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Government Disclosure Preparation Program

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posted on Aug, 30 2011 @ 03:59 PM
Government Disclosure Preparation Program
I am seeing a very interesting phenomena in American media that looks like a lot of sophistication is going on between the government and the media in relations to to national security and enemy threats.

The enemy threat I am refering to is the same one JFK mentions in famous speech. I started a thread on it at:

The idea is that the US government has a program in place where it prepares to reveal to the American public its national security threats through dispicting them in the media. Should ever it become necessary and unavoidable for the American government to need to disclose to the public the danger it faces it can use a carefully prepared pop culture and media culture lexicon is adequately and effective bring the American people on board "the need to know" bases.

For example difficult and hard to relate issues of national security can be easily disseminated and related to the public through identifying national security issue ideas, concepts, and understanding through media.

In other words, there may be a government program to prepare the people to deal with difficulty security issues through ficticious protrayals in the media.

I say this because I can identify a lot of references to many secret activities of the Illuminati churches in the media including very specific programs going back decades. It looks like the reason Illuminati activies have been protrayed in the media is to prepare the America public to be able to deal with these issues should the government every make them known. For example the media can protray issues to prepare the people better deal with the situation, NOT PANIC, loose control and make things worst.

JFK's Speech
I want to point out in JFK's speech above he mentions the need for greater cooperation between the media and the administration.

He mentions something very interesting in this incredible speech that paves the way of American policy until now and for the future that explains what I am talking about:

The need to make more things known & and the need to make more things secret.

JFK's exact words:
"(1)I refer, first, to the need for a far greater public information; and,(2) second, to the need for far greater official secrecy."

I will tell you I think the first condition is being fulfilled indirectly through the media, even be protrayed as fiction, and the second condition explains why the US government doesn't official tackle many issues with a 10 foot pole, laughing things off, and officially regulating things to the luney bin of politically incorrectness- effectively cloaking things in secret.

posted on Aug, 30 2011 @ 04:08 PM
Well, you have several movies about revelations about what actually happened on the moon, Apollo 18 and Transformers. Movies about a deadly virus outbreak, Contagion and 12 monkeys(a movie from the 1990s), and plenty of Alien movies.

Pre-conditioning people for disclosure, or just people's imagination? You decide.

I wish you would've left out that JFK speech. sure there's a lot of quotes you can take out of context, but when you look at the quotes in their proper context, that speech is evidence of absolutely nothing.

I'm pretty sure I could find quotes of any Pope that make him sound like he worships Satan if I tried hard enough.
the most recent pope obviously worships Satan so that wouldn't be too difficult.

I'm only half kidding on that last point. He really does look evil.

posted on Aug, 30 2011 @ 04:11 PM
As a kid I collected comic books. I can tell you about reading about imaginary characters like Doctor Doom ploting evil against the free world with doomsday devices hidden in old worn out buildings.

The story was about Captain America and his team working to find out where these "doomsday!" devices were hidden decades earlier and deactivating them.

Today in less colourful depictions the world deals with the threat of terrorists smuggling weapons of mass destruction out of the ruins of the Soviet Union and within our own boarders. Doomsday weapons are translated as nuclear matericals, biological agents, chemical devices. Doctor Dooms have materialized with names like Sadam Hussein, Bin Ladin, Ahmadinejad, Castro, Kim jong il, Chavez, Gaddafi and the list goes on. And if you can believe me the leaders of the largest churches known as the Illuminati who even the US media or any offical wont dare mention who are succeeding in the plots they plan.

posted on Aug, 30 2011 @ 04:34 PM
reply to post by ManchurianDisclosure

This whole scenario implies a level of sophistication and coordination within the government that frankly is not indicated by anything else that the government does. I just have a lot of trouble believing these types of things when I see how completely inept the government is in day-to-day functions. They can't even balance the budget for crying out loud.

posted on Aug, 30 2011 @ 04:56 PM

Originally posted by SavedOne
reply to post by ManchurianDisclosure

This whole scenario implies a level of sophistication and coordination within the government that frankly is not indicated by anything else that the government does. I just have a lot of trouble believing these types of things when I see how completely inept the government is in day-to-day functions. They can't even balance the budget for crying out loud.

Yes, sir. that is just the ticket. They can't do nuthin' right. They are so dumb, why we can't even discuss what they might have done that isn't dumb.

Then again, for those that have some vague inkling of all of the conspiracies that they have pulled off, then just perhaps there are some that are so clever that they continually escape detection to any substantial degree.

Take the UFO topic. Can anyone in their right mind really believe that after over half a century and countless pieces of decent evidence and data that those things do not exist? (Recall that they simply say UFO are not considered a threat to national security these days, not that they do not actually exist.)

Anyone that seeks to diminish how clever governments can be about doing long-term social engineering is ignoring a whole slew of information that proves just the opposite point. Evidently, such a person is a believer in what government says rather than the visible results of its actions. The hallmark of one of the herd or more sinister, one collared with a tin bell.

posted on Aug, 30 2011 @ 05:06 PM
reply to post by SavedOne

Thank you for your response SavedOne you gave me the oppurtunity to do research your question, and I got to read about things I have been thinking for a while including the details on the way what I wrote in the intro to this thread has been happening in the US.

