if my solar shower bag is warm. Success. Time for a little bit of happiness.

posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 12:44 PM
reply to post by Druid42

Off-topic: That map is awesome. I have one here... that I drew. It's getting a bit out of control now. I write everything on it. So's to not mess up names and places. But it was/is just to messy to upload and share. I can barely figure out how to upload images, let alone write on them! Thanks!

And thanks for the update rundown. It's much more helpful seeing everything in one place.

posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 03:38 PM
Waking up late he felt like a teenager again, His leather jacket and old shirt had been mended by the Assassin quiet Thea and put on his bed while he slept. Going outside without a word to the Phaungs, Other then a thank you offered to Thea for the mend job and the sandwich she forced in his hands as he did his walk through.

Mildly surprised when he made it outside he saw the Old Lady leading the ragtag group on the basic stretches I had started last week. Joining in he got his own stretch on, His shoulder was stiff effectively making his arm a booby trap of pain each time he moved it. Deeks eagerly sat near the 13 people scratching an odd flea here and there. Without many words he grabbed up Mr. Phaung and several strong backed men to head with him.

He had a U Haul truck still full of wood, a working plan but no major mobility in his right arm. So he focused on the unloading of the truck and then handed out hammers and saws. It was going to be a long day, looking at them he offered a lopsided smile. "Suppose first we need to see this river eh"

It wasn't much of a walk to the river and after seeing its flow and depth. Nodding his head he wrote down the approximated speed. He would need it when he figured hour many watts it would produce. After getting back to the laid out lumber He increased the designs width. " Okay guys this is what I need, Start with the paddles. They should be 6 wide and 4 long each with a vertical lip about 6 inches along one 6 foot side. 16 of them in total" He knew it wouldn't take them but 2 hours to get it done so he took Mr. Phaung with him. He knew Terry had a welder, So after finding him and asking permission They wheeled it down to where the wood was being cut and set out. After about an hour they had collected the piping and the washers they would need.

After showing Mr. Phaung the placement he let him lose on attaching the pipes together into one long pole. The washers were welded into place as well at 1 foot then 1 inch intervals. This would give them their spacing and belt runs. For now he needed to get someone to pull out 3 alternators from some old vehicles. Along with the belts and enough wiring he would get enough power to run six households conservatively. Five was probably a better estimate considering the need for heating during the winter. ( for those cabins without Fireplaces). After he found someone randomly walking around he gave that man the job.

He then went to the tree line and picked him out a straight tree and marked it. Would need a long section to span the whole of the river. He would wait for them to finish the current work before splitting them up. One on the tree and two building a frame. It would take a little longer without him being hands on but it would get done eventually. He was eager to work on the Gasafier but this was on the top of the list.

posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 05:03 PM
reply to post by ElizaAshdene

ATS Transponder: asia (midway island stopover)

Goodmorning Eliza .. Thanks for the update. No worries my pilots quite used to flying mountanous terrain .. with luck if on the off chance we're spotted they'll mistake us for stragglers of the u.s recall as we left the u.s markings on the aircraft for the time being.

Ran into bit of rough weather enroute set down temporarily on midway island. Its been abandoned nobody around looks like they left in a hurry they left a few aircraft, fuel, equipment and alot of other things behind when they pulled out.. Had a few stowaways lol some of the village children hid on one of our aircraft couple got airsick from the turbulance so going to leave them here with a couple of my crew to hold the island - though dont foresee anyone showing up as seen no ships in the area when we came in. They wanted bit of adventure kids will be kids .. We'll pick them up on the way back and already making arraingements to get some people out here to take over as it will be a big help to have a secure stopover point for future supply drops.
Will be resuming travel in a few hours and are still on schedule.

posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 05:52 PM
Feeling a bit useless from not being in top shape, I decide to go check on things down by the river. I had gotten word earlier that Therian was down there with some others starting the build on the generator. Remembering Dr. Rob had mentioned a large gash on his arm, I decided to go make sure he wasn't over-doing it.

Getting there pretty earlier on in their progress I hear that they need someone to go grab some old alternators and belts.

Well, that I can do. I may not be able to lift or run. But I can identify an alternator and remove it. I tell Therian I'm going to grab Rose and show her what I'm doing.

I return with a couple of alternators and serpentine belts. And some other odds and ends that may be useful.

"Here ya go, Therian."

"Where's Rose?" He asks.

"Oh, she's removing another alternator. After watching me a couple of times she felt like she could do it. So I left her. The car is less than a football fields length that way."

He smiles and takes the items.

"I'm going to go rest again. Don't over do it. You're much more useful to us and yourself alive and well. Rest when you need to. And again... when you don't."

Overhearing Therian's transponder when I was with him gave me an update on our supplies from Asia. Expat888 is still on track. Hopefully they don't run in to anymore snags.
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