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Disclosure or psyop for the group think?

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posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 01:41 PM
A question arose in my mind regarding whether or not any acts of disclosure would even be believed? When a person of normal rationale is faced with something new, particularly new and outrageous, what then constitutes the litmus test to determine veracity?

Is it repeatability? If enough people repeat the contention then by popular consensus it must be valid?

Is it probability? If it seems likely enough it must be valid?

Is it along the lines of dark secrecy in maintaining the articles low profile?

Or is it all just feeding the masses with what they want to believe?

Many times we, or at least I, had heard about Roswell and the alien craft that had been recovered. The official version, No UFO crashed in Roswell NM... perhaps not altogether untrue a statement if the craft are being shot down but meh, that is conjecture on my part and not based on any concrete evidence.

What is concrete evidence though is the way events had shaped society and societies as in the secret variety..

While looking at one thing I was led to another and came across this article that seems to explain a lot about history... as well as spell out the formation and reasoning behind secret societies like the Bilderburg group to name one.

Is it so unreasonable to accept the version presented for its inception? Some reason was behind all the secrecy and formation of groups that don't officially exist on the books like MJ12 who had made press in media form through popular shows that glamorized UFOlogy and at the same time sold a particular flavor of truth that may not have been as accurate in their accounts as one would hope for in a search for truth.

The issue is, what does one believe, or more apt, how far does one buy into the belief?

From that site and regarding the formation of MJ12...

"It is the only scenario THAT ANSWERS ALL THE QUESTIONS and places the
various fundamental mysteries in an arena that makes sense. It is the
only explanation which shows the chronology of events and demonstrates
that the chronologies, when assembled, match perfectly. The bulk of
this I believe to be true if the material that I viewed in the Navy is
authentic. As for the rest, I do not know, and that is why this paper
must be termed a hypothesis. Most historic and current available
evidence supports this hypothesis."

If the info presented there is pristine in its forbidden knowledge and based on absolute truth and not merely some agenda driven psyop then perhaps justifiability exists within all the government does... or does it all whitewash the criminality by which the world is held hostage by limited information dissemination?

Would full disclosure of what truth is be accepted by the mainstream Joe standing in every walk of life or would it be more acceptable to those who had tendency to want to believe in an ET?

Since the subject matter is so highly controversial the potential is there for manipulation of the masses but doesn't necessarily mean that the information is anything but the truth.

Simply put, how would any of us know unless it came from some emissary of the ET themselves?

Would man be ready for such a meeting or are we being led to conclusion by Hollywood with shows like Alien or Predator, or Starship Troopers or Battle for LA, or Independence Day... you see the direction the entertainment industry is leading belief... how accurate is that judgment though? Would you be inclined to shoot first and ask questions later?

Or do you believe in a system of judging by actions rather than suspicion? Can you trust your leaders for their instincts? ... can you even trust your own?

Would disclosure bring man together with aliens or would man lock and load and seek truth and guidance at the end of a barrel?

The morality of the moment... what are the ET's thinking we would do? They theoretically have monitored our transmissions and find us sorely in want of everything from intellect ( imagine a WWE transmission and ET watching it in a state of incredulity yet seeing the gullible human buy into it as if it were real and not scripted) to justice, to morality, to sustainable future development.

Once again, would disclosure help or hinder the everyday Joe? The fact that the Government hasn't disclosed openly (perhaps by back channels like the provided link?) says they do not have much faith in our ability to decide prudently ... or even wisely.

Where has any alien ever acted malevolently? According to the link, human body parts were found inside a downed craft. Was this a psyop or was it yet another flavor of truth? I recall a movie called Planet of the Apes where the ape scientists had studied the human form to learn from... yet perhaps we had done similar to the bodies of the found craft as well so it would be hard to draw a line on that ground alone.

food for thought... Would you trust the rest to fully disclose? Remember War of the Worlds radio broadcast and how people react? Perhaps there is a need for research institutes that study human behavior?

And yet I don't feel handicapped by my thoughts as much as I do by the actions of the controllers who use these kind of studies to play us like fiddles thinking we aren't capable of understanding truth... and yet don't we all create our own truths to comprehend that which isn't forthcoming?

I would vote disclosure on the simple principle of instilling faith in us to our visitors who probably could have taken over at any time throughout human history.

and yet many of you vote shoot them first and find out what makes them tick. Perhaps being shot down at every approach has its limits of patience and we will reap what we sow... .

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posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 02:05 PM
Excellent post. Nice to see one pondering over how things like this impact mankind.

It's all too complex to grasp until the moment would be there. I think it's pretty much depending in the way these aliens are communicating AND the way our media is communicating about them.

Don't think they're looking forward to openly visit us though unless we start to mess up things big time. Maybe soon maybe never.

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 02:51 PM

Originally posted by FriendlyGopher
Excellent post. Nice to see one pondering over how things like this impact mankind.

