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Secrecy Kills:Who is Rich Blee?

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posted on Sep, 21 2011 @ 08:21 PM
Ok,y'all the podcast documentary is out:Who is Rich Blee? and also here's an interesting article on Boiling Frogs :Boiling Frogs

posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 08:08 PM
Bumping this.I think it's far too important to let it drop.

2nd line.

posted on Sep, 24 2011 @ 01:13 AM
I listened to the interview. Very good stuff. This is an example of not drawing conclusions, but looking at documented evidence and following it to put together the complete story. I appreciate Keane's willingness to discuss, but it seems odd to me that he knows all these "oddities", yet he doesn't know anything since the commission's investigation. Why didn't he feel compelled to continue to investigate on his own? He has been more than open about being lied to, stonewalled and blatantly misled. His non concern really shows to me a real lack of even caring about what happened and who was responsible. Does he not care about the truth? Does he not care about America? His actions say to me that he was given a job to do, he did it how we was told and received a "job well done" with the report. It seems obvious to me, he was picked as a guy that would allow himself and the investigation to be blocked where it needed to be blocked and secret where it needed to be secret. Someone who wouldn't be too loud about any oddities, lies or behind the scenes partnerships and dealings.

Here we have proof of someone protecting hijackers and making sure no one was tipped off when it was time for the 9/11 mission. I am looking forward to the next part of this. So many people are always looking for that "smoking gun", and here we have some seriously interesting information, and the thread just slips further and further down the page.

posted on Sep, 24 2011 @ 11:24 PM
reply to post by RomanMaroni
I agree RomanMaroni,unsurprisingly,there have been few mentions about these revaluations:
I went to see the comments section and there are some people who are trying to downplay all of this.

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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 03:16 AM
Here's a link with info on Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid Almihdhar

The deeper you go into the timeline the harder it gets to buy into the OS/incompetence theories especially now that we now know the intelligence community in this country had and still has their own agenda.

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 01:24 AM
I agree Mike. At first, it does look like incompetence, but when you see it over and over again "blunder" after "blunder" it becomes apparent. And now we have Richard Clarke confirming on camera what many have come to realize upon examining the evidence. We have outright proof of protection, and we have names.

With Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid Almihdhar, we have two Al-Queda vets. These guys fought together in Bosnia, Chechnya, Afghanistan ... we have two guys caught smuggling weapons into Saudi Arabia to blow up Saudi police stations ... guys meeting at a major Al-Queda summit in Malaysia under CIA surveillance .. they were followed to the Phillipines .. the CIA knows they have US visas ... they live with an FBI informant once they get here ... they were watch listed by the Saudi's ... they had extremism indicators on their passports. The CIA was notified.

In 2007, CIA informant Luai Sakra admits to training six of the 9/11 hijackers in Turkey. One of those is Nawaf Alhazmi.

CIA training, FBI housing, ISI protection, Saudi protection, NSA protection .... This story is a lot more complex than "someone didn't share the information" or "someone stopped a cable," but this is a step in the right direction.

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 02:30 AM
Mike you and I had this conversation a year ago where I mentioned Richard Blee

Late '99, the Saudis add 2 9/11 hijackers to their watch list & inform the CIA. The 2 hijackers are Alhazmi & Almihdhar. The Saudi Intelligence minister tells the CIA these 2 are Al-Queda, involved in the '98 Embassy bombings & attempts to smuggle arms into the UK. It should be noted the CIA denies it was alerted, but coincidentally start tracking them at this time. They aren't watchlisted despite the CIA stressing to agents to share all info & put anyone with "reasonable suspicion" on the list. In December '99 these 2 attend Al-Qaeda summit in Malaysia but still aren't watch listed. Both these men have US passports & 50-60 CIA agents are notified that they are traveling. One report says Alhazmi is in the US. The FBI isn't notified & no watch list update. 8 CIA offices were notified of the summit. The CIA was running an operation to track Al-Queda at the airport in Dubai. UAE officials make a copy of Almihdhar's passport & fax it to the CIA's Bin Laden Unit. The CIA learns his full name & discovers he has a multiple entry visa to the US through April 2000. Not watch listed. The summit was for 4 days but the CIA only video tapes the first day & only tapes operatives arriving. Still they are able to get Alzhazmi, Almihdhar, & Bojinka plotter Hambali on video. Hambali was already known to the CIA as a Bojinka plotter. A CIA officer known only as James, knows about Almihdhar's US visa & twice briefs FBI officials about the summit but fails to mention the visa. He also fails to talk to the right people & briefs FBI agents who are not contact points for CIA. "James" also writes an email to several CIA officials that says, "Thus far, a lot of suspicious activity has been observed [in Malaysia] but nothing that would indicate evidence of an impending attack or criminal enterprise. [I told the first FBI agent] that as soon as something concrete is developed leading us to the criminal arena or to known FBI cases, we will immediately bring FBI into the loop. Like [the first FBI agent] yesterday, [the second FBI agent] stated that this was a fine approach and thanked me for keeping him in the loop.” After 9/11, "James" refuses to talk to DOJ Inspector General, but does tell the CIA's inspector general he has no recollection of any of this.

After the summit, CIA BinLaden Unit chief Richard Blee didn't do an intelligence report to be shared in the intelligence community. The summit was so important Blee had to repeatedly brief CIA leadership & that information was passed on to National Security Advisor Sandy Berger & FBI director Louis Freeh. It's because of this failure to do a report, Almihdhar & Alhazmi are able to "disappear" to Thailand later.

