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Rick Perry's Hardcore History of Investment in Porn

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posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 09:25 AM

Originally posted by
they're all fakes

we'd do better with no president, congress, senate, or "justice" system - just a nice council of elders from multiple ethnic backgrounds. then maybe we'd progress or something.
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You're going to see LOTS of this type of manufactured controversy from the RP fanatics and the Obama sycophant media.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 10:33 AM

Originally posted by GmoS719
reply to post by Signals

What's also funny while you are degrading him because of his "involvement", the majority of you
are probably watching porn right now.

This fits nicely...
"You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye."

No there is a difference, I would call him out on it too because he pretends to be "Holier than thou"

I could careless if he likes porn, but then don't be such a f*cking hypocrite.

It's kind of like those GOP anti-gay dudes that turn out to be gay. Do I dislike gay people? No. Are they liars and that is why I hate those types of hypocrites? Yes. Do you not get that?

Besides, this guy would be a downgrade as far as a president is concerned. I believe he would damn us all.

George W Bush II

Dumber than hell too, just like his texas predecessor.

Ron Paul ftw
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posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 10:51 AM

Originally posted by 547000

Originally posted by Cuervo

Originally posted by 547000
reply to post by Cuervo

Leave politician out of it.

Would a regular person be a hypocrite even if they were unaware of such happenings?

If anybody focused and blew a trumpet about a cause and then actively invested money that countered that cause, that same cause you condemn others for countering, then yes... that's the very definition of hypocrisy.

Everybody is a hypocrite at some point but the difference is that most people aren't using those contradictions for personal gain.

I used to be pro-choice but now I am pro-life, so even if before I advocated for a position I now abhor does that brand me a hypocrite? I would thing being able to overlook one's past as being fair-minded. This is just political mudslinging. The compny wasn't even a company that was only about porn.
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I was arguing that it was hypocritical, not that it was important. This is not mudslinging. Not yet. Something like this would not dissuade me from voting from somebody like Rick Perry if he had my vote to begin with.

Another difference between him and you is that you are telling me about your change of mind. A politician will more than likely fight tooth and nail to avoid discussing something like this.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 12:25 PM
So while I'm not surprised. I'm thinking the article is blowing things out of proportion.
According to the facts in the article.
He had a blind investment company that invested in 30 different stocks.
One of them being the video rental store?

Big freaking deal. This guy wasn't actually producing porn. He just invested in a companies stock.
This is such a non issue. meh.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 01:12 PM
Rick Perry

When running for Lieutenant Governor, Rick Perry combined his publicly traded stocks into a blind trust—Perry Blind Trust, Inc. FN3. Thus, Perry’s subsequent Personal Financial Statements reveal little about his stock holdings. FN4. However, Perry’s 1995 Personal Financial Statement—the final revealing record of Perry’s assets—shows that he invested in thirty-two stocks, including Movie Gallery, Inc. FN5. While the precise amount of the investment is not revealed, Perry listed the stock in category “B”—meaning that the stock was worth between five and ten thousand dollars. FN6. Most of Perry’s stock fell into the class “B” category. FN7

Source: Rick Perry Porno Profits

Blind Trust

A blind trust is a trust in which the fiduciaries, namely the trustees or those who have been given power of attorney, have full discretion over the assets, and the trust beneficiaries have no knowledge of the holdings of the trust and no right to intervene in their handling.

Source: Wikipedia

Movie Gallery, Inc

Movie Gallery, Inc. (former NASDAQ ticker symbol MOVI[1]) was the second largest movie and game rental company in the United States, behind Blockbuster Video. The company rented and sold Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, VHS tapes, and video games. ... On April 30, 2010, Movie Gallery announced it was closing and liquidating all of its stores per a filing of Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Source: Movie Gallery Inc

So, 5-10k invested in a blind trust in which one of the 32 stocks was for a movie rental company that happen to have an X-Rated section. Does this sound like someone was reaching a bit for some dirt on Rick Perry?

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 01:16 PM
reply to post by Signals

Well, God forbid that any christian ever sin! Please. You want to know what christians are? We are sinners that are forgiven and redeemed. Not one person alive has never commited a sin not even you Mr. OP I'm saved and i admit i still sin, Paul himself said "the flesh is weak, but the spirit is willing".

Christians are still sinners, we cannot and do not live perfect lives, only Christ was able to accomplish that because he is a part of the Godhead. No self respecting christian would DARE even play at being perfect because we are just as human as you and everyone else and fall short of the glory of God. However, we at least have the decency to strive to do better and not just revel in our sins and flaunt it to all creation.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 02:25 PM
Who cares about porn investments, what about Merck? Can you say GARDASIL? I will not be voting for Perry, he embodies the very crap that is in office now. He is just like the president we have now, he will just tell us how to live.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 03:17 PM
All of you are crazy, from the girl who says " I saw some porn once, from an ex-boyfriend", to the people sayings its manufactured mud slinging, lol. I can at least say every MAN on this site looks at porn, unless he is some kind of psychopath that gets his jollies off in other disturbing ways....and woman look at it too. Its not going away anytime soon. And saying the story is "petty" or "cheap" is stupid because the guy is a Jesus-Man, who judged others with fiery damnation- while he is profiting off of pornography. Anything exposing the hypocrisy of this slime is positive in my book.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 03:50 PM
At this rate, the Obama campaign will have trashed out every candidate with a serious chance of gaining public support before the primaries have even fully gotten underway. First it's Ron Paul, now it's Perry and to a lesser extent, Bachmann. She'll get hers though when Perry has been put down.

I have to get this out. IF I had been an Obama supporter before (and goodness..I'm NOT), then watching this outright slash and burn tactic in the OPENING DAYS for goodness sake, would be enough to turn against his campaign for that alone. Obama's people seem to have no respect for our system of Government whatsoever.

To be fair, Obama certainly didn't invent dirty political games. George Washington probably faced his version of it, too. Obama and our last one have simply taken the "Perpetual Campaign" and 'Win at *ANY* cost whatsoever, NO limits if you don't get caught at it' attitudes and raised them to a true art form.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 10:56 PM

Take from this what you will-

Rick Perry Spent $78 at La Te Da Drag Queen Show in Florida in 2009

This just keeps getting stranger.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 11:06 PM
Okay the first thing to take away from this article is the fact that he invested in a movie rental company that happened to also rent porn movies? What is the big deal?

People making a bigger deal out of this than what it should be. Just another career politician doing what career politician does, campaign and get elected.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 11:16 PM
reply to post by Signals

And Elton John played at Rush Limbaugh's wedding where Rush donated over $1 million to Elton John's charity that helps gays with AIDS.

Reminds me too of an anti-gay Southern Baptist preacher from one of the megachurches, George Alan Rekers, that took a male escort with him on a two week vacation in Europe.

I wouldn't be surprised if the entire top Republican "Conservative" leadership were all in the closet.

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