It's all too complex to grasp until the moment would be there. I think it's pretty much depending in the way these aliens are communicating AND the way our media is communicating about them.

Don't think they're looking forward to openly visit us though unless we start to mess up things big time. Maybe soon maybe never.

yes, communication is the key. The problem is what we are communicating about ourselves. We fight, kill, make industry in the pursuit of killing, have few moral qualms about killing - even killing unborn, we demonstrate a willingness to look the other way when it is somewhere else besides home and worst of all, keep repeating.

If it were us as visitors to another world and in all our monitoring of their communications and favorite pastimes wouldn't we come to a conclusion that if their entertainment were pitting two fighters in a ring and seeing them jar each others brains loose in order to KO then wouldn't we want to keep our distance?

Has society come that far from the ancient times when men were in a ring fighting with swords instead? Or is our entertainment value on things like UFC dictating that we have no compulsion to change from our blood-lusts?

If the scenario were reversed I don't think I would even care about the alien culture but would only draw a line if that residue of pollution started to invade my space.

I don't really have much faith in man to mature to a level of acceptance of all... there are many people that rub me the wrong way and I too fall into that hate. I may try to grant them their space but inside I would always be thinking it a waste. As much as I want to believe in others thwe truth is there is only one person I can trust implicitly, myself.

Aren't we all similarly afflicted with this kind of bias towards each other and how could we ever be accepting of an alien race?

Self reflection is sad when we all reflect the environment we present to each other... no wonder we as a society are so dysfunctional.

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 10:47 PM
So D4rk Knight story line is not that far out

Since it a slow night you could catch up on this
You may need it very soon

Memember Profile

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 11:44 PM

Originally posted by Trillium
So D4rk Knight story line is not that far out

Since it a slow night you could catch up on this
You may need it very soon

Memember Profile

Thank you for the links. I am on the first one and a number of things struck me right off.

The Rockefellers are in the Himalaya's last I heard.

Project Bluebeam has been making the rounds on the forums

Oct. 28th was also an Elenin date wasn't it? Also connected to the Maya dates... I also read that the dates for Elenin had to be adjusted because it had changed speed... dunno about any of it as I am not in the loop but I have a wait and see attitude.

I find it curious that the thread was moved to the hoax section but am not done reading it yet.

I could understand the remote location as a choice on the grounds it is high and no chem trails are there, (atmospherics and conductivity) also remote where it wouldnt be feasible to focus on a small group, also cold enough to discourage others.

Not long to wait to see either way.

I am intrigued by the implications and am going to continue reading through the links.

Thanks again!

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 12:06 AM
To anoncoholic - it is great to see a person using their own cognitive processes to sift through information. I am a Contactee and Life Long Experiencer and as such I know that we on Earth are being visited. I have my theory on what is happening and why. Having first hand evidence is always going to influence how a person thinks and reacts.

Maybe I am unusual but I do not have the slightest desire to convince anyone of my beliefs. I speak openly with those who are interested and I am published regularly for those who indulge in personal research. The general populus go about their daily lives and rely on the television, newspapers and radio for their news and stimulation. To suddenly disclose that Earth is being visited by sentient beings from another planet - let alone galaxy - dimension - wherever...

Most people would go into meltdown or panic however science has explained that when the human psyche receives overwhelming information - the brain shuts down. Think if you will of a garden variety kitchen sponge - you are wiping up a liquid spill - the sponge absorbs all the liquid it can - it has now shut down unable to absorb anymore. The sponge will continue to operate however it needs to release all the liquid it has absorbed. In short the general populus needs to release all the lies/coverups/manipulated information in order to accept any new and previously undisclosed information.

The real problem now is that information and disinformation is so tightly woven together it will be only those who have developed their intuitive talents that have any hope of discerning the facts from the manufactured data. Factor in all the mind control - subliminal messaging in every printed and televised form of media - chemicals in the air, water and food - it will be only the intellectually an/or spiritually developed souls who will be able to make any transition into a world with contact from any sentient being - from anywhere!

Much Peace..

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 12:13 AM
This might help you understand a few things.
stars and flags for you.

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 02:38 AM
I was looking into the project groups and these 2 links might be interesting to sort of prove that the stories are based on some established facts.

And then the file that is discussed in the above file to be destroyed.

The description of this encounter struck me as odd especially when the military is advising in the first file to close the project cause of nothing really interesting. Yet the file that should've been destroyed is very interesting to me and probably the reason they went underground. Also the fact that the atomic agency had interest in the micro films is striking cause we had a number of incidents were UFO's manipulated nuclear facilities.

k. On 7 January 1948, a National Guard pilot was killed while attempting to chase an unidentified object up to 30,000 feet. While it is presumed that this pilot suffered anoxia, resulting in his crash, his last message to the tower was, "It appears to be metallic object....of tremendous size...directly ahead and slightly above....I am trying to close for a better look."

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