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UFO Seen By Airplane Passenger - Aug. 2011 (+identical object from 2008!)

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posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 12:09 PM

Originally posted by Lost_Mind
reply to post by markymint

I have since found out that the video in the very first post of this thread is an enhanced and lengthened version of the video with contrast and brightness adjusted possibly by Sheilaliens to make the object/reflection more visible. The original (8 sec.) untouched version is at Foxinyourmouth's YouTube channel and this effect is not present.

He was using a new Canon 60D and is a film maker. He is very open to find out what it might be and thinks that it could very well be a reflection of some type as well as anything else. I have a post asking him about this under the video and he has responded to me on it...

Original is to the right

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posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 08:42 PM
Could some one post a frame shot of it? I can't view the Footage?

Maybe a rod?
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posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 06:26 AM

Originally posted by Lost_Mind

Originally posted by markymint
A nice little video. The "brightness/contrast" change as some have called it looks more like an adjustment to the shutter speed, which would be controlled manually, and wouldn't just kick in on it's own accord. It's very feasable that the cam operator switched it to a higher shutter speed and at that moment caught the object. That's what shutter speed is all about, catching faster objects - especially ones closer to the lens.

Why? Why would anyone need or want to change to a higher shutter speed to capture what is practically static sky in a cruising jet at altitude? Accidental? I suppose it could be but it is still very suspect to me... in the scenario we watch, it doesn't make sense.... why increase shutter speed to capture a nearly still image?
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I dont know! When you're flying I guess people get bored, and when people get bored and have a camera they start shooting the sky because I mean, you can't say its not bloody awesome to look down and see clouds everywhere. It's a beautiful sight!

And when you're shooting with a sweet/new camera I guess people might wanna try it out when they have nothing else to shoot. I knew when I was flying over the french alps I took a #load of snaps just because I was bored, and when I was flying over some coolish looking clouds I did the same. What else is there to do on a plane? Play a PSP/DS? Listen to music? Read a book? They all get tedious. I mean, even when your listening to music who's to say you can't start filming the sky?

I mean, it would be cool to film a flight out of the window for a whole flight and then speed it up, so you see a massive transition from Take of to landing haha!

Could be tonnes of reasons why the bloke was filming out the window of a plane, and to me it doesn't look like a reflection, as it's pretty light outside, it's very uniform (no distorting) and it doesn't seem to have any movement on the vertical axis. I guess it wouldn't be hard to fake, but then again, what a boring fake?

It's pretty much impossible to debunk and its pretty much impossible to prove if this is real, the streak looks pretty raw and to me shows little evidence of CGI mainly because it seems to blend in pretty well with the background; if it was CGI it's pretty good really I guess, as most of the time it's SO obvious. Would be interesting to know what it was, yet there has been a lot of reporting lately of strange light phenomenon and weird lightning.

My friends were coming back from a Casino the other night and saw some weird flashes in the sky that looked more like circles of lightning and a few strange pillars of light. I myself have been seeing odd flashes since last week. (On clear nights too).

I mean, could it have been a missile cruising at high altitude? Maybe testing a new navigational system out, or even making refinements to a new system? Then again I have no idea what a missile looks like when its cruising, though I can imagine you would see more of the light than you would the ACTUAL missile itself (sun glare etc).

It's an interesting case anyway, would be great to debunk/find out what it actually is.

posted on Aug, 12 2011 @ 01:03 PM
This just was aired on the national tv station in romania. i'll provide a link tho i don't think that many of you understand romanian

on another note.. to the people asking if it disturbed clouds...well clouds are not smoke. have you ever flew on a plane? did you see the plane disturbing clouds? i bet you didn't since clouds are mostly water vapor. To test it, next time you are going to fly somewhere ask for a window seat and watch closely the tip of the wing, tell me then if it disturbed the clouds
i tend to mention that i am a frequent flyer and i can show my miles cards to prove it
one of it is gold

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