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The Realistic Survival Game: Scenario 1: Economic Collapse.

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posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 03:56 AM
reply to post by ElizaAshdene

Asia - supply drop SEROCK

felt strange after all these years to be back in the u.s looking out the window of the aircraft as we make the approach to the airfield at SEROCK .. Never thought would end up having to deliver assistance to the u.s even with seeing the signs of all this coming over the last 30 years had hoped for better for the people here and that they'dve been able to prevent this from happening..

Focusing on the task at hand I finish writing up my treatment notes on the patients that had treated then checked that they were ready to offload as soon as the aircraft landed..

Felt the bump as the wheels touched down on the runway and the ac-130 slowed .. hit the button lowering the ramp and signalled to my crew to prepare to offload the 2 stretchers with the wounded as the plane stopped.. the pilot kept the engines running ..

Walking down the ramp saw a small group of people approaching...
Dr. Rob I presume ? Handing the treatment notes to him I briefly update him on the condition of the patients.
We've also brought you more medical equipment as well it's enough to last awhile we will bring more next trip and with luck be able to stay a bit on the next trip.. Tell Eliza thank you and if you need anything let us know will see what we can do to get it.. Seeing the patients safely offloaded I follow my crew back up the ramp .. Getting on the aircrafts internal com system I tell my pilot 'take us up and lets get on station' to the other aircraft let them know to make the drop..

Watching once on station I see the drop being made quickly and smoothly as the final pallets are dropped I key the
ATS Transponder :
thats the lot of it .. let us know what else you need will see if we can get it .. good luck to you ..

Ok brothers lets head home our task is complete here..
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posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 08:06 AM
reply to post by ElizaAshdene

ATS transponder: Sounds good Eliza, I am currently at the corner of highway 17( I think) and Ln 6 north. It is east of Center. I will try to signal them in anyway I can if I see the vehicle. Tell them to come around noon tomorrow, I need to have time to pack up camp and gather some food from these farms.

posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 11:02 AM
reply to post by ChemistryAdept

ATS Transponder: "ChemistryAdept! Glad to hear you are ok! I know you were visiting your family in Alamosa, I fear things turned out in the worst way for them? If so, I am terribly sorry. I am glad to see you doing well though. We will meet up in South Fork most likely. I faced some infected, and I noticed them to be acutely aware and could almost communicate with each other. I was weaponless, but resourceful. Still, it seemed to be an oddly difficult battle. Can you describe the zombies you have encountered? I am a little worried about their growth patterns... I haven't seen anything like this before. I still remember my first kill; it was quick and easy, with little resistance. The zombie practically fell over under its own inability to coordinate bodily movement, and I hit it in the skull. How would zombies go from nor being able to balance, to running and communicating in only 2 months time? Please update your condition when possible. Stay safe, over."

posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 11:13 AM
reply to post by PhysicsAdept

ATS transponder: "Let’s keep it simple. Keep calling PhysicsAdept, Adept. Just call me Chem. I do not know how my family is, I just awoke one morning to a stumbling zombie pounding on my door and a house that was completely vacant. The pricks left me. I had to kill the thing with my Xbox… it was actually very easy. The infected that I am facing now are hard to kill, even with my bamboo ‘spear’. They have been trying to surround me. Recently I have just been keeping as quiet as possible because I have been getting to get exhausted. Over."

posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 12:02 PM
reply to post by ChemistryAdept

ATS Transponder: 10-4. Chem. Eliza here. Have notified Sam and Terry and they are close. They'll meet you at the intersection at noon. WARNING: There have been walkers seen in that area. Good luck- You only need hold out a little longer for real people. Over.

posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 12:08 PM
reply to post by Expat888

ATS Transponder: SE ROCKIES, Eliza here. Just going through the supplies you dropped on us. This looks great, it will definitely be appreciated in the coming days. I'll be doing a count of things in the next week or so (still on bed rest from Dr. Rob) and let you know if we are hurting for anything. You are very welcome to bring people here on the next trip. I'm a bit worried about your proximity to radiation problems and such. There are a couple of people here that speak Asian languages, so I'm sure we can work together. :-) Safe journeys back home. Thanks again. Over.

posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 04:13 PM
Handing the sledge over to Mr. Phaung he offered a lopsided smile. His shoulder had been feeling great all day so he had to test it. Three swings driving the iron pole down and he had to pass sledge. He wasn't tired not even winded but he could feel the stitches stretching lightly, Better safe then sorry.

