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C/2010-X1 (ELENIN), past and future alignments resulting in EQ events

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posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 07:46 PM
reply to post by brigand

Mate, he's shown you there are NO alignments when you zoom in...yes, when it is zoomed out there is a 2-dimensional alignment.

We dont know if this is all that is required to cause an effect...and logically it shouldn't therefore you can believe what you want but you are trying to convince someone who is using his own logic to see facts that dont entirely add up.

You need to stop trying to convince him of an alignment, that admittedly didn't entirely occur, and just hold onto that if it is what you truly believe.

I was almost certain about the alignments too, but as I dont know how the universe operates I cannot say for certain....and it may not be Elenin causing it, it may be something further behind Elenin....which is still aligning...and given this object may be on the would make more sense that it is causing geological effects, because this objects alignments are literal alignments. And maybe not.

Either way, Satori is going to believe you are clutching at straws, and you are going to believe he is oblivious.

I assure you, he isn't.

p.s. He went to a lot of effort to show you there weren't alignments, it's there for all to see...if you continue down this path openly, you will only lose your own credibility.
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posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 07:58 PM
Just poppin back in to catch up on the thread...wanted to also add some additional information in the way of other discussions on this same topic, alot of good points made on both sides...

The first two ATS threads on this that i took part in are fairly similar:

Are alignments causing the recent quakes?? Which was created by Dark_Matters in April and then,
Could Planetary Alignments with Comet Elenin be causing Big Earthquakes? created by cosmicgirl30 in March

Then there was also another thead :
Orbital Information vs. Significant Earthquakes which was started by bmck12 not too long after the m9 i Japan in March. This thread was bit different as you can see. I tried to keep working on this on at the time but my work demand didnt allow for it.
Also the longer stared at the screen coming up with "co-incidence" after coincidence i began to see the seemingly random events being tied together.

Now this does not mean that alignments with larger bodies in our solar system do not affect us here on earth, as i began to "co-incidences" in alignments with Jupiter an saturn coinsiding with larger EQ's as well as several instances of alignments with the inner bodies (Mars, Earth, Venus AND the sun) also seemed to coinside with larger EQ's here on earth.
One thing i failed to do was to pinpoint locations on earth with the alignments to try and see if the locations on the surface (or even continental plates) aligned at all. What i did find was alot of alignments and a lot of EQ's.

Shortly after that thread i had almost given up on ANY Coincidence with Elenin until i read another much more accurately informative thread which i hope many of you have already seen and at least started to read...

Comet Elenin is coming! which was presented to us by PuterMan back in April also.

It was here that i was first exposed to the "Electric Universe Theory" and subsequently my interest in c2010/X1 was once again piqued.

Since then i have taken a dive into EU theory and its possible implications, not only for Elenin but for any object which has the potential to enter our solar system (among the more prevalent and practical implications)

In any case, happy reading and stay..."positive"!

(yeah im bad with jokes)

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 01:12 PM
Elenin should be right in front of Stereo B today (see below) so I went to the Stereo B images from today and sure enough, we have *2* large objects in our FOV. From the JPL perspective of the Stereo B telescope, the only object that should be in view is mercury.. Is the 2nd object Elenin? If so, its quite large is it not?

Here are the screenshots:

JPL Stereo B perspective from today:

Stereo B Image from today:

I look forward to hearing from some of your more seasoned astronomers.. Thanks!

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 01:35 PM
reply to post by brigand

By my calculations, it looks like Jupiter and Mercury, Jupiter on the left, mercury on the right. Mercury should pass infront of Jupiter around the 19th.

Elenin not yet visible.

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