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LAS VEGAS: was this city built in Tribute to Aliens from VEGA ?

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posted on Oct, 29 2011 @ 12:31 PM
Apologies if some of you have waited with bated breath for me to post again in this every so compelling thread...

I have recently uncovered another Conspiracy Theorist who has suggested that the countless Trillions of dollars taken in by the Secret Service run Drug Trade, Organized Crime rings, Stolen Corporate Funds, vanishing monies of the criminal BANKSTERS who have made countless Trillions disappear from our economies with fake exotic structured derivatives and other extortionist practices... IT IS ALLEGED THAT THESE FUNDS serve to build hundreds of underground cities aka DUMBS Worldwide to protect our governing Elite from impending Doom.

Only one question remains:

Is it MAN-MADE DOOM such as WWIII ?




posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 10:34 PM
Here is a post by a fellow ATS member Spirit Horse in another thread which casts some light onto why Las Vegas might have been set up by a concordance of powers to launder funds and orchestrate DUMBS operations which are allegedly worldwide.

Originally posted by spirit_horse
It's Slave Harvest time! The elites won't need to worry about reducing the world population, it will be done for them and they plan to hide in DUMBs (Deep Underground Militery Bases). What else could scare the military and governments so bad that they are digging underground like ferrets on crack storing food, weapons, and medical suplies? They are scared because they are about to find out how it feels being powerless against a force far superior to themselves. They don't want to tell the general population because anarchy would result as people go build their own bunkers and arm up. Their hope is that there will be enough easy access slaves on the surface that the harvesters will be packed full and head back from whence they came, That is just one possible scenario, and by no means is there proof of it happening, just a guess. The same governments, faced with nuclear armageddon never went as far as they are now and the mutually assured destruction scenario is not as serious as it was back during the cold war. Truckers have been loading loads of long lasting food underground for a couple years or more now. The underground dwellers are planning to stay 6 or 7 years from what I hear, Either, they believe an asteroid or comet strike may produce a 'nuclear' type winter by blasting dust and debris into the upper atmosphere, or something else has them panicking. I am leaning toward an alien invasion to either take slaves, food, or they plan to stay and mine the planet. Another thing that is a flashing warning sign is the seed banks, underground salt mines where they stored entire libraries, and the new supercomputer center in Utah where they are uploading all the data they can from around the world so it won't be lost and they can come out and start over without losing all that knowledge. Why didn't they do that during the cold war when nuclear winter was just a push button away? No, IMHO, there is something much more dire they are preparing for. Why did all the contracts for the preparation have a final fulfilment date at the end of 2011. And one more thing. I believe the economic crises was really brought about by the sudden vacuum sound of all the world money being sucked up to pay for and purchase all the provisions needed. Now it is just a sit and wait senario to see what happens. Even CEO's and other elites are building condos in old nuclear missile silos. These types are not the ones who just go out on a whim and do things like that. If so, they would have during the cold war, or the Y2K bug, or a multitude of reasons. But they didn't. It was a waste of perfectly good money. Well, not this time, they are all onboard for something major and us surface dwellers better do some serious thinking about different scenarios should they develop. Me, I am not going anywhere with anything, not alive at least.

Thread: Alien Invasion Acclimatization documentary

This commentary does bring to the forefront the context in which we must examine the likelihood of extensive DUMBS and makes a good case for the funneling away of much of the world's wealth over years in ways which are not reflective of usual economic exchanges: where has the all the money gone, how is it being spent? Are the real assets being hoarded already with the bulk of the world's population left with paper facsimiles? Do all those in the know shut up so as not to lose their place in the bunkers? Maybe we should publish Maps of the DUMBS with access gates so that any invading Aliens can know where to start their feast? LOL


posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 07:24 AM
Las Vegas means "The Meadows" in Spanish.

Has nothing to do with Vega.

posted on Nov, 21 2011 @ 04:21 PM
reply to post by projectvxn

Hi projectvxn,

Thanks for reading beyond the initial title... LOL Others made a convincing case for this at it has since been acknowledged by the OP.

Fellow ATS members,

Regarding Las Vegas being used to launder funds for unusual purposes, among which could be Black Ops and the building and maintenance of Underground Cities, here is a very interesting article:

"Dietrich reports Howard Hughes's first "major" purchase of an election. It involved the contribution of $60,000 to a successful senatorial campaign in 1952. Hughes moved on to bigger things.

A few weeks after the election in November 1956, Hughes negotiated a $205,000 "loan" to new Vice President Richard M. Nixon's brother, Donald. (See The Nixon-Hughes "Loan"; the "Loan" No One Repaid, by Nicholas North-Broome.) The loan was said to be for the purpose of bailing out Donald's failing restaurant, Nixon's, in Whittier, California. Specialite de la maison was the "Nixonburger."

"Security" for the loan was a vacant lot, assessed for tax purposes at $13,000. The lot belonged to Nixon's mother. The restaurant went bankrupt a few months later. No one knows what happened to the $205,000.

Some observers have intimated that Hughes's loan to Donald, in effect, "bought" Vice President Nixon for Hughes. Shortly thereafter, the troubles of Hughes's airline, TWA, were over; an antitrust suit against Hughes Tool was quietly shelved; various investigations of other Hughes operations ground to a halt.

But perhaps the nicest thing that happened to the Hughes empire is described by Dietrich:

"Something curious happened one month after the loan was made [February 1957]. The Internal Revenue Service made a reversal and ruled that the Howard Hughes Medical Foundation was entitled to tax-exempt status. The request for tax exemption had twice been refused by the IRS and the Treasury Department. But early in 1957, Howard was able to win that status for his foundation, which owned all the stock in Hughes Aircraft."

Result: All the proceeds from Hughes Aircraft, estimated as at least half a million dollars a year, are swallowed up by the Hughes Medical Foundation, with headquarters in Miami, Florida. The sole trustee of the Foundation is Howard Hughes. As a privately-owned, tax-exempt foundation, the Howard Hughes Medical Foundation is not required to render any account of how much money it receives, and how it is spent, except to the IRS.

Was an open-ended money funnel set up, into which millions of tax-free dollars could disappear? Wouldn't the man who controlled such a funnel be in a position to control U.S. elections -- and thus, the United States -- through tax-free "contributions"?

And what about the Hughes Vegas casinos which, oddly, lose money while the other casinos rake it in? Does the "lost" money find its way somehow into the "Hughes" tax-free Hughes Medical Foundation? Where does it go from there?

Hughes has been reported to have tried to "buy" the Bahamas. Or was it Nicaragua?

What about "buying" Biafra, reputed to be sitting on a pool of oil, and subjecting it to some "top secret medical research" -- conducted by a "top-secret" Hughes communications and weather satellite?

Hank Greenspun, editor of the Las Vegas Sun, explained that the unsuccessful attempt to break into his files in the summer of 1972 was because his files contained "Hughes's game plans for the election of Presidents, Senators, and Governors...""

Is Howard Hughes Dead and Buried Off a Greek Island?

In case that link has you convinced that Hughes was "disappeared in Greece, there might be some confusion of characters as can be ascertained here in an equally if not even more controversial revelation:

"JFK Photographed at Secret Hide-out - Exclusive Pictures Show Jackie With Crippled Kennedy Proving He Didn't Die in Dallas."

Is there a connection between the Hughes Empire with its Las Vegas Casino laundering operation, the Onassis Empire with the Monaco based Societe des Bains de Mers running the MonteCarlo Casino laundering operation? The Kennedy's had known Illuminati connections, Onassis rose to very improbable wealth and fame from dire poverty after a short passage in Argentina where the CIA and Martin Bormann's Nazi Continuum corporate network were very active. Joseph Kennedy was a buddy of Adolf Hitler causing him to be recalled from his London embassy appointment. Is there a CIA-Nazi connection with Onassis and the Kennedy HIT? Half a century later so many questions remain not only unanswered but very seldom voiced! Here is a link to ties between the Vatican, the CIA and Nazis in the USA:


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