The wheel was up and slowly revolving in spot,The kitchen had plenty of bear fat from several days before. So they were able to grease the whole pole. They had shaved the frame creating clear grooves to hold grease within. This would ensure the pole would be slowed down by the wheels weight. All he had to do now was ground it out and finish plugging up the last cabin. Two of the team were working on the trench toward the cabin while the other was feeding electric line through a pvc pipe. They would bury the wire but because of the thawing season he was worried about the earth movements. Hopefully the pvc would give the wire enough flexas well as keeping it dry.

The only other thing he was worries about was the river freezing over during the winter. He had plenty of time to figure out what they would do in that instance. For now it was time for lunch. Tomorrow morning at least five cabins would have power. Mr Phaung and the others would start working on two more wheels. They didn't need him for any of the major work. He would plug up the last cabin after lunch then he was going to go hook up Dr. Robs Little clinic up to one of other Husky generators. It wouldn't be enough to run a MRI but some lights and monitors would go along way to keeping people healthy.

Noticing Eliza checking through boxes he stopped by her. " Hey Rob will have power in the clinic tonight, Tomorrow 5 cabins will be set and in about a week the motel will have power." Looking at all the medical supplies he smiled.." Looks like Excap came through for us."

He followed the other guys into the restaurant for lunch. He had sent Rose and the other three out to scout the East road. Hopefully they wouldn't find anything, in the end the trips out were good for his crew as well for the horses they rode. The added benefit, well Rose was even now learning how to ride a horse..

posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 11:11 PM
reply to post by ElizaAshdene

asia (midway island)
walking down the ramp of the aircraft stretching to work out the kinks .. looking around notice the children and crew had been busy while we made the supply drop at SEROCK .. A couple of them come running up as am lighting up a cigarrette..

You did a great job clearing the runways while we were gone *reach into my leather bag pull out some candy and give them* .. Where's Con ? One of the kids points over at the tower he's checking things in there.. Thanks.. I head over to find out if Con learned anything new in regard to what happened here before our arrival.. and to let him know we'd remain awhile to set up an operational base here for future supply drops..

ATS Transponder : Eliza happy to hear your up and about make sure you dont overdo things while you recover..

Let Therian know taped an envelope to the drivers seat in the bmp typed up some basics on operating it in english when we were on midway prior to dropping it there with everything else.. Should make it easier to figure out how to operate it for him or whoever needs to use it.

Been concerned over that as well havent had chance to check situation on it back in japan yet .. But am not showing any signs of radiation damage yet from when was assisting there.. Tho it may just be my usual luck/curse at work as over the years been places where everything around me is destroyed and I walk away with barely a scratch..

Setting up an operational post here on midway to make future resupply runs a bit easier.. Also going to check a couple coordinates we found on a map here - seems to be possible facilities located on them not sure as the documents with the maps are coded no way to read them to know whats at the locations..

posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 05:04 AM
Hearing Expat over the transponder he smiled to himself... The Russian BMP-2 had thermal sights and allot of useful weapons systems including anti air if needful. Amphibious and at 40 rpm it was a zombie slaying machine. Unfortunately Just learning how to operate the systems would be costly. We had diesel at the pumps so He would learn how to work the machine. But it would remain in the encampment as a defensive tool as opposed to a run and fun toy..

He would get his team reading up on it. Three operators were needful. Driver, gunman, and Coms/electrical systems. Had room for several other personel. Hopefully troop movement would never be needful however as a hiding spot it was near impervious.

Yes it would make for an interesting time..

Tomorrow morning he would set up the Solar panels for this cabin while Mr. Phaung and the others were working on the next two wheels. He would have to talk with Eliza, But figured after he and his group learned the basics they could then teach a few others as well. That way whilst one group was out the other would be able to handle the machine..

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posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 12:48 PM
Spending most of the last day counting and organizing supplies I'm glad to be almost done. As far as medical goes, we are pretty much set. After adding what Expat888 brought in to our booty we'd already taken from the hospital, as long as bomb doesn't hit town, we are good for a long while. Luckily, only a handful of people around here were relying on some kind of pharmaceuticals for a better quality of life. We've started to ween them off (of the less serious ones) with better diet and exercise. As soon as the first crops start poppin up this will be a much easier task.

I popped over to Dr. Rob's little office, which now has power
to give him my list of medical supplies. He checked up on me. All my vitals are good. My bruises look HORRIBLE, which means they're healing and my rib- well, that's a bit sore still, but he said I'm coming along nicely. Prescription: Take it easy. He also tells me that Therian seems to be takin' pretty good care of himself and if he continues he'll be good as new in no time.

I decided to go check on his group learning the BMP... in Russian. Does not sound like my cup of tea.

"How's it goin guys?" I ask.

"Pretty ok," Therian answered, "The notes from Expat888 are helpful."

"Excellent. You think this thing will be useful? If you guys get it going and are comfortable we should probably set up some kind training for a few others. You know, just in case. "

Walking back to my cabin for a little shut-eye I grab the transponder from my bag.

ATS Transponder: SE ROCKIES, Eliza here. Expat: Therian found your notes. Much appreciated!Thank you!

Come in, Chem! Eliza here. Haven't heard from you. A bit worried. Have you run into trouble? Sam and Terry are still in the area. They have to come back tonight, at least for more food... and back up if needed. Please advise. Over.

posted on Nov, 14 2011 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by ElizaAshdene

(off-topic: sorry if i do not respond. i can not get on during the weekends.)
ATS transponder: Eliza, this is Chem. I am ready to be picked up. If they drive to the intrersection then i will show myself. I am glad to know that i will be around normal people again. Over.

posted on Nov, 14 2011 @ 06:49 PM
reply to post by ChemistryAdept

Off-topic: Good to know :-)

Back on track...

ATS Transponder: Eliza here. We read you Chem. Sending the hippie and ginger (Terry and Sam) back your way. They'll be coming in tonight. Shouldn't take them long to get there. They'll be the only pair of headlights... hopefully. Stay hidden. Watch for the lights. If you don't come right out, they'll find a safe place and stay the night. Let me know if you change position, I'll transmit the message. Over.

Wow. Really surprised to hear Chem's voice over the transponder. It had been two days and no contact. Sam and Terry had returned to the encampment to tell us that the walkers were getting smarter... and there seemed to be quite a few that had made it to that area.

We had pretty much given up hope. He must have one helluva hiding place in there.

I head to the river where I hope to find Terry and Sam to send them back to Center. I pass THERIAN on the way

"Hey, Therian. Haven't seen you around. Been resting, I hope."

posted on Nov, 14 2011 @ 10:53 PM
ATS transponder: "Glad to see things are going well. Myself, I'm settled into mid Arkansas, and with permission of the mayor's daughter, and the mayor, I'd like to call this BCARK. (Base Camp ARKansas.) We have few walkers here, and we got our crops in the ground already. With Therian's advice, we've built two kilns, and have the kids practicing on vertical lathes, to make plates and cups and bowls. There's plenty of clay by the river and the kids are more than eager to get it for their "projects". Little do they know that it will be the only cookware we have.

I'm working on our forge. We had to dig gypsum from the nearby hill, and mix our own mortar, but finding enough leather for the bellows took a bit of time. We had to find a leather couch, which we did, and afterwards we made the bellows from a few discarded planks. The kids love to run the bellows, but we are not at operating temp yet. I can melt brass, and copper, but I'm not hot enough yet to melt steel. I'm working on the revisions.

We have plenty of water from the river, we're chopping wood for the winter, and preparing for rough times ahead. We've raided hundreds of mason jars, and cases of lids and rings, so as long as there's no problems with the crops, we'll have a bounty to trade.

Trade, I think, will be essential in the future, aye?

BCARK, Over."

posted on Nov, 15 2011 @ 11:22 AM
reply to post by ElizaAshdene

ATS transponder: You have no idea how good of a spot it is… the only reason I had to kill any is because of my last response. I did not answer for two weeks because the infected are everywhere. I met up with the hippie and ginger last night… interesting people. We had to kill three just to get some room to escape.

We are riding down the road to the camp when I finally awake. Though the engine was knocking slightly, Terry and Sam paid it no notice. I sure hope it lasts longer than it sounds like it will…..

posted on Nov, 15 2011 @ 01:37 PM
reply to post by ChemistryAdept

Hearing back from Chem and the others I'm glad to go make up another room in a cabin. Wondering if Chem and Adept (Physics) want to bunk together, I decide to go ahead and make up an extra room in Adept's cabin and one in an empty cabin next door. While making the bed with some fresh linens in the extra cabin I notice Dr. Rob walking by in a bit of a hurry/

"Hey, Dr. Rob. Where's the fire?" I ask.

"On the other side of the river. A couple of the kids were down there earlier and came back running. They said they heard something and saw something... big... move. Could be a bear, a mountain lion or a walker at worst. Gonna go grab a couple of other guys and some weapons. Won't use bullets unless we have to. Someone new coming in?"

"Yes, Chem, one of PhysicsAdept's friends before the SHTF. He's on the way in with Sam and Terry now. You go, go make sure everything's ok by the river. Here," I hand him one of our local walkie talkies, "Call me if you need anything."

"Ok, and you take it easy making that bed." He leaves.

I finish making the bed in the extra cabin and make sure there's a water bucket and cup. Then I grab a solar shower bag to take down to the river to fill for him. I'm sure he'll be ready for a rinse. Cautious, I decide to take a small handgun. I'm still too weak to move enough to swing anything at anyone... successfully.

Hopefully , I won't run into anything.

posted on Nov, 15 2011 @ 02:50 PM
It has been a long week. The refugees brought in after the attack by walkers are still in quarantine. We want to give it the full 10 days. I've noticed some odd behavior but haven't brought it to the group yet. I'm afraid its my imagination. I guess I will have to bring it up at the meeting tonight. I can't afford to endanger the camp by ignoring what might be real. It will be a very hard decision if we have to terminate them. My God, to even have to think like that is horrible. Most of the camp has befriended them. I hope it is my imagination. Its just so hard to be sure since the walkers are evolving.

How will we ever be able to rebuild a decent society? Will we ever be able to get the walkers under control?

ATS Transponder: SETX here. Good to hear all is progessing well for everyone. Eliza, I hope and pray that the "thing" in the woods is nothing.

Druid, glad to hear you are settling in and rebuilding there.

Question to all: How many camps do you think there are? How many do you think have survived and stayed out of the camps? Are we all going to remain completely independent or do we at some point start to try to rebuild some type of country?

Sorry for the melancholy, the refugee situation really bothers me. I know that if they are infected it won't be the people we brought in that we are terminating but it is still so very hard to deal with.

SETX out.

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 11:13 AM
BCNYVT: Been a tough struggle of late and have had to stay offline. Couple of scouts noted radio triangluation trucks on the road. Not sure who they are looking for. We have taken in additional refugees after screening. Have had some issues in camp that had to be dealt with. As things settle down will get better update. Needless to say we are alive and for the most part well.

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 05:53 PM
Eating lunch with his group he wrote out a few more notes about the APC. Working with it most the week even with the note the team hadn't gotten very far. They could move in most directions and were pretty sure they could convert it to swim mode. In truth the BMP-2 was a APC not a tank. But for anyone not in the military it was pretty much a tank. Comms were easy enough to work out infrared was a piece of cake. He just had not quite figured out how to shift the ATML out of safety mode. The Smoke Launcher as well was hardwired into the Computer. He would need a translator to figure it out. The other 30mm was easy enough to point and shoot. At least they assumed it was. They had dry fired it several times even ran a few reloading drills. The problem was ammunition they had a crate of Grenades for the thing but wasn't sure where to find more. They knew they could cut down a small forest in a few minutes. However after it was cut down they wouldn't have any additional ammo for the gun. The smaller machine gun was as well easy to use and luckily the rounds were easier to come by and with a non disintegrating belt there was high hope for reloading.

All and all they had spent 5 days working around the vehicle and were confidant they could run zombies over. They could also call out the kills via Radio or loudspeaker. While they could use the guns they were not quite sure if they were right. If they were right they would have to waste ammo to find out. All and all they decided to make a trip back to Crede. If the gun shop wasn't looted they could loot the rest themselves. That would get them the 7.62mm or 5.56mm rounds. also a swing by a library and with luck they could find a english to russian translation. They would leave out tomorrow so for now he wrote out everything they had learned. The team had already marked the important buttons in the tank and with his paper some should be able to start from a easier lvl of understanding the BMP should something happen to the team.

He had managed to trade the new model Chevy for a old truck and had reoutfitted it for looting. All was ready well All but permisions.. Always better to ask for forgiveness after wards. However with a team it wasn't just his life at risk, So he went to Eliza to learn what she thought of it. The team would scavenge additional things as well provided a List was given..

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 09:00 PM

Originally posted by mantarey
BCNYVT: Been a tough struggle of late and have had to stay offline. Couple of scouts noted radio triangluation trucks on the road. Not sure who they are looking for. We have taken in additional refugees after screening. Have had some issues in camp that had to be dealt with. As things settle down will get better update. Needless to say we are alive and for the most part well.

ATS Transponder: "BCARK to BCNYVT. It seems the east coast is pretty messed up, I had trouble getting this far south. I think it has to do with the population density, and the ease of getting people rounded up in FEMA camps. I had to pass through many RF jammers, they were dropping them all over. Best to keep radio silent if you have to, and if you think about moving south, I can send you a map of the "hazardous" areas from my original twenty to here. It may come in useful for others to get through that segment of road. Good to hear you are still kickin' it.

SEROCK: Kinda jealous of your new toy. Hope you manage to find your ammo.

SETX: I wonder how many camps there are as well. Whenever I saw military convoys, I shut down and went silent, staying immobile to avoid unnecessary attention. I decorated my rig with "camouflage", nothing but brush and limbs bungied into place, and by pulling off to the side of the road, I blended in quite well with the scenery. Re-building? I think it's short term survival for now. I wish everyone the best of luck. There are no other ATS'ers here in camp, but I keep them updated on my communications with you guys, and we still have hope intact.

Time will tell. Everyone keep everyone informed. I am looking for a small aircraft pilot, with hopes we can sometime have a "transport" service set up. Ask around at your camps. For now, BCARK, out."

posted on Nov, 24 2011 @ 03:24 PM
When the wheel house was finished he helped the guys run the wire and set it up to the motel. It would hold a dryer and all the room at once but it could manage one or the other. Maybe Eliza could work out a set power outage in motel so the laundry could be done.

After gaining permision He and his team took off to Crede. They had easily finished pulling from the army surplus shop. Without any official list they had went house to house clearing out any walkers they found silently. Can foods, medical, and hygiene product was the short list. Tossing in a few hand tool and Camping gear where they found it. If the time came to move they wanted the supplies for the whole encampment. Tents and sleeping bags weren't home. But they were a sight better then the cold ground.

Having returned safely without much to report other then success. He could have spoke for more then a few minute about close calls and other worries the team ran into. But they weren't something one could be prepared for unless they were in the situation before hand.

Geared up once again he and his team took some horses and headed up the hills. Eliza had spoke about another place that would be suitable. He and his guys ( Rose Included) had decided they would spend some time each month setting up a fall back encampment. While they wouldn't be clear cutting, They did cut down enough timber to build a few shelters. As well they sealed and hid a nice stock of gear. Beans, rice, and seeds for next year should they have to move before next season. About a dozen tents and twice as many sleeping bags were stowed far back into a smaller cave. They would take the time to stack rocks over the entrance. Mice might get in but if they had to move in a hurry rats were the least of their concerns. With the bags a few choice guns were stowed as well.

Next time they came this way they would cut down some more timber and actually set some frames. Wasn't easy being away from their new home for to long. If walkers came they couldn't get back in time to help with a blockade. At the same time the best thing they could be doing right now was what they were. Looting away from the encampment and setting up a secondary position should trouble get to hectic.

They would make it back in a few days. Would have to rig a small horse trailer for some plywood. He understood the thoughts behind a wooden cabin. The problem was he didn't have a year to season the wood. Wouldn't be much of a shelter if they ran to it and nothing was standing. There were some higher caves however and with some plywood and time he could build up some steps. He would go out of his way to dig into the hill. That way from most angles one would see the way up to the caves. As long as they weren't water vents he could make the caves into a home. Despite having high hopes for the cave he would rather it was all wasted energy. Only time would tell..

ATS Transponder: Eliza.. We will be another day or two. Found your spot or at least one that will work. 100 yards to river. Few caves, flat ground leading to them. Bout 20 feet above river level. Plenty of trees so far no sign of bigger game but plenty of smaller edible types. Sent the scouts up the range to check for big game. Will climb a few trees near the cave, cut and salt them to kill anymore upward growth. If all works out we can plank and ramp them. Wouldn't be enough room for bedding but could be used for sniper like tactics
Well anyways just wanted to give you a heads up. Hope you all are doing well.

To the Rest of you out there.. Be well hope your every tomorrow is better then your everyday..
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