The CIA then fails to act on calls that link the Malaysian summit to the Cole bombings and the 9/11 Hijackers hotel. The calls are to/from a payphone outside of the summit, The Washington Hotel in Bangkok where 2 Al-Qaeda operatives involved in the Cole bombing are staying (will later be joined by 9/11 hijackers Alhazmi & Almihdhar), & Fahad Al-Quso's house in Yemen. Ai-Quoso was a top Al-Qaeda operative, & was supposed to videotape the Cole bombing. However, he "overslept" despite numerous calls to his cell phone all the way up until the bombing.

Jan 5 '00 Doug Miller, FBI agent assigned to the CIA Bin Laden Unit, gets a cable saying 9/11 hijacker Almihdhar has a US visa. He drafts a cable to inform the FBI. The cable says Almihdhar has a US visa, planned to stay in NY for 3 mos, the links between his phone & the '98 African Embassy bombings. states the CIA has pictures of Almihdhar, & he will send the pictures separately. CIA Bin Laden Unit Deputy Chief, Tom Wilshire, blocks the cable and says it's not a matter for the FBI. An Al-Qaeda terrorist was heading to the US, but CIA deputy Chief says it's not a matter for the FBI. Then the CIA sends out a cable to its agents saying the information had been shared with the FBI. Then, it's routine practice to follow up and make sure the FBI received the info. No follow up was done.

When Almihdhar and Alhazmi "disappear" into Thailand, the CIA is notified they are en route. They only know of one of the passengers as Alhazmi. They know Almihdhar has an associate name Nawaf, but fails to put the names together which would have at least led to him being watch listed. The CIA monitoring the summit, knows of a person by the first name Nawaf and one by the last name Alhazmi but just couldn't "connect the dots" Richard Blee goes on to lie to his superiors and say they were continuing the Malaysia monitoring when in fact these men had already gone to Thailand. Blee says he wasn't aware they had left Malaysia. The CIA was fully aware they were in Thailand alerting the CIA there these men were coming. The CIA then says they were unable to locate them in Thailand. Despite being at the very hotel the CIA was monitoring from Malaysia

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 03:12 AM
reply to post by RomanMaroni
All The more reason to keep this thread up,RomanMaroni.This is the kind of evidence many people on both sides of the issue say they want to see.Well,here it is and not a peep from anyone.Can it be that since the makers of the doc are not part of an mainstream news network we have been programed to ignore things like this? or is it that this documentary tells us something about the government that many people don't want to face?

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 04:12 AM
Looking at your earlier remarks about Kean.Which by the way is pretty much the way I look at most of the commissioners they were picked exactly because they would not stir anything up.Max Cleland did and he quit when he realized just what they were doing.The Saudi intelligence service were doing the babysitting for the patsy's.It just adds to the list of Saudi and US foreknowledge about the attacks and makes things look even worse.

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 10:13 PM
reply to post by mike dangerously

I agree Mike, but while I appreciate Max Cleland's willingness to speak up, I also have to question what he did after quitting the commission. Why wasn't he more vocal? Why didn't he continue to investigate on his own and burn the one's were responsible for the stonewalling? I don't think he did the right thing by quitting. He should have stayed in, learned as much as he could, continue to look into the suspicions, been vocal when the report came out, and call the responsible ones out publicly. Instead he says, "I... cannot look any American in the eye, especially family members of victims, and say the commission had full access. This investigation is now compromised." and fades away. Something interesting is that he was defeated in the '02 election because his opponent, Saxby Chambliss, equated him to Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein by not supporting homeland security measures. That is interesting because anyone who thought about speaking out has an example of the backlash of doing so. This is a man who lost his legs in the Vietnam War, yet, was equated to a terrorist for voting against homeland security. Truly sickening, Karl Rove, truly sickening.

Saudi Intelligence was definitely aware of the hijackers and so was the ISI. Now what some of us had suspected has been confirmed. The CIA, NSA and the FBI were also well aware them. Not only did they fail to do their jobs, we have proof that they physically helped them by at the very least blocking info to allow them the freedom to do their mission. I believe it goes deeper than that, but I am only going to comment on the facts this thread has confirmed.

posted on Sep, 30 2011 @ 10:48 PM
reply to post by RomanMaroni
Cleland voiced his concerns and they made him part of the board of the US Import/Export bank then when Obama came into power he was made the current head of the memorial and monument committee perhaps these were rewards for his continued silence.Getting back to the Saudi connection it's interesting that these guys were under surveillance by both them and CIA it makes you wonder who else was watching and listening.Just what was NSA doing the whole time before 9/11 they claim that they did not that know that Khalid Almihdhar and Nawaf Alhazmi were terrorists and did not share the info they got from the AQ hub in Yemen perhaps looking to catch them on their own?

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 02:54 AM
Bumping this once more it's far to important to allow it to be buried in the second page.From my reading it seems that the Saudi intelligence agency watchlisted more then a few of the hijackers using a secret coded indicator called: Holy Capital.The CIA never told the Sate Department about it.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 10:30 PM
Saw this just this morning and decided to post this in the thread.It just does not sound like incompetence to me.They allowed 9-11 to happen and tried to use the rather asinine excuse of "inter-agency." rivalries.They tried to flip 2 of the hijackers,failed to do that and let them go.

Insiders voice about CIA's 9/11 story.

posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 03:18 AM
Former Senator Bob Graham who chaired the joint intelligence committee that investigated 9/11 talks about The Saudi connections.

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posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 02:04 AM
I was reading this and wanted to share this with you all.According to former FBI agent and Author Ali Soufan it seems that not all of the staff members on the 9/11 commission were in agreement with the "inter-agency" rivalries and simple miscommunications story that the Kean/Zelikow report tells.

What does 9/11 Commission Staffer Doug MacEachin Really Think Happened before 9/11?

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