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Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark 2007 Speech: Alleges 5-year Plan to Topple 7 Middle Eastern Governments

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posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 02:28 AM
Good, more people should know about this.. ATS members can feel vindicated...

posted on Dec, 26 2011 @ 11:30 PM
This memo was discussed in another thread - bumed

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 01:57 PM
reply to post by silent thunder




are all working for the same globalist oligarchy.

It is their business to wage war and mayhem on the way to the more overt global NEW WORLD ORDER.

Makes it easier to build a new order on the ashes of the old.

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 03:35 PM
This and similar "news" needs to be put into context. Certainly the U.S. has many contingencies to deal with certain nations that are openly or covertly hostile to us or other associated interests. I find it questionable that General Clark would say anything like this. Just as you don't trust everything printed in the newspapers, the same applies to everything on Youtube or any post. You need context, confidence-of, and most of all, use your damn common sense. Don't blindly accept anything even if its what you agree with. A stealth hazard to navigation.

Hence I would question the credibility of this "news". Also there is a MAJOR differences between plans as in options of our doing "X" given "Y". And an action or an active policy objective. A neat movie that deals w/ this is kind of and in part (circa 1975) "Three Days Of The Condor. Made in 1975 staring Robert Redford it's about dealing w/a "perceived" threat (in a very nasty way). In that there's a line about CIA "We play games, what if, how many men, what will it cost. And the other side does too". Good flick.

But lets look at it with the hind site of what has happened just in 2011. Would you credit the U.S. for the "Arab spring"? Thats just giving us WAY to much credit, and frankly an insult to those people who did what they did to break from a dreadful political-economic system. Sure we may help, if reasonable. But if you want to really know "who's responsible"? It's the internet and social media that lets those who need to feel & know, their not alone. Social media, open communications I guarantee dictatorships fear "their people" talking among themselves, and anyone else who can access the net and post (like maybe 2 Billion ?) more the any other thing. Some people in more open societies' (like mine) are also nervous by that basic human right, free expression, and more important billion way conversations. Very good...

TPTB anywhere fear the ability of open information like a participatory technology (the net) because it can actually spontaneously generate new ideas, "reset" a person or groups "sense of place&purpose "+ ideology. Just by blabbing on the net, it's very new and we are seeing how powerful each voice is. Sorry Judge Judy your wrong on this; words can change the core of a nation, start or stop (I prefer just prevent) wars. They can indeed hurt you, or make magic arise from what may seem unconnected issues. I've said it many times before here, uncertainty/ unpredictability is terrifying to all of us more then usually appreciated. And no one wets the bed more then TPTB when it comes to populations being unpredictable.

"Prediction" is a major concern w/bocu $$ being spent, and a literal area of scientific study by everyone from economists to the intelligence community. We're actually getting better at it mostly in economics, that I know of, though its limited to predicting simple stock market changes, tagged to moods of the masses, and in its infancy. But interesting in that the "mood" of certain people regarding any market change based on "how do you feel?" has shown a distinct pattern. And not what I would have thought. But more to the point of the OP, for example; Did NATO help suppress C&C, as well as aircraft operations, not to mention perhaps scramble, screw up, Kadaffie's ability to communicate/command&control? (just HOW was that guys named spelled? not that it matters now...) With out question. But we just threw a sword to their people, and likely much less then most think.

I find it very interesting that those governments that seem to represent a threat to yours, mine and ours are most brutal, and the greatest threat to their own people. It's easy for some to be bastards to those they subjugate. To simply say we have "plans" to over through this or that government is not looking at in the broader perspective.

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 04:14 PM
One should actually understand what is a play and not argue the official talking points. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is there are NO political wars, only wars over assets and debts. The "religious" and "political" excuses for war are made up to cover up the real truth - all wars are about money; because no one in their right mind would kill millions for worthless pieces of paper - which is actually happening.

If one looks at WC's list, one adds N. Korea and Cuba to round out the Rogue Countries who need "regime" change. What is a "Rogue Country?" This is a country that refuses to be a part of the central bank. "Regime" change is the effort made by the ruling families, using the military of the US to institute the central bank - end of story. There is no other story, the final holdouts will be made to comply or will have their assets (people and property) destroyed as they will NOT be allowed to ply their trade, sell their assets unless they do it via the central bank. The US, is the defacto executor of the will of the banking families by virtue of the fact that it is a penniless corporation currently in bankruptcy court - as part of the bankruptcy judges rulings, the US must provide the muscle to bring about compliance of the remaining holdouts. This fact is the ONLY reason the US does not look like Lagos - when the take over is complete the US dollar will be dropped and the US will be let go.

WC is either stupid beyond belief, or a stooge. What I have stated is what is going on, it can be easily figured out, so his "revelation" is probably designed to sell books rather than reveal what is there for all to see should they actually take their head out of the sand.

The death of KJI probably means that NK has signed on. Iran will not sign on, expect it to be laid to waste very, very soon as a symbol of what happens when you don't comply - it will be horrifying, as the effort will be the "don't ever go against the family" for all the world to see and digest.

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 12:39 AM
reply to post by arbiture

I recall hearing the traitorous jerk, Clark, say such things at the time.

However, I don't trust him or his motives nor his puppet masters.

They are all traitorous and duplicitous playing all sides against the middle.

If he represents one faction of THE PTB against another faction--big deal. They are all against the people of the world wholesale and determined to exterminate down to 200 million globally.

It's perfectly plausible to me that they want to replace that many regimes in the Middle East.

All the more so if those regimes were not marching to the globalist orders quite strictly enough.

Or, if they 'merely' wanted to rearrange the puzzle pieces toward setting the NWO government up overtly in Babylon . . . as the below indicates . . .

In his 1933 book, "The Shape of Things to Come " H.G. Wells predicts that

the headquarters of this world government would be in Basra, Iraq which is relatively near Babylon and modern Iran.

Which could end up being another literal fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 01:08 AM
reply to post by SLAYER69

Hate for it to be true but could it be that the US was simply over confident in their capabilities and underestimated human resolve, and 5 years now equals 15 years?

I would think that the US military overstretched their army vastly and simply couldn't take out other countries until exiting existing war zones

Time will tell whether Clark has any merit or not.

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posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 09:03 PM
I hope you will excuse what amounts to a shameless self-bump but having posted this several years ago, and given what is going on in Syria, well... This ole thread suddenly seems more relevant than ever.

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