The very good read I've found is at

The level of sophisticating you think is unlikely in the US is actually called very large with many departments, offices, public and private covertly working together. Of major note is "Office of Policy Coordination"

The name of this Government Disclosure Program I have just found out has called Operation Mockingbird. A good example of how this program has been operating I quote from the article:

"The Covert Use of Books and Publishing Houses: The Committee has found that the Central Intelligence Agency attaches a particular importance to book publishing activities as a form of covert propaganda. A former officer in the Clandestine Service stated that books are "the most important weapon of strategic (long-range) propaganda." Prior to 1967, the Central Intelligence Agency sponsored, subsidized, or produced over 1,000 books; approximately 25 percent of them in English. In 1967 alone, the CIA published or subsidized over 200 books, ranging from books on African safaris and wildlife to translations of Machiavelli's The Prince into Swahili and works of T. S. Eliot into Russian, to a competitor to Mao's little red book, which was entitled Quotations from Chairman Liu."

Another thing to note is that the CIA engaged in covertly publishing materials into the private market that were not profitable, and did so for other reasons.

Many people might at first think this is an offense for the government to be doing. How else do you expect to combine the challenges and difficulties of the government with every day T.V.

posted on Sep, 2 2011 @ 03:23 PM
I think there is a lot more in the media than just a Government Disclosure Preparation Program. I think within media production is a massive psychological operation that accomplishes at least several major strategic advantages of the government.

The Psychological Operation
The most major accomplishment of this psychological operation is the establishment of an advance psychological infrastructure. This a massive topic and not an easy one to talk about because of its level of sophistication and very real effects it as on the individual an society. I will try to explain. The media establishes the awareness of a a psychological infrastructure within the individual and society. This is like a massive program that exists in the mind. It is complete with an understanding of different scenarios, simulations, personalities, roles, and also a system which lays out algorithms of behaviours different structures of relationships (such as with other personalities, roles, authority, environments). What this means is that there is a psychological system, a program in the subconscious mind, that has been prepared through the media for the government to access in coordinating society.

Psychological Infrastructure
The program, a psychological system, allows the government through triggers, commands, symbols (in the appearance and character of government authority) embedded in the media to invoke constructive trance like states. One simple example is the medias preparation of the individual for behaviour and responses to national disasters, terrorism, threats of national security, threats of foreign nations, etc. The similarity of the appearance of the government (characteristics, uniforms, symbols, tones of voice, visual and audio triggers) to the fictional government authority portrayed in the media is the deep psychological triggering mechanism that commands the public to go into the state of mind conditioned by the media, which is an example of a constructive and productive use of invoking a trance like state. The media creates programs for public response to different scenarios, like different military training scenarios and war-game simulation, which the person is triggered to behave like he is in one of these scenarios according to the regulations, protocol, and procedures laid out in the media for public response. Media, such as movies, "what if terrorists do....", "what if such and such natural disasters occur...", "what if this or that kind of war...", "what if disease or biochemical weapons outbreak", are "Scenario Simulations" that prepares the public to deal in orderly fashion, and prevent the great national threat of public panic.

Cold War Era Nuclear Threat Media Conditioning
A major example of the benefit of this psychological infrastructure had been in the psychological preparation of society to handle and endure the extreme stress, fears, insecurity, and panic during the Cold War of nuclear threat. If not for the media preparation of the public to psychological treat the immobilizing fears of nuclear extinction society could not have functioned so smoothly in the light of the fear of nuclear destruction

An example of media being used in Government Disclosure Preparation can be as follows:
1) Use the media to create a dialogue of national threat to every day common people, explain complicated things the public is not use to hearing or believing through examples in the media, movies, T.V. pop culture, media-verse dialogue.

2) Invoke trance like states to coordinate public behaviour in a constructive effective manner (using triggers from the media of government authority putting the public into states of mind and behavior). Complicating directives, and commands from the government can be given to have the public act in effective ways and mentalities. There may be different trance like states for different people in the society, i.e. emergency workers, soldiers, police, school children, civillians:
When you hear the hypnotists snap his finger you dont have to act like a chicken, and it doesnt have to be the sound of fingers snapping. You can be triggered to act like any role portrayed in the media in many different ways.

The idea from the psychology text books is that reflexive responses can be program and caused to be trigger by many senses. The less known fact, and less believed, is that these reflexive responses can not only be very quick twitches, but also be extremely long behaviours and patterns of behaviour that can be prolonged, controlled, and intensified through continuous administration of triggers.

posted on Sep, 2 2011 @ 03:35 PM
Example of using dialog from the Media:

Dialogue with References from "Batman: Begins" in descripting Illuminati Churches Threat

There is a threat of a secret society, controlled and operated by an alliance of churches, with its own secrets methods and traditions. It hopes to hasten and bring about the decay of free society. Not because this is its end objective, but through the decadence and ruin of this society bring about a new government and authoritarian rule the founders of American indepence took the world away from for so many years.

This secret society has the capacity to launch widespread hallucinations, like the disease the Scarecrow hoped to unleash on Gotham. However, it is not a chemicle or biological threat, but rather a cyberneurological program . The disease is a program that interfears not with the regular functioning of cells but with the information travelling from you sensory system to your brain, intercepting optical signals from your eyes processing them through advanced visual recognitation software and changing the textures and things you